Bugaboo Bee Base Stroller, Black

Bugaboo Bee Base Stroller, Black

The Bugaboo bee is a compact, nimble, one piece foldable design that grows with your child from infant to toddler. For a complete stroller choose a base + a sun canopy.

Main features

  • Chassis with wheels, seat unit, and underseat basket
  • Chassis: Aluminum + plastic ; Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Chassis and wheels wipe with damp cloth; Fabric machine washable/air dry
  • Use the baby cocoon for your infant or car seat adapters
  • 0 4 years

Verified reviews


Best stroller for urban dwellers!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I exhaustively researched several strollers ranging between $200-$700. I was willing to invest in a top notch stroller since it would be my primary means of transporting my baby since I lived in the city. I narrowed my choices down to the Britax B Agile, Bugaboo Bee and the Uppababy Vista Cruz. To test them out, I went to my local Buy Buy Baby and the sales people there were really pushing the Bugaboo Bee which immediately raised my suspicions as I thought there was some sort of catch. However, after pushing it around and comparing how much lighter and maneuverable it felt against the other brands, I was sold. I added the Bugaboo Bee to my Amazon.com baby registry and fortunately received it as gift. My daughter is now 6 months old and I can say without a doubt that this stroller is worth every penny. It’s so compact and light that I’m able to push with ease over even the bumpiest sidewalk, manuever through pedestrians and even fit through the narrow, crowded aisles of NYC grocery stores. I’m not the strongest person (5′ 3″ 120 lbs) but because of its light weight, I can fold, lift and stuff the frame without any problem into the back of taxis. The underneath basket is pretty generous and sturdy. I’ve carried 20 lbs bags of dog food in it with no problems.For the first 4 months, I did use the stroller frame with my Maxi Cosi Mico car seat like a travel system and I have to point out that it took a little while to get the hang of snapping the car seat into Bugaboo-Maxi Cosi adapters. You have to pull on the sides where the car seat fits into the adapters in order to make sure that the buttons pop out and it really snaps in. At first I thought the adapters or the car seat was defective because it wasn’t locking in place but when I took it to the store, the manager explained that all of the Maxi Cosi adapters for the Bugaboo Bee were like that.Outside of that one annoyance, I can say without a doubt that this stroller is definitely a must for any city parent.

Janell Carter, OK

A great cross purpose stroller

We wanted to avoid having to buy both a lightweight, travel friendly stroller and a more cushy cruising stroller. This Bugaboo is a great combination of both. It has small wheels that have great pivot in tight places, yet are sturdy enough to handle curbs and cracks in sidewalks on longer walks, and responds really well to one-hand maneuvering.I like the curved bar design of the handle because it reminds me of the design of a bigger stroller like an Uppababy. It seems more comfortable on long walks than a two handle style because you can put your hands where you feel most comfortable. It also has for me the huge appeal of a brightly colored sunshade that can be changed, how cool is that. I think gold is the perfect unisex color, though I would easily consider getting another. Plus the black seat looks so clean and contemporary, and both the back and seat are padded and adjustable and seems wider and more comfortable than many stroller seats.The collapse feature is much easier to use than on Maclaren for example, and it folds quite flat and is relatively light. We are always going out for lunch on the weekends and this stroller does a good job of folding away quickly without too much stress and does a good job tucking away in a coat closet or under a bench.The attached wrist strap is pretty nice safety feature too, and not a feature Ive seen come with a stroller before; that is usually an add-on or overlooked all together, but Im happy this is provided. I also looked at the accessories that come with this stroller and they look pretty nice and have good reviews. I think the cup holder looks like a great accessory that would make this feel more like a cruiser stroller.My one complaint that prevents this from a 5 star review is that the basket seems pretty inaccessible. I really like to be able to run errands and use the stroller to carry heavier items. While the basket is pretty big in size. I find it sits too close to the bottom of the seat and you cant really fit stuff in there too easily. I would have rather had the seat sit a little higher for a few more inches of clearance. Additionally, this stroller has a weight limit, so its important to be aware of that before you trying to order this for a bigger or older kid. If your child is 35 lbs already, you might want to look for another style.

Roslyn Reklaw, TX

Best stroller!

