Britax Pioneer 70 Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Kiwi

Britax Pioneer 70 Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Kiwi

The Britax Pioneer 70 Combination Harness-2-Booster Seat offers premium safety, comfort and convenience for your growing child that is ready to graduate from their convertible car seat. The Pioneer 70 offers a forward-facing five-point harnessed weight capacity of 70 pounds and also converts to a vehicle belt-positioning booster seat that can be used up to 110 pounds. The Pioneer 70 incorporates Britax’s leading safety innovations, including their patented Head-Safety technologies such as: Base with SafeCell Technology, Integrated Steel Bars, and Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether. These components work together to protect your child’s head by minimizing forward movement during a frontal impact. The Pioneer 70 also protects your child during side impact crashes thanks to its True Side Impaction Protection. This level of side impact protection incorporates deep side walls and a head restraint lined with EPS foam to shield and divert crash forces away from your child while keeping the head, neck and body aligned or “in true.” The Tangle-Free, Five-Point Harness contains your child and distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body. Comfort and convenience features include: an open, easy-access belt path; a quick-adjust, no-rethread harness; front-adjust recline; integrated cup holders and storage; multiple buckle positions; fixed armrests; easy transition from harness to booster mode, comfort foam; and an easy-remove cover. The Pioneer 70 provides a roomy fit with leading safety technologies to keep your growing child both safe and comfortable.

Main features

  • True Side Impact Protection provides deep side walls and a head restraint with energy-absorbing EPS foam to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body while keeping them “in true” or aligned
  • Base with SafeCell Technology designed to keep your child safe and secure in a crash by compressing and significantly lowering the center of gravity, reducing the forward movement of the car seat
  • Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash
  • Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether anchors the top of the car seat to the vehicle using a two-point attachment, minimizing the amount of forward movement of the car seat; Stage-released stitching helps reduce the crash forces reaching the child

Verified reviews


Car seat number 10 for my kid UPDATE 2. HORRIBLE!

My 2 and a half year old son is Houdini. He has escaped from, literally, 5 of his car seats: Graco Nautilus (we had 2) Graco Smartseat all in one, Britax Boulevard (the old style, we had 2, ), . He outgrew his Chicco Keyfit (we loved and miss it!), and got too broad in the shoulders for his Britax Advocate (new style)We loved our Frontier, and it was stolen from the truck. We were short on money, so we got a newer style Graco, and he is getting out of it. :-/Now we are on car seat number 10. I played with the new Britax seats in Babies r Us, before I picked one. I’m going with this. Britax safety, at a MUCH smaller cost. I WISH I could have gotten this in January when our last Britax was stolen!UPDATE: We HATE THIS car seat!!! The straps are crazy hard to tighten, the super tight fit I got the first day was a fluke, and there is already a broken part, less than 3 months in.The convertible car seats have exterior integrated steal bars on each side, and the LATCH is fixed to those. One independent strap and buckle for each side. INSANELY easy for a perfect installation EVERY time! LOVED that style. But this has one strap, that goes behind the padding. The path for both Latch and seat belt are SO HIGH that getting a tight fit is nearly impossible. I have contacted Britax, to ask what gives!?UPDATE AGAIN: Apparently, this car seat isn’t compatible with our Ford Expedition. I’ve tried all the steps with Britax to get it installed properly, and it just doesn’t install. We’re craig’s listing it, and using a Marathon G3 for now.

