Bugaboo Stroller Wheel Board

Bugaboo Stroller Wheel Board

Attach the Bugaboo wheeled board to your Bugaboo stroller in just two clicks and see how easy it is to stroll with two children. Compatible with all Bugaboo strollers. An extra adapter is needed for the Bugaboo Donkey.

Main features

  • 1 wheeled board, 1 swivel wheel, 1 elastic cord, 2 adapters sets, 1 user guide
  • Made of plastic
  • Wipe down with damp cloth
  • It clicks on and off and can be folded away when not in use
  • 2.5 4 years

Verified reviews



This wheeled board was a bit of a disappointment. My son loves to use it to stand and, even more, to get in and out of the stroller. However, it sticks out too far to walk comfortably with the Bee, even though it’s meant for the Bee. So, you have to walk a little to the left or right of the stroller, which isn’t comfortable. In addition, the strings will not hold the board up while not in use. It falls right down. Lastly, it’s difficult to access the brake with it on as it covers where the brake is.

Lesa Silverlake, WA

Adds another dimension to the Bee

Our child enjoys standing on the wheelie board when he just doesn’t want to sit in the stroller anymore. It was easy to assemble and even easier to operate once attached, but the restraining cord is a little weak to take the weight of the board, causing it to open on more than one occasion. Many heads turn and smile, too, when they see this in action!

Carissa Leeds, ND

LOVE this thing. Totally worth it!

I JUST found out there is a weight limit on the Bugaboo Universal Wheeled Board…We’ve been packing our 2 kids on it just fine for about 6 months now (they are about 30 pounds each…whoops!). We haven’t had any problems at all. Yes, you have to either walk on the side of it or straddle it while walking, because you’ll kick it if you walk normally. But to me it’s a small price to pay for the convenience and awesomeness of being able to take 3 kids all around town with such ease. Kids love riding on it, I love pushing them on it. Attaches to the chameleon like butter.

Raquel Bayonne, NJ

Donkey fan!

It will help you a lot! Toddler loves it, it makes a fun ride everywhere you go, if you have the "mono" version of donkey, it is the perfect complement.

Keisha Warren Center, PA

surprisingly pleased with this

I was prepared not to like the board based on the split reviews but I ended up liking it. My 3 1/2 year old likes it too. We have the (now discontinued) Gecko, which is basically the Frog (the handle doesn’t extend on the Gecko either). Yes, the board does stick out a few inches and it does “duck waddle” my stride a little (I’m 5′ 5″) but I’m willing to sacrifice that for being able to corral my child and move at a good pace with two kids. Also the wheel is sturdy and the ride still Bugaboo-smooth on rough surfaces (including dirt road). We keep the board attached to the stroller–the board is light and folds up and out of the way nicely, even when we fold the stroller to put in the back of the car (I see another reviewer had problems with the cord, there’s a catch it slides into on the underside of the board that she may have missed, I did too at first. We haven’t had a problem with it).We don’t rely on this set-up as our sole stroller option for both at this age–we have a double umbrella stroller for longer trips etc. But for shopping trips, walking the dog, shorter day trips this works well, even on rough terrain. And I enjoy the face time it provides between my kids. I’d give it 5 stars if I were completely waddle-free when I walked. But overall I’m glad I tried this option before investing $$ in a Phil & Ted double system or the like.

Lydia Navarre, MN

Fine, but not great

We got this wheel board for our Bugaboo Frog (a discontinued model that is very similar to the chameleon). With baby #2 soon to arrive we were hoping it would mean we did not have to buy a double stroller…but unfortunately that is not to be. While our 2 year old absolutely adores riding on it (and it is very convenient when we are at the zoo or somewhere else where getting him in and out of the stroller frequently is necessary), it is a total pain for the parents. Maybe if you are both 6′ it wouldn’t matter, but as other reviewers have mentioned we both have to stand off to the side and push with one hand (this also might not matter on models with an adjustable handlebar). This really detracts from the Bugaboo’s otherwise smooth handling and good ride.We’re also not sure that it’s going to work well for our toddler when there is a newborn in the bassinet. The bassinet extends partially over the board, and the whole contraption will be awkward. So it looks like we’ll be getting a double after all and saving the wheel board for trips to the zoo or short trips places where a double wide isn’t convenient.The other problem is that we can not figure out how to get it to stay folded up when not in use without removing the wheel. Removing the wheel isn’t difficult (push a button and it pulls right out), but for $100 you’d think it would stay upright when that’s how you want it. The cord doesn’t do a darn thing to keep it upright, no matter how much we play with it or adjust it. So we remove the wheel and put the strap from the storage bag underneath around it as extra security.If we’d spent $50 or less I’d be happy enough with the limited use we’ll get out of it. For $100…eh. Not worth it.

