Britax Parkway SGL Booster Seat, Cardinal

Britax Parkway SGL Booster Seat, Cardinal

The Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat with ISOFLEX flexible Lower latch Connection System secures the booster seat to the vehicle, stabilizes it during a crash, and prevents it from becoming a projectile when not in use. The Parkway SGL also features SecureGuard anti-submarining technology and industry leading True Side Impact Protection to manage crash forces and minimize injury to your child during a crash. Designed to be easily installed in seconds with only two clicks and a pull, the Parkway SGL booster seat is appropriate for children 40 pounds and up.  A removable backrest, dual retractable cup holders, color-coded vehicle belt guides, and a one-hand quick-adjust head restraint make the seat convenient and easy to use each and every time.

Main features

  • Isoflextm flexible lower latch connection system secures the booster seat to the vehicle preventing it from becoming a projectile when not in use, and stabilizes it during a crash
  • Secureguardtm works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt (submarining) during impact, thus minimizing the risk of abdominal injury
  • True side impact protection offers a head restraint with energy-absorbing eps foam, keeps the head, neck and spine aligned, and deep side walls with eps foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, contain the head, neck and body
  • ISOFLEXTM Flexible Lower latch Connection System secures the booster seat to the vehicle in seconds from either side of the booster seat with 2 clicks and a pull

Verified reviews


Britax Parkway SGL Booster Seat good

Like my daughter, too.Girls like the color pink as a child sits well without reluctance. Sunlight obscuring ahswiunge If Unfortunately, I’m not gonna tell you something I like.

Carolyn Fairfield, TX

Britax Quality – Fit great in my Honda Odyssey – not so great in a Chevy Cruze

Quick update- we took just the bases of our parkways with us on a flight. One criticism is they were definitely heavier than the cheap graco seats we own for the car the kids don’t ride in frequently. Next time we will bring those instead. It wasn’t horrible, but the less weight you have to lug through the airport the better. I wanted to add though, we rented a Chevy Cruze and the Parkway bases were a very poor fit. Each time we had to buckle in it was a struggle due to the placement of the buckles (they are recessed into the seat and don’t pull up) and the width of the seat, plus the buckle curves toward the seat. If you have a Chevy Cruze, look for a narrower seat. We didn’t bring the backs so I can’t speak to how those fit.Original Review: Moving my kids out of their Britax Regent carseats to a booster and this one fit the bill. The seat was very easy to install, I love Britax’s thoughtful touches like the spot to snap the LATCH connectors in under the seat if you aren’t using them. I own some cheaper booster seats for less-used vehicles and one of the drawbacks is that the backs just kinda hook into them, so when you move it, the back comes apart. The back on the Parkway SGL is fully connected (the hinge slides in) so it won’t come apart unless you want to remove it.I opted for the SGL because I have LATCH in my Honda Odyssey. The LATCH connectors for a booster don’t do anything to protect the child, but they keep the booster itself from becoming a projectile in a crash where the child is not in the seat. Otherwise, to prevent this you would have to buckle the seatbelt in every time the child isn’t riding in it, and who remembers to do that? From what I can tell, LATCH is the major difference between the SG and the SGL, so if you don’t have a car with LATCH, opt for the SG instead. It is really a snap to pull the booster out and put it back in, the LATCH belt doesn’t have to be pulled tight the way you do in a car seat, so its easy to take the boosters out if you want an adult to use the seat and just snap them back in afterwards.I love the lap belt guide. The lap part of the seatbelt slides into it so it keeps the seatbelt low over your child’s hips so that it can’t end up over their abdomen and cause internal damage during an accident. It also prevents the child from “submarining” which is the term they use for when a child slips down lower in the belt during a crash, so the lap belt cuts across their abdomen. Its easy enough to slip the belt in and out, my children can do it by themselves.After reading some reviews that said the pink and red fabric got too hot in the summer, I opted for cloudburst and it seems like a good choice.The two cupholders are a nice touch, but I wish it had some pockets like the Regent, my kids liked that feature. But then again the Regent didn’t have cupholders.I was concerned about whether the seat would be big enough for my 8 year old (53″, 72lbs) but she fits in it just fine with plenty of room to grow. The headrest is easy to adjust up and down, which is nice this means I can use the booster easily for another child without having to do any hard work to adjust like you had to do in a car seat.The side impact protectors don’t protrude far enough to cause any real limitation of vision or movement for the kids, but they are large enough that they will clearly protect them in a crash. If you are unsure of whether the side impact is necessary, search for side impact crash tests on youtube, you can see the difference between a child with and without them.Another feature I love about Britax is that they always have a way to store the manual for the car seat or booster so it will not get lost. This one is no exception, the manual slides into a slot underneath, ready for you to reference it if need be.This is our fourth Britax product, we’ve had the companion, the marathon the regent and now the parkway and we’ve always been impressed with the quality and care of this company.