Merle Stanley, NY

So much worse than any other Britax seat I’ve ever used

I have purchased 7 Britax car seats in the past 2 years and been happy with all of them – except for this one, which is just awful. I have already returned it.A few comments on the Britax seats I do own/recommend: I have a Britax Frontier 85 in my husbands car. I had 2 of these in my car as well until my car was stolen, at which point I purchased 2 Britax Frontier 90’s. (I also purchased a Britax infant seat recently.) I’ve very pleased with both the Frontier 85 & 90 and highly recommend you spend the extra money to purchase one of these (or switch to another brand). The major improvement in the Frontier 90 (vs. the 85) is that you can easily and securely install the car seat without using the latch system . This is useful in my SUV, which has a 3rd row with no latch hooks. I wanted my 6 year old to remain in a harnessed seat, but with 2 spaces already taken with car seats in the middle row I thought I would have to move her to a booster. With the Frontier 90, I can secure the seat in the back row VERY securely and VERY easily using the vehicle belt, and she can continue to be buckled into the seat using the harness instead of using it as a booster. My 4 year old rides in a Frontier 85 in the middle row, and since she is > 40 lbs, the manual says you MUST use the vehicle belt to secure the seat INSTEAD of using the latch system. I’m not sure why latch is less secure for children of this weight (since I believe the Frontier 85 allowed you to use latch for children up to 85 lbs). The click-tight system in the Frontier 90 is extremely easy to use and VERY secure – seat does not budge an inch. The reason I would prefer to use latch in the middle row of my SUV is because the vehicle seat cannot be moved back and forth when the car seat is installed using the vehicle belt (because the belt is attached to the floor of the vehicle. Whereas using latch, the carseat is independent of the vehicle seat belt and the 2nd row can be moved back/forth as needed. In a sedan with a stationary back row, this would not be an issue at all.As for this Frontier 70 car seat, it does not have the click-tight system, so I assumed I would be able to use the latch connectors to attach the car seat to the vehicle seat. Not so. For children > 40 lbs you must use the vehicle seat belt instead. The vehicle belt must be routed in front of the car seat back and behind the car seat arm rests so it does not lie flush against the seat. It also doesn’t secure the seat in any way. The manual says you have to make sure the car seat does not move more than one inch after installation – which I believe to be physically impossible with this seat using the vehicle seat belt. There is a flimsy plastic flap under where your child’s bottom would sit on the car seat, which is supposed to go over and press down on the vehicle seat belt, but if you tighten the seat belt you can’t push this flap all the way back, so it would be digging into your child’s back. Even besides this issue, the seat is fairly bare bones and does not look very comfortable. For almost $200, I would expect much more! Please save yourself the hassle and do not buy this seat.

Sophia Accord, NY

Great value

This is a great car seat for the price. I eventually plan to get a pinnacle 90 for our primary car and use this one for grandmas but I still think it is a great option. My daughter loves the cup holders and arm rests. I didn’t feel that it "feels cheap" and it seems like small spills will wipe clean. Reading other reviews there seems to be some question about using latch so I wanted to address that. There is a new regulation that when using LATCH, the combined weight of the seat and the child can not exceed 65 lbs. In most cars, LATCH has not been tested with higher weights so it is not known if it will withstand crash forces. This is why the seat must be installed with the seat belt for children weighing >40 lbs. My main issue with the seat is the installation – it is tricky to get it securely installed with just the seat belt. The only other complaint I had was that I found it difficult to find the lever to release the harness, and the manual wasn’t terribly helpful. Once I found it though, the harness is easy to adjust. I actually like that the lever is pretty far back because I don’t think my daughter would be able to reach it if she ever decided to try. I feel that the high harnessed weight limit for the price outweighs any disadvantages.

Bridgett Goodwine, IL

Not my favorite Britax seat

We are a Britax family, having owned 5 seats before we purchased this one. I knew it was going to be a step down from the Frontier 85 and the 90, however I didn’t expect it to feel so cheap. The plastic piece that holds the storage for the latch straps just kind of sits there, so it moves around and just seems odd. The fabric isn’t soft like on their other seats and also feels cheap. Installation was about the same as our frontier 85’s, but of course not nearly as easy as the new 90. This seat is going in my husbands truck for when he takes our son fishing but other than that we don’t ride in the truck as a family, otherwise I would be returning this and paying a little more for another Frontier 90 for him. I would say quality wise this seat is above a Graco Nautilus but below all other Britax boosters, which I guess was their intention.

Selena New Salisbury, IN

Hard to tighten straps.