This stroller is the best! We bought it after buying, and using, our City GT for a few months. Here are the reasons why we love it (in no particular order):1) My son (4 months) falls asleep in it every time! When he is awake, he looks very relaxed and at peace in it. it’s a different vibe than the City GT (of course we used the bassinet when he was born).2) The Chicco carseat adaptor works perfectly! The carseat snaps in and goes just like we were throwing the carseat in the car base.3) You can hang diaper bags and grocery bags from the handles! A feature you could not in the City GT.4) Handles great over uneven sidewalks and up hills in San Francisco. I often walk 3+ miles with the Bee. I didn’t think I was going to be comfortable walking that far without a bigger stroller, but the Bee is lightweight and easier to maneuver than the City GT.5) The Bee is lightweight! I frequently carry my son in the stroller up and down or stairs (our HOA has a no stroller parking policy in the lobby).6) I feel comfortable maneuvering my son through crowds in the stroller. The stroller doesn’t hog the sidewalk, but protects him.7) The Bee is very compact when folded. My only complaint is folding it and unfolding it. It takes a little getting use to. The selling feature for the City GT was the one handed closure. However, you’re really not unfolding and collapsing your stroller as much as you walk with it.8) The recline on the seat is almost 180 degrees! We’ve changed diapers while my son was in the stroller. I was able to avoid public changing stations (ewww)!I should have listened to my friends in NYC and London that recommended the Bee to me. I didn’t want to my stroller to be a status item (like a LV handbag). However, now that I’ve used the Bee, I would buy it again and I would pay twice the price too!Update 2/13: A month after purchasing my Bee Plus, the wheels started to shimmy. It’s a common problem. It may not sound like much, but it’s like driving your car with the parking break on. I filled out a request for the wave washers on Bugaboo’s website, but my request was lost. I called Bugaboo, 1-310-372-2976, and they’re sending replacement washers (replacements take 7-10 business days). I will update the review after I install the washers and use the stroller. My stroller hasn’t worked for the past three weeks, but I still prefer my Bee over my City GT.Update 2/13: I received our wavy washers today. They work! Hooray! I’m back in business and feel free! We have the limited edition neon model. I talked to a friend that has the regular Bugaboo Bee Plus; she has not has not had the shimmy problem. Coincidence? I don’t know. However, I’m not sure if I would buy the limited edition or black again because every scratch shows on the frame. If the frame was silver, maybe the scratches would not show.

Ashleigh Lockport, NY

The MOST maneuverable stroller ever. Good for tall folks.

We have a growing collection of strollers in our garage, as we’ve continued to either outgrow or grow tired of strollers with unacceptable limitations. So far, we’ve collected a GracoCar Seat Stroller Frame, a CoscoUmbrella Stroller, an ApricaPresto Stroller, a BOB Ironman Stroller, and this Bugaboo Bee. The Bee blows all the others out of the water when it comes to maneuverability.What seems to make the Bee uniquely maneuverable is the suspension on the rear wheels. Gently pushing the handle to one side, even single-handed, compresses the suspension on that side’s rear wheel, and causes the front wheels to turn the opposite direction (like leaning a bicycle). The upshot is, you can wheel a load of luggage in one hand, and nimbly steer this stroller through a crowded airport with the other hand, and never bump a single cranky old person. A+ for maneuverability.Another perk is the height to which the handle can be adjusted – many strollers are uncomfortable for me, on account of my height (6’2″), but the handle on this stroller telescopes up like a suitcase handle to a comfortably high level for me to use. It’s so high, and sticks backwards at such an angle, that I can push the stroller through the zoo all day without ever catching my toes against the rear wheels or the under-seat basket. A+ again for height adjustment.My third and final favorite thing about this stroller is the lie-flat seat. It doesn’t go quite flat like a mattress, but goes flat enough that your baby can sleep comfortably in the stroller, longer than if she was propped up in a seated position. The seat angle can only be adjusted when the rear brake is on, FYI. That’s not readily apparent unless you read the manual, and was an early cause of frustration.One drawback – I find the stroller hard to unfold. It collapses easily, but unfolding it requires holding the handle and pushing with your foot against the brake quite firmly. Unfortunately, the brake pedal surface is tipped when in the locked position, and my foot slips easily off while trying to push on it. Be aware that you can accidentally flip your toenail back if you try this with flip-flops.While I haven’t tried any of them myself, the available accessories for this stroller (cup holder, organizer) are not well reviewed, so FYI and caveat emptor and all that.Despite these drawbacks, I still rate this a 5-star A+ stroller, just because it’s such a treat to easily steer and walk behind it without hunching or kicking my feet into it.

