Bugaboo Cameleon3 Adapter, Maxi-Cosi

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Adapter, Maxi-Cosi

Bugaboo Cameleon car seat adapters accommodate select infant car seats making the Bugaboo Cameleon stroller adaptable for Maxi-Cosi infant car seats; Allowing parents to make it quick and simple to go from the car to the stroller.

Main features

  • Car seat adapter, 2 year warranty and user guide
  • Aluminum and plastic
  • Wipe down with damp cloth

Verified reviews


Perfect Adapter

This adapter works like a charm and locks in securely when used with the Bugaboo Cameleon/BC3. We have a Maxi-Cosi car seat and it is much more comfortable to just immediately put the car seat onto our BC3 without any hassle.The adapter stays attached to the car seat and locks in perfectly to the car seat base while still attached as well.

Margarita Brewster, MN

Wrong instructions – otherwise great product

Unbelievably, the instructions are wrong. The left adapter has an L on it and is for where the baby’s left hand goes. If you ignore the instructions (probably the result of a faulty translation), then putting them on and off is really easy.

Sarah Stanton, ND

It does work, but not easily

I read all the reviews and was nervous about using this product. What if I couldn’t get these adapters off and ended up stuck somewhere with a crying baby??? Nightmare, right? But it was too difficult for my husband and me to transfer our baby out of the car seat each time, not to mention we’d wake her up. So I decided to ordered this and tested them at home several times before venturing out with them. Here are some tips to getting them to work properly:1. Right and left are the opposite of your right and left as others have mentioned.,2. Use your foot to step down on the tire or other part of the stroller, push the grey button on the car seat, and use both hands to pull one side of the car seat off the adapter at a time. I know, that’s totally crazy and you shouldn’t have to do this but it does work!3. When installing the adapters make sure the white latch is engaged. It needs to be flush with the black part of the adapter. If it is not that means the latch is not locked and you need to manually move the white latch over. If it won’t move over double check that the “prongs” or “teeth” on the bottom have been inserted properly. Once it’s correctly in you can move the white latch or lock over to engage.4. After you use this item… I don’t know… maybe about 50 times or so it will “loosen” and get easier to remove from the stroller. The first dozen or so times I really really struggled but now not so much (granted you still have to work at it and that will probably never change even after a thousand uses. Just poor design.)If you already have the maxi-cosi car seat and the bugaboo stroller and really have no other option to change either car seat or stroller I would recommend buying these adapters. Yes, they are a huge pain but they do work. It is way better than not having them and once you get used to working them you will be happy you bought them. Note to bugaboo: Redesign this item, please! Esp given the high cost and consistent trouble users report.

Cheri Parma, MI

Difficult to remove?

Maybe I’m just new to this parent game and haven’t built up my tolerance for things to be difficult/annoying but… the adapters (yes, I have them installed correctly) are a really awkward fit between my Maxi Cosi Mico and my Cameleon stroller. Like, I can’t really get the seat OFF the stroller base by myself.So, I’m faced with 2 options:1. Not leaving the house without my husband. This has been my strategy for 3 weeks, leaving me bored enough to write this review.2. Buying a different car seat and hoping it fits better with the stroller since it is the less expensive of the 2 itemsVery confusing that these adapters are considered a solution to my “situation” (quote from the FAQ section of the Bugaboo website, pretty accurate)Update: after thinking maybe our carseat model was too old we went to Babies R Us to try the adapters with the newest model seat but alas, same terrible fit. I gave up and bought the Graco adapters on here and a Graco carseat used and the fit is INCREDIBLE comparatively. The 2 remaining stars are because Diapers.com was great about letting me return these Maxi Cosi adapters.

Dianna Los Alamitos, CA

Just what I needed

So simple and so usefull!Fits perfect the stroller and the seat! It’s so easy to remove or to put on!

Michael Garfield, WA

i love it

I so in love with this Bugaboo adapter!So great!!!!!I recommended to buy! You love it . .Very easy to use !

Ora Fort Covington, NY

Once you break it in it’s easy..

You have to be sure you put these on the correct way. If you put them on backwards you’ll never get them off. We have the Bugaboo Chameleon.1.) make sure your stroller handle is on the side of the BIG wheels – so BIG wheels closest to you and the handle, and small wheels are leading as you push2.) carseat will face you (baby faces the big wheels/stroller handle)3.) Left adapter ("L" on it) is snapped on the BABY’s Left – so if you are facing the baby, it’s your Right4.) Right adapter ("R" on it) is snapped on the BABY’s Right – so if you are facing the baby, it’s your Left5.) Line up the carseat over the openings one at a time (trying to get both on at same time is nearly impossible alone)6.) when you hear it ‘click’ you know you’ve got it7.) to REMOVE you need to push the maxi cosi carseat button facing you and place your foot on the rung of the carriage near the wheels – push with your foot, and pull carseat at same time (while pressing button)The pushing on the rung of the carriage at the same time really helped, as i had a very hard time with this at first. I was afraid to go out and get stuck. Practice a few times, and after a while the adapters and carseat will wear in and it will not be overhwelming at all. Just be sure you push down on the carriage w/your foot and pull on the carseat at the same time.It’s not ideal – surprised & equally disappointed that Bugaboo doesn’t make a carseat, but it beats having to buy a snap and go, strap n go, etc.

Brandy Holland, OH