Britax Second Seat for B-Ready Stroller, Red

Britax Second Seat for B-Ready Stroller, Red

The second child seat allows you to easily convert the B ready from a single stroller to an in line double. Suitable from birth up to 35 pounds. the second seat is fully featured with 4 recline positions, built in suspension, padded 5 point harness system and canopy with full coverage and ventilation window. Unique design does not require you to remove second seat while folding stroller.

Main features

  • Metal, Polyester
  • Made in USA
  • Suitable from birth/up to 35 pounds
  • Easily converts B ready stroller to an in line double in seconds
  • 4 position seat recline
  • Large canopy with ventilation window
  • Stroller folds with second child seat attached

Verified reviews


The City Select is better for twins – higher weight limit than Britax

With three kids under four, including twins, I’ve had my fair share of double strollers. The Baby Jogger City Select and the Britax B -Ready look very similar, but they’re not when used in doubles mode. Which stroller is better really depends on the age of your kids. For my twins or different age kids, I found the City Select had more advantages. However, if your kids are not close in age or weight, the Britax is worth looking at.Some considerations:
• The City Select stroller was Baby Gizmo’s top tandem stroller in 2010 — the 2011 model has been redesigned with deeper and firmer seats, improving an already excellent stroller. The Britax B-Ready is a first-generation stroller and still has some areas that could be improved upon.
• Of the two, the City Select is a better stroller for twins because of the 45 lb. max weight allowance for each of its full-size seats (child weight + baggage for a total of 90 lbs max for the stroller), foot wells that expand to 10.5 inches and large canopies that raise up to 24″, allowing you to use it all the way up till your children are age 4 or 5. The Britax only has one full size seat as the second seat has a lower weight capacity.
• The Britax B-Ready is a good option if you have two kids of different ages (1 & 3 for example) given the different weight limits on its seats. If you have twins, you’ll be limited by the second seat’s 35 lbs. weight capacity and a 22″ canopy, to about 3 years old – only one child will be able to ride in the stroller past this weight, which is Ok if one of them has outgrown the stroller – if not, this could be an issue (I still use my City Select stroller for long outings with my 4 1/2 year old).
• Another important consideration is that the handle on the City Select extends from 39″ to 41″, whereas the handle on the Britax B-Ready does not. This comes in very handy for taller parents, when you raise the canopy on the upper seat (when stadium seating) to give you additional clearance, or when hanging a diaper bag with the seats in the rear-facing position, so the baby is not kicking it.
• The City Select offers more clearance for walking with the second seat in than the Britax
• Both seats recline on the Britax forward facing, but the second seat is not reversible. On the City Select, both seats are reversible, but they recline fully only in the rear-facing position (with lots of leg room). I actually prefer this configurations as twins are people-magnets and when they are facing towards me and napping it’s easier for people to stay away.
• You can hang a larger than average diaper bag (like the LaLassig Messenger Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag) from the handle with two seats in the City Select. (Note: the stroller handle says not to but because of the weight distribution I haven’t had any problems).
• The City Select allows for 16 configurations including two car seats or two carrycots (Britax only has 14)
• The Britax B-Ready has a more compact footprint than the City Select, a plus if you don’t mind the handle that doesn’t extend or are not a tall parent.
• For the City Select – handling curbs can be challenging with double strollers like these but if you pull the stroller backwards up the curb, it’s actually easier than most strollers because of the large back wheels. It hasn’t been an issue for me.Some similarities between the two strollers:
• Similar width at 26″
• Huge storage basket in both.
• Tires that handle all surfaces well, indoors and out. It’s worth mentioning that neither stroller is meant for jogging.
• The City Select with the second seat weighs 33 lbs., similar to Britax’s 36 lb weight, less than iCandy’s hefty 44 lbs.
• Both have the same recline mechanism on the seats.
• Easy fold for both. With the Britax, you can leave both seats in and fold quickly. With the City Select, both seats need to be in stadium seating, fully upright with the foot wells folded down as far back as they will go (not horizontal), and then you can fold it with both seats. Honestly, it’s a lot easier and faster to just pop off the seats and fold the frame (plus it fits in most cars because it’s very compact).
• For the City Select, the “Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Attachment Brackets” are sold separately if needed on mystrollers dot com (for example, if you lose one). You do not have to buy the whole second seat.
• Neither stroller is appropiate for babies 0-6 months (even if they recline fully, it’s in a “V” shape as the whole seat tilts). If you live in a city, you may find that a single snap-n-go/ infant seat with an Ergo carrier for the 2nd baby (w insert #2 for babies 0-4 months) is the easiest way to get around for the first year. A double snap n go is even better, and will allow you to use infant car seats so they can nap on outings. Another option is the Maclaren Triumph which folds compactly @ 22 lbs, reclines fully and can be used from birth up, if you want to bypass the car seat altogether and have a stroller for travel for later on.Lastly, I also have Maclaren double strollers (Triumph & Techno) and the Bob Duallie. If you’re looking for other alternatives, they’re all good, but of all of these, I find the City Select is the easiest and most versatile to use with twins and a preschooler (see my profile for a full review with pros and cons). If you’re looking for getting one all-purpose stroller, it would be my pick.

