Bugaboo Cameleon3 Stroller – Dark Gray Base with Pink

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Stroller – Dark Gray Base with Pink


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Worthless, sold and bought an uppababy vista!

We bought this stroller before out little one was born in January and I was quite excited about it. I had done tons of research looking into the strollers and settled on this. We did not buy any additional accessories for this stroller and found it to be a pain in the ass! Honestly I found it to be much more cheaply made than the Uppababy Vista we bought after this (when our little one was 3 months old).The price tag in my opinion is not even worth half or what they sell this for. Here is a simple pro and cons which I found with this stroller (after having the uppababy vista and using it and a little comparison as I know many moms and dads debate between the two.PROS:-Looks nice-Extremely compact-Handle bar goes both ways-convenient for when you are eating out, etc and don’t want to switch the bassinet or seat with baby inside-No padding in bassinet-Thin fabric that I have seen fade quickly and then look pretty cheapCONS;-NO STORAGE- the under-seat bag is absolutely worthless in my opinion. Its impossible to get things in and out and can not even hold my diaper bag-Does not fold in one piece, When you are having to put the baby in the car and get going quickly the LAST thing you want to be doing is to take the stroller apart and set one piece on the ground will putting the other in the trunkNow onto the Uppababy vista for those who might be interested-Fold of the stroller: Uppababy wins. Althought both can not be folded with bassinet the Uppababy folds with the seat attached unlike the Bugaboo which you MUST take a part at each fold-Bassinet- Uppababy wins by FAR. Uppababy makes an all organic, padded mattress, and really nice a comfortable bassinet for baby, the Bugaboo bassinet is really simple and I found to also be flimsy.-Fabric-Uppababy wins by far. The fabrics are extremly thick and durable and I don’t see the fabrics fading like the Bugaboo fabrics do-Storage-Uppababy….I can fit an ENTIRE cart of groceries into the under seat basket, I couldn’t even fit my diaper bag in the bugaboo storage thing-Smooth/Ease of push- I would say they are about equal. The uppababy I believe handles terrain a bit bitter and the bugaboo might seem a bit easier as the entire stroller is more lightweight-Harness: Uppababy wins….its padded and easy to adjust-Belly bar: Uppababy wins….it had a removable cover that can be washed unlike the bugaboo-Handle bar: Uppababy wins…it just seems more durable and more comfortable than the simple handlebar on the bugabooHonestly I don’t think this stroller is practical at all. I really wish I would have bought the Uppababy from the beginning. I know everyone has different needs so definitely test them out and think about the little things before purchasing!If you don’t need storage space and don’t fold your stroller up often this might be for you. If you are going to running errands and folding it up a lot….go with the uppabby!Also love the uppababy becomes a double stroller so easily.

Kenya Frankfort, KY

Good quality, but go for the Mutsy 4Rider which offers much of the same and more

I looked at a ton of strollers when I decided to get my Mutsy 4Rider. This bugaboo was a front runner, but I like the basket, the canopy, and all the additional components you could get for the Mutsy that wasn’t available for the bugaboo.You can find my complete review of the Mutsy 4Rider by visiting the website allMomsArePerfect.com and look under baby gear essentials. There’s also a complete stroller shopping guide, a baby registry must have list, and what to expect at delivery.

Kaitlin Thendara, NY

good only for the mall

pros:- great substitute for the bassinet- adjustable handle for TALL peoplecons:- good only for a mall or perfect park concrete. wont go EVEN over the house sleeper. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the small wheels , cause it is makes stroller useless in many circumstances.- inconvenient on the go such as taking apart, and carrying around

Carlene Waldenburg, AR

Be the talk of the town with this one.

This stroller is pimp!All the other moms and dads are jelly!My baby loves it.If you can afford it, buy it, you won’t regret it!People who hate on it are the ones who can’t figure out how to work it. HATERS!

Rosalyn Peekskill, NY

Best stroller on the market

I love this stroller. I previously had the original cameleon and got the cameleon3 for my new baby. The improvements are great. First of all, it is the most stylish and sleek looking stroller out there. The bassinet is very big, much bigger than other strollers bassinet options. You can easily fit a baby in there thru 6 months old. The basket is a nice size, but it is difficult to get to it when using the bassinet option. It is much easier to use when you are using the seat. The seat reverses as does the handlebar, so you can always choose to have your baby facing you or the world. If you reverse the handlebar note that the big non swivel wheels will be in the front, making it slightly harder to push. I have done this on occasion when the baby was getting fussy while we were already out and about. The best improvement is the belly bar. On the original stroller you had to take the whole bar on and off and it was pretty difficult to do. On the new stroller you can easily take off one side and swivel it to get the baby on and off. The extended sun canopy was also a big improvement, although I did not buy the tailored fabric set at all, I bought the fully extendable breezy sun canopy and borrowed a bassinet apron from a friend (since you only use the bassinet for about 6 months and her child is older already). Also, bugaboo strollers have fantastic resale value so when you are done with yours you can usually sell it on craigslist or eBay for a good price.I checked out the uppababy vista, and while it seemed to have many of the same features as the bugaboo, it just felt like such a knockoff. It is more affordable and also a good stroller, but the bugaboo is the original and the best!I don’t take mine in the car much, but my neighbor takes hers all the time and has no problem folding and unfolding it. It folds pretty compactly because it is in two separate pieces.

Millie Blakeslee, OH

One of the best strollers around

I would be lost without our bugaboo. Our daughter arrived 12 weeks too soon, so when she finally came home from the hospital, she was very small and we used the bassinet stroller set up for quite a bit of time. This setting gave us another option for moving her around during her newborn "fussy" stage. We could easily switch out the bassinet for the car seat adapter for the Chicco Keyfit 30 we had. With a sleeping infant, the car seat adapter is the way to go. With clicking our daughter our of her car seat base and into the stroller adapter, we were able to move from one errand to the next without our daughter waking. It was a win/win for parents and baby. Once it was time to convert the stroller to its upright setting on its own, I was able to figure out most of the set up on my phone and only needed to look up a youtube video once to get a closer look on the final snaps.We live in sunny Arizona, so the sun shade is crucial for any time we spend outside, and the bugaboo shade has wonderful coverage. It does not take much to switch the direction the baby/child is facing while you are out and about to keep the sun out of their eyes. This stroller is so easy to push and turn. You can easily use only one hand to push it, and it navigates wonderfully.This stroller is wonderful for a trip to the park, grocery store, mall, or other recreational events. We’ve taken ours to the zoo, on dirt roads at a wild animal park, to a food truck festival on a dirt lot, and to the state fair. The stroller holds us well in all circumstances and provides a comfortable ride for our child every single time. Learning how to open the stroller takes some time, but once you get it down, it is easy to pull the stroller from the trunk and open it. Closing it is also easy. Just be careful not to slam it down on your foot, as I have done when not paying attention.My only complaint is that once it is converted to an upright stroller, it is hard to get the straps (five point harness) adjusted tight enough. My daughter is now completely capable of sitting in the stroller with minimal support, so it’s no longer as issue. Granted, this stroller does not have that much storage space on the bottom, but it is very easy to clip additional items on to the stroller or hang a heavy diaper bag on the handle.I would recommend that soon-to-be parents go to a baby store and try out the stroller to make sure that it is something that would work for them. We did that before this was purchased as a gift and then we knew without a doubt that it would be a great stroller for us. Yes, it is pricey, but this is a stroller that will grow with your child in the years to come.

Stella Coventry, CT