Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat, Gumdrop

Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat, Gumdrop

The BRITAX ROUNDABOUT 55 convertible car seat is designed for children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 1 year and 20 pounds up to 55 pounds. The ROUNDABOUT 55 achieves revolutionary head safety through the use of BRITAX SafeCell Technology, integrated steel bars, and Versa-Tether that work together to minimize head excursion and reduce the risk of head injury during a frontal impact. The ROUNDABOUT 55 also incorporates BRITAX Side Impact Protection, offers a five-point harness, and multiple buckle and recline adjustments. A body pillow is provided for comfort.

Main features

  • Safecell technology features safe cells designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat, Integrated steel bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash, Energy-absorbing versa-tether features a staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching the child, and a two-point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat, Side Impact Protection comprised of deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, and contains the head, neck and body, Tangle-Free, five-point harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit

Verified reviews


As health professionals recommend rear facing for at least 2 years, Britax’s design is even more valuable.

Searching around the web, Britax car seats come out uniformly as very safe. That should be your first concern with a car seat. Obviously price is important but so is being able to use the seat correctly. Some car seats might be very safe but are just too unweildy to install properly. We had no such problem with the Britax.We did reach the manual carefully and we made many pre-install adjustments. The result was about an 8 minute latch install on our Elantra. The seat is very stable. Our daughter likes it pretty well. Except for the metal parts which get very, very hot. I am not sure there is any safe work around for this, using plastic or some plastic coating but that is a definite watch out for. We bought the Onyx. On our computer the Amazon pictures make it look grey. It is darker than that in person. We probably should have gone silverlake. But the fabric is not the heat problem, it is the metal parts.We haven’t used it facing-forward yet as we intend to keep our daughter rear-facing at least until she is 2. But I have no reason to believe that it will not serve very well facing forward also. While you can legally put a child forward in most states at one year, our doctor was very insistent saying keep her facing backward to 2 years minimum. This is for neck development issues and the direction most car accidents happen. Facing forward they will rock forward. Facing backward they will be pushed into the seat. So you want a car seat that is long, as is the Britax. Overall this is a very good combination of safety, price, and easy install which leads to using it correctly. Recommended.

Mabel Mabelvale, AR

Love these carseats

We bought a Britax Marathon 70 for my car and wanted a slightly cheaper option, but still a Britax, for my husbands car. We chose the Roundabout 55 because it was less expensive but still had a high weight limit and all of the safety and convienence features that we wanted. ITS PERFECT! If I were to do it again, I would just buy 2 roundabout 55’s rather than spending the extra money on the marathon. Britax is a great company that makes great products. This carseat fit perfectly in our 2010 Outback and 2008 Trailblazer, even in a rear-facing, fully reclined position.

Deidra Pocahontas, VA

Almost as good as Britax Advocate 70 CS, but far cheaper

After having purchased 2 Britax Advocate 70 CS car seats for my car and my wife’s SUV, we needed a 3rd convertible car seat for grandma. One of the primary constraints we faced was the size of her car; as she drives a compact, we had very little space with which to work. Not wanting to spend another $300 on yet another Britax Advocate (and given that the Advocate is far too large), we narrowed down our search to the Combi Coccoro and the Britax Roundabout. The Combi probably would have been a better fit in her car, but we couldn’t find a store that carried it in stock, so that we could first view it in person. As the Britax was a bit more common, it was easy to find several stores that carried it so that we could get an idea of the size of it. Having seen that it was smaller than the Advocate and not much larger in depth than our current pumpkin seat (Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30), we decided to proceed with the purchase on Amazon.The Roundabout was just as easy to install as Advocate convertible seat. You’ll find that if you move the front seat far enough forward to place yourself in between the front seat and the car seat, you can put your entire body weight on it and pull both LATCH straps extremely tight. Doing this, I actually got it tight enough that the seat didn’t move at all at the base where the LATCH connectors attach (and I’m not a big guy — 5’7″”, 155 lbs). My one wish with this car seat is that it had the “True Side Impact Protection” that Britax touts, but I knew from the start that this car seat didn’t have the same level of features as the Advocate, so I can’t complain too much.My only real gripe is that to change the height of the harness straps you have to unhook the straps at the back of the seat, re-thread them through the appropriate holes, and then reattach them to the hook at the back of the seat. This wouldn’t be terribly difficult with the seat outside of the car, but if you’ve realized that they need to be adjusted once it’s in, it requires a bit more maneuvering. Not a huge deal, but again, not nearly as easy as with the Advocate.All in all, this is a great car seat, and for the price it has all the features that we needed for transport short distances across town in grandma’s car. If you’re looking for a more robust seat for your own car, and don’t mind shelling out ~$300 per car seat, I would still highly recommend the Advocate too. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a Britax. We’re still very pleased with all of our purchases of their products.

