Bugaboo Cup Holder

Bugaboo Cup Holder

The Bugaboo cup holder holds drinks for the parent or the child and is attachable to all Bugaboo strollers. It accommodates a wide range of drink containers up to a volume of approximately 23 ounces.

Main features

  • 1 cup holder, 4 accessory clips, user guide
  • Made of plastic
  • Wipe down with damp cloth
  • The cup holder keeps drinks upright to avoid spillages

Verified reviews


Still looking for a good cup holder…

As strictly a cup holder, the cup holder stinks. for lack of a better description, the pegs on the inside squish paper coffee cups. My Lifefactory bottle water does not fit in the cup hold either. The cup holder needs to be placed on the outside when you fold your stroller down (Bee). As a result of being on the outside, people walk into the cup holder or is caught on things.Don’t make the mistake I made! I thought I was being smart wedging my phone between the little pegs, but after a bump my phone fell out. It happened a few times while I was talking on my phone. However, one very sleep deprived day, my phone fell out and it was not be found by me. Also, there is a hole in the bottom that precludes you from putting keys in the cup holder too.

Cecelia Thorndike, MA

Unnecessary Necessity!

Sure, a cup holder isn’t a required feature – after all, bugaboo would have just built one on and charged more for it if it were, right? The other argument is that most other strollers have some sort of “organization” tray and/or cupholder available for the adult, and it is a convenient thing to have!Needless to say, it ends up also holding my cell phone and/or shopping bags, but it’s definitely worth having for the convenience factor! Oh, and be sure to mount it on the inside…you’ll see when you get it. 🙂 If you mount it the other way, you’ll run into things constantly!

Cheryl Walshville, IL

Not well thought out design

As another reviewer mentioned already, the idea of having a cup holder mounted on the outside of an already fairly wide stroller is a total flop. Within two days of attaching it we hit so many door frames, gates, etc. that we decided to return the product (before it gets busted). Two stars for holding bottles well and not breaking after being hit a few times.

Stacey Scotland, AR

Great accessory

This I think is a must have. I installed two of them (to the inside of the handle bar, not the outside) to our Cameleon. Now we’re on kid #2, and have moved the cup holders over to the Donkey and never looked back. So convenient for your coffees on those cold winter days, and when I’m out by myself the cupholders are great for cellphone, kid’s water, etc.I installed them to the inside of the handle bar so they wouldn’t get caught in doorways. Works really well for us.Great buy!

Suzanne Carmen, OK

Must have!

So glad we purchased this! It is a must have, I wouldn’t go without it. It fits perfectly on both the the bugaboo bee AND my uppababy vista…which is an added bonus so I wouldn’t have to purchase two!This does fold perfectly while attached to the bee. I keep mine on the inside of the extendable handle bar and never had an issue so it’s odd so many people are saying their bee won’t fold with it on…it does!

Deanne Blanchard, OK

Not worth it.

Too expensive for what it’s worth.Easily breaks (little plastic already broke even before using it).The inconvenience of it is that when you switch the bugaboo cameleon handle to the other side, everything in the cup holder will spill out due to the angle of the installation.I also find myself hitting the cup holder to walls, myself, etc. because it just sticks out to the side too much.

Ila Plainville, CT

Works on the Uppababy Vista

There are several adapters included with the bugaboo cup holder, but once I found the right one, it fits super-snug to the handle on our Uppababy. Just crank it on there, grab and iced latte, 12oz hoppy beverage or your roadie of choice and hit the streets.

Suzanne Vernon Center, MN

Must have

This is the perfect accessory for the Bugaboo. It snaps onto various parts of the frame and holds most standard size cups. It is great for sippy cups, bottles, water bottles, keys, whatever. We’ve used ours for nearly two years of rugged use and it has held up just fine. The only complaint is that it has to be removed when collapsing the carriage.

Ines Star Lake, WI

Must have for stoller

I could not live without this. Perfect for the stroller and holding the parent’s or child’s drink. Would recommend for anyone. I use it on my City Select stroller adn it fits perfectly.

Stephanie Matteson, IL

Worth The Extra

At first I didn’t like this, but I was still using the bassinet on the chameleon. I felt like it got in the way, and as I had my baby in the bassinet until about 8 months I didn’t really start using it until recently. I have the regular seat on now and actually really enjoy having it. I liked it so much my husband bought a second for our Bee so I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of swapping them.I feel I should warn others, it’s not very big. It’s a European brand so they aren’t catering to American Big Gulps and that’s something to consider if you like the larger beverages. For me it’s not an issue. I can fit a 800ml Klean Kanteen, 0.6L Sigg, or 500ml Camelbak. It will not fit anything larger than that, even the 750ml camelbak water bottles are just too big.Also, there are these funny plastic things on the interior. They’re basically there to squeeze whatever you put in it so it doesn’t fall out if you hit a bump. But if you forget and put your sunglasses in there you have to be careful taking them out since they catch on them. It’s not really a flaw, just annoying.

Candy Refugio, TX

Would get caught on things..

Until i turned it around and put in on the INSIDE of the handle/stroller. When it was on the outside we would get caught on things while shopping in clothing stores, etc. It was more of a nuisance.Once i fastened it on the inside, it was GREAT!

Sofia Elgin, IL

Yes! I finally found a cup holder that works with the Uppababy Cruz!

After trying many cup holders and parent organizers on my Uppababy Cruz, I finally decided to give this one a shot because I had read somewhere that it works… and it does! Hallelujah! All I needed was a place to put a drink, nothing fancy, but every cup holder I tried interfered with the fold of the stroller. The Bugaboo with the largest attachment placed on the foam part of the handle (I placed it off to the side of the stroller, but you can also place it on the actual handlebar as to not increase the width of the stroller) and it works great! I’m able to fold the stroller up easily, and the cup holder holds even my heavy kleen kanteen water bottles. Seems like it’s good quality. I’m a happy camper!