Kelley Union Furnace, OH

Great addition to your bugaboo

I was a bit skeptical about buying this board after reading the reviews. I thought the board was too expensive for what it was and it seemed really annoying to have this attached to my stroller. My son is 3 years old and I have a 7 week old baby. I finally caved and bought the board because my friend said that her son loved it. My son has not used this stroller for some time. He now prefers to walk. BUT once the new baby came, he all of a sudden wanted to use the stroller and threw tantrums when we tried to put our daughter in the stroller. Once we attached this board, it was like a new little boy! He loves it! He jumps on and off and wants to go outside JUST so he can ride the board. He does occasionally still get jealous of our daughter riding in the stroller but for the most part, he is a happy camper.PROSReally easy to install (took me, the mom, about 10 minutes)Comes off really easily if you need to take it off for any reasonMy son LOVES itFits bugaboo perfectly, so easy to pushCONSExpensiveYou have to walk to the side of the stroller to avoid kicking the board

Imogene Wabeno, WI

I love my Bugaboo!

This is a life safer. It assembles perfectly like everything Bugaboo. My toddler loves riding on it. It beats having a two baby stroller. I do have to walk a little sideways so that I dont bump into it but it is no big deal.

Roseann Anasco, PR

Very useful for older sibling

I bought this new board to use with my bugaboo cameleon3 and I am really glad I did. I think the reviews on here can be misleading because bugaboo redesigned the board a few years back, and it sounds like some of the reviews are from the old board. I had the old board too and it was a real pain. This one is much better.1. People complain that you have to walk to the side a little or you will otherwise bump into the board. This is generally true of any buggy board. I don’t find it to be too bad with this one, as the newer board is much shorter than the old one so it sticks out less. Also, when I am using the board i extend the handle of the stroller so that I can stand a little further back and push.2. The best improvement about this board is that it is easy to attach and detach whenever you may want. With the old board you needed to turn the stroller upside down to detach it, so you certainly couldn’t do that while a child was inside, and it was a real pain to do even without a child inside. This board has two little latches that you can use to simply detach it. I find that it doesn’t fold up very well with the bassinet option because the bassinet is so long. So instead i just detach it after I drop my older child off at school and put it in the basket underneath. Then I can walk the rest of the way without bumping into the board!I have used a few different boards for different strollers and I definitely like this one the best. And when you read reviews please keep in mind that the product changed a while back (I don’t know when exactly) so make sure you are reading about the newest model.

Winifred Clarkston, WA

my 4 y/o loves it, and I don’t really waddle

Read the previous reviews, how you have to waddle to push it. I don’t really have that problem. I extended the handle on the stroller as far out as it could go, and just keep my arms out more in front of me when I push. I walk normally. It’s no big deal. For the convenience of keeping both kids contained, I don’t mind. Our son calls it his "skate" and asks for it every time we are out. I am so very glad I ignored the previous reviews and purchased it. Sure, it’s pricey, but it is well made. I don’t use the strap to hold it up, since that part does seem a bit flimsy (the bungee cord doesn’t seem strong enough to hold it up); I simply don’t put on the skate when I know we won’t be using it. Otherwise, son is quite content staying on it. I’ve gotten LOTS of positive comments from other moms…about what a great idea it is, how wonderful it looks, etc. We have the car seat adapter, and we put the car seat handle all the way forward so our son holds on to that handle, peering into his baby sister, as I push it around. I also LOVE that even with the extra 40 lbs our son adds to the stroller, I can still maneuver it with just one hand! I LOVE the stroller (it’s the same one we used for our 4 y/o, so it’s lasted us that long) and I LOVE the "skate".If you are on the fence about it, buy it, and try it around the house. If it doesn’t work, return it. If you have long legs, then I can see how you’ll step on this often. I am 5’3". My husband, who is 5’10" usually walks next to it when he’s pushing both kids; but he doesn’t seem to mind since we don’t have to worry about our 4 y/o running off.

Dorthy Ebervale, PA