Brown’s 4 oz Natural Flow Baby Bottle, 3 Pack

Brown’s 4 oz Natural Flow Baby Bottle, 3 Pack

Reduce air bubbles that cause fluid in Baby’s ears with Dr. Brown’s 4-oz. bottles. A special patented internal vent reduces air in milk and formula to minimize colic, spit-up, burping and gas so you’ll have a happier, more comfortable baby. This handy 3-pk. features three 4-oz. bottles with easy-to-read level gauges. Bottles connect directly to breast pumps. Includes cleaning brush and instructions. Bottles are plastic. Nipples are silicone. Hand wash. Made in USA.Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free and BPA Free Plastic.

Main features

  • Helps colicky babies settle down / sleep
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear / No vacuum
  • Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe
  • Recommended Age Range 0 & up

Verified reviews


Dont let the picture fool you!!!

As you can see in the picture the bottles are (supposed) to be clear and NOT the BPA free ones. I ordered these because I wanted the ones that are not BPA free. I wanted them to be completly clear. When I recieved them I was sad to see that they were the BPA free kind. If I wanted the BPA free ones I would have order them for $7 cheaper per pack..needless to say I am getting a refund. But apparently Dr. Browns doesnt make the clear (non BPA free) ones anymore 🙁 So I suppose I will have to get the BPA free kind, but at least I will be getting them cheaper then this.

Kristina Lyons, KS


I bought these bottles on a lark. I had read good things about them, but when I went to buy them at my Babies R Us, the only ones I could buy were the wide mouthed bottles. These bottles have a wider nipple that is shaped more like the breast. My son is primarily breast fed, but he has had no problems with these bottles when I don’t feed him myself. I started giving him a few ounces of water at 2 weeks old, and he immediately took to these bottles. At one month, I tried to give him a six ounce Platex VentAir bottle after my Babies R Us was out of the larger Dr. Browns bottles. He refused to take to the smaller nipple. I suggest that you do use the wide mouth Dr. Browns bottles, but they are not available online.I have not had a problem cleaning them at all. The only problem I have had comes when I do give him formula. The instructions say not to shake it in the bottle, so I usually stir it instead. One reviewer mentioned that when you add water, you go over the “Do not fill above this line” mark. I avoid this by measuring my water in a separate bottle, then I add about half the water, stir, then the other half. That has eliminated any problem regarding that mark.I strongly recommend this product!

Corinne Lone Grove, OK

Happier baby!

My baby has reflux and extra gas just makes him completely miserable. We got these bottles when he was 3-weeks old and they really do make a difference! I’m a pediatrician, so I was a skeptic when I read that the bottle claimed to reduce gas/colic. But I think I’m convinced! At the very least, it makes it easier for him to eat since there is no negative pressure created from suction… the food just flows! Thus, the baby swallows less air from the having work so hard to get food. If your baby has reflux or is very gassy, this bottle is definitely worth a try!

Geraldine Yale, IA

Couldn’t Go With the Flow…

I tried the Dr. Brown system but was unsatisfied for several reasons. First of all, the bottles flowed too fast causing my son to choke and gag with every couple of swallows. Not surprisingly, this led to terrible gas and spitting up every time we fed.Secondly, I think these bottles are overpriced. Even if they had worked for me, I would have been hard pressed to spend all that extra money. Bottle feeding is not rocket science and no mother should have to pay that much to feed her child successfully.Finally, although the wide-neck bottles may be a little easier to clean, they also come with more parts than standard bottles, so it all evens out anyway. Additionally, I found the big Dr. Brown’s bottles (8-9 oz size) to be very cumbersome, especially when storing them in the fridge or in a diaper bag.Every baby is different and you’ve got to pick the system that works best for the both of you. For our particular situation, Dr. Brown’s was not the answer.

Billie Grandy, NC


We made the switch from Playtex to Dr. Brown when our son was having issues with spit up and gas. The first thing I noticed about these bottles is there was less dribbling during feedings. I have not found cleaning to be a problem. You do need to use the white disc in the bottles when traveling to keep the bottles from leaking (even if you keep them upright, they still somehow leak), but one solution I use is to pre-measure the powder in the bottle and ad water when ready (instead of carrying bottles of water and adding the powder). It’s lighter in the diaper bag, less mess, easier to mix as you don’t have to completely remove the components (just move them aside to pour the water in) and I don’t have to fool with popping the white disc out by touching the nipple. I did not give the 4 oz bottles 5 stars as the stem barely reaches the top of the formula when filled to 4 oz. Even though I like the size, we found it better to make a 4 oz bottle in the 8 oz size so we don’t have to worry about the blue tip being covered with formula.