June Isola, MS

Boosts, Protects, and Comforts

I am a bit of a carseat fanatic, so I own a lot of seats ranging from infant seats to boosters. Over the past few years, I have owned six different boosters, but the Britax Parkway is one of my favorites.This booster has a “crotch strap” that hooks over the lapbelt to help keep the lapbelt where it belongs– over the upper thighs/hips (as opposed to the abdomen). While securing that strap is one extra step in the buckling process, it is worth taking that time.The shoulder belt guides are PERFECT for the geometry of my vehicle. The shoulder belt stays in the guide and doesn’t twist at all, so it is easy for the child occupant to grab the belt and buckle herself in.The back adjusts easily as the child grows and the seat pan is deep enough to support the legs of the occupant as he/she grows.I am also a fan of the headwings. They aren’t as deep as the wings on my other high back boosters, but they are deep enough to offer head protection and to offer a place to rest the head while sleeping.Then there is the part that the kids like the most– the cupholders on each side of the seat. The cupholders retract into the booster, so they aren’t in the way when they aren’t needed, but they are easy to pull out when the kids want them.

Martina Snook, TX

comfy booster!

This is much better then the backless standard booster seat. When my daughter falls asleep, her head has some support, rather then flop around.

Josephine Pleasant Hill, CA

Very nice booster seat!

I bought this seat for my 6 1/2 old daughter to use. She outgrew the straps on her Classic Frontier 🙁 so I knew it was time for a booster. I loved the fact that it had the LATCH system on it so the seat wouldn’t fly around in the event of an accident, as well as the fact that it had the crotch strap to prevent sub-marining. When using the LATCH it keeps the seat very stable while she’s sitting in it. When the LATCH isn’t being used, the seat tilts a bit when turning corners, because it is not as stable. The seat is sturdy and comfortable for her to sit in. She looks very comfortable when she sleeps in it and her head does not fall forward. It fits wonderfully in the captain’s chair of our 2007 Odyssey and I have not had any issues with the belt guide as some reviewers have had. My only qualm with this seat, and it’s not necessarily the seat, is that it doesn’t work as well in the third-row seat of our van. It’s mainly because of the seatbelt position in the side seats of the third row. The seatbelts in the second-row captain’s chairs are higher and they provide a better fit for the seat. It’s not that bad, but it’s bad enough to where I have to buckle her in and tighten the seatbelt so there is no slack. It does work well in the middle seat in the third-row though. I think that’s because the seatbelt comes down from the ceiling of the van. Regardless of this little thing with the third-row, of which she is rarely seated in, this seat is fantastic. I bought the Cloudburst on the recommendation of other reviewers and it is a great fabric. I’ve washed the cover several times and it’s still looks new. I live in California, where the child safety seat laws are pretty strict, but I will use this seat until my daughter outgrows it, regardless of the law.

