Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock, Monkey

Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock, Monkey

Going to a theme park, zoo, restaurant, or traveling somewhere? Now you can protect your investment when you have to leave your stroller unattended. This cute companion will secure your stroller and grant you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most your kids. The buggyguard was engineered for safe, smart, on the go parents. Each buggyguard features a universal attachment, push button retraction, a four foot stainless steel cable, and a 3 digit resettable combination. Lock your stroller to a stationary object (i.e. park bench, fence, tree or light pole), or simply to itself by locking wheels in place. If you love it, lock it.

Main features

  • New technology aircraft grade stainless steel 2.4mm cable strongest retractable cable + vinyl coated cable to prevent scratching buggy
  • Over four’ long cable extended cable lengh to loop through one or two wheels or lock your buggy to any stationary object
  • 3 digit resettable combination dial perfect so you don’t have to worry about losing any keys
  • Universal attachment fits all strollers and keeps lock tucked out of the way until you’re ready to use it, also doesn’t interfere with collapsing the stroller
  • Push button retraction for easy coiling no more thick cables impossible to weave through objects and recoil back into shape

Verified reviews


Great Product

We took this on our trip to Disney World and it worked great. Once I got the hang of the mechanism I felt safe leaving my stroller while we were off doing other things. The lock did not have to be removed to collapse my stroller. It was very easy to work – you still have to bend down and loop the wire through your tires, but if you didn’t it wouldn’t be much of a lock!!! Even when the Disney World staff moved the stroller and the wire got caught up in the wheels, it was easy to release the wire.The only issue that we had was a user issue. I didn’t give my husband training on how to unlock it and he left us to get the stroller while my son and I rode Peter Pan for the 5th time. Throughout the ride I kept thinking to myself “please don’t let him try to get the lock off.” Well he did and he either: hit all the buttons so many times that he broke the mechanism OR changed the code without knowing that he changed the code. Either way I couldn’t get the thing unlocked. Luckily for us, Disney came and clipped the wire for us. NOTE TO MOMS: Either don’t let your husband unlock it or fully train him on how to unlock it.

Claire Lockport, KY

More pain than pleasure from this lock!

I bought this due to all the good reviews and for peace of mind when leaving my stroller unattended in the park/zoo/amusement park. I think that it’s overpriced for such a flimsy cable lock. It really looks like it can be cut fairly easily. I’ve seen bike cable locks thicker than this for half the price! But if we’re to assume people don’t usually walk around with pliers, it’s better than leaving your stroller unlocked. I also wish it was longer. It’s only 4 feet long. In the commercials, it shows that you can pull this thing through the back wheels of any stroller to lock the stroller to itself. I have a Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller and the cord is too short to go through the back wheels and lock, so I can’t even do that. And the most annoying thing, every time I try to lock it, the monkey unlatches from the velcro thing so I have to AGAIN and AGAIN reinsert it into the plastic holder piece, and carefully do this so it doesn’t fall out again. It’s such a frustrating pain in the butt!The only thing I like about it is that it’s retractable, and it offers some peace of mind when I’m with my child — so I’m not constantly looking over my shoulder to check on the stroller. Otherwise, it’s a pain and sometimes I feel like not even dealing with it and just leaving the stroller!! 🙁 I’ll be purchasing a THICKER, LONGER and CHEAPER bike cable and throwing the Buggyguard in the garbage!

Marcy Chalk Hill, PA

not the best quality

The product is very cute but it kind of jammed on the side (one of the buttons) so now my lock’s comb is stuck on the original one…oh well…better luck next time.

Edith Nikolski, AK

Protect your investment

You pay a lot of money for a good stroller and you certainly don’t want anyone walking away with it when you have it parked outside a restaurant, store, museum, theme park, etc. Anytime we leave our City Mini stroller somewhere, we use the Buggy Guard. It is super easy to use because it straps right onto the stroller when it’s not in use, so it’s always there. Then, when you are ready to use it, the cord pulls out and you can strap it to a pole, bike rack, or even itself, then it locks with a combination you set yourself. A really smart invention! To see other “must have” baby products on my list, go to […]

