Bugaboo Glacier Grey Breezy Sun Canopy, Donkey

Bugaboo Glacier Grey Breezy Sun Canopy, Donkey

The new Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy is a multifunctional canopy, with dedicated versions for all strollers. The updated fabric (excluding integrated mesh) provides sun protection of UPF 50+, is water and oilrepellent and highly durable. The fine mesh allows cool breezes to pass through. It provides a head-to-toe coverage and has a zip-up window for easy access to the child or extra ventilation. Thanks to its innovative construction, you can arrange the canopy in the way that will give the child the best shade in every situation. With an integrated sunshade that pops out for extra shade.

Main features

  • Protects your child: The Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy provides UPF50+ and is water repellent
  • Extendable sun canopy: Unzips to give extra coverage and ventilation
  • Zip up window for easy access and ventilation
  • Multifunctional sun canopy offers head to toe sun coverage and mosquito protection
  • Teflon coating provides fabric with water and oil repellency

Verified reviews


Could be better but you don’t have any other options

This is a *VAST* improvement on last year’s model. I had the previous version and it was not in any way designed specifically for the Donkey, just a pile of rubbish and I returned it immediately. This one does fit the seat and does completely enclose the seat. There are a few things I don’t like. Why on earth is there no mesh behind the roll up viewing window?? I spend all this money on a fancy sun/bug shade for my already overpriced stroller and if I want to see my baby they end up getting sun on their face and mosquito bites. I’m just getting some mesh to velcro behind the roll up viewing window. Second the bit of mesh that pulls down over the bottom of the seat to completely enclose it is a bit of a pain to zip back into the pocket, I feel like it is going to end up getting snagged.

Liza Goodsprings, AL

Great investment

Perfect coverage! My only complaint is that my C3 being as expensive as it is should already come with this but it doesn’t. I love that it extends to cover the feet while still being able to ventilate. Baby seems to enjoy the shade while still being able to peek out around him. It’s great and I would recommend this to anyone who has a bugaboo as they make it for the bee as well!

Ila Rice, TX

God send! Fits Bugaboo Cameleon (1)

Our baby overheats in the Bugaboo fleece cover and anything black/dark as a cover. We live in Los Angeles so it’s in the 90s to 100s. This silver cover with breeze vents and sun protective fabric is AMAZING! We have the Bugaboo from 2007 that a friend gave us and it fits perfectly.

Marsha Foxburg, PA

Mostly good

Love the canopy and am thankful for it. I do however wish there were a few modifications… I wish the mesh carried a better SPF, and that the "peak-a-boo" window was larger, or best yet the whole front section was higher SPF mesh.

Kayla Whitt, TX

Bugaboo bee breezy canopy

Great canopy. Tons of sun shade during hot summer months., Comes down to completely cover baby.. Must have for bee owners in the hot summer months.

Etta Marinette, WI