Valeria New Salisbury, IN

Revised review – don’t buy

We chose this booster for the latch capability and crotch strap, the latch some others have, I hadn’t seen the crotch strap on any other. Britax has some of the best seats on the market, we have has boulevards, frontiers, and ow parkways. They are all great seats. The crotch strap adds added security by keeping the lap belt from riding up and causing injury to “belly”, it keeps it where it belongs over hips/thighs. The latch is easy and works great. Fabric is great, removable and washable of course. The side of head cushions are nice, the armrests and cup holders as well. The stature of the seat is awesome. My son is 5 now and of average height and weight. He can buckle himself, thou I suggest checking their work every time.Revision – my son and I hate that crotch strap (secure guard buckle). It’s very uncomfortable! A lot of manufacturers have redone their seats in 2013 and no one else has incorporated them into their seats. The width of the seat is not enough to need the extra buckle, and it is a hassle. The sides and armrests of the seat position the seatbelt over the lap correctly on boosters. The secure guard buckle was also threaded through the metal buckle on the underside of the seat incorrectly and the strap and buckle loosen and lengthen each time it’s pulled when being used, so each week I have to take the seat out and fix it. I think I will cut it off the seat altogether. The cloudburst fabric is horrible, it looked disgusting after a week and didn’t wash real great either. As I said above I have had a lot of good experience with britax in the past it this seat is horrible. My son rode Ina friends recaro vivo and loved it, we bought one for my husbands car. It’s great. He also tried out my neighbors turbobooster and claims it is more comfortable. Boosters are unfortunelty getting wider as a trend, not too great if you have three kids Sitting across a back seat. I am on the hunt for a new booster to replace this one. The worst part about this experience for me has been the britax customer service. I had never had to call because the seats have been nice and the website has manuals and video on there you can access. I started by emailing since its hard to call for me during day hours. They wrote back says to call the num er. Well I did and got a very useless lady. I knew more about the seat than she did, she couldn’t keep up with what I was saying, she was obviously reading from the computer screen, she insisted I could take out the secure guard buckle, not listening to me when I said I tried and it wouldn’t, didn’t understand why I thought it was wrong in the first place, offered me another one… And could only offer me replacement fabric of the same color, I asked for something different, I told her why would I want more of the same horrible fabric? She had no answer for me. It was a waste of my time and I got no where. I am stuck with a seat with a useless buckle that makes the seat uncomfortable even when the buckle isn’t being used, and fabric that makes me look like a complete slob. I would not recommend this seat at all! The vivo FYI nice seat but only is you have bucket or contoured vehicle seats! Otherwise I would get more. Guess I am don’t buying britax…. Sad thing for me since I have one more boy who needs a combination seat for Christmas. Now what to buy….

Sheree Cement City, MI

Great booster seat, excellent quality

This is a great booster seat, looks high quality, easy to use, nice neutral colors, and comfortable for my now 6 year old daughter (bought when she was 5). Looks like it’s still brand new. I’ve always liked Britax carseats and they continue to impress.

Sally Sun Valley, NV


LOVe the seat- solid and nice fabrics. ONLY thing no one mentions that I saw is that this is a wider car seat SO it can only fit on one side of my back row of seats in my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee which means only one booster in the car at a time (I have this one in and a Britax Froneir in harness mode- not sure what to do when she’s ready for to use the seat belt like big bro!)…Not a fault of the seat, just comes with having a jeep. I upgraded my son (HUGE, 54 lbs at 4 1/2!) from an evenflo booster to this as that one was all plastic and super flimsy feeling. Britax seats really are worth the steep price!

Patrica Rockport, WA

I love the Car Seat

This is a great seat for our 2-year old. She loves it and it is easy to move from one car to the next using the "seat anchor" connections. Highly recommend this chair.