Suzanne Apple Creek, OH

Great for tall child!

I purchased this for my older son with the b-ready stroller and the bassinet. This 2nd seat is great. I use it with the bassinet for now since the baby is only a few months and my older son hops in when he gets tired. I didn’t want to purchase a side by side double stroller because it seemed too bulky and wide. I researched tons of double strollers and it was between this and the city select. I read the reviews and decided to get this one and I’m very very happy I did! I know someone with a city select and they have a double seat-it would be way too short for my really tall 2.4 yr. old (who wears 4T now). He fits great in this 2nd seat and even falls asleep in it sometimes. Once the baby is older, my older son will be in the front and younger can be in the front or back since the minimum age is 6 months +. I don’t even buckle my older son up because the buckles are too short, but that doesn’t even matter. It’s also great that it reclines further down then most second seats (such as phil and teds). I would definately recommend this for a double stroller hands down then any other strollers I’ve seen out there-esp. if your chid is tall.

Leann Coyote, CA

OK second seat

This is a good second seat though it sits really low.I have a 2.5 yr old boy who will be 3 when I start using this with my infant in 2 months time. So my 3 yr old has to be on the top seat due to the weight limitations. And I have to fix the infant carrier low and eventually the second seat will be used by my second baby.If ur looking for the Britax B ready because of its multiple configurations…then please note that with exception to the tandem arrangement, all the other configurations makes sense only with the infant car seat .Or with the main seat and second seat facing each other…the older ..higher kids shoes point straight at the lower kids face. Not Acceptable even after pulling the footrest all the way up. Not when we you have boys .So With the B ready second seat, its really just like a very low sitting tandem stroller. With my older kid sitting in this seat …he has his feet dangling in the shopping basket which is annoying when u have bags in. May not really be of concern when its dry…but in the snow and rain It really will dirty ur bags with the wet shoes …The only way to avoid this to some extent is to allocate the second seat for most part to the smaller kid who may possibly not want to walk much.Easy to click into place but not that easy to remove. Also it has a lower weight limit so u HAVE to put ur bigger kid on the top main seat. I think I am going to have to use the infant car seat long enough to avoid this .I know that in some time maybe year or 2 possibly my older kid will grow out of the stroller and then these concerns wont matter..But the whole purpose of getting this stroller with the second seat is to be able to accomodate both the kids well.

Selena Bonnyman, KY

Works as advertised

The only complaint would be if your toddler didn’t want to be blocked from looking forward. Ours is fine with it. Note that when you use this with the B-Ready, the kid’s feet are in the storage area, with limits its usefulness (not completely, but has an effect). In hindsight, I wish we’d done the lower carseat adapter since the infant sleeps all the time anyway, but oh well.

