Bugaboo Organizer, Dark Grey

Bugaboo Organizer, Dark Grey

A must have for parents on the go. The organizer keeps parents and kids essentials organized and within reach. There are four inside compartments, a zipper pocket, and side pockets for all you and your child’s goods. The Bugaboo organizer can be attached to all Bugaboo strollers in multiple locations.

Main features

  • 1 organizer, 2 seat attachment straps and clips, 1 user guide
  • Outside: 100% polyester; Inside: 100% nylon

Verified reviews


Does not work with the Bee 2011

The organizer attaches to the Bee in two positions; behind the seat or on the push bar.I first installed it behind the seat. However, the belt that attaches the organizer on both sides quickly got loose and within several days, the organizer was starting to sag. It got in the way to access the break/foot pedal each time I opened the stroller. Within a week, I decided to try the other option.The push bar installation method was straight forward, a pair of velcro loop secured the unit directly onto the horizontal push bar. However, it attaches too close to the bar that I could not get my hands around the bar to push the stroller! I ended up going back to my old organizer that came with my $75 car seat frame in 2 weeks.I can not speak for the other models of Bugaboo, but do not get this product if you have the Bee.

Gracie Ridgeway, IA

doesn’t sit right on the stroller – not good

I bought this after purchasing the Bugaboo Donkey but unfortunately it does not sit right on the handles. It flops down & is very cumbersome. I wish I still had to packaging to return it because we don’t use it at all. Just attach your diaper bag & use the pockets in that because this doesn’t sit right at all.

Marylou Haslet, TX

I love this organizer

When we don’t need a full diaper bag because we are going for a stroll around the neighborhood or to visit family that lives a few blocks away this is perfect. Enough room for wipes, a diaper, formula bottle, hand sanitizer, back up pacifier, snack pouch with spoon and bib. You could probably fit two bottles, one inside and one in the outside pouch, we usually have one formula bottle and a mini water bottle.The only downside is that it doesn’t hang straight no matter how tight I fasten to the stroller bars, it always tips downward and I need to position it up in order to open and get what I need. Even with this inconvience I love it and will definitely be taking it with us on our upcoming cruise. I image it will be perfect for strolling aboard ship since I don’t need a full diaper bag.

Teri Rock Falls, WI

like it

portable, easy to install, good quality. Very useful when you dont want to carry a nappy bag. Only fits the necesesary.

Willie Red Oak, TX

Not really worth it

Okay but honestly we never use this thing! We have a bee plus and hang it behind the seat. If the seat is facing you or reclined at all it’s pointless. You absolutely can not access it if it’s reclined fully. It’s more of a hassle to put a few things in here while strolling then put them back into my bag when we are done than to just get then out of my bag under the stroller. If we do use it it’s usually when taking a walk around the neighborhood for phone and keys. We also have an uppababy vista so this is not the only stroller we use. Maybe if it was our only stroller I would use it more and leave items in there.

Coleen Orogrande, NM


I keep trying to place this somewhere else on my bugaboo stroller and it either gets in the way of the handle bars and gripping the stroller or it dangles all over the place and obstructs my view of the baby. The storage capacity is not great and I rarely use it as it is just in the way.

Kaitlyn Dornsife, PA

It’s a must!

I own a Bugaboo Cameleon and I don’t want to live the motherhood without it, but I have always disliked carrying diaper bag when I’m pushing the stroller, but it is also unsafe to hang your heavy bag on the stroller handle because it could tip over, but then again, getting into items under the seat could be quite a pain.This organizer is just heaven sent, I can have necessary items within reach, my keys, phone, formula, and the rest can stay under the stroller seat. This organizer sometime could get in the way since I put it on the stroller handle (I am still using bassinet feature), but it is better when you attach it to carry handle or the back of the seat. I chose the stroller because of its minimalist look, and this bugaboo organizer is a useful addition without being an eyesore. Love it. I would recommend it.

Michele Rowe, MA

Very useful

We really like this. Pretty roomy inside, big enough to carry some diapers, cloth, a bottle, keys, phone. Before we used to hang a diaper bag onto the stroller, but no longer!

Alice Maupin, OR