Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover Original, Flowers

Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover Original, Flowers

Durable, plush and practical, the original Buggy Bagg provides safety and comfort for your little one. It combines the protection and safety of a shopping cart seat cover with the convenience of a diaper bag BuggyBagg® can easily be inserted with one hand while holding your child in your other hand – all in less than 30 seconds.

Main features

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton; Filling:100% Polyester Batting
  • Imported
  • Covers 100% of the seating area
  • Plush quilted fabric for the utmost comfort with matching detachable pillow.
  • 4 elastic bottle cup holders, 2 toy loops, 1 large diaper bag section for wipes, diapers, toys, snacks etc. and 2 smaller compartments for personal items
  • Machine wash cold in gentle cycle, tumble dry low
  • Made in China

Verified reviews


We don’t go shopping without it!

I love this Buggy Bag, it is so convenient to use and easy to wash. It is true that the zippers are of poor quality which is disappointing for such an expensive product but in the grand scheme of things the zippers aren’t that important to the product anyways. What I was looking for in a shopping cart cover was something that was easy to use and easily washed. This product is both. I also love that it has a pocket that I can keep a burp cloth, wallet, phone, shopping list, etc. in and it has hooks for toys as well. My daughter is very comfortable in it as it is very soft and padded. I started using it with her when she was just over 5 months old. I am not sure if she was quite ready for it, I had to kind of prop her up with blankets but she still loved being independent and able to look around at everything going on. She is now 8 and a half months and we have been using it ever since. It is big enough to fit the big shopping carts like Costco and Target which is really nice. I think it has a bit too much padding for much use as a high chair cover, but I haven’t really used it in that capacity so I’m not sure. I have had no problems with the product and would recommend it to anyone. The only downside is the price but its ease of use compared to other cheaper shopping carts covers is unparalleled.

Joy Washingtonville, NY


I love this! My baby is so comfortable in this, it’s cushioned well, and it also has a pillow that I put behind him. There are so many pockets, it has fit EVERY shopping cart so far, even the large Costco ones. I am very happy with my purchase.

Eva Garysburg, NC

still works/looks great a year later!

I got this when my son turned about 6 months and although I thought the price was steep I loved all the padding around it (and the great reviews were the cherry on top). We’ve had it for about a year now and I’m very happy with it. It protects my son and it fits ever grocery cart no matter how big or small. We don’t use the little pillow anymore because he’s much bigger but it worked great when he was an infant. The zipper does get a little stuck sometimes but I don’t use them too much. Overall happy with purchase.

Candice Owosso, MI

Good cart cover

I was attracted to this cart cover because of the fact that it contained storage compartments. I have yet to figure out the difference between this original and the elite models other than the prints and the elite costs $25 more.The pros are:- the cover is very plush and comfortable – my son wanted to lay down in it while we were in the store- the storage compartments are useful for my stuff and my son’s stuff while we are in the store or in a restaurant.- it really does take 30 seconds and one hand to open and use.The cons are:- The pillow that comes with I am using on the floor at home and do not carry it with us because it takes up too much room in the bag- you do need two hands to zip it back up when you are finishedIt does not replace a diaper bag in my opinion but it does keep you have having to lug your big diaper bag into the store or into a restaurant because you can fit diapers, wipes, and toys in it.It is pricey so I cannot give it five stars. I was glad I received it as a gift and did not have to pay for it myself. If possible, I would look for it on sale.

