Britax Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat, Desert Palm

Britax Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat, Desert Palm

The britax parkway sgl belt-positioning booster seat offers premium safety, comfort and convenience for your big kid. This booster seat incorporates britax’s leading safety innovations, including one of britax’s head safety technologies, a base engineered with safecells. The base with safe cell technology is designed to keep your child safe and secure in a crash by compressing and significantly lowering the center of gravity, reducing the forward movement of the car seat. The isoflex flexible lower latch connection system allows for an easy installation in seconds from either side of the booster seat with only two clicks and a pull. This system not only secures the booster seat to the vehicle, but also stabilizes it during a crash, preventing it from becoming a projectile when not in use. The parkway sgl also features secureguard anti-submarining technology and industry leading true side impact protection now with deep, high side walls lined with energy-absorbing eps foam to protect your child. Comfort and convenience features include a quick-adjust head restraint, retractable cupholders, comfort foam and an easy-remove cover.

Main features

  • Base with safe cell technology designed to keep your child safe and secure in a crash by compressing and significantly lowering the center of gravity, reducing the forward movement of the car seat
  • Secureguard works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt (submarining) during impact, thus minimizing the risk of abdominal injury
  • Quick- adjust head restraint easily adjusts the head restraint from the front of the seat for a more comfortable fit and enhanced safety
  • Easy-remove cover allows easy cleaning
  • Color-coded vehicle belt guides provide clear indication of the positioning of the vehicle lap and shoulder belt

Verified reviews


Britax vs Graco Affix

My husband and I spent a lot of time researching booster seats for our son. We really wanted one with the LATCH system install so we did not have to latch it in with the seatbelt when not in use. I drive quite a lot without my son in the car and a flying projectile booster seat is not something I want to deal with in a car accident!After researching them all, we decided to try this one, the Parkway GTL and the Graco Affix booster. We ended up returning the Graco booster. Both boosters were nice. The Graco had higher armrests, but the fabric was not as nice. The Graco also did not fit as well in the center seat of my Honda CRV, the entire booster was "bulkier." My husband preferred the seating position of the Britax, and my son has an easier time getting in and out of the car with this one.My husband had also pointed out some reviews that stated on the Graco one of the LATCH system latches could loosen during an accident causing the entire booster to slam to one side, possibly harming the child in the process. This is what sealed the deal for us to keep the Britax over the Graco.Hopefully this review is helpful. Good luck in your search!

Marietta Misenheimer, NC

Much better than Graco Affix booster

I bought a Britax Parkway SGL and also a Graco Affix. I didn’t quite know what to expect but both seats are on the IIHS best picks list. There’s nothing "wrong" with the Graco, but I was surprised by the very different overall impressions they created.ADVANTAGE BRITAX1. Better LATCH straps – The Graco has a single sided LATCH system while the Britax utilizes dual adjustment straps. The Britax straps are also exceptionally well designed in their location and function.2. Better seat bottom – The bottom seat has significantly more springy cushioning on the Britax. The Graco seat as well as back only has a single layer of about 1 cm thick neoprene like feeling material. If you apply pressure to the Graco seat, it feels like hard plastic with minimal give allowed. The Britax seat feels like it has more like 4-6 cm of give before feeling a hard surface vs the 1 cm of give on the Graco.3. Aesthetics – The Britax really looks and feels high quality.ADVANTAGE GRACO1. Cost – The Graco is significantly less expensive.2. IIHS Best Pick for both seat only and with high back – The Graco is on the IIHS Best Pick list for both configurations while the Britax is listed as a Best Pick only in high back mode.TIPSIf the seat belt is difficult to pull through the shoulder seat belt guide, consider raising or lowering the head piece of the booster seat. The seat belt guide is attached to this adjustable top, head cushion. By changing the height of the top, head piece, the angle of the seat belt entering the guide from the car’s seat belt attachment changes quite a bit. This allowed the seat belt to move significantly easier than it did before we made the adjustment.CONCLUSIONI didn’t think I would feel like one would be obviously better IMHO but the Britax looks and feels like a premium product when I compare it directly to the Graco. If I did not have the Britax for comparison, I think I would be okay with the Graco but the hardness of the Graco seat would be fairly obvious.