Cathryn Stony Ridge, OH

Overall good, wish canopy was bigger

The seat is super easy to attach and detach and the recline is great. My newborn is totally happy in it.I wish the canopy shade was larger (and I dont ever use the peep hole, so I wish britax would spend the money to enlarge the shade and get rid of the peep hole), as my newborn is often exposed to the sun even with the shade all the way open.

Lillie Mount Shasta, CA

Love it

Fantastic! I am pregnant with baby number two but purchased this months ago b/c of the BOGO special. We have been able to use it on play dates and when other little ones come over for a visit. Couldn’t love it anymore!

Lora Shelby, NE

Great addition to my stroller

I got this second seat for my toddler when the new baby was born. The seat is roomy and my toddler doesnt look smooshed. Its a great way to turn my single into an inline double for quick trips to the store when I dont want to lug the double wide stroller

Colette North Bangor, NY

Great as double stroller

We love this jumper seat. My 3yo DD has a lot of fun choosing her own seat right now (sibling is not here yet) and can fit very comfortably into either the top or this bottom seat. The harness and recline are pretty much the same as the top seat and it expands the stroller to a double without taking much more space. We enjoy having the ability to have one or two seats or our infant carseat on top if we need to. The canopy is sufficient and you still have enough room in the basket even when you have a toddler’s legs hanging into it. Personally, the navy color is wonderful. Very easy clean and looks nice without being flashy. You can also easily (after practice) fold the whole stroller with both seats in place. Even at 6 months pregnant I can lift the thing into our car. It’s heavy but then it’s a double stroller. They are all monsters.

Corrine Aguila, AZ

great accessory for b ready with minor drawback

Great second seat making my britax b ready into a double stroller. Downside-kiddo in the back has no view. Upside, makes the most awesome stroller even more versatile, sometimes walkers need a break, don’t need to buy chintzy sit to stand.

Irene Sibley, MO

Great overall with one MAJOR flaw

We have the 2012 Britax B Ready in black with the second seat. It was purchased as a gift for us off Amazon. Overall, I LOVE the stroller and have been using it for the last 6 months in both modes with a now 2 year 7 month old and a 5 month old. If you’d like you can check out my full review here:;=B007CTPWYQ&linkCode;=&nodeID;=&tag;=The bottom seat is very sturdy. It snaps on, adjusts and slides off very easily. My toddler LOVES being down there which surprised us all. the sunshade is a bit small but for the bottom seat you really can’t ask for better and the quality of the material is top notch. Here’s the rub- the straps in the bottom seat are terribly short. Even though my toddler is no where near the weight limit the straps are too short to harness her. She is tall for her age so I put my nephew in it when he was 20 months old and WELL below the weight limit and the straps at the highest level JUST fit him. We have made this work by putting the baby in the lower seat earlier than we wanted to. We also let our toddler ride unstrapped when we were just strolling around a shopping center where she couldn’t jump out and get hurt. We really love the stroller so this was just something we dealt with. For the money though we expected better. Hopefully they’ll fix that in the next update.Bottom line- if you’re getting this stroller because you have two littles that are close in age you can make that bottom seat work. If you have twins and you and your SO are on the tall side you may want to check out those straps. However, I think there’s a way to work around this for such an AWESOME stroller.

Lynette Bovill, ID

Much appreciated versatility for multiple children (not necc. multiples, though!)