The harness on the Pioneer would not tighten enough on my son to not be able to be pinched at the shoulders no matter how much we pulled it, so unfortunately we had to return it. Other than that, the Pioneer seemed great. It was really sturdy and I love the no rethread harness. It was very easy to install with the seat belt and to attach the top tether; it took me less than five minutes to fullly install it. My son thought it was comfortable also and loved the cup holders.

Erin Statham, GA

Very pleased, a nice seat!

We hemmed and hawed over which convertible booster to buy, debating mostly between the Graco Nautilus, and Britax Frontier and Pioneer, and went with the Pioneer because it was more in our price range (like the Nauti) and wasn’t overkill on the height limit (like the Frontier, since my son isn’t super tall for his age). We love it! Kind of a weird install but once it’s in there it’s rock solid. We drive a Chrysler Town & Country, for the record. My son (5.5) says it is comfortable and he probably has another two years in convertible mode before switching to booster mode, which is just what we wanted. He’s pretty average height and slim/lightweight, so I think the Pioneer’s weight and height limits will be perfect for us. I’d definitely buy another Pioneer in the future, and probably will when our other two seats (Radians) expire and our kids need boosters. 🙂

Barbra Sisseton, SD

One isn’t as good as the other.

We recently purchased two of these seats for our twins. We had two Roundabouts that my mom now uses as she watches the kids during the week. Since we needed new seats for our car, I wanted to get something that would grow with them. I really liked the Roundabouts, but we no longer needed rear facing. My husband didn’t have any trouble installing the seats. The kids really enjoy the seats and were excited to use them. My only complaint is that one seat is easier to use than the other. The one is more difficult to tighten and loosen the straps. I can now understand previous reviews about this seat where some say the straps are not a problem and others say it’s difficult. The one seat I would rate a 5 since it works perfectly. The other I’d give a 3/4 since it can be very frustrating trying to tighten the straps where they need to be, especially with a wiggly toddler, or trying to loosen the straps carefully without waking a sleeping toddler.

Janna Rush, KY

A “car seat tech” explains it all!

I’m a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, or “Car seat technician” in plain english : )Let’s talk about this seat!This is a forward facing ONLY, five point harness seat, that converts to a high back booster seat when the child outgrows the harness. It is only appropriate for ages 2 and up, as children who are under age 2 should still be REAR facing. This seat should last in harness mode until most kids are at an appropriate age for a belt positioning booster. It is outgrown in harness mode at 70 lbs OR when the childs shoulders are above the top harness position. That means if their torso height is taller than 18.5 inches, then this seat is outgrown in harness mode, and they then need to be using it in belt positioning booster mode.Children should ride in a five point harness until they AND their small bodies are mature enough to be safe riding in a belt positioning booster. This happens around age 5-7. Then kids should be in a booster seat until their bodies are big enough and mature enough for the adult seatbelt to adequately protect them. This happens around age 10-12, but usually closer to 12.**Only 50% of kids are tall enough at age 10 to safely ride without a booster.LATCH, or Lower Anchors And Tethers for CHildren:Lower anchors are only rated in vehicles to withstand a certain amount of weight in a crash. So after your child weighs 40 lbs, you have to install your childs restraint with a seatbelt and need to discontinue using the lower anchors. This is not a Britax thing, this is a vehicle thing. That is why this seat only allows you to use the lower anchors up to 40 lbs. You should ALWAYS attach the top tether, regardless of whether you install the child restraint with lower anchors or a seatbelt, as it helps protect the childs head and spine in a crash.Lower anchors can be used in belt positioning booster mode, in this seat, to keep the booster from flying around and being a projectile in a crash if the booster is unoccupied and not buckled in. It’s a convenience feature.This seat, the Pioneer 70, is based off of Britax’s very popular Frontier 90.It has the same function, but isn’t near as easy to install as the Frontier 90, because you are NOT getting the “Click Tight” technology that the Frontier 90 offers. This seat also does not last as long in harness mode.. because the Frontier 90 harness is taller and has a higher weight limit.If you are looking for a seat for a very heavy and/or very tall younger child, THIS IS NOT THE SEAT TO BUY. You really need to invest the extra money in a Britax Frontier 90 in order to keep the child harnessed until they reach an adequate booster age.Also, if you are looking for 1 seat that you will be moving and installing in multiple vehicles, and need ease of use for the caregivers or parents that will be doing so, THIS IS NOT THE SEAT TO BUY. (The Frontier 90 is 150,000x easier to install. I’m talking instant, perefctly tight seatbelt install, every time, in less than 45 seconds.. with the Frontier 90.)But if you will never move your childs seat, you have a very tiny kid, etc, then this seat should be just fine for you. It’s a little tricky to install, but it can be done. It’s not something that I would personally want to be moving all the time, and I’m very adept at installing seats obviously.This seat does offer the Versa Tether, Safe Cell, and a no rethread harness. So that is super exciting. It’s a nice seat if you can get it installed correctly and your child won’t outgrow it at an early age.So to sum it up:This is a Frontier 90 without the Clcik Tight, and with a slightly shorter harness (This seat is 18.5 inches torso height for harness, F90 has 20 inch tall harness), and lower weight limit on the harness (This seat maxes out at 70 lbs, F90 goes up to 90 lbs)Because this seat is a lower limit version of the Frontier 90 without the Click tight, the belt path is weird. Where the click tight would be on the F90, you have to route the belt around that area on this seat. I’m not sure if that will make sense to you unless you are familiar with the Frontier 90 though..(If you are familiar with the Britax brand, this is the Roundabout in comparison the the Boulevard. Both are nice seats, but the Roundabout offers less features than the Boulevard, and is outgrown much faster.. sometimes too soon, and those parents wish they had just spent the money and gotten the Boulevard.)