Kaitlyn Watauga, TN

very comfy and easy to use

I also have the old roundabout from 2006 and this one has better cushions and better latch belt configuration. When you switch it from rear to forward you just slide the latch belt instead of having to reroute it. I gave it only 4 stars because I wish the harness belt was longer. Seems like little guy has to always bend his wrist to get his are out and its just kind of hard to pull out. On my other roundabout the harness loosens really easy. I like the infant insert this one comes with too.

Diane Leesville, TX

Daughter still RF at 3 yrs 2 months

I actually bought this for my 17 month old son as a second carseat for my husbands car. We already have the marathon 70 for him in our van. My husband drives a 2004 Honda civic. The roundabout fits nicely in the back of the civic without compromising leg room. Its infrequent the kids ride in his car, but I needed something I knew would install TIGHT. I dont want any movement, even though they allow an inch. I have found Britax is the only seat I can get a “no budge” fit.My concern with the roundabout was how long we would be able to use it. I purchased the roundabout 40 a couple years ago and returned it because my then 16 month old daughter was nearly maxed out for rear facing. This new roundabout is MUCH better. I put my 3 year 2 mo old daughter in it to see what it looked like and there was PLENTY of room to grow. She could use this seat rear-facing for awhile longer. She is 50% on everything as far as growth(32 pounds and 38 inches), but even a taller child would have no problem rear-facing to to at LEAST 2. Our son is 85% on height so this was my concern with the roundabout. Now I do not worry about him using it for a long time. I feel confident he will be able to rear face to 3 and then forward face for awhile. If I was using the seat for my daughter she would have at least 2-3 more years forward facing…which would put her at 5-6.

Ina Owensville, MO

Great for back up seat for daddy’s car.

I love my Britax Boulevards but didn’t want to spend that much money to get a second seat for my husbands car. My kids are only in there a few times a year. Our 18 mo old is still rear facing so I like that this seat is now rear facing to 40 lbs. He’s a big boy (about 30 lbs). It was pretty easy to install using the seatbelt (as dh’s car does not have LATCH). I LOVE the built in locking clips. As far as I’m concerned the roughest part of a seatbelt install is getting the locking clip on and keeping the seatbelt tight. I was able to get a great rearfacing install (have not tried ff so cannot say for sure BUT I’m guessing it’s also easy). I like the recline options. One thing I totally miss in this seat as opposed to the marathon or boulevard is the harness has to be rethreaded to adjust. I like my other seats MUCH better for that. This seat does have a shorter seated height max than many seats but frankly my guy is a little on the shorter side (only 25% for height on the charts) so I figure that he will top out in weight about the same time he maxes out in height. If you are on the fence about whether or not to try this and have a taller child I’d say go with a marathon or boulevard. It will be worth the money to keep your child in a 5 pt longer. Also, shop around, sometimes you can find deals that make it worth a few minutes of searching:)Update. My I recently had to install this forward facing with the seatbelt and I would probably go with 4.5 stars:) It was easier than rear facing and WAY easier than the myride. The seat overall is much better than my graco myride but I think that I would still spend a few more bucks to get a marathon or a boulevard because they have more features that I appreciate.

Tamera Hominy, OK

love it

wasnt sure what the hype about this car seat was but i really prefer this over the graco seats i have otherwise. the adjusting of the strap tightness and crotch buckle part is a nice touch. i really enjoy the gender neutral print/color. it has a nice sheen to it,

Linda Hendersonville, PA

Great carseat

We have loved this carseat! Fairly easy to install, cover is easily removable for washing. Has held up great so far. Less bulky than some other model car seats, which is what we were going for. Fits rear facing in a Chrysler Seabring, but was a really tight fit rear facing in a Jeep Compass. Bought Britax cup hold with it as well, and it fits perfectly.

