BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat – Purple

BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat – Purple

The award-winning BubbleBum is the world’s first inflatable, foldable and portable car booster seat. It’s perfect for everyday, carpools, playdates, taxis and vacations. It’s narrow design (13″ across) makes getting three car seats across the backseat easy. BubbleBum meets and exceeds all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS213) and is designed for children ages 4 to 11, weighing from 40 to 100 pounds. It’s the winner of the 2011 JPMA Innovation Award, the 2011 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and ranked a 2011 & 2012 “Best Bet” Booster Seat by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It weighs just over a pound and comes with a convenient carrying bag and shoulder belt positioning clip. It inflates in seconds with a couple of puffs of air and deflates/packs down just as quickly. When deflated,it’s small enough to fit in a child’s backpack or mom’s purse. BubbleBum’s cool and funky design appeals to kids, parents love the convenience and ease of use.

Main features

  • For children ages 4 – 11, 40 to 100 lbs
  • Inflatable, Foldable and Portable – great for travel, car rentals, taxis, tight “3 across” fits, carpools and caregivers
  • Easily fit three car seats across the back seat with BubbleBum because it’s 13″ wide.
  • Rated a “Best Bet” Booster by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Winner of many awards including The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • When deflated, it easily fits in a handbag or backpack

Verified reviews


Fits in the ultra-narrow semi-bucket back seat of my M3 convertible

This seat is great because it fits, not because it is particularly comfortable or safe – although it seems to be highly rated by safety testers. Comfort is not a huge priority for me since this is only used once or twice a week for a ten minute ride here or there. My daughter is not spending much time on this. My BMW M3 Convertible has very narrow rear seats and they are deep buckets, so very few other seats fit. The Recaro are an exception, but they dont make a backless and the one with a back doesn’t fit in my trunk.This works great for my needs. I would not purchase this if I had a flat bench back seat. There are other – much less expensive – options, and my daughter says this is not particularly comfortable. She says it is “bouncy”Dont be discouraged by the fact that it is inflatable. It is very thick and the exterior has a fabric cover. They are not sitting on a balloon. The inflation just gives it some shape and rigidity. Once inflated, you would not know it was inflatable unless I told you. You would think it is a very light solid plastic.

Vicki Bridgeport, CT

Very surprised and pleased with quality

We purchased this for my 4 y/o for a trip where we were visiting many cities with different flights between and different cars at each stop. I am flying alone with her and an infant, so I couldn’t carry more than one car seat. I got the Bubble Bum on a recommendation so we could just keep it in our carry-on and use it when we got to our next vehicle. I wanted something I thought would be safer, but really didn’t have a choice.I wasn’t expecting it to be of good quality and was pleasantly surprised. This thing is heavy-duty. I really love it. It weighs a lot more than I thought it would, but it’s still lighter and less bulky than a regular booster. Even the clips are super thick and tough. It doesn’t seem so from the photo. The material that it is made from isn’t like an inflatable pool raft, it’s even heavier than the material used to make inflatable mattresses. There’s no way my kiddo could pop it. It’s easy to inflate and I can blow it up in about five breaths in just a few seconds. I’m very happy with this product and will be keeping it as a second car seat instead of selling it when I am done like we were planning on doing.

Beatrice Linden, IA

Cheaper than buying a new car!!!

I have been looking and looking for a backless booster solution that would allow me to transport and additional school-aged kid in our 5-seater sedan. I have an infant and a 6 y.o. and the space between the infant seat and backed booster was VERY narrow. This is the ONLY backless booster I have seen that fits. Other boosters will say they are narrow but then after ordering, it doesn’t fit. That’s because their dimensions are for the internal width (seating area for kid’s bottom) not the overall width — not helpful!!!This booster will also be AWESOME for travel… no more carting around that hard, plastic booster.I’ve read other reviews where people have said that kids flip out of the seat when getting out of the car, which is a valid concern, but for our set-up, having it tucked in between two carseats, it’s not an issue.This is WAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than buying a new car (not that I don’t want a new car, but reality bites)!!!Oh yeah, would be nice if there were some choices for colors other than the crazy purple with the bizarre olive/khaki contrast. At the time of this writing, black was out of stock on Amazon.BTW, I purchased mine off of Target online for $39.99 (plus shipping), vs. the Amazon price (which does not qualify for super saver shipping either).

Gwendolyn Siler, KY

Buy at your own risk.

First off I bought this because I drive a Chrysler 200 and I have three car seats across (for those wondering, I have a combi coccoro rear facing behind the driver, a radian forward facing behind the passengers seat and a graco turbo booster in the middle. ) I wanted to see if the bubble bum would give my older son a little bit more room to buckle himself, which it did BUT in the instructions it clearly states that you need to loop the seatbelt through both red hooks and my son cannot do this for the life of him, and hes almost seven. This does not make anything more convenient in any way. My son is also 49 lbs and within ten minutes the bubble bum starts to deflate. I think its great that bubble bum consistently sends more bladders, but what is the point of making a mediocre product that you have to constantly replace? Good customer service is nice, but a quality product is even better.

