BuggyBagg Shopping Cart Cover – Single Pattern: Jungle

BuggyBagg Shopping Cart Cover – Single Pattern: Jungle

BuggyBagg Shopping Car Cover A Buggy Bagg cover will help protect your child from the dangerous germs that lurk on unsanitary, unwashed shopping carts. The Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover also keeps them comfortable with a quilted liner. One of Buggy Baggs covers also keeps the child dry and comfortable when the carts are cold and damp. A Buggy Bagg cover is simple to operate. It only requires one hand to operate while the child can be managed with the other. When done, it zips up into a handy /diaper bag which is machine washable. A shopping cart cover from Buggy Bag is efficient. It is multi-purpose, serving as a diaper bag, shopping cart seat liner and can be used in most restaurant high chairs. The Buggy Bag shopping Cart Cover is comfortable for the child, with a padded seat and detachable pillow. It is a very versatile product as it can be used from infant to toddlers up to 4 years. The Buggy Bagg Cover allows the child to lay sideways with pillow supporting the head or sit up and use pillow in front, behind or detach and remove. The Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover is also very orderly as features multiple pockets and compartments to carry diaper items. Parents need not worry about safety as it is equipped with inside and outside safety belts. A cover from Buggy Bagg covers 100% of the shopping cart.

Main features

  • Excellent/Durable Quality.
  • Covers 100% of the seating area.
  • 2 safety straps (one strap for the child and one that secures the BuggyBagg to the cart)
  • Plush quilted fabric for the utmost comfort.
  • Matching detachable pillow included.

Verified reviews


Forget the Floppy, THIS is the one to buy.

In my months of ‘experimentation’ and a few purchases in err, this is the best product of its sort out there.It’s the ONLY product I’ve purchased (or tried out in the store) that truly requires only ONE hand! With my 8 month old on my shoulder, I drop this bag into the cart seat, I unzip it flip the ‘diaper pocket’ over the back, pull the generous, elastic edged cover up and over the cart handle and that’s just about it.Additionally, the Buggy Bag is among the few that covers the whole cart, and (uniquely) adds further protection from germs with 2 separate belts: one to go around your child’s waist, the other to secure it to the cart.Not to be forgotten: the Buggy Bag comfortable (apparently!), has simple convenient storage options and stores itself w/ ease!On the other hand, I tried one imitation in a popular Baby store and not only did it not open with one hand (a necessity with a baby on your hip in a grocery store parking lot!) but I could NOT get it back into its ‘carrying’ shape with two hands!! I hid it on the shelf and moved away quickly. eek. Another product I purchased online came in two pieces and had so many clips and belts wrapping it together, that I could barely attach it with both hands and help from passersby. While it had ‘shoulder straps unlike any other, they dont work in most carts that put an advertising placard on the back of the cart seat. Finally adjusted, that product (the “Shop’n’Dine”) didnt cover most of the cart. (on its debut shopping trip) I threw it back in the car and went home, too tired to shop.Finally, there are lots of imitators out there, dont be suckered in by similar names, better price points or preferred fabric choices: the Buggy Bag will preserve your sanity and, perhaps, your child’s health.

Ebony Tenaha, TX

Excellent Purchase!

The BuggyBagg Shopping Cart Cover is everything advertised and more! It’s absolutely true that you can easily place it into the cart, unzip it and set it up with just one hand.Not only was set up a breeze, but the amount of padding on this cover is amazing. My 8-month-old sits up but is still wobbly sometimes. When she launched herself backward in the seat she didn’t even notice because of both the regular padding in the cover and the great pillow (that comes attached with velcro) which padded her back. She was also snugly and securely belted into the seat cover. I love the padding and velcro that attach to the center pole of the shopping cart as well (where you put the child’s legs through).Everything was obviously carefully and insightfully planned and implemented in this product. The added features of zippered pockets, tabs for toys, and fabric covered elastic holders for juice and bottles inside the cart area is fantastic. Plus the bright fun print is very cute and interesting to look at for the babies. I couldn’t recommend this product more highly. If you’re looking for a really good cart cover this is it.

Cecelia Iaeger, WV

Best shopping cover ever!

Great shopping cart cover! Its cushy, supports my baby well, the print is cute, I love the pockets and it is very well made. Easy to get on and off to boot!

Bobby Packwood, IA

Make Other Parents and Babies Jealous!

This is one snazzy shopping cart cover. One lady referred to it as a “totally fabulous situation” when she came up to us in the store and gestured to it.This cart cover COVERS everything! Your baby will not touch anything on the actual cart. Any licking or chewing will happen to the cart cover only, THANK GOODNESS.The pillow is nice, helps stabilize littler babies, protects bigger ones from having accidents with their faces hitting the front bars of the carts. And it is tethered to the cover, so when baby thinks it would be funny to launch it out onto a nasty floor, it doesn’t work out as planned. There are also several little loopies that you can use linkadoos, etc. to attach toys with. There is a little band you can slip a sippy cup in. And the back pockets are FANTASTIC. You can use that as a diaper bag!And you really can operate this thing with one hand…the zipper is a little tough so I don’t use it, but you just flop this thing in that cart, insert baby, do a few snaps with the straps and you are OFF!It is just a very nice, comfortable “situation” for your baby and for your piece of mind. And it looks REALLY cool too. I highly recommend.