Nan Forest Lakes, AZ

excellent booster seat

As my son exceeded the height/weight for his 5 point harness car seat, I did as much research as I could on what the proper next seat would be. This booster ended up being the perfect solution. It was recommended to me by our PNP and has been wonderful. It fits nicely in the center seat of our car’s back seat and the LATCH attachments keep it from moving around while empty. So easy to install and the seatbelt guide is perfect. I could not be happier.

Maggie Angoon, AK

Great for my 5 yr old

I bought this for my 5 year old and am totally pleased. The quality is great and I feel that she is safe with the side protection and the additional strap between the legs. She is happy because she gets a “big girl” seat and I am happy because I feel that she is really secure and safe. The drinks holders are also a huge plus. I intend to buy a second seat for our other car because I am so happy with this item. A+

Joanne Footville, WI

Another Britax Hit

After nearly four years in herBritax Advocate, we started to notice some red marks on the back of our daughter’s upper thighs, and quickly realized that the geometry of the seat was no longer comfortable.I had been looking at boosters for a while, and we briefly tried a Graco, but going from the totally over-engineered Advocate to a floppy booster seat seemed too big a jump. “Who makes a booster with LATCH connectors?” Oh, of course, Britax does.The Parkway has a nice solid feel to it, and the materials are everything you’d expect from Britax: The foam is firm, but not rigid, and the outer fabric is soft but durable. I wasn’t too sure about the lower strap tether, because I’ve found Britax convertible seats to be fairly unforgiving in the crotch area, but it on the Parkway, girls and boys should have a comfortable ride. And, the lower strap tether is fairly heavy metal, so it stays put.Installing the Parkway in my 2013 Charger was a total breeze. Learning a lesson from ruined leather seats on my last car, I decided to get thePrince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saverafter a day’s use without it showed some “pinches” in the interior. (Note: I went for the tan Seat Saver, and it doesn’t even remotely match the Nutmeg Parkway. It does the job, but I’m on the lookout for something that matches better.) The LATCH connectors are brilliantly tucked away on the sides of the seat when you’re moving it from car to car, and installation is really not much more than snapping the connectors in, giving two quick tugs on the strap, and fishing the seatbelt through.Once the Parkway is installed, it isn’t going ANYWHERE, which I totally loved. More importantly though, my daughter loves the seat, and the red marks have totally gone. For what it’s worth, she’s 42″ and not an ounce over 40 pounds. With that in mind, I wouldn’t use this seat if she were any smaller. Right off the bat, it’s not rated for smaller children, but I seriously wouldn’t buy it to use on a 35 pound kid.Other than that, the cupholders are a little awkward to get to. That’s really the only negative I can come up with. I’d absolutely buy this again.

Emma Athelstane, WI

Perfect, just what I was looking for

This seat is awesome. The latch system on the base keeps it secure and in place, and the extra crotch strap buckle gives additional safety you don’t see in most other booster seats. It is easy to install, adjust, and use. The color and fabric are nice, too. We have this in our small Mazda Protege and it is a great fit. Our child is 55 lbs.

Tracy Rand, CO

My daughter loves this booster

I liked this booster so much that I purchased a second one to replace our Graco booster. The Graco booster is fine but this one feels more substantial, is sturdier and has better fabric. The Britax booster anchors to your car so it stays in place and does not become a flying object during an accident or hard breaking while it’s empty. My daughter is 5 and she fits into it perfectly with plenty of room for growth. The headrest adjusts for height and the seat belt aligns perfectly without rubbing/hurting her neck the way Graco did.

Elvia Imbler, OR

Sturdy, comfy, perfect

I love this car seat. It’s easy to clean and very comfortable. I love the strap between the legs and the latch. The only downfall it has is that the cup holders are very hard to pull out.

Vanessa Clarkston, MI

Great for the growing boy.

