Bugaboo Bee Car Seat Adapter, Maxi Cosi

Bugaboo Bee Car Seat Adapter, Maxi Cosi

Introducing the Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Maxi Cosi car seat adapter allowing parents a safe and easy connection between the car seat and Bugaboo stroller. With click and go system that makes it quick and simple to go from car to stroller.

Main features

  • 1 car seat adapter 1 user guide
  • Aluminum + plastic
  • Wipe down with damp cloth
  • Compatible with Maxi Cosi Mico

Verified reviews


Great Accessory for an Awesome Stroller

When I originally started my baby registry, I had registered for the Graco SnugRide 35 and the Bugaboo Graco car seat adapter. After reading reviews online (both here on Amazon.com and on other sites), I began to doubt my selection – the majority of the reviews stated that the Bugaboo Graco car seat adapter didn’t work as well with the “SnugRide 35” model, only the “SnugRide” and “SnugRide 32” models. Of course, I could have just as easily registered for one of the other versions of the Graco car seat; however, I ended up registering for the Maxi-Cosi car seat instead (again, after reading reviews). One thing to note – getting the car seat in and out of the adapters isn’t a one-handed operation, you definitely need both hands. That doesn’t bother me so much, and I LOVE my stroller…so the adapters basically turn this stroller into the Bugaboo version of the Graco SnugRider stroller frame!

Catherine Putnam Hall, FL

Works great with Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat

I searched high and low for adapters for the bugaboo bee that would work with my Cybex Aton infant car seat. No one seemed to know if these would work. I finally came across a few websites that stated all maxi cosi adapters will work with cybex. So, I ordered these adapters and what do you know! They fit perfect.I could not be happier!

Vanessa Kantner, PA

Great match with Mico car seat!

This fit perfectly with the Boogaboo Bee and the Mico seat. looks great just as the bugaboo style, they are solid and good looking.

Angela Ringwood, OK

So glad it works!

Bought this for the Maxi Cosi Prezi car seat to use with the Bugaboo Bee stroller. And it works! I had read that some adapters don’t work with the Prezi but this one does. And its SO easy to use, and the car seat is very easy to click in and out of it. With the outrageous cost of all baby gear out there $50 more for a simple adapter is annoying, but all adapters cost about this much so I can’t take points off since it is my own issue that I wanted a car seat that needs an adapter to use. For anyone that’s looking or thinking about it, the bugaboo bee is great and the maxi cosi prezi car seat is also great.

Mara Sabana Grande, PR

So handy…

This is well made and so easy to use…well done Chicco and Bugaboo for joining forces to create these adapters. Makes a mum’s life easier.

Mattie Alpha, OH


I bought this adapter for my Bugaboo Bee. The adapter just snaps onto the chasis and the car seat snaps securely into the adapter. Great buy!

Dixie Norton, TX