Rene Morton, MN

Love It

We just got this delivered today and I love it already. The silver design is pleasant and not gaudy like many other car seat designs. It would honestly work for a boy or girl, although we purchased it for our blue-loving son.The seat itself is surprisingly large and heavy. Its easily as heavy as our youngests convertible car seat. Still, I don’t feel like this is a negative. It makes me feel like its pretty sturdy, especially since I know that the heft is due to it being steel reinforced. The included easy latch belt makes it pretty easy to install and gets the seat pretty tight. It even has the belt in the back to secure it further.The fabric isn’t soft to the touch but rather smooth and comfortable. The padding is somewhat plush.The belts are incredibly easy to adjust. The push button to loosen the chest straps can be difficult to find but our safety first convertible has a similar set up so it was a natural feeling placement for us.It even reclines! I looked far and wide for a seat that would recline even a little for our three year old since we are constantly commuting to see family and naps in the car are frequent. The britax pioneer is by far the most attractive one I found that was even remotely reasonably priced. With the sale going on, its now priced next to seats with similar functionality like the graco nautilus.Overall, I have been very happy with the seat so far. My son likes it and seems to be comfortable in it. It feels like a safe, reliable seat that is more than just some expensive piece of crappy plastic to prop him up in the seatbelt like the other three booster we went through before getting this one. I’m so impressed I’m considering switching out our younger sons car seat to a britax.ProsEasy to installSteel reinforcedComfortableBig enough to grow with childRECLINESTwo cupholdersAdjustable headrest and beltsTrusted, longstanding brandCon’sHeavyMay be quite tall for a smaller car

Tisha Dundee, KY

Great Seat

Very nice typical, high-quality Britax product. I have 3 kids and another on the way. have owned/own a Britax Frontier, Frontier 85, Roundabout Classic, Marathon and now this Pioneer 70. The Pioneer 70 was purchased for my 3 year old, who loves it. She is about 34 lbs and 75th percentile for height and has plenty of room to grow in the seat. It reminds me a lot of our Frontier 85, in fact it looks just like it aside from the colors. I only wish it had HUGS on the straps. I have had no issues with the belt path and have been able to get a tight install in both of our vehicles. I am very satisfied with all of the Britax products we own and at this point I will never buy another brand.

