Bugaboo Bee- All Black

Bugaboo Bee- All Black

bugaboo bee Compact yet complete for parents who live life on the fly. Bugaboo answers the call of the modern, mobile parent with the compact, easy and nimble Bugaboo Bee that grows with your child from newborn to toddler. Easy folding mechanism -Makes the Bee super portable, so you can take it anywhere you go Car seat adaptable -Lets you ease a sleeping baby from the car into the stroller Reversible seat -Allows the Bee to grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood Adjustable seat backrest -Makes the seat very comfortable for kids of varying heights Telescoping handlebar -Makes the stroller comfortable for any parent or caregiver to push Foot brake -Keeps the Bee securely in place when you need to stop 5-point safety harness -Provides the ultimate in safety for your child Includes stroller chassis, seat unit, sun canopy, storage basket, and rain cover -Makes your Bee stroller usable right out of the box Specs: -Dimensions: 36″L x 21″W x 39″H -Weight Capacity: 37.5 lb. -Care Instructions: Machine washable -Weight: 18.5 lb. -Folded (Trunk Size) Dimensions: 35″L x 18″W x 12″H -Seat Recline: Yes -Infant Car Seat Adapter Available: Yes -Adjustable Handlebar: Yes -Seat Orientation: Reversible .

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Not the best

We bought this stroller as a second stroller and I have very mixed feelings about it.First off I feel like the stroller is essentially an over-priced umbrella stroller. I definitely would never have this as my only stroller. Before our little guy was born we bought a bugaboo cameleon 3 but quickly sold it for several reasons which I won’t get into here. We then bought an uppababy vista (our other stroller) which we love! However, the Uppbabay is a big stroller and I wanted something lighter and more compact for travel and times where I didn’t need such a big stroller.My first thought was that the bee felt very flimsy. It is in no way a sturdy stroller but I guess that’s what makes it so lightweight. When you recline the seat I almost feel like the stroller is going to break! It is very compact and I fit it vertically in my Lexus IS250 only taking up half the truck (the Uppbabay vista pretty much takes up my entire truck and has to go horizontally)I was hesitant about getting the black frame, but felt it was much better looking than the silver so decided to go for it. I thought that I had scratched it a few times, but actually I wiped it off, so the black is more durable than you might think. I definitely would always be careful with the stroller for several reasons though including the fact that I feel like it is a bit fragile.I don’t like that the seat is so small. Even with the headrest and food rest fully extended my 8 month old still seems like he won’t have room to grow in the stroller, so I don’t think it will last as long as we might like it to.This stroller is SO low to the ground! I really wish it was a bit higher.Reversing the seat is a bit more work than most strollers, for example the uppababy is just push and lift up and it basically clicks in itself. This is NOT the case for the bee. You have to make sure the seat is in the right position as its not a click system but a locking latch. It’s also annoying that the child has to be out of the stroller to reverse the seat for these reasons. We often flip our little guy depending on the sun in the uppababy which is something you really can’t do with the bee.The sunshade- horrible! It offers barely any coverge! It barely covers my little guys face let alone his body from the sun. In the uppababy his feet are rarely even in the sun with the canopy. We had to purchase the glacier canopy for this reason.I feel like the stroller could be sturdier and I really was expecting it to be, since we have the cameleon 3 before and that frame was sturdy I was expecting the bee to be the same.Once we bought the glacier canopy, snack tray, seat liner, compartment bag, and cup holder to make this a useful stroller we paid over $1000 for this stroller! Definitely wouldn’t purchase it again or recommend it. The money has been spent so we will make the best of it.I am surprised that the stroller got such great reviews (why we purchased it). We have used it in our hilly neighborhood, for travel, and errands. However the Uppababy is essentially better suited for all outdoor activities. I would never bring the bee on a long walk outside. Essentially it’s an indoor /travel stroller. (Again think overpriced umbrella stroller) Also because the under basket is not that great I only use it for mall trips or if I am only getting a few things. I wish they would make the basket wider and more accessible.I was hesitant even giving it 3 starts but it does look very nice but there’s is a lot to be desired with this stroller, I can’t understand how anyone could use this as their only stroller…

Rosemarie Ridge Farm, IL

Best stroller!