Love this seat as it works for transitioning to the car seat belt, and back removes when he gets taller. He likes the pop out cup holders best though. 🙂

Emilia Horse Branch, KY

Girly booster with more safety features

This seat latches into car to keep the seat stable when the child is not in the car. The latch doesn’t make the seat safer for the kid, it protects other passengers in the car when the seat is not being used. I like that extra safety feature and paid more to have it. The color and fabric of this seat is nice, my seven year old daughter likes it and feels special to have it tailored for a girl. It doesn’t seem cheap or uncomfortable as other reviewers stated. The booster is substantial but light for Britax. We also have a Graco high-back booster that isn’t as substantial. This seat is well worth the money if you are in the market for a booster and your kid is too big for a 5 point harness. This seat doesn’t offer a 5 point harness which is safest for kids who still fit in one.

Wilda Santo, TX

The only booster that makes ME feel safe!

I have a really hard time with boosters. They all feel loose and flimsy and that they will in no way do their job anymore than a phone book would. We had tried a few Graco boosters and I just wasn’t a fun. My son was quickly outgrowing his Britax Regent, so we decided to give the SGL a try – SO glad we did! It is SO secure and the lap latch really does help to give a great, secure and proper fit. We just took the back off a few weeks ago and I still feel like it’s an incredibly safe booster. I am a big fan of Britax seats and now an even bigger fan of their car seats. SUCH a great product that gives me a lot of peace of mind!

Darla Richland, OR

Britax Parkway SGL Booster Seat, Cloudburst

I got this seat on Friday and installed it in my car the same day. Installation was a breeze.. the hard part was removing the old booster.I loved this seat for the fact it had LATCH to secure it into the car (we’re not big on remembering to buckle the belt when kiddo isn’t in the car). The secure-guard was a nice touch as well. My son figured it out in less than 3 seconds. Other reviewers mentioned this doesn’t work well with some seatbelts in some cars. This is entirely true. In my 2006 trailblazer, the plastic button just isn’t in the right place for a kid and it is dead center on my 5 year olds lap, making this harder to use. However, in a 2006 Mercedes C-series, its not a problem.Moving this seat between cars is a snap. I wish all LATCH systems were this easy to use! I love the fact it takes less than 3 minutes to move from one car to another. I don’t even think it took a full 3 minutes. I had to move it the first day it was installed because having three kids and two boosters needed some real time experience to adjust for best positions. However, the seat adjustment in the middle of my sons school parking lot took little to no time at all.. and I didn’t even have to open the manual (which is conveniently located under the seat right out of the box.)Bottom line: Its a great seat, easy to install and competitively priced. I’d buy it again – just wish there were more color options, but it goes well in both my cars so I can’t complain 🙂

Opal Duncan, SC

Secure high back booster

This is a very popular booster seat as almost half the kids in my son’s 2nd grade class have one. It is hard to carry though for changing cars for field trips, grandma’s car, etc. The back flops down and that can be tricky. I like the fact that it connects to LATCH for extra security and I am glad I purchased this over just a bottom only booster seat, I feel like my son is much more secure and the seat belt guides at shoulder level and between the legs help ensure a correct position of the seat belt.

Lucy Cranberry, PA

great booster

Love Britax. Most importantly love the lap belt holder that prevents submarining in an accident. Comes in 2 pieces that allows the option of a "fuller" booster or not. Shoulder belt slot prevents belt from sliding easily (con). I have read that there is a replacement piece that addresses this issue. But, overall worth the extra cost.

Rosalind Fifty Lakes, MN

Top rated and easy to install

After reading the below reviews, I decided to try this seat out. I love the fact that the seat anchors to the car. This was an important selling feature as other car seats can become projectiles while not in use.The other feature that I was most interested in is the that it prevents submarining in an accident. It is very easy for my daughter to buckle herself into the car seat and also feed the seat belt through the the middle safety device.Even though the seat becomes similar to a typical harness seat, she feels like a big girl as she gets to use the car’s seat belt. I love the seat as I know she is protected like she was in her car seat with the harness.We both win with this seat!

Wilda Umatac, GU