Gloria Adamsville, RI

Worth the Extra Money

I looked at several buggy covers in various price ranges. This one was definitely worth the extra money! It is so easy to put on. Unlike all the others, it zippers up simply for storage and comes with its own straps so you don’t have to put those yucky store ones on your baby. The big fluffy pillow is perfect for those babies that are still wobbly but sitting up. The colors are bright and fun for baby to look at. All the extra compartments make this into a diaper bag if needed. I love how much cushion is all around. It really makes baby comfortable. So nice, even sleeping in it is easy. I’ve used it in a shopping cart and on a restaurant highchair and both went on with easy.

Ebony Fenwick Island, DE

Wonderful padded cover, easy to use

When my very large 4 month old outgrew his infant carrier, I got one of these so we could continue to go to the grocery store. Even though he is just starting to sit up, he does very well in this cover. I use the pillow to prop him up, and he is very comfortable. It is so padded! I just put my wallet & keys in the pocket and off we go. It installs in seconds and comes off just as quickly. It is expensive compared to other brands, but it covers the whole cart and is VERY well designed. We will be using this for a long time to come. It is heavily padded all the way around the cover. I have yet to use it in a restaurant high chair, but I imagine I will like it there as well.

Paulette Cadiz, KY

Great multitasker and it covers Costco carts completely!

This cover fits perfectly on Costco shopping carts, covering all surfaces, as well as all supermarket carts. I keep getting stopped by people asking me about it because my baby looks so comfy – it’s like a mini sofa! It has tons of features:
• Very padded and comfortable, especially for long grocery runs. My baby can nap in it, supported by the pillow, while still buckled in.
• Has a wide removable pillow 18″ x 6″ x 4″ that you can insert behind baby to prop them up if they can’t sit up well. It’s attached by a tether so it stays in the cart.
• Secures to the cart with just one hand – you just unzip, plop it into the cart, flip one part over and under the handle, flip the other part over the back, turn the fitted edges over onto the sides of the cart, and attach it with a buckled strap.
• Buckled waist belt for baby
• Can also be used as a diaper pad. I don’t use it for this purpose because the fabric is too nice!
• Doubles as a backup diaper bag. Has a large 19″x 11″ zippered pocket to put diapers, formula packets, ointment, etc.
• Has two smaller 9 1/2″ x 4″ zippered compartments, for coupons, makeup, wallet, etc.
• Two elastic loops to hold formula bottles.
• Folded into itself, it zips up all contents neatly to the size of a small duffel bag, (24″ x 9″ in diameter).
• Machine washable cold, machine dry warm. With the exterior’s heavy black canvas and all the padding, it doesn’t look like something I’d like to wash too frequently. Will have to see how easy this is.
• Also comes in pink, at BRU.I’ve tried the Clean Shopper (almost no padding, smaller, a simple strap goes through the back to secure the baby to the cart) and the Safe N’ Easy (cheap quality, looks like a big rain coat/ shower cap, difficult to get baby into, doesn’t stay on). They can’t compare to this one.

Eleanor Bluebell, UT

The best out there

This is the best shopping cart cover on the market. I did a lot of research before purchasing. This one is expensive so I had my reservations, but I decided to go ahead and get it and it was so worth the money! It is very padded and easy to put into the cart. My little guy was having issues slouching in the cart or falling sideways and this cart cover totally solved that problem with the pillow that comes with it. On the second use, the zipper to the buggybagg totally shattered into several pieces. I was going to give it a bad review but I decided to give their customer service a chance to make it right. They sent me a new one immediately and I had it within a week after emailing the company. Not only that, but they didn’t make me ship the other one back, so I can fix the zipper on that one and I will have two! That’s providing I can figure out how!

Barbra Hiltons, VA

This is a great product

This is a great shopping cart cover. I love how easy it is to use. I can hold the baby and arrange this quickly with one hand. My baby is very happy in it and it gives me peace of mind that she’s not touching a germy cart. Its very well padded and folds up so quickly when done with shopping.

Ina Stanton, KY

A Must-Have Baby Product!!!

I can’t say enough good things about this product!!! I’ve had it for 10 months and don’t go anywhere without it. Although it’s more expensive than other brands, it’s WELL worth the money. I take my baby shopping at least 2-3 times a week and people always ask me where I got it. It’s the “Cadillac” of shopping cart covers. Here are the highlights:1) High quality material – The fabric is nice and heavy and very durable. I have machine washed this item many times and it still looks new. The seat itself is nice and cushy for baby. The bag comes with a pillow which is great to prop up a baby who’s not quite sitting up on his/her own.2) Doubles as a diaper bag – I don’t take a diaper bag or purse when I’m out shopping with baby. I just throw the Buggybagg over my shoulder and we’re off! The back pocket of the bag is large enough to hold several diapers, wipes, extra toys, burp cloths, extra onesies. And there’s an additional smaller pocket that I use for my wallet, keys, cell phone, and shopping list.3) Easy to fold and carry – This bag folds up and zips in a cinch. And has shoulder straps for carrying. It fastens on to a shopping cart with ease. In fact, I can hold baby in one arm and fasten the BuggyBagg with the other hand, no problem.4) Fun for baby! – First of all, the fabric print is adorable. My baby is fascinated by that alone. There are little loops in the front where you can link toys, which is awesome because your baby can’t throw them out of the cart. There’s also little loops on the insides for sippy cups.Only one tiny negative – I think the BuggyBagg is a little thick to use as a high chair cover. My son has huge thighs and has a hard time getting into a high chair with this cover. However, we have an Inglesina travel chair that we use at restaurants so it’s no big deal that we can’t use the BuggyBagg.If you’re contemplating buying a cheaper product, don’t do it! You will not regret buying the BuggyBagg.

Maureen Camillus, NY