This stroller is the best! We bought it after buying, and using, our City GT for a few months. Here are the reasons why we love it (in no particular order):1) My son (4 months) falls asleep in it every time! When he is awake, he looks very relaxed and at peace in it. it’s a different vibe than the City GT (of course we used the bassinet when he was born).2) The Chicco carseat adaptor works perfectly! The carseat snaps in and goes just like we were throwing the carseat in the car base.3) You can hang diaper bags and grocery bags from the handles! A feature you could not in the City GT.4) Handles great over uneven sidewalks and up hills in San Francisco. I often walk 3+ miles with the Bee. I didn’t think I was going to be comfortable walking that far without a bigger stroller, but the Bee is lightweight and easier to maneuver than the City GT.5) The Bee is lightweight! I frequently carry my son in the stroller up and down or stairs (our HOA has a no stroller parking policy in the lobby).6) I feel comfortable maneuvering my son through crowds in the stroller. The stroller doesn’t hog the sidewalk, but protects him.7) The Bee is very compact when folded. My only complaint is folding it and unfolding it. It takes a little getting use to. The selling feature for the City GT was the one handed closure. However, you’re really not unfolding and collapsing your stroller as much as you walk with it.8) The recline on the seat is almost 180 degrees! We’ve changed diapers while my son was in the stroller. I was able to avoid public changing stations (ewww)!I should have listened to my friends in NYC and London that recommended the Bee to me. I didn’t want to my stroller to be a status item (like a LV handbag). However, now that I’ve used the Bee, I would buy it again and I would pay twice the price too!Update 2/13: A month after purchasing my Bee Plus, the wheels started to shimmy. It’s a common problem. It may not sound like much, but it’s like driving your car with the parking break on. I filled out a request for the wave washers on Bugaboo’s website, but my request was lost. I called Bugaboo, 1-310-372-2976, and they’re sending replacement washers (replacements take 7-10 business days). I will update the review after I install the washers and use the stroller. My stroller hasn’t worked for the past three weeks, but I still prefer my Bee over my City GT.Update 2/13: I received our wavy washers today. They work! Hooray! I’m back in business and feel free! We have the limited edition neon model. I talked to a friend that has the regular Bugaboo Bee Plus; she has not has not had the shimmy problem. Coincidence? I don’t know. However, I’m not sure if I would buy the limited edition or black again because every scratch shows on the frame. If the frame was silver, maybe the scratches would not show. That’s why I removed a star.

Carissa Enloe, TX

Best Very Lightweight Stroller Out There

I think that I have a stroller problem because I keep on buying, testing out and then returning strollers. I keep on thinking that a better lightweight stroller might exist out there than the Bugaboo Bee, but I have yet to find it, and I’ve tried out a lot of lightweight, compact travel friendly strollers.Before my daughter was born, I had the time to do a lot of research and test drive strollers. Money was no object before the baby and 2 full incomes (ha!), so I settled on the Bugaboo Chameleon as my urban, city neighborhood stroller and the Bugaboo Bee as my air and road travel, car friendly stroller. They say that your first instinct is usually the right one, and despite my best efforts to try to prove my initial purchase wrong, I still stand by these 2 strollers as the best and only strollers that I need. If for any reason I could only have 1 stroller though, it would be the Bee. The Bee is Bugaboo’s version of the umbrella stroller. It is lightweight and easily collapsible, and unlike an umbrella stroller, it can be used from birth onwards, the seat can reverse to be facing you or facing outward, the handles are adjustable and one-handed pushable, the basket is really large and easily accessible, and it takes infant car seat adaptors and you can completely remove the seat when using the infant car seat so that you have even less bulk and weight. I tried and simply could not find an umbrella stroller in the weight class of the Bee with all of these pros. I have bought and returned Cybex, McLaren, and UPPAbaby strollers. Simply nothing matches the Bee.What are the cons? Well, for travel and during the summer, if you want a really great, full body sunshade, you’ve got to purchase the sunshade separately and attach it. Once you have it though, believe me, there aren’t any other sunshades out there that match. You can even cover up your baby’s feet completely with the extendable sunshade (the parasol, by the way, is a piece of crap – save your money and get the sunshade). Also, let’s face it – it’s pricey for an umbrella stroller. You’re not going to just want to gate check it with a flimsy cover or garbage bag. So, you’re going to want to get a nice possibly padded cover. It’s worth it though! I love, love traveling with this stroller. Thirdly, while it handles better than any other umbrella stroller out there, it’s not going to handle like a full-service stroller. The wheels are not foam or air and the frame is meant to be lightweight. It’s going to feel more like a rickety frame stroller because that’s basically what it is. If you’re looking for something to push through trails and grass and over crappy city sidewalks for miles and miles, it’s simply not built for that and won’t be the most enjoyable ride for either you or baby. That’s why I have the Chameleon (but the Chameleon is a pain to break down and use in the car or for air travel, so I wouldn’t own it if I didn’t live in a very walkable urban environment). I use my Bee daily and simply cannot imagine life without it.

Lora Norwalk, OH

Light and compact.

Light and compact, perfect for who lives in apartment and travel a lot.My wife loves it.Easy to clean

Consuelo Stanton, AL

the best stroller

This is by far the most comfortable stroller ever! I had the bugaboo cameleon and it was a mess to fold and unfold, it doesnt get more practical than with this. the only stroller youll need

Brandie Gaffney, SC