Magdalena Nicasio, CA

I love my buggyguard

I purchased this stroller lock after realizing I wasn’t enjoying my outings to the zoo & aquarium because I was much too afraid to leave my stroller unattended. I own a Bumbleride Indie and I just couldn’t think of walking away–even for a minute–from my beloved stroller in a croweded venue. So after much research I decided to purchase a buggyguard and settled on the Monkey because it was on sale.I tested it on a recent trip to Sesame Place, during one of the busiest days of the season. I LOVE my buggyguard and I especially love the peace of mind it gives me. We were able to park the stroller and go on multiple rides without worrying about it “rolling away”. The lock is long enough to go around the two wheels but not long enough to go around both wheels AND a fence. However that’s really not a big deal as you can opt to strap it around one wheel/frame and a fence for added security. The rope isn’t very thick but it’s strong and does the job well. My only gripe is that the lock tends to jam and I had to jimmy the lock each time I tried opening it. I’m not entirely sure if it’s just user inexperience or if it’s the lock itself. However, I’ll have plenty of other opportunities to test my buggyguard so I’ll update my review if I encounter any further problems.Overall, I highly recommend this lock as an added security measure to protect your vauable stroller, especially if visiting an amusement park or similar. The peace of mind alone is worth it.

Joanna Lake Geneva, FL

Doesn’t fit City Select nor City Mini double

This does not fit though both back wheels for the Baby Jogger City Select nor the City Mini Double. I had to return it.Just in case you are wondering…Note to company: Why don’t you make this 6 inches longer to accommodate many more strollers?I rated it 3 stars because I think it’s a great product, unfortunately too small for my strollers.

Nora Mount Washington, KY

Cute but pricey

Its cute and does its job just a little high priced for a stroller lock but I splurged anyway. I have a stroller with Mickey on it and I live in Orlando so I wasn’t going to run the risk of it getting stollen when we went to the Disney Parks.

Cleo Livingston Manor, NY

Cute, Compact, Strong & Long Chord

I like Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock because it is really cute, it’s compact enough and attaches to the stroller when not in use. It’s strong and the cord expands 48″. It’s expensive but I highly recommend it over the other bulky and shorter cable locks.

Frances Walshville, IL

Easy to use, secure

I live in an area where there have been stroller thefts lately. Sounds silly, but it totally inconveniences you when it disappears. Since buying this, we haven’t had a problem. Easy to use, program, and unlock with your code. Comes in lots of cute animals. This one matches our red stroller.

Kristine Lookout Mountain, TN

Excellent and must need

I bought this based on the reviews and I love it. It secures the stroller very well and I feel better having it since we often go out. Highly recommend!

Cecelia Melrose, OH


I was skeptical at first because it seemed like anyone could break this thing, but we used it for a week in Disneyland and it worked just fine. Never broke. I would recommend for anyone with an expensive stroller.

Francesca Core, WV

Cute but not necessary

We’ve had this for 9 months and haven’t used it yet. I attached it to my Bugaboo Cameleon thinking that I’d be locking the stroller up everywhere, but we haven’t been anywhere where we’ve had to leave it unattended yet. So nine months ago when we set up the stoller, we attached the lock right away and it stayed attached but unused until it got hit by a door while shopping and popped off! The plastic that attached the lock to the stroller is broken, but the lock/cable still works, so now it’s sitting in the basket under the stroller seat, waiting to be used. I’m sure it will come in handy some day but now that it’s just sitting in the basket, any old bike lock would work just the same, if not better. This lock is definitely cute, but it doesn’t seem that strong…a pair of pliers can easily snap the cable.

Manuela Oldwick, NJ

Best purchase for Disney trip!!!

People steal strollers everywhere, but it’s really a problem in Disney World because you have to park your stroller in a stroller parking area filled with over a hundred strollers and then go in a building for dinner or a ride and no one makes sure everyone gets their "own" stroller afterward. People will roll up with a $30 piece of trash and roll away with your $400 Britax. So, a cable lock is a must and you just run it through the spokes in two of your wheels and no one is walking off with your stroller then. 😀

Maureen Brocton, NY

Great lock

It is easy to use and comes in handy when at the park. The cord is sturdy and long enough to wrap around most poles.

Briana Dunlo, PA

Perfect for Themeparks, zoos and other outing.

Secure your stroller outside in a store or even in a park, great securityh and you choose your own combination and has a retractible cord.

Mollie Seaforth, MN

Great, cute idea~!

Love this….keep it on my stroller to lock it up in the city and leave it outside my building and feel safe! Great idea!

Karin Swan Lake, NY

So cute and functional!

I absolutely love this item. It stays with the stroller so I won’t ever forget it. It has a long steel cord that is strong and wrapped in flexible plastic so it won’t rub the paint off your stroller. It is so cute and easy to use. And if you get the panda, you get to choose the bow tie color (the package also includes blue and pink bows). What more can you ask for?