Angelique Saint Paris, OH

A must have for cars with limited center seats

The seat fit perfectly between two baby car seats in my new accord the others I tried didn’t fit and a phone book is unsafe so this was the best option

Concepcion Ratcliff, TX

Great, while it lasted. Great customer service

I loved this for about 6 months. I used it in the middle seat, fitting between two other car seats. It was the only booster I could find that would fit – allowing three kids in the back. It lasted about 6 months and then I heard it hissing air when my daughter sat down. small leak that could possibly be patched, but not sure that it would continue to hold her weight or be safe. I’m in FL and the weather started getting hot, so this may have caused the leak. There actually was something in the instructions saying not to leave it in extreme temperatures. Considering this warning, it’s probably my own fault. Still docking 1 star because I would like to be able to leave my car seats in my car. But I’ll probably buy again b/c I can’t find anything else that fits.UPDATE:I received a free replacement insert from the company, so the seat is functioning again. Very happy with the proactive customer service.

Carlene Bandera, TX

Space saver!

We needed to fit 3 car seats in the back of our Atlima so after many countless hours of research, I stumbled across this product. I love the fact that it is lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of room. This is perfect size for our 7 year old. The only thing is it’s a bit difficult for my son to fit the seatbelt into the red loop, but it’s not a big deal.

Katharine Arcola, PA

Best Used for Emergency

This booster seat is a great idea. Being the grandparent, I can keep it in my car for when I want to take my 4 year old grandson out at the spur of the moment. It takes up little room when deflated. I must say that once I used it, I didn’t put it back in it’s sack but instead put it in the back seat pocket of my car – quicker and easier. But I realize that when my daughter borrows it (and she will) when she needs to take a plane or use a rental car, it will be much easier to pack in its sackSo the good news is that it is light weight, easy to inflate, and easy to put in the car. Basically, you inflate it, put it on the seat, run the seatbelt through the guides and click them in. The less good news was that my grandson didn’t feel as stable in it as he did in his regular booster. He sat in it while we ran an errand, but when we got home, he said he didn’t like it. I am going to work on seeing if I inflate it a little more or a little less, he will be more comfortable in it. I love the concept. I think it will take a little getting used to. It will be great for emergencies or travel, but I don’t see my grandson requesting to sit in it.

Hollie Strathcona, MN

Great for fitting three kids in the back seat

We were able to fit an infant seat, a Britax Marathon, and this booster in the back of our Subaru Forester. It earns 4 stars for that alone. Our 6 year was able to thread the seat belt eventually, but it took a little patience.

Maria Newberry Springs, CA


Very nice seat. We use as seat for the extra boy on occasion, it’s easy to store in the vehicle when not in use we like it. It seems to stay blown up which is good. Seems to do its job well.

Charlotte Ree Heights, SD

OK, but installation it’s a nightmare

It’s portable and raises my twins enough for them to be seated fine using the seat belt but the installation itself it’s a nightmare and it takes forever, especially if you’re using them while traveling taking cabs.

Millicent Magnolia, TX

Just what I needed!

Perfect for my 5yr old son so that I can have my oldest with no seat my daughter in a convertible seat and now this seat. My son loves it he says it’s so comfortable and he has no problem strapping himself. We have used it to send when he goes on play dates great seat!

Blanche Hochheim, TX

Fantastic booster seat

I love this booster seat. It worked perfect for travel because it was easy to roll up and put in our suitcase and then inflate when we arrived at our destination. Even better than being inflatable is how narrow this seat is. It allows us to seat 3 children in the back row of our minivan (other boosters are too wide to fit in the middle) or to fit 3 across in a sedan.When not traveling, we just leave this in the trunk of our car in case we have an extra kid in our car. I highly recommend this booster.

Ruthie Winston Salem, NC

great car seat!

This is a great car seat for tight spaces. We have 3 small children ages 5 months, 3 years and 6 years of age. I drive a Toyota Highlander so we couldn’t fit a full booster or even store bought booster base in between the 2 car seats for the youngest kids. This little, inflatable booster is a God send and saved me 38, 000 in a larger car purchase. I am sooo happy I found this seat. It slides in perfectly between the full size convertible car seat and infant seats. LOVE IT and highly recommend. And it is an award winning item that is safety rated!

Debbie Frontier, WY

So much easier to lug around

Yes, kids have trouble buckling themselves in and out of these, and yes, they slowly lose air, but I’m not sure how you can beat these boosters as far as traveling goes. Plus, the seat belt positioning on these seemed better than the one on our regular boosters. So your kids aren’t super comfortable for a few days. So what? They’re young. They’ll get over it.