Tabatha Dallas City, IL

Made my baby spit up at every feeding!

I bought these bottles with the hopes that they’d reduce my baby’s gas and fussiness. I thought these were the answer based on all the great reviews they got on this site. However, the stage 1 nipple was way too fast for my baby, and it caused her to spit up nearly everything I had just fed her at every single feeding! I kept thinking she just needed to get used to the nipple flow, so I stuck with it. But she just got fussier and fussier because she was spitting up everything at each feeding. I went back to the Vent Aire bottle I started out with. The stage 1 nipple on the Vent Aire is slow, but my baby keeps all her formula down now.

Kelli Dwight, NE

The best bottle on the market…

I was given a Dr. Brown’s bottle as a shower gift and am so glad that I got it! (It was different than the ones available online – an 8 oz. wide-mouth bottle)When I stopped breastfeeding I started using 4 oz. Avent bottles for several reasons. First, because I ended up with 8 of them after purchasing other Avent products and second, because the lactation consultant that taught my breastfeeding class recommended them stating they were more like the breast.When I started looking at purchasing larger 8 oz. bottles I remembered that I had received a Dr. Brown’s bottle and decided to try it to see if my daughter would take it. The wide-mouth nipples look very similar to the Avent ones. My daughter “smacks” a lot when she eats and subsequently takes in a lot of air. She spit up often and would sometimes spit up what looked like half her bottle when she had trouble burping. She took the Dr. Brown’s bottle instantly and so I decided to buy a few more and switch for a week or two to see if there was any benefit. I’m so glad that I did!Once I got past the fact that the bottle looked as big as my daughter’s head (the 8 oz. wide-mouth bottles are very large!), I realized that she was burping much more easily and hardly spitting up at all.I truly believe the benefits of using this bottle outweigh the extra parts you have to clean. After doing some research I discovered that one of the main reasons bottle-fed babies get more ear infections is because of the “vacuum effect” traditional bottles have. As the baby sucks on a traditional bottle they have to gradually suck harder and harder as pressure builds in the bottle. This also creates pressure in their ears which can disturb the fluid balance and cause inner ear problems. The baby also has to frequently break the latch (and the nipple collapses at a certain point of pressure which causes them to unlatch) so that the pressure can equalize in the bottle. This causes them to take in more air. Now, when my daughter is really hungry, she can take practically the whole bottle without ever having to break her latch!I really like the nipples as well. They are much thinner than the Avent ones and mold better to my baby’s mouth. I suppose this is because the Avent ones have to be thicker and stronger to resist collapsing under pressure?Others have stated that leaking is a problem. They WILL leak only if:1) you heat them without loosening the top (collar/nipple)2) you travel with them without putting the disk in the top designed to keep them from leakingDon’t do these things and you shouldn’t have any problems.I definitely recommed you at least try these. I will definitely be purchasing these as shower gifts for new moms! I do recommend the wide-mouth bottles, though.

Kimberley Husser, LA

If you hate washing dishes, this ain’t for ya!

I’m all about new and up dating, even though it’s on 1 child, I like to research and know that it’s the best or at least the close to it. I tried the avent first, it’s ok, but I’m not fond of the plain look. I tried gerber, playtex and so on. Then I bought some Dr. Brown. It was ok for awhile then things starting getting messy. If you hate washing dishes, this ain’t for ya! Now this bottle is very difficult. It has so much things you have to assemble. If you put just a tad more milk the lid will leak and it’s not easy trying to wash that skinny tube. (sigh) And the nipple is soft and all but my baby needs to something that he can get a grip. If you are looking for the best bottle or nipple, I recommend NAM. They came out with a new bottle and nipple. It has fun colors, very attractive, you can tell that the bottle is working from the air you hear coming out of the bottom suction and the awesome nipple that babies can actually get a grip on. If I had ten hands I’d give it (10) thumbs up!

Annie Cross Anchor, SC

Good, but too many parts.

These work well for preventing spit up and air in baby’s tummy. But there are too many parts to clean and put together just for a bottle. If you don’t mind that, then these are a good choice.

