Bugaboo Donkey Base Stroller, Sand

Bugaboo Donkey Base Stroller, Sand

The Bugaboo Donkey is the convertible stroller for kid and goods that grows and flows with your family. Whether you have one kid, two kids or twins, one stroller fits all! In just three simple clicks, the Bugaboo Donkey converts from a full-size mono to a full-size duo stroller and back again. With its flexible luggage options, there’s plenty of room for your goods too. Going around town has never been this easy.

Main features

  • Includes chassis with wheels, 1 frame, sun canopy wires, carry handle, side luggage basket, underseat basket, bassinet complete, seat fabric, rain cover and user guide
  • Made from aluminum and plastic
  • Wipe down with damp cloth
  • Includes updated Bugaboo Carry Handle

Verified reviews


The item is not as described

The description should clearly say that the customer should buy Bugaboo Donkey Tailored Fabric Set to have the pram complete!Pictures shows ready-to-go stroller and description says ”bassinet complete”. Its not really complete cause you can’t use it without canopy and apron which are not included.Very disappointing surprise.

Nanette Santa Rita Park, CA

Very easy to assemble, a dream to push

If you are considering the purchase of a high-end stroller, you are probably reading reviews on a million websites, so I will keep this brief.In case it’s helpful to know, I am also the owner of a Bugaboo Bee (which was purchased used but in good condition) and a Bob Revolution single stroller. With the addition of Baby #2 we needed a way to go out in the neighborhood with both kids, and since the Bee has held up so well and we like it so much, we invested in a Donkey.I have not had a chance to really use the stroller yet, but I got it put together in about an hour by myself. It came in four boxes and was very easy to assemble, which is important to know if you are considering a purchase on Amazon. I think if you buy from a brick + mortar shop they will sometimes put it together for you.If you would like the stroller configured for a toddler plus infant, you need to add 4 unique items to your shopping cart to complete the purchase on Amazon:– Base stroller (which includes one complete seat that can be used for an infant or toddler and the basket for the “mono” configuration)– Duo extension kit (this gives you an additional seat for your toddler)– Tailored fabric set in the color of your choice (includes a “blanket” and sun canopy fabric for the bassinet)– Sun canopy in the color of your choice (for the toddler seat)Note that if you do not buy both fabric sets you will not have sun shades. The seat kits DO include the sunshade “wires,” which are more like frames, but they do not include the colored fabric. No way to avoid buying those fabric sets.I will update the review after we’ve had a chance to use the stroller a little bit.

Wendy Olga, WA

Not good for tall toddlers

With baby #2 on the way, we are in the market for a double stroller. We have loved our Bugaboo Frog (a hand-me-down) and naturally thought the Donkey would be the way to go, given our past success with the brand and the reputation. Plus it just looks so much nicer than all the other side-by-side doubles.I didn’t want to spend $1,700 (this base plus the duo kit plus the various accessories) on something I hadn’t test driven, so we went to a store and brought our older child with us. Much to my intense surprise, he is already tall enough that we could not comfortably extend the canopy (his head was level with where the canopy meets the top of the seat). I normally don’t review items I do not own, but as I had not seen this mentioned previously I thought it would be important to point out.My son is in the 80th percentile for height with a long torso, but he’s only two and a half, and one would hope that a stroller would last until at least age 4 or so–and it’s rated for 38 lbs, so it seemed reasonable to think my 27lb kid would fit!If I were expecting newborn twins, I’d probably go for this as it’s so pretty and conveniently sized and the options are fantastic. Plus I love how Bugaboos handle and think they are incredible versatile. But we can buy a less attractive double stroller that is the same width for 1/3 the price without cramping our older child or having to deal with the ridiculousness of folding up a Bugaboo (you’d really think they’d have fixed that by now).

Katelyn Fort Peck, MT

Love the donkey

Great stroller! Nothing so complain about. Love everything. The air filled tires are awesome! We tried the buffalo prior to getting the donkey and it was terrible! The wheels are foam filled on the buffalo and feel like plastic. The Donkey pushes like a dream and the side basket is amazing. Love that feature. Got my donkey at Amazon warehouse for an amazing price. Arrived brand new with some box damage as I expected.