Lula Brookfield, MA

Beautiful thing

The assembly is quick and well thought out. Fitting is easy. Very cool way to get the anchors connected. I have not seen it in other chairs. Definitely recommend it. The red/black color scheme works great if siblings are going to use the chair and boys/girls will use it over the years.

Eugenia Breaux Bridge, LA

Really awesome seat. Use it perfectly for our preschooler

Really awesome seat. Use it perfectly for our preschooler. Like that it has quality back and side support. Just not ready to see my preschooler go with just the booster base. This is a lot safer. Quality build. Easy to clean. Our child LOVES the dual upholders. They are kind of cool.

Petra Clover, SC

GREAT SEAT Love the seat belt tab at lap

I didn’t quite understand HOW the seat belt would not ride up BUT they have a little piece that comes up between the legs like the latch on normal 5pt harnesses. The seat belt slides under the holder and it won’t ride up. Our 4yr old is using this as his car seat when he rides in Daddy’s car…you DO have to remind them not to slide the shoulder strap off them if they are used to a 5pt harness keeping them in. My daughter is not ready for this due to this.

Lana Eagle Springs, NC

great booster seat – easy to position!

I purchased this booster seat to use periodically in my car for my granddaughter. Since it is not in the car all the time it is essential that it is easy to install. My car has the correct hardware to clip the bottom successfully and get a firm seat – the seatbelt threads in easily and the Secure Guard assures me that she will not slip beneath it if we stop short. the two pieces snap together very easily and unsnap easily as well for storage. My granddaughter finds this seat "awesome" and very comfortable – i highly reocmmend this item.i did have to remove the headrest from the side where this seat is installed.

Johnnie Thomaston, CT

Excellent Booster Seat

This booster is great. I’m glad I ended up getting the SGL model that comes with the latch in the back to hook in the seat. I know some reviews say it is unnecessary and not worth the added cost, but I disagree with that. I find it is useful to not only hold the seat in place when empty, but also hold it in place when my child climbs in/out of it or leans over to unbuckle him/herself.

Candice Muddy, IL

We love it

We’re loyal to the Britax brand so it was easy to choose this as our booster seat. The color is nice and the fabric is smooth so crumbs (and whatever else is gross) rolls off it pretty easily. Spots rub out easily. The material (for the red/grey one) is not hot. The seat belt positioner keeps the seat belt in the correct position and I like the buckle at the crotch to prevent "submarining". The head rest is easily adjustable. It is LIGHT and so easy to take in/out of the car.My petite 5yr old daughter can easily get into it and after a few days learned how to buckle it herself. She LOVES this seat and feels like a "big girl". It’s great to have the LATCH option so the seat can be left in the car, even when a child is not riding in it. It’s one of a handful of narrow full back boosters on the market so we reclaimed a little room in our backseat. The cup holders retract, which is handy when you need the space as well. I will buy another one when my second child is old enough for it.

Lenore Moravia, IA

Great, Quality Booster

Can’t ever go wrong with a Britax! They are so well made and are an established, trusted brand. I really like this booster because it has a latch you can secure so that it doesn’t become a flying projectile if the seat belt isn’t clipped in and you are in an accident. Believe it or not, that is not a standard feature for all boosters.Now I can’t wait for my son to fit into a booster so that he doesn’t have to sit in the third row. In a Honda Pilot, you will not be able to configure a Graco infant seat, this booster, and toddler Britax Boulevard car seat together. Be sure to take accurate measurements of your back seats if you are going to have more than two car seats/boosters.

Bobbi Blum, TX

I love it!

My son had the Britax full size car seat and I loved that. So when I was looking for a booster seat this was the one and only brand I looked at. This booster seat is wonderful and he loves it, it’s very soft and looks very comfy!

Jeannie Alpine, UT

great carseat

fits well, not too wide, two pull out cupholders. my daughter thinks it’s very comfortable and it’s easy enough to buckle by herself (she’s a petite 6 year old.

Iva Yorktown, TX

first booster seat

My boy is super excited when he can buckle himself now on this seat. Highly recommended. I had a little trouble installing it and adjusting the headrest. Love the cup holders so he can put his drink in one side and snacks in the other. However, the seat stain quickly. not as as the cloth on the roundabout.

Lindsay Glorieta, NM