Socorro Williamsburg, IN

Buy one first to see if you like it.

This bottle worked just fine for us, but there are so many parts it’s a nuisance to clean. I think the Playtex ventairs actually reduce burping better.

Gina Bruin, PA

Great bottles for preemies!

My son was born 5 weeks early, and weighed in at a whopping 4 lbs, 6 oz. Because his digestive system was still immature, he was extremely difficult to burp, which caused MAJOR gas issues. After going through 2 bottles of Mylicon in the first 2 weeks after he was born, I decided to give these bottles a try. Wow! I saw a difference after the first feeding. I went to burp my son, expecting to spend my usual 15-20 minutes trying to get him to burp, and imagine my surprise after two minutes this HUGE burp came out of this tiny baby! And an hour later, he was happy as a clam, where in the past, he would have his legs pulled up to his chest, in pain from gas.I don’t understand what the problem is that people have with cleaning the bottles. So they come with two extra parts…big deal. I hand-wash my bottles, and sterilize them in the dishwasher about once a week, and after the first few washes, the extra parts were a non-issue. I also can’t figure out how people can’t seem to get the beige vent or the tube clean. Unless you let your bottles sit for days until the forumla gets caked on, a simple soaking in hot water and dish detergent before using the special brush should be all that is needed to keep the vent and the tube clean. If that doesn’t work, then you can always boil the pieces for about a minute to sterilize them, without the pieces becoming distorted. I also shake the vents and tubes out after washing to dislodge any water that might be remaining inside the holes. Also, if necessary, I have seen in the Babies R Us store that they sell a 2-pack of vents, as well as a 2-pack of tubes in case the need for new ones arises.My only complaint is that the bottles do leak if they fall on their side for a period of time, so that can be a little tricky when traveling in the diaper bag. I solved that problem by pre-measuring water and putting it into one of my Medela breast pump bottles (which come with lids). Then, while I’m out, I just add formula to the breast pump bottle and shake, then I pour the formula into the empty Dr. Brown’s bottle. Problem solved!I would definitely recommend these bottles to anyone who has a newborn that has serious burping and gas issues!

Suzette Prewitt, NM

The Best Bottles Ever!

I bought these bottles as well as the Avent bottles and I have to say these are much better than the Avent bottles. My daughter got too many bubbles in her bottle with the Avent bottles. The Dr. Browns eliminate all bubbles. She has no problems with gas when we use these bottles so I have stopped using the Avent bottles all together.

Trudy Mechanic Falls, ME

Buy these bottles!

I bought a starter pack of these bottles due to the fact my daughter spit up alot of other bottles we tried. We now use these, and she can actually sleep after taking her bottle. I know they take longer to clean, but it is worth it if you have a happier baby!

Freda Yorktown, AR

Love the Dr. Brown’s!

Loved these bottles…never had problems with gas or bubbles. It is more effort to clean, due to the extra parts, but it’s worth it. I highly recommend these!

Kellie Mentor, MN

Wonderful Bottles

I actually registered for and received the Avent Bottles. However, I noticed that my daughter was having trouble with the nipples and a ton of gas. My mother-in-law suggested the Dr. Brown’s bottles. I bought one to see how it would work. What a difference. The gassiness that my daughter was experiencing has decreased alot. I use both the 4 oz and the 8 oz bottles for her. I bought extra inserts and nipples too. I also bought the travel caps. I love these bottles and am so happy that I purchased them. I would suggest them to anyone. By the way, I use the Avent bottle warmer and the 4 oz and 8 oz bottles fit perfectly. They also fit in the sterilizer (laying down).

Aisha Norris City, IL

Great bottles

My infant has had colic problems since day 1 it seems. For a few weeks we tried everything we could to try to make things better for him. He would cry and scream while wiggling trying to get rid of the gas bubbles. I bought these because of the reviews and am very glad I did. The day we started using these, he was like a different baby. I mean, yeah, it is annoying to wash soooooo many pieces and its very time consuming, however, it is very worth it! Recommend these to everyone!

Monika Hannacroix, NY

best bottles around- forget the rest!