Hollie Desha, AR

100% Worth the $$$$

We have been through just about every stroller there is! Since there are no local stores to find these higher end strollers where we live, we have ordered several different strollers from Peg Perego, Maclaren, Stokke, and Mamas Papas. Needless to say, they all went back! We finally ordered the Bee. We love it! Has all the features of a full size stroller in a nice compact stroller.Reversible SeatHuge CanopyPushes literally with one fingerFull reclineDecent size basketAdjustable handleReally padded seat for babyFolds almost by itself!We love it and would highly recommend.. FYI – the Maxi Cosi car seat adapters work with the Cybex Aton as well.

Lisa Tennessee, IL

3 years old and still love it. Was one of our best baby purchases.

— this is for the older version of the Bee than pictured –I love my 5 month’s old Bee – we’ve used it a ton for the past 2 months and I do not regret paying the money for it. I waited until my child was 3 months before I bought a real stroller. Until then, we used a snap and go for our Graco car seat. In the meantime, I was furiously researching tons of strollers online. There were only a few that met my requirements: under 20 lbs, seat is reversible to face me, folds in one piece, and comfortable for baby. The Bee is one of the few strollers that met those criteria. Baby and I tested it at Neiman Marcus and he snuggled in it and looked so happy, that sealed the deal.Some pros:-Pretty lightweight – I definitely am glad I didn’t buy the Stokee, Uppababy vista, Orbit, Mutsy, Toro, or any of the other strollers that do the same thing but are ENORMOUS and too heavy for me to lift into the trunk. Or needed to be broken into two pieces-Fairly compact – takes up less than a third of my highlander trunk-One-handed steer – very very easy to push and maneuver. I can whizz through tight quarters in Starbucks and between clothing racks with no problem and the stroller feels very light even when loaded down. I enjoy steering around obstacles while other parents with the enormous strollers get stuck or have to take alternate routes (or wait outside a store because it’s not worth the trouble).-Ride is very smooth – shocks on all 4 wheels. It does go over grass and gravel, though not easily as I imagine the bugaboo chameleon would.-Huge canopy – I live in Seattle and it’s big enough to shelter him from drizzle so I don’t have to use the rain canopy.-With the baby cocoon (looks like a puffy sleeping bag), it must be really cushy as my baby falls asleep right away and is nice and warm.-Handle is comfy-Could be used for newborns as it reclines flat. Reclining flat is also great for baby to sleep – with the cocoon, it’s like a rolling bed. 🙂 Reclining flat does make the stroller bigger, but it’s still maneuverable.Cons:-Basket is fairly small. I can fit a medium-sized diaper bag and my purse in there, but it’s hard to get to if the seat is reclined all the way.-Cupholder you have to purchase separate. I installed mine facing INWARDS near the bottom of the handle and this is definitely the way to go as you can fold the stroller easily without removing it.- My baby’s big – 95% height and weight.. so I imagine he won’t be able to use it until he’s 4. I would be completely happy even if he could only use it until 18 months. The joy of seeing his face and expressions while we walk around is priceless.We did have a small issue where the stroller frame broke (one of the rivets snapped) and had to send it back to Bugaboo, but the customer service was awesome. They sent us a replacement frame right away (so we didn’t have to wait) and we used that box to send the broken one back.– 3 YEAR UPDATE–Bugaboo still going strong and we’re using it for #2. I put my 1st son in it now who just turned 3 and he fits okay in there still. He’s pretty tall(38 or 39″) and his head still has maybe another inch or two before the canopy will start to irritate him by brushing his head.
• Drives nicely and just as smooth as the day we got it with no maintenance on our part. Wheels have held up great, nicks and wear all over but we haven’t needed to replace anything; we just rotate the tires like you do on a car. (Have done that twice since we got it to keep it driving straight).
• Fabric has held up well too, no sun bleaching or fading (of course we do live in Seattle)
• Fold mechanism still in great shape, no changes.
• Still one of the best strollers out there that reverses to face you. I love this still as I can look at my baby and also feed him with a bottle while strolling around.
• The one thing I do notice now that there are newer models and more strollers out there, that the folding mechanism could be better. It’s not idiot proof — like you really need to make sure that when you unfold, both sides are fully pulled out to show the green “dots”. If you don’t, the stroller will drive crooked as one side isn’t fully extended out. I do like the safety feature of the fold in that you need two hands and need to push button + slide at the same time, but I think it probably could be a little easier for older grandparents like my mom. My mom who’s 69 has some trouble as it does require a good amount of finger strength to push the button in.
• Still get great comments from people who want to know where we got it, how we like it. People really seem to like the “cocoon” and snuggly footmuff – it’s like traveling in a sleeping bag!