Eva Parsippany, NJ

It’s Okay

This booster is okay for short trips, but my rather wide bottomed 4 year old boy could not stay comfortable after 15 minutes. There just isn’t enough support.

Geri Tecate, CA

Fits in the back seat of a Porsche Carerra 4S

Bought this for the back seat of our Porsche Carerra 4S because it was the only booser I could find that would fit. It fits great, it’s easy to travel with, and it’s easy to switch to a different car. Bought a second one right away for my son for next year.

Alyce Rockhill Furnace, PA

All it promises

This is an occasional booster for a 7yo and travel booster for my 4yo. It’s everything it promises to be and helps me get a carseat and a full size booster in the back of my Forester as well.

Effie Groton, MA

Brilliant option for 3 seats across

Purchased this nifty booster seat to use between two big boy Britax Frontier Car seats. My backseat is not wide enough to accommodate a standard high back or back less booster seat between too car seats. I have been looking for a skinny booster to increase my kiddo car seat arrangement for play dates and came across this model. It is being used my my 5 year old or one of his friends when I bring other kids home for play dates. It works a treat. It positions my son correctly for the seat belt to sit where it should and with the side clip you know that lap belt part is in the right place. Too high and their internal organs can get damaged if the belt tightens and they are thrown forward 🙁 On occasion another child will use this seat and my son sits in front with me in a high backed booster. I feel the other child using the booster is nice & safe. I have had no issues with my kiddos sliding off the sides of this seat when going around corners but then it is wedged between to car seats so there really is no where for them to go. I would agree that the seat is a bit short and could be uncomfortable on long journeys if it cuts into the back of the childs legs. This is the reason I have given it 4 stars over 5. Perhaps the company might read the reviews and feedback for this booster and make some adjustment to increase it’s length. For me it suits it’s purpose wonderful and very pleased to have found it.

Tanisha Eastham, MA

amazing !!

Why didnt I think of this product!! With families with muliptle children in safety seats the bubblebum is a lifesaver for those tight backseat issues, Before finding this my husband and I were worried about how we would fit our newborn in with our two boys age 6 and 2 into our 2013 nissan altima and 08 audi. We thought we would have to swap in our lease for a bigger car which we realllly didnt want to do. I was hesitant just becuase an inflatable booster seat didnt sound safe but after reading so many reviews and making sure that this product is an approved booster seat I decided to try it out and Im so glad I did. Our son loves this seat!! he says its very comfortable. a great find!

Flora Arcadia, CA

small small print

great for when your low on space and/or need a spare seat. Nice for travel. That said, my 7 year old prefers the comfort of his combi booster for everyday use.

Kristen Saint Regis Falls, NY

Use it everyday for 3 across

We own a Prius and have three kids. We have to have three car seats and having a regular booster was NOT an option. This is great for my 6yo, and once the 3yo is big enough, she’ll get one too. It allows us to have the infant and child seats with access to the seatbelts still.My daughter does not find it wobbley, and she enjoys the bright color. She can easily buckle herself in, hooking the belt through the red side buckles isn’t hard at all. We’ve loved this since we got it months ago!

Rosanne Machias, ME

Perfect for Travel

***Complimentary product received in exchange for an honest review***The BubbleBum is a really great idea for parents on the go. My van has built in booster seats, but I still needed an extra seat for those times when my husband needs to take the kids in his car or if they go to stay with grandma. Its also perfect for trips on a plane or when you plan to rent a car. The BubbleBum is great for every day use but its especially convenient for this type of situation. Its super simple to use. You just pull the seat from the bag, blow it up, hook it in, and its ready to go. What makes it so convenient, is that its just as easy to put it back away. For my family, this was an important benefit. My husband is in a band and his car is overflowing with people and equipment when its his turn to drive to gigs. Having a bulky car seat in the back seat took up way to much space. But with the BubbleBum, when its not in use, you just deflate it, roll it back into the bag, and it takes up no space at all. Yet, it still offers the security we demand for our children when we’re driving. Its also comfortable for the kids and my daughter loves the dark purple color I will definitely be getting a second BubbleBum as soon as my baby is ready to move into a car seat. They are one of the best choices for safety, style and convenience. As an added bonus, its also affordable.

Roberta Taylor, AR


Love this seat! Super easy to use and it fits perfectly between my two infant seats in the middle of the car. I have 6 kids in my for explorer Monday threw Friday for school runs, we needed something that fit but wasn’t pushing the other seats and we could buckle it. The kids also like it. They said it’s very comfy.

Pat Appleton, MN

great product!

highly recommend this, super compact, narrow, and easy to inflate and use. will buy another when my younger one is ready. easily fits between two large carseats in backseat of small suv

Sherrie Chest Springs, PA

great portable booster

We bought this booster for a trip to grandmother’s during the summer. It works surprisingly well. My son thinks it’s cool that he has an inflatable seat. No complaints whatsoever.

Sharlene Rock, MI