Nan Sand Springs, OK

maybe overpriced, but I’d buy it again

I’ve become, mostly, used to the extra width this adds to the stroller.Will it make it to baby’s 3rd birthday before being smashed to pieces? Unlikely, but I’m going to chance it.When folding up the stroller frame I just flip the cup upside down, toward the handle bar. It is out of the way and the stroller folds normally then.

Mitzi Goodwell, OK

Helpful, but expensive

The Bugaboo cup holder was a great, and much needed addition to our Chameleon stroller. It’s wide enough and sturdy enough for a hot cup of coffee and can even serve as a cell phone holder, but the price? The price was outrageous for the product. There are several alternatives out there, including some lesser-known brands at BRU, and had I known about those before, I would have bought one of those instead for half of the price.However, shipping was quick and the product arrived neatly packaged in it’s original box with all of the parts. Assembly was easy and all parts are included for each type of stroller in the Bugaboo line. Putting the cup holder on was also a breeze and removing it can be a bit difficult.

Tracey Hamburg, IL

Fits perfectly on the Baby Jogger City Select

This fits on the Baby Jogger City Select perfect! You have to use the biggest adapter that comes with it and it’s a very secure connection.

Diana Calvin, KY

Never stays on

This cup holder never stays on. Even with exchanging the parts and size pieces it comes with. I’d rather hold my drink than fight with this.

Marisol Eldridge, IA

works alright, but nothing special

I am currently using this with clip #3 on myBugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy – Pinkon the unextended part of the chassis, with the seat facing me and in full recline… I had it clipped facing outwards initially so that I could collapse the stroller, however, found that it added a few inches to the width of the stroller so I switched it facing inwards since I rarely collapse my stroller anyway.I like the plastic pieces on the inside that help my drink fit snugly (an improvement over the cupholder in theGraco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Framethat I had been using previously), however, by placing it facing inwards, at times my baby could kick the cup holder, which could be an issue if she was doing it while there was a drink in it. Also, I feel like it should come with the stroller, and not cost over $20. Basically, it works fine and I use it everyday, but there’s nothing great about it to warrant the high price tag.

Terra Meridian, TX

convenient convenience

i bought 2 of these for the Bee (one for child and one for parent). it’s nice for him to have his cup at-the-ready while strolling around. although somewhat pricey for its simple function, it would have been nice if the attachment clamp were universal as opposed to having 3 of them in the box for the correct size.

Carly Ellabell, GA

a must have

own a bugaboo then you need to own the cupholder. perfect for starbucks coffee cups, water bottles, plastic glasses, it holds everything. a great inexpensive accessory.

Tisha Colorado Springs, CO

Multi task mommy on the go!

What a huge help when strolling your baby and having this cup holder for your drinks while shopping or just taking a walk. You can easily put your drink and do more multi task mommy duties. =o)

Jocelyn Malone, KY

Good cup holder, hardly used.

If you’re a coffee drinker or like to stroll with a drink, this is a good buy. But I guess I’m neither because I hardly used it. I didn’t like the way it stuck out, making my stroller even wider than it needed to be. I wish you could fold it in when it’s not in use or something. So it took me a long time to get it out and install it, then once I did, I never had a drink to put in it.

Anne Richey, MT

Works but has certain inconveniences

This holder is made out of reasonably sturdy plastic, but as another review notes, you have to be careful or you can easily break off one of the “fins.” It is also not that hard to “catch” a jacket pocket if you lean forward, or an infant blanket when you are removing the infant.The store at which my daughter bought her Bugaboo Cameleon stroller installed this for her on the outside of the handle. That increases the width of an already wide stroller, and it is very easy to bang this cupholder when going through a doorway. Although another review suggests mounting the holder on the inside of the handle, the store said that was not the right way to install it because, as yet another review notes, then you cannot fully collapse the handle or fold the stroller.If you live in a big city like Manhattan, as my daughter does, you may not keep anything in the holder while you are walking your infant except perhaps a plastic bottle of water–not because of a security issue, but because when walking over curbs, rough payment, etc. you do not want something to bounce out of the cup holder. In fact, when out for a walk my daughter often keeps her water bottle in the bag on the front of the stroller that contains all my grandchild’s accessories. She is thinking about removing the cup holder since she does not use it often and sometimes it just gets in the way as described above.Bottom line: This works, but the convenience of a cup holder may not outweigh the inconveniences mentioned above.

Juana Dutzow, MO

Expensive, but a nice cup holder for your Bugaboo

If you have a bugaboo bee, this cup holder fits great. It is built with a sieve-like plastic insert inside that supports both wide and narrow cups/bottles firmly in place, so there’s no chance of the liquid splashing onto your baby (so long as the cup/bottle is covered). Additionally, it comes with a variety of latching attachments so that it can fit onto the handles of any Bugaboo stroller. My one beef with this cup holder is that it’s very expensive for what it is. However, if you have a Bugaboo you really don’t have many other options for cup holders so they’ll get you with this!

Toni Brooten, MN

If you love Starbucks you need this!

If you are a fan of Starbucks you will certainly need to sport this on your bugaboo. The perfect size for a Tall, Grande, or Venti sized 2 shot Espresso Frappuccino Double Blended. This really beats holding your cup. I have also used this to store keys, a cell phone holder, hang shopping bags from, and just about anything that can fit in there, around it, or on top. It’s a must have accessory for any bugaboo user!

Cassandra Glassboro, NJ