Yesenia Center Tuftonboro, NH

Nice Lock

We used this for a few days at Disney. Easy to lock up and then unlock stroller. Would recommend this to friends. If the stickers for the eyes/etc are important to you, you may want to “paint” over them with clear nail polish to help them stay on. After a day at Disney both of our eye stickers (which are already on there when it’s shipped) had fallen off, so now we have an eyeless frog. lol.

Suzette Sneedville, TN

Worked for what we needed.

The eye stickers fell off almost immediately. Other than that this is a perfect and cute way to lock your stroller. We have a city mini double and used this at disney world. We just looked the back wheels together since you can’t lock to anything stationery there or they will cut your lock! I

Jasmin Ridgeview, SD

Great lock!

I got this so I would feel comfortable leaving my stroller alone at amusement parks and other places where you cannot always take your stroller. This is defintely a sturdy lock, it’s easy to figure out with the directions how to set up your new password to open the lock. It has a long retractable sturdy cord to prevent anyone from easily cutting it and taking your stroller. The only con is it is a bit hard to unlock it. You have to have the numbers lined up perfectly with the little notch on the panda for it to open. Other than that I defintely recommend this, it has made me feel a lot better about leaving our stroller by itself.

Beverly Cordova, NM

A nice ‘extra’ for the stroller.

You don’t need to get a lock for your stroller, but if you spent a lot of money on a stroller like I did you will feel a little better by locking up your investment if you have to leave the stoller for a few minutes.The lock works quickly and I have locked the stroller up with one hand. The design is super cute and it’s small enough to fit in my handlebar organizer (it’s by Jolly Jumper). The retractable part is handy since you can weave the wire through the wheels and the car seat attachment, etc, and then tighten it up so all the pieces are locked together.

Eleanor Glendora, CA

Please don’t move my stroller

I know that Disney is well meaning in moving strollers around but keeping track of 2 kids and all the gear (stroller included) is hard enough without having a surge of panic every time I go to find my stroller and it gone. Considering how often I lose track of where I put something, I either feel like I’m losing my mind or maybe someone actually has stolen the darn thing (which with a BOB can be a valid concern). This lock was great, we were able to lock our extra diaper bag to the frame and every time we got off a ride, we were able to find our stroller easily. We got a ton of compliments from other parents and it helped our stroller stand out a bit when trying to pick our SUV sized stroller out of the line up with all the other SUV sized strollers. Very easy to use and it is going to come in extremely handy for other outings as well.

Elnora Saint Lawrence, SD


I definitely feel that my stuff is safer when I use this lock, not only for strollers. Very happy with my purchase

Nicole Cape Neddick, ME

Less one thing to worry

Cute innovative design and it is easy to change the lock combination.It is small but it does get the job done! Lock your investment people!

Zelda New Market, MD

JUST DARLING! (and it works well!)

This little monkey is just DARLING!Of course the cord isn’t very thick, and won’t stand up to a pair of pliers, but if someone is THAT determined to steal your stroller then they will anyways!The monkey is super cute and it comes with different color bow ties so you can match your boy or girl. A lot of other reviews say that people scramble the code and can’t get it back open, but if you read the directions then its actually extremely simple!We haven’t used it yet at Disney (like everyone else) but we live in a historic area where strollers usually won’t fit so we use it when we have to leave our UppaBaby unattended at restaurants, etc. You can just wrap up the wheels, or tie one wheel to something stationary. Just seeing it piques everyones interest! -and I’m sure deters thieves!It also comes on and off your stroller easily, has a pretty long cord (4ft I think?), is about the size of a deck of cards and is very easy to use.I think its great! 🙂

Katy Proctorsville, VT

Will deter MOST stroller thieves…

Yes, it is obviously not the sturdiest thing you can buy to secure your stroller investment…but it WILL make someone think twice about strolling off with your stroller. It is a lock, after all, and it does work. I felt perfectly confident using this at Disney World for entire trip. If you secure it correctly, your stroller will not be able to pushed, and a thief (or even someone who just mistakes your stroller for their own) will see that the wheels are being locked up by this device and leave it alone. Now, yes, the cable can be cut. But realistically, not many people walk around with cable cutters on a regular basis. And yes, if your stroller is not locked TO some permanent fixture, then it can be picked up and carried off, but if you have a large stroller like us, that’s not likely. Definitely more likely with an umbrella stroller…so just lock it to something.

Pearlie Mount Desert, ME

easy to use

used to secured two strollers together at amusement parks/ restaurants/ community parks/ farmer’s market/ beachloops through bags/back packs as well when securing strollergreat add on gift for the traveler/ baby shower

Cathleen Portia, AR