Lavonne Paradise Valley, NV


UPDATE 8/22/11:I have now used this shopping cart cover for 5 months and still absolutely think it was the best cover for me and my baby. The generous size and plush padding are well worth it. I had the one zipper replaced (my seamstress was kind enough to do it for free), so if I put anything in the storage compartment, I only put it in there, and not in the other compartment with the original zippers. And I don’t really put anything in those compartments since I always have a diaper bag with me (maybe reusable shopping bags and coupons), so they are for the most part worthless.It washes very well; the colors have not faded or bled on anything, though part of the velcro that holds the lanyard for the pillow came off, and so now I can’t attach the pillow and it can fall onto the ground. That is something I will have fixed, but as I stated in my previous review, for the price relative to others, this shopping cart cover should be bulletproof.It is nicer than any of the other shopping cart covers out there. It doesn’t look flimsy or cheap (and I look at all the other shopping cart covers now when I’m out), and especially when in Costco, this cover looks like it was meant for it. When in the Trader Joe’s micro shopping carts, its still works, just more plush than normal.If you can get it cheap (meaning – the same price as other shopping cart covers), then I still recommend it having used it extensively for the past 5 months. Now I’m off to get that velco patched fixed.ORIGINAL REVIEW:For the most part, I absolutely love this shopping cart cover. If you research the reviews all throughout the Web, you’ll see that for the most part, parents with this love it, too. It may be that they are tryng to justify the exhorbitant cost relative to others, but I’ve used this for about a month now, and have to say its really quite nice. I get compliments on it all the time when my baby (7 mos) and I use it.The most significant benefits of this cover is that:1. Generous size. It fits over Costco’s huge shopping carts (you know, the ones that can seat 2 children).2. Very plush padding throughout. The first time my baby used this, he fell asleep in it. The cushioning along with the full-length pillow (think body pillow for your baby) make this super comfy. The pillow has a strap on one corner that attaches it to the Buggy Bagg, so baby can play with it, it can be moved around the seat area to support baby, and you don’t have to worry about it falling onto the floor and getting dirty.3. One-handed operation. It folds up kind of like a duffel bag, so you can easily place it on the shopping cart or off the shopping cart with one hand. Take a little practice, but definitely do-able.4. Storage. It has 3 zippered pockets, two smaller ones and one full-length pocket. Easily fits keys and a wallet.There are some things about this shopping cart cover that I don’t like.1. Price. It’s really expensive. Granted, it has alot of features, but unless you spend HOURS in a grocery store, are they really necessary? If you can afford it, great, but if not, the only real reason to purchase this over other shopping cart covers is its generous size.2. Pillow is nice, but hardly necessary. You could easily use a rolled up receiving blanket to replace the pillow.3. Storage is good, but not adequate to replace your diaper bag. Some folks claim they don’t need a diaper bag because they use this. I’ve tried that, and IMO it doesn’t work. First of all, you can’t really bring your shopping cart into the restrooms to change baby, so you’d have to haul this out. Much more convenient to have a diaper bag. Secondly, it doesn’t hold nearly enough. If I’m in a quick trip to the store, then fine. Otherwise, I use it more to keep my keys and cell phone handy.4. My biggest gripe of all are the horribly poor quality zippers. For the price of this item, the zippers should be YKK high quality zippers, not the cheap, easily broken ones they use. The second time I used this, I tried putting myMunchkin Travel Diaper Changing Kit (colors may vary)into the large compartment, and the zipper broke. Completely unacceptable, and the company only gives you 90 days to send it in for replacement. I plan on going to my seamstress to have either velcro sewn in or the zippers replaced with higher quality YKK zippers because for now, that large compartment is just flopped open and I can’t keep anything in there.I would buy this over any other shopping cart cover because for me, the pros outweigh the cons. But I would NEVER pay full price for it because the cost to repair the cheap zippers needs to be factored in. If you can get by with less padding (you can definitely survive w/o the pillow) and don’t mind still bringing a diaper bag, then you might pass on this one. However, for me, the generous size, the padding (my baby is only 7 mos), and the one handed operation are benefits I’m willing to pay for. But then again, I didn’t pay full price.

Kayla Banks, AL

One of my must-haves!

I bought this product when my baby was 6 months old and could almost sit up without support. It is wonderful to use in a shopping cart because it provides extra support as well as a place to hang toys. We also use it as a high chair cover in restaurants. It is quite easy to put in and take out and the baby is very securely fastened in it. I especially like the way in rolls up and zips for easy carrying.We have not had any problems with the zipper (unlike other reviewers). I have machine washed this item with no problems either. It cleans up well and air dries quickly.One note: the “diaper bag” part is really small. I stash a few snacks for the baby there but it does not hold enough to replace my diaper bag. Still, I’ve found this was a lifesaver when grocery shopping or eating out.

Sonya Mannsville, NY