Buggy Bagg Jr Shopping Cart Cover, Dots

Buggy Bagg Jr Shopping Cart Cover, Dots

Durable and practical, the Buggy Bagg Jr. is a miniature version of the Original Buggy Bagg. It has many of the same great features, provides safety and comfort for your little one, and combines the protection and safety of a shopping cart seat cover with the convenience of a diaper bag . The seat cover conveniently folds into its own built in pouch that will fit into your purse.

Main features

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton; Filling:100% Polyester Batting
  • Imported
  • Covers 100% of the seating area
  • Folds to compact size.
  • 1 large diaper bag section for wipes, diapers, toys, snacks etc
  • Machine wash cold in gentle cycle, tumble dry low
  • Made in China

Verified reviews


3rd cover the charm

I didn’t listen to another reviewer’s suggestion and had tried 2 other covers that didn’t cover carts well at all. I finally caved and got this one. It covers my large grocery carts, Target, and Babies R Us carts, and the smaller carts at places like the pet store. I can’t say how it fits at wholesale clubs, but it has more fabric available when I use so I imagine it would fit those carts too. It’s fairly easy to attach to the cart with one hand and I like how it has the pocket in the back to hold my wallet, cell phone, grocery list and keys. I store it in the plastic bag that it arrived in and usually stick it in the pocket as well. The pattern is cute too, we have the green one with animal print. The problem I had with all the other covers would be the elastic part not stretching and holding well to the handle, but thats not a problem now, there is plenty of “cling.” The other ones didn’t use enough fabric to cover the back of the seat, so it would slide up and there would not be enough cushion behind his head, this one has plenty of coverage on the seat’s back. Other ones didn’t clip to the cart, just to him, and that wasn’t safe in my opinion and he was able to wriggle around too much. This cover has 2 sets of clips. One set clips the cover to the cart and the other secures him in the cover. This cover comes in pricier versions, but I don’t think it would make it any better. It also has this little strip of fabric that velcros to itself to wrap around the bar between the legs. I don’t use it since he isn’t playing with that area of the cart and there is fabric between him and the bar anyways. It comes with 2 velcroing toy loops to hold his toys (but I never remember to bring the toys in). I don’t know how it works at restaurants or if it can work in high chairs, I use a different cover for eating out. Its just an awesome shopping cart cover and I’m glad I found it, couldn’t stop remarking on it the first day I tried it out while shopping with my mom. After the frustration of the other ones not fitting properly I think it was worth the extra few dollars,I wouldn’t change a thing. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time, frustration, and energy trying the other 2 popular brands. I’ve even gotten compliments on it and people asking where I found it. So glad I caved and purchased the Buggy Bag Jr.

Elma Gladstone, VA

Fits my needs perfectly

I have used this at Target, the grocery store, and in restaurant high chairs and have been pleased with it. It covers all edges of the carts and high chair. It can be a little difficult to do one-handed but once you attach it a few times it gets better. I’ve had several people stop me to ask about it. Glad I didn’t buy the full-blown version. The one with the pillow would have been too much bulk. This one does its job just fine. My son loves being able to sit and look around vs being in his car seat. I have not washed it yet so I can’t tell you how it will hold up but the construction seems to be sturdy so I don’t anticipate problems.

Nita Spencer, IN

I LOVE this cover!

This Buggy Bagg Cart Cover is wonderful!! I use it all of the time with my little one. The pocket is great to hold toys or what have you. It is very simple to put over the shopping cart, the seat belt works well and the print is adorable. What I love most about this product is that it covers the cart completely so it keeps the germs out. Love it.

Luisa Burns, CO


I am so disappointed with this cart cover, my friend had a buggy bagg that was amazingly padded, when I ordered this one, I thought I would be getting the same quality, but no! this cart cover has no sufficient padding!! The package also didn’t look new.For $50 I expected more!Should have bought the one I saw at Ross for $15!!! I’m sure it would have been the same quality.update:I just went to the Buggy bagg website – this product is the JR bag, which has no pillows, no padding, just a cover fabric – should cost $15 in my opinion. In order to get the good one with the real padding as seen IN THE PICTURE BY THE SELLER AND AMAZON – you need to order the Elite one or the original.But, how could I have known this before? I didn’t know that there are a few types of covers and the picture is misleading!!!!!THERE IS NO PILLOW OR EXTRA PADDING WITH THE JR COVER!THE COVER IN THE PICTURE IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE GETTING!

June Lowell, AR


Fits any size cart wherever I go and is super plush and comfy for my little guy. I love it. Easy to use with one hand- no complaints.

Patrice Dolgeville, NY