Lara Strongsville, OH

Awesome features but not really worth it unless you have twins

We knew we wanted two kids and we didn’t want to end up having to buy a second double stroller if they ended up being close enough together to need that. We didn’t want a “stacking” double stroller which seemed to be the only option aside from the Donkey for strollers that expand to a double. The shopping basket was a neat feature that I thought I would use a lot. I tried to dissuade myself by going to a few higher end baby stores and trying out every other stroller I could find and none rode as smooth as the Donkey. It is supposed to be only as wide as the old version of the Cameleon that my sister in law had.It is only as wide as the old Cameleon but it
• looks
• much wider as the whole stroller is as wide as just the wheelbase for the Cameleon. It feels wider when you are steering it through a store. The shopping basket is indeed super handy, when baby is asleep I don’t have to wake him up and put him in a carrier or put the car seat in a shopping basket I can just put my groceries in the side compartment. It does ride super smooth and handles rough terrain very well. It collapses easy enough. It isn’t
• super heavy
• but it is a bit heavier than I would like and I definitely can’t lift it into the car without removing the seat. I have a Mazda5 and I can leave one of the third row seats folded up and still fit it in there but just barely. I haven’t tried fitting it behind the third row, I would definitely need a cargo net and some bungee cords.The standard tailored fabric set is useless. The part that covers the foot of the bassinet pops off too easily and doesn’t seal off from wind very well. The “sun shade” part is just complete garbage, it is cute but does not a lick of good for keeping sun off of baby. I never even tried the rain cover as that just seemed like too much of a pain to put on.Bugaboo nickels and dimes you to death. I had to buys separately the cup holder and sun shade and eventually will have to buy the wheelie board. I expect to buy a car seat adapter but can’t they include a cup holder for over $1000?The buckles on the seat are a big pain to adjust but I do love the many recline positions that the seat allows. I was able to start using it at just over 4 months once my baby had great head control and fit in the buckles. I love love love how tall the handlebar gets, I feel like most strollers are designed to be pushed by miniature people.I love this stroller for long walks if my baby actually lets me keep him in the stroller but that is a rare occurrence. It is great for shopping storage wise and it steers very smooth but it is sometimes a pain to navigate through a store. If I had twins I would choose this stroller hands down. I’m sure once baby #2 comes around I will love this stroller. Right now with one baby I wish I had something super lightweight and narrower that had just as good of a suspension and adjustable handlebar.In summary there are some annoying things and some things I would change but nothing bad enough to return it and get a different stroller, I just wish I had waited and gotten one used and not spent so much money so I could afford all the necessary accessories.

Brandy Powderville, MT

Best stroller ever!!!

This stroller is amazing! It’s super easy to put together, moves with the most amazing ease, beautiful design, and by far has the best qualities for a convertable double stroller.the only downfall is the price(it’s crazy expensive but no other compares) and having to buy so many accessories. This base does not include what u need for duo mode u can either put the chair together or the bassinet. So u do need the extension kit, there’s no way in getting around it. But it comes together beautifully and it does fit thru most standard doorways.

Francis Briceville, TN

Disappointing – needed a replacement wheel in 8 months!

I agree with another reviewer who mentioned this wasn’t as good in quality as the Cameleon.I had my Cameleon for 3 years and when I re-sold it, it was still as good as the day I bought it. That was despite pushing it all over city sidewalks and parks (some very bumpy!) multiple times every single day.We bought the Donkey when we had our twins last year. It seemed so awesome when I tried it out in the store and it still has many of the features that make Bugaboo one of the most sought-after strollers. Some of the pros:1. Very easy to assemble. Took me about 30 minutes to put it all together which I think is great for a double stroller.2. Still feels as smooth as the Cameleon even with double the size. Getting up and down sidewalks is a breeze.3. I love, love the single hand recline adjustment!4. It’s really nice to have the option of front and back facing and combinations of those.5. The ability to use it as a single stroller. I have used it only once in the single stroller + basket configuration. It wasn’t exactly hard to collapse it and then expand it again later, but I can’t imagine doing it very frequently.The cons, starting with the reason for only 3 stars:1. The rear wheel is already damaged, 8 months in. Initially the tire kept deflating slightly, so I used the pump to fill the air. As far as I can tell, I never rolled over anything sharp and I can’t really make out any holes or rips or tears in the tire. So, I’m not sure what made the tire start deflating so early on. Now, the tire is sort of coming off the rim. The stroller is still under warranty, so Bugaboo is sending me a replacement. The customer service was very pleasant and not too bureaucratic. But, I am very very disappointed that the wheel needs replacement this early in the stroller’s life. It also looks like the rear wheels are both beginning to “sag” outwards at the bottom (i.e., not straight anymore but at a 5-10 degree angle to the road). My girls are only 11 months old and 25th percentile for weight, so it can’t be the weight being placed on the stroller.2. The fabric set now only includes the canopy! When I bought my Cameleon, the fabric set had the canopy as well as a cover for the seat base (so that cleaning was a breeze). I haven’t had to clean my stroller yet, but I’m not sure how easy it will be now that there’s no extra layer on top of the seat base.3. I knew this while buying but it has recently started getting on my nerves – the under-seat basket is pathetic. Once I fold the wind covers and store them there, there is hardly any space for anything other than a small diaper bag. I know most people would bypass this issue by having a stroller bag that hangs from the handle, but because I also have a 3-year old who rides on a stroller wheel board, it is very inconvenient to have a diaper bag hanging from the handle.I am hoping that once I replace one or both of the rear wheels, my Bugaboo will be a pleasure to use once more, but for the price I am very disappointed in the quality and the fact that I needed replacement parts in less than a year.

Alba Falls Church, VA