When my son was born, we tried sampling bottles from several different manufacturers, including Evenflo, Triflow, Avent, VentAir, etc. Dr Brown’s bottles really are the best in preventing gas, bottle leakage, and flow problems. We ended up throwing all other bottles away. I had read other reviews about the small parts being difficult to wash, but I don’t really have a problem with that. We don’t have a dishwasher and I end up hand washing everything. Each set of bottles comes with a tiny brush for getting into the small spaces for the inner parts to the bottles; and a regular bottle brush works fine with the bottles themselves. I can wash and fill 9 bottles in under 20 minutes (perfect timing when putting my son down for a nap). My only suggestion is to bypass getting 4 oz bottles and go right for the 8 oz bottles. We started off with the 4 oz bottles and now, at 3 months old, our son is already up to 6 oz at a feeding. So, we had to pack away the 4oz bottles and go out and buy a bunch of the larger size.

Connie Kasigluk, AK

Dr. Brown’s Was the Runner-Up in Bottle Choice

As a new Mommy, I bought a sample of all the different recommended bottles out there to see which one my newborn would like best. Dr. Brown’s is obviously a highly recommended bottle, particularly for those who have colicky babies or those who spit up/have gas frequently.Dr. Brown’s came in as the #2 choice for my newborn. The #1 winner was actually the Playtex Ventaire Standard bottle. The reason I mention this is because the concept of reducing the amount of air taken in by the baby and the nipple size are very similar in both bottles. So, I’d recommend trying both brands to see which one your baby likes best.The Dr. Brown’s bottle nipple seemed to have a faster flow than the Ventaire, even thought he nipples look almost identical! My baby needed a slower flow so she’d dribble with the Dr. Brown’s nipple. I also tracked how much my baby spit up or had gas after feedings using all the different bottles and she had more of both with the Dr. Brown’s bottle–I think because the nipple flow is too fast for her.The other thing to note about the Dr. Brown’s bottle is there are a couple of parts that go into the bottle that help reduce the air bubbles that need to be thoroughly cleaned with the little pipe cleaner thing that comes with the bottle and that’s a little bit of a hassle. And as other people noted, my bottles leaked sometimes, as well. But again, every baby is different and like what they like! I’d just recommend trying both Dr. Brown’s and Playtex Ventaire since they are both so similar in function, size, etc.

Magdalena Fort Ashby, WV

Efficient Purchase for new moms

I bought these on a recommendation from a Nurse in a child birthing class my husband and I went to. I am so happy we have them! It does exactly what it says… at least in my experience it does. My daughter burps easily, and sometimes not at all (without any negative effects)… her spit up is minimized by the bottles and she does have colic. So, anything that reduces the bubbles in her digestive tract are good in my book.I would recommend these to anyone looking to buy bottles for their newborn. My daughter was small for her age, and at 6 weeks old we are still getting use out of them at 4oz. 🙂

Eliza Wood, PA

These bottles are great!!

Dr. Brown’s bottles are great! I recently purchased these bottles because my daughter suffers from reflux and needed rice added to her formula to thicken her feedings. At that time I was using Avent bottles and they did not have a nipple to accommodate the thickened formula. So, I purchased Dr. Brown’s bottles and used the “y” cut nipples for the thickened formula. They worked great.The only downside to these bottles is that when warmed, the milk sometimes rises into the tube inside the bottle which causes the milk to leak out into the warmer. Needless to say, I have had to clean my bottle warmer several times. Now, I warm them up without a top on it and everything is fine.

Bettie Martel, OH

great bottles

These bottles are great. I’ve been using them for a month and my daughter is a pro. She was born 5 weeks early and has had no difficulty with the flow of the regular sized nipples and she doesn’t get confused since she is mainly breast fed. The reason for the 4 stars and not 5 is only because the bottles are somewhat annoying to clean by hand. There are many parts to this system. I do put them in the dishwasher, which makes things much easier, but you need a good supply of bottles then.

Shelly Bay Minette, AL

I have recommended the bottles to several friends

I have recommended the bottles to several friends, however they are kind of a pain to clean since there are so many parts. I do like that they’re easy to hold for both mom and baby, and I like the fact that they are supposed to reduce gas in babies. We use these bottles almost because my son is an infant and he always has gas. Honestly, though even though its a bit time consuming to clear all the parts I have seen a noticeable difference in these bottles compared to others I have tried, however. like other bottles these also get watermarks and formula smudge on them easily- you can tell when the bottle goes from clear to very blurry looking so you have to clan with soap and water with almost every use. Secondly, you only get one small pipe cleaner brush for the smaller holes in the vented plastic parts inside. So far, I have no had any formula get stuck inside but I still have to clean it, just in case. They are also not as sturdy as some of the other plastic bottles for some reason, the plastic is a little more flimsy and the formula takes a little longer to heat up. The only reason I continue to put up with this is because ever since using these although my sons gas has not completely dissipated, he burps on his own more. I doubt these help with colic but they are a good preventative measure.