I have a baby who has a right to be in a stroller as well as 4yo twins, one of whom is much lazier than the other. 😀 I don’t use this as an all-the-time double but it is useful for a day out so the whiny one can hitch a ride. As luck would have it, the whiny one is smallish. Shorter end of average in height, hovering around 33-34 pounds – so almost maxing out the seat.She can hop in and out on her own and I am happy to report that even if she decides to sit in the basket of the stroller, it holds her. :-/For the heck of it, I put the bigger twin in – she is 40ish pounds, so above the weight – and it held up and pushed great still. I wouldn’t go over all the time but I suspect there is some wiggle room built into the weight limit so if you have a slightly bigger child, it should still be OK for occasional use. Don’t hold me to that in court or anything, though. Luckily the bigger twin is more energetic and will normally go for miles under her own steam. She is well within the weight limits to stick her in the top seat, and I can wear the baby then, if needed. (Ironically, though, there seems to be more butt room in the 2nd, lower weight limit seat!)I don’t use this with the sun shade as I am using it with taller kids for occasional use.Technically you can put a baby in the 2nd seat but, while I haven’t tried, I am 99% sure my little dude would freak out if I put him down there. So as a regular double I expect this would work best with an older child in the bottom – old enough to find the novelty interesting – and an infant up top. (And while the top does not go flat, IMO it goes back enough that an infant will be just fine in it. Maybe a little body support. No need to buy the basinette. My kids all hated being flat as newborns.)The only difference between the old and new models of 2nd seat is the buckle. It is easier to open on the new one. The old seat will work on the new frame and vice-versa. Personally I find the buckle is not needed for putting an older child down there – they aren’t going to fall out. For a smaller child, the old style buckle is even more difficult to do down low BUT it’s probably what you want to have if you are putting a child down there who you need to stay buckled. So it’s a toss-up, which is better.Folding with the 2nd seat attached is only slightly bulkier than without, although as I said, I don’t use the sun shade. I find it easier to remove the seat as to fiddle and fight with the extra heft of the seat + stroller, which is how I prefer to fold it. However if I wanted it to, the whole shebang will fit, 2nd seat attached, laying on its side, behind the 3rd row of my van (Sienna)This adds a nice dose of versatility to an awesome stroller. As a twin mom, I would hesitate to suggest it as a dedicated twin double – my experience with doubles is my girls fought in tandem set-ups. This is MUCH easier to steer than a traditional tandem, but I feel like the inequality of seating plus the logistics of putting a baby in the 2nd seat (mine just wouldn’t go for it) make this a less than ideal dedicated double. I much prefer side-by-sides, for twins and/or primary double use. But that’s just me. What works for you is going to depend on spacing as well as temperment of your kids. I think this is great, though, for older + younger or sometimes use. Strictly based on how it works, it steers great and is easy to push, even with 2 4yo girls in it.

Elena Sully, IA

LOVE this stroller seat

This stroller seat sits below the main part/seat and works when I use the adapter for the carrier and when I have the stroller seat attached. It snaps in easily, but is a little challenging to undo because you have to reach both sides and push in little buttons at the same time. But once that’s done, you just lift it up and out it comes. If fully reclined, it’s a little close to your shins, but is ok.

Concepcion Enfield, IL

Good for kids under 30 pounds and 38 inches

I have a 4 year old daughter, and while she likes riding in this second seat under our newborn, she barely fits. She’s a small kid at 32 pounds and 42 inches tall. He feet almost stick out of the front of the stroller. It’s hard for her to get in and out of the seat, but she sees it as a challenge and never complains. Good only in a pinch.

Nona Black Eagle, MT

Works great

This second seat works great. It is easy to install, and the stroller folds easily with it still attached. The padding inside is great, our 4mo old is very comfortable in it. Quality is great, as good as the B-Ready stroller itself.

Ladonna Juana Diaz, PR

Excellent Construction

This second seat is a must have for converting your B-Ready to a double stroller. I used it for my older child and placed the baby in the carseat with the adapter frame. It stores well in the truck and collapses pretty flat. The seat is comfortable and constructed just as well as the main/upper seat. I plan to get years of use out of my stroller. I have owned this seat for 10 months.

Freida Strausstown, PA

I wish the hood was a little higher

I bought this to go along with my b-ready stroller. I love the seat, it’s great quality but I wish that it was a little taller and that the canopy was a little higher. I believe that Britax built this car seat for people that have kids that are not too close in age because this seat has a much lower weight maximum than the main seat, I did know this when I bought it but I just didn’t expect my daughter’s head to rub against the top of it. She is 5 lbs below the maz weight and 37 inches. It is not comfortable for her to sit in this seat.