Angelica Falls Mills, VA

Decent at most

This stroller has some high end features but also is lacking in some basics. It it sturdy and cleans easily. I think it is over priced for it’s offerings. All accesories are purchased individually. So at the least with a canopy and cup holder you are looking at $675 or so. For that much you could purchase strollers with more offerings. It has a smooth ride but the front wheels wobble when making turns sometimes. I love that the seat height and length expands and that you can change it up with the canopy. The basket is a joke, it is not big and not easily accessible. For what this stroller offers, in my opinion the price point is too much. The local baby store I viewed this at recommends other models before this one. I do think it is better than a “value” priced stroller but is not worth it.

Lavonne Isabella, OK

Great for walking, but the straps are a horrible twisty mess.

It’s a smooth ride, don’t get me wrong. It’s easy to maneuver, safe, the bar comes up really high, and the wheels can take a beating over cobblestone and uneven concrete.However, I’m not in love with this stroller because of the straps. If you live in a warm climate and plan on popping your kid in here with just a t-shirt, the stroller can work. But add in the cocoon– totally necessary for a new baby and certainly in the 6 months out of the year when it’s cold here– it is SO difficult to get your kid seated in this stroller.The problem lies with the straps. They twist and turn and get tangled. Then, once they’re twisted about three or four times, they become significantly shorter, so when you try to use the buckle, you are pulling the straps tightly over your kid’s crotch. Add in the cocoon, a big pram/snowsuit plus pants, a diaper, and maybe two or three layers (onesie, shirt, sweater) that’s a lot of fabric to cover. The straps can’t really be adjusted when you’re kid’s in there (again, in cold weather).Plus, accessories are prohibitively expensive.

Alfreda Lake Leelanau, MI

Not perfect…but so close!

As a mom of a 5.5 year old and 9 month old, I have had MANY strollers over the years (8 to be exact). I have spent varying costs on each of the strollers I have purchased and have never been happy with any of the cheaper ones. This stroller is very comfy, versatile, and stylish. It is very easy to assemble and use. I can open and close the stroller while holding my youngest without issue. It fits nicely into even small trunks with room for lots of other things too. I love how I can face my son towards of away from me and the easy adjustability of the seat and even handlebar height. My only suggestions for improvements would be the ability to carry more things in/on the stroller. The basket is only rated to 4 pounds and you are not supposed to put anything on the handlebars, etc. It would be nice to have a place to put my shopping, diaper bag, etc. Also, this stroller is for kids who are under 37 pounds and 3 years old. I rarely used a stroller for my older son after he turned 3 (maybe Disney World when he was 3 but nothing older than 3 for sure). If you have a very large child or special needs child, this may need to be considered. I have not had any problems with the wheels or any other function of the stroller as mentioned in the other review. All in all, I do love this stroller and I don’t think you will regret this purchase.Update: My son is now 20 months old and LOVES this stroller! This is his favorite (and mine too) as he can sit straight up, I call it his rolling throne and be right in the action. The adjustability of the seat height and the harness is wonderful. I have added a Bugaboo caddy to the back of the seat and a diono organizer to the handlebars (I already had it as I was using it on another stroller). My only complaint is that I wish the sunshade was similar to the Baby Jogger city series shades. Those are amazing! Otherwise, we still love this stroller!

Dessie Belleview, MO

People try to get doors for me… Please, it’s a Bugaboo Bee!

Maneuverable. Stylish. Light. Exceptional. This thing can be pushed around with your pinky, it is that amazing. The best umbrella stroller, but beware, snow and ice are not conditions in which you want to be caught with it outside.

Paulette Hallieford, VA