Brianna Deaver, WY

best bottles

i am the mother of twins. I registed for the playtex ventaire bottles thinking they were the best bottles. I was very disapointed with them, my daughter would spill all the formula out of the sides of the bottles it was so difficult to feed her. Then a friend of mine suggested these bottles, they were a god send , I really believe they also helped her get rid of gas problems.. the only problem i have is they are hard to clean, but worth it….

Hattie Tigerton, WI

These are okay…

I bought these bottles based on the other reviews for one of my twins. She spit up a lot after feedings with the Avent bottles (my other daughter had no problem with the Avent bottles) and since they were going to be on 2 different formulas, it seemed a good idea to get a brand new bottle type. Although I believe she spit up much less with the Dr. Brown system, she ate so slowly that she would only finish half of her bottle and then would fall asleep (she had been drinking 5 oz. and could only finish between 2-3 oz. with the Dr. Brown system). She would then wake up hungry in 2 hours when she previously was eating every 3 1/2-4 hours! I have since stopped using the system and now just use different nipples on the tops of these bottles. It was sort of a waste of money for me but it might be that my daughter is a fussy eater. She did spit up less so that was a good thing but not worth the small and slow feedings. I’m hoping I will be able to use the system for her later on.

Cynthia Aguirre, PR

Life Saver!!

I truly believe in Dr. Brown Bottles! Our baby girl is five weeks old and these bottles helped with her colic and fussiness during and after eating. We used the Avent bottles and they were a nightmare! She would cry during and after eating, because she would get so much gas. We are lucky to have found Dr. Browns Bottles. These bottles are a must for babies with colic.

Kerri Louise, TX

Miricale Bottles!!

I admit, I was extremly skeptical… my mother actually bought these for me b/c my preemie son was in pain all of the time from gas and the only thing that slightly helped was the Playtex Nursers, and he was still in pain a lot of times. We tried everything to help him. Then she brought me these.. and he has not had a problem since… My son is a happy baby again!!!! I am so happy with these. I read on here that cleaning them is a pain.. but that is just not so. I hand clean bottles anyways and it is so simple to clean these bottles, I can’t believe that ppl are so lazy as to complain about a couple extra seconds to run a brush in 3 holes. Gimmie a break. I also clean a bunch of parts for my pump, so I just do it all at once. OH!!! And these bottles fit on my Medela pump, so I can just pump right in the bottle!!!! And we havent had any leaks, btw… these things are GREAT. Oh, and they also make a widemouth version that you can get at Babies R Us… just in case you prefer them…. I wish I had gotten these earlier.. my son is 7 weeks (he was born at 32 weeks, btw) and he is a different baby with these bottles.

Lacy Columbiaville, NY

perfect for my baby.

My baby who is just 3 weeks old was swallowing a lot of wind from his old bottles. I have found them on amazon with great prize. They really help with getting rid of extra air. My baby is having less air n he is not chocking at all because of perfect natural flow for newborn.. I am very happy with this item.

Michaela Hesperus, CO

The only bottle to use!

Originally I was thinking of buying the Playtex nurser system, but did’t want to spend more money on those little plastic inserts. My baby has bad gas, and I knew these bottles would help. They have proven to be the best there is. There are a few parts to each bottle but it is easy to put together in no time. And I’d rather clean a few parts then spend more money on those plastic inserts. It practically stopped his spit-up, he’s never had colic, and by using these bottles and giving him gas drops, he’s got no gas, and is a happy baby! I also like how these bottles easily connect to my breast pump—they say it’s best to pump into the bottle you’re going to feed your baby with, I don’t know why. I bought the 4 oz bottles for when he was a newborn, and now we use the 8oz bottles too. I’m trying to spread the word about how great these things are. And they aren’t expensive!

Alice Collinston, LA

Excellent bottles…no problems with them.

It might take you awhile to figure out how to take apart and put together the bottle but it works great! My son hardly spits up from it (only from over eating). I have no problem with it leaking as long as the top is twisted on correctly. I highly recommend them.

Jeanine Watson, MN