Kris Nellysford, VA

Second Seat

I have not used the second seat for any extended period of time yet, but so far, its nice.Pros-Very comfyOnly second (underseat) that fully reclinesIs probably more comfy for older kids than the top seatDoes not get in the way when walkingCons-Better fit for older kids but lower weight limit- 35 poundsOverall, great investment and will be a great help when I deliver my second and a newborn and 1 1/2 year old.

Mildred Waverly, VA

Love the bold red color

I love the bold red color we ordered. Our 16 month old daughter sits in it for now until her brother gets older then she will sit in the larger upper seat. We purposely didn’t buy the matching silver second seat to our silver stroller just to be different and because the red color is also gender neutral.

Alice Kennard, TX

Awesome second seat- I love this stroller!!!

My son loved the bottom second seat when we first purchased this. He now is a little to big so I usually put him up top, but this is a must with multiple children! Works great, easy to use!

Rochelle Rincon, NM

Nice addition to the B-Ready

We bought this so that our B-Ready can grow with our family and be used if I’m caring for a friend’s baby. Easy to attach to the stroller. Nice design. Love the color!

Iris Kingshill, VI

Works great!

I love our B-Ready stroller overall. My toddler loves the second seat and routinely hangs his head out the side to see what’s coming up.My one issue/request for the second seat would be to somehow make it easier to get the child in and out of the seat. I am not sure that is possible due to the design of the frame. We tend to remove the infant carrier on the top to drop the toddler in or pick him up out of the seat.

Rosie Santa Ysabel, CA

amazing bottom seat for the b ready!!

AMAZING. I LOVE the use that I get out of my B Ready with this seat attached. My two year old is decently tall and she loves climbing in and out of the bottom of the stroller to use her special seat. It is wonderful!! btw, I am 5’5" and I do not have any problem bumping into this when I walk. I do not however like the infant car seat on the bottom as my feet kicked it.

Marylou Wendell, NC


We have this for my 18m old and 3.5 yo. They both like to sit in the bottom, especially my 3.5 year old. My 5yo is say she cant sit in the bottom (she is past the weight limits). If we dont have someone riding, its a great shopping bag holder! 😉

Elnora Reeseville, WI

Worth the effort of detaching it.

I love my stroller even more since buying this seat. I have a 30 lb 3 year old and an infant.Pros:-I like that my b-ready stroller is a single stroller when I need it to be (just click in the car seat and go) and a double when I have both of them with me.-My 3 year old doesn’t like riding in strollers anymore, but thinks it’s really cool to ride so low in this one.-you can attach this one handed-it actually reclines pretty far back and is easy to doCons:-bit of an awkward fit in the trunk of my 2013 Altima, but I make it work. I put the stroller in first, then put this seat over it in a specific position.-basket becomes part of her seat when in use, but I still cram my enormous coach diaper bag in the front of the basket and can still access it from the front zipper. My daughter does have to put her feet on the bag though. There’s not much room for extra shopping bags.-definitely takes two hands to remove it. I have to bend all the way down and press a button in on each side to lift it up. This wasn’t an option for me until about 2 months after my c-section.Everywhere we go other moms are oohing and ahhing over it. No kidding, I am always stopped and asked about it. I also have the bassinet to go with it. I like that too, but this is way more useful.

Marietta Brush Prairie, WA

a must have for your b-ready

This works great with the b-ready stroller. My older child (4) still fits well in it and can hop in and out when needed. I love the system.

Jennie Sugar Tree, TN


I love my Britax B-ready and the second seat. I only wish that it had a higher weight limit and the same straps/clip that are on the main seat, however my 3.5 year likes to ride on the this bottom seat (he is almost at the weight limit at 34lbs), while my 2 year old likes to ride in the front.

Janice Castlewood, VA

Great seat and my son loves it

My older son loves this seat since he is able to go in an out of it on his own. The quality of the seat is the same excellent quality as our britax b-ready stroller. We picked this item for the free ride event and are glad we did. Definitely purchase if you have an toddler.

Magdalena Morovis, PR