Janice Atlantic, IA

Sturdy and lightweight

The item is a bit more brown than shown, but otherwise look like the pic. The harness system is very easy to use and comfortable. Instructions are a little vague for installation with a simple seatbelt. To install, you have to remove the bottom part of the cover and slip under some clasps. Otherwise it is easy to use and is surprisingly light.

Gale Hensel, ND

Great for the price

Good basic seat for the $$$. Harness has a tendency to twist.We also have the Boulevard 70 that has the HUGS feature…that is great and prevents the twisting.Both seats are great and are easy to install.

Katharine Dewey, IL


This is a great car seat! I researched a lot of different convertible car seats, and I’m very happy that I went with this one. Right now my 9 month old uses it, facing backwards. It is great quality and seems very stable, safe, and protective. I have a nephew who uses this car seat facing forwards and I have heard nothing but good things about it from his mom. My daughter seems to like it, and often falls asleep in it (so it must be comfortable!).

Lesa Shell Lake, WI

beautiful carseat!!

I bought this for my grandaughter before a long trip ( which we haven’t gone on yet). I wanted to make sure we were all happy with it. It is a very well made carseat and after reserch decided on the Britax. Took a while to install but it was later at night and I was tired. also wanted to make sure I did everything right. So I double and triple checked myself and the book. My Granddaughter is almost 6 mo and rides well in it. Looks very comfy and easy to get in and out of. Did buy a head support so her head doesn’t flop when she falls asleep ( must be comfy).I believe my Daughter will be getting her the same one for her car. I would highly recomend this one!!!!

Cathy Donalds, SC

My son loves it..

I read a lot of reviews, did a lot of research and finally settled on this one.. My son loves it as his convertible seat. He is a little chunkier and I had to move him into a convertible around 7 months. But it makes life easier as he loves this seat and is comfortable in it. I bought a different one for the other car and I see the difference..Loved this one..

Melissa Garrattsville, NY

bought this as a second carseat – wish this had been my primary

I bought this for my husband’s car and for our nanny to take him out to story time. my son is very large – wearing 18 month clothing and only 8 months old. I bought the boulevard for my car – wishing I had bought this one for my car instead. I think it’s just as safe really and not nearly as heavy and akward to get in and out of. the only pro for the boulevard is that it does have that adjustable height for the straps, that’s nice. but I think overall, this one is not as large and not as heavy and I should have bought two of these instead of going for the boulevard.

Alejandra Crouse, NC

Great Carseat

Easy installation! We have loved this car seat. My son is comfortable in it. Has been a great car seat.

May Theodosia, MO

Good, safe car seat

Well, there’s not much to say about this except that it works really well. I have two of this car seat. When my twin boys are buckled in, I feel they are very safe. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there’s nothing really special about it. It’s cute, safe, easy to install (as in, I could install it without my husband’s help – haha), and my boys seem comfortable. I guess the only bad thing is that it’s big and heavy and awkward to carry, but who cares about that when it’s always in your car? I’d buy it again, if I had to! 🙂

Lelia Granger, TX

Okay but cover slips off

We’ve had our Roundabout 55 for almost a year and a half. I think we bought this soon after they released the new design. I feel like it’s a much safer, solid design. I like the metal bars that offer rigid support in the case of an accident. Sitting backwards, the seat worked great and we had no problems. Once we turned the seat facing forward, however, I noticed some design flaws.Keep in mind the only thing I have to compare to is an older model Roundabout and a Britax Boulevard. I like the roominess of the seat but I am concerned about the number of shoulder straps adjustment levels. I think there needs to be one more height as I think my son will grow out of it in length before he ever gets near the weight limit. I would also tend to agree with others that the fabric is not as nice as older and other Britax models but that’s minor for me.Probably the most annoying thing about the car seat is the cover. In three different cars, we’ve had the same issue of how the top edge of the car seat rests against the car. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem but it has to do with securing the additional straps. The cover constantly wants to come off. It’s really annoying because it’s very easy for my son to pull it down and them he complains when it rest on his head. The other reason I don’t like it is that he tried to pick at the styrofoam molding that is exposed when the covers slips. I know my son want to pick at it. We don’t have this problem with the cover of our (older) Boulevard model.For the cover issue alone, I’m not sure I’d buy this model again given the choice.