Josie West Roxbury, MA

Great seat, easy to install, comfortable

Our son picked the seat because he loves green. The seat is easy to install, has 2 cup holders, comfortable arm rests & fits various sized children. The buckles are a bit big, but they are safe. Our son is tall and skinny, so we always have to buckle tight. The only issue I see is that the color shows every mark. Otherwise, it’s a great seat.

Emily Wayland, MO

Good car seat, but I can tell it’s cheaper

We have the Marathon for our 4 year old, and wanted to pass it on to our new baby, so we upgraded big sister to this Pioneer. I picked it over the Graco Nautilus. I was excited to find a 5 point booster by Britax at this price point. With another baby paired with the fact that, technically, my 4 year old can use a cheapo booster by now, I just couldn’t justify the high price tag of the other Britax seats. To this end, the Pioneer serves its purpose, but it is no Marathon! The straps ARE cheaper. They are more of a rough weave, not the silky smooth weave of a seatbelt. The seat is much less plush overall. My daughter is less comfortable, but hasn’t complained. Her head slumps forward when she falls asleep due to it sitting straight up. We put a towel under it to recline it just a bit because it is literally so vertical. When the Gracos all got recalled, I was especially glad I bought this seat, but if I had the extra money, I would just have gotten another Marathon.

Clare Edwards, CO

Love Britax

This is a great car seat! I’m confident my child is safe and secure:-) And he LOVES having 2 cup holders

Elnora Mc Leansboro, IL

Great quality, great brand, but NOT a Booster

We have always used Britax with our carseats because we trust them with their safety rantings. They are top of the line. This seat is no different. It is comfortable and my daughter loves the armrests and dual cup holder. The seat is easy to install and gives three different options to integrate the car seatbelt to grow with your child. instructions are conveniently printed on the the seat so you can adapt and use it anywhere. The buckles are easy to clip and unclip and are comfortably padded so as to not irritate my daughter while wearing them. It comes with a circle liner to go under the lap clip to not burn kids when the heat has made the buckle too hot. There are just a lot of features like that to make this comfortable and safe for my child. The only issue I have is that I had thought this would detach and become just a booster seat once we were ready for that, but I have not been able to figure out how to detach it yet. It seems the back is welded to the booster so I think it is a harness when your child is using the infant clips and belts and a booster when the child is only using the car belt, but the back does NOT separate from the booster seat itself. Beware and do your research better than I did!

Kaye Sharpsburg, OH

Child loves it, ok for parents.

This is a very nice hybrid car seat/booster. The color is more vibrant and pretty in person. This seat feels a little hard to me and is less padded than others, but my child insists it is very comfortable. The material is smooth and wipes clean easily, and the cup holders are a really nice feature – we fit a Kleen Kanteen in one, and a cup with snacks in the other. It is much more easy to install than our other convertible Britax standard car seat. My only two complaints are that the straps for the five point harness are somewhat flimsy and seem to always be tangled, and that the adjustable headrest portion is not very sturdy in the higher positions.

Monika Turnersburg, NC

Very happy with my choice

I spent a large amount of time deciding which harnessed booster to get for my 2.5 year old. I was pleased with the Britax Marathon I had used previously and was passing on to my infant who outgrew the bucket seat. I decided to get another Britax and am happy that I did. The seat was easy to install and my son loves his arm rests and cup holders.

Shanna Jacksonville, VT

so far so good, easy to install and use

we bought this seat for my 3.5 yr old and hope it will last a few more years until he is out of seats/boosters all together. it was very easy to install using the LATCH system in our Nissan Altima, and even with a belt. my son finds it comfortable and likes the two cup holders. i feel like he will be safer in this that the typical booster seats. and it is a tad hard to tighten the belt but it’s not something that would make me change my decision about this car seat.

Tracie Almena, WI