Lottie Charleston, AR


I absolutely LOVE this car seat & would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone! I got it because I’ve trusted the Britax brand for 3+ years (we have a 2009 Boulevard & Marathon) and I needed a high weight/height convertable seat for my big boy (12 months and 28.5lb & 32.5inches!) to use in both my husband’s small Toyota Corolla and our sitter’s Honda Pilot. My criteria for the purchase were ease of transfer between cars especially in the RF position, high weight/hight limit, significant head protection and reasonable price.I am an ER nurse so I know what can happen to children in motor vehicle collisons and I have seen first hand how much safer RF is! So I intend to keep my baby RF until he is at least 2, longer if I can!Anyway, back to the car seat. It is SO easy to transfer between cars due to the excellent LATCH on all Britax seats (allowing super easy tightening) and because this Roundabout is the lightest weight convertable Britax makes. It also is relatively short compared to other similar seats and fits nicely RF in the Corolla (thouth it is the same height as their Boulevard 70 & Marathon 70). The weight/height limits are exceptional on this seat (RF – 40lb/46in & FF – 55lb/46in). The size of the head protection is significantly larger compared to most car seats (other than ones with added head wings – Britax Boulevard/Frontier, Graco Nautilus) and is a HUGE improvement upon the Classic Roundabouts and Marathons.My baby is very comfortable in this seat. He easily falls asleep in it. I love: the velcro tabs to keep the straps out of the way, the two settings for the crotch buckle, the rubber bottom, the soft velor like material which is really easy to clean & super cute (we have the brown dots), the handles on back for carrying, how easy it is to install, & how safe and secure my baby is in it! I like this car seat better than my 2009 Britax Boulevard which my son rides in in our van. The 2009 Boulevard is HUGE and made to stay put in a car!I love this seat to much that I intend to buy one for my almost 4 y/o daughter for my husband’s and sitter’s car as well. She is petite and I believe she’ll get plenty of use out if it because of the high FF weight/height limits. I intend to keep her in a 5-point harness as long as possible which is safer than booster seats (even the belt positioning kind). See […] for more info on car seat safety and the importance of 5-point harnesses.Thanks for looking at my review! I hope this helps you make a decision!

Dawn Warren, IN

Fits well and looks great!

Our LO’s infant seat (with the handle bar down as instructed) took up SO much room in our car behind the passenger seat. This seat actually gives the passenger much more space to move! Part of the reason we bought it. Plus our LO doesn’t seem to be too keen on her infant seat anymore. I was a bit worried how she’s like the new seat- but she seems very happy and fell asleep in the seat on the way home from the Zoo yesterday ;)It was pretty easy to install- just had to re-adjust it a bit and remove the seat protector (as it wouldn’t intall properly with that on the seat- it would wriggle around too much). But once that was removed, it installed very easy and it’s in there super snug!!!! Makes me feel good my LO is safe! Looks great in my car too. Not necessary, but nice.The safety features are great and we are gonna get a 2nd seat to switch around between my MIL and Mom’s car when they have LO for daycare. This seat kinda makes me wish we’d gone with Britax for the infant seat! But glad to have it now 😉

Lorene Pink Hill, NC

Great car seat… But, go for the marathon!

.We bought this carseat for my husband’s car and the marathon for mine… The marathon is the PERFECT carseat… And this one is a close second. :/ Easy to install, reclines sufficiently to use rear facing, straps never tangle… But, it’s the little things… The marathon has SOOO much added padding that just makes it a more comfortable ride for our little girl. This seat is a fine backup seat, but for your everyday seat spend the extra bucks for the marathon! (Oh, the colors on this one are very nice and clean looking…. But, again… The cowmooflauge marathon takes the cake!)

Michaela Pleasantville, OH