Bugs On Board

Bugs On Board

Sassy New Bug’s on-board (3 coset) TYSA70701

Main features

  • Bugs can attach to infant carrier/stroller
  • Comes with a dragonfly, grasshopper, and ladybug
  • Dragonfly shakes and buzzes, ladybug and grasshopper rattle and chime
  • Colors and style may vary.

Verified reviews


Very Versitile

I received these as a gift. What I like the most of them is how versitile they are, unlike many of the other toys, these can attach almost anywhere. They were perfect to attach to our car seat / baby carrier handle for baby to look at in the car or in the stroller. The quality is not that great and my daughter really wasn’t interested in them after 5 months or so, so the rattle and squeak element was really not that worthwhile.

Courtney Alton, IA

Used them everywhere

I switched these from the basinette, to the infant carrier to the stroller all the time.Really cute how my son would focus on them.

Abigail Creston, WA

The only bugs I ever loved

I don’t know what I would have done without these bugs. They kept my daughter entertained for hours while she was in her infant carseat. Now that she is in the larger carseat I have found other places to attach them because they are her favorite travelling toy. This is one toy that I will be saving for her memory box!

Annmarie Royalton, KY

You gotta get these!

I read wonderful things about these online, so I went out and got them. My daughter loves them! We’ve got them on her car seat/carrier, and they keep her entertained while we shop, eat out, whatever. She has managed to stay interested in them for a long time! Great product!

Ashleigh Camp Sherman, OR

Great entertainer!

I bought these for my son for his infant carrier. He loves them! Whenever we are out and he gets upset, I pull or swing the bugs and he stops. Unfortunately he’ll be in a regular seat soon and I don’t think I’ll be able to use them anymore. Also I wish the ‘vibrating’ bug went up slower. Other than that great toy!!! Also a great price!!!

Ida Medicine Lake, MT

my daughter loves these bugs

A friend gave these to me when my daughter was an infant for her car carrier and she loved them. These were the first toys that she swatted and played with. They kept her entertained on the long car trip to visit family back in N.Y. There was hardly a peep out of her. Now that she is out of the carrier I put them on the bar that goes with her walker now she pulls them to her mouth and chews on them. You can also put them on the stroller or a highchair to keep baby entertained.

Angeline La Joya, TX

Baby loves them – but jitter toy broke

These are great! My baby girl has loved these since she was just a few weeks old (she’s almost 6 months now & still loves them.) At first, I’d place them on the sides of the car seat handle, so they’d catch her peripheral vision. It’s been fun seeing her develop & her enjoyment of these little bugs just keeps developing, too. First she just watched them, then she batted at them, now she grabs & pulls & of course, tries to eat them. Only problem is that the jitter toy (the firefly) broke a long time ago, before she even got to the point where she could pull it & enjoy it. Still, she doesn’t know she’s missing anything.

Lynne Fair Bluff, NC

Lady Bug is great

My 6 month old has loved the lady bug since the beginning. However, the other two take more effort to get her attention. Now that she has teethed on them for a couple of months, the crackly feel and sound in the wings is going away.

Merle Saint James, MN

Baby likes, but mommy is disappointed…

I bought these for my 3 month old, since she is just starting to bat and grab at hanging toys. Here are the pros and cons of the bugs:Pros1) They can be hung from multiple places, including the car seat, bouncy seat, and swing.2) Can be used as wrist rattles3) Brightly colored, keeps my babies attention4) They don’t hang down too far, so they don’t hit my baby in the face while they are hooked to her car seat.Cons1) The dragonfly is supposed to have beads in its tail that rattle. Unfortunately, the beads are so tightly packed into the tail that they don’t rattle at all; also, there is a yellow mesh fabric that covers the tail so you can barely even see the beads. I had researched this product online first before buying and was under the impression that the beads were easy to see in the tail. I was very disappointed when I took this bug out of the package and it wasn’t anything like how it was represented online. The beads may as well not even be in the tail, since they are pretty much non-functioning.2) The dragonfly is also supposed to buzz and vibrate when you pull it down. It does, but it only buzzes/vibrates for a split second, not nearly long enough for my baby to even realize what’s going on!3) The grasshopper is supposed to rattle, but when I shake it, I can barely hear the rattle sound coming from inside its body. The ladybug is the only bug out of the three that has a nice chime sound that entertains my baby.I’m glad I bought these, because my baby does like them. I just was a bit disappointed that they were different than what they were represented to be on the online information.

Beverly Brazoria, TX

Love it. Get it!

Makes any car ride, just that much more quieter 🙂

Marguerite Wilmore, KS

Baby Loves Them!

My 4 month old loves these bugs! She’s just started to grab the wings of them and pull them to her mouth, and is always surprised when they bounce back and rattle when she lets go. She hasn’t gotten the hang of the buzzing one yet, though. This was one of our better purchases for such a small amount of money.

Lorie Osco, IL

These are great!

My son loved these hanging on his infant carseat. Now I put them on his wrists when he is in a shopping cart. They not only keep him busy but I dont have to worry about him dropping them.

Myrna Knife River, MN

Fun on Board

These bugs are a lot of fun anywhere. Right now I have them on my son’s carseat handle and he just loves to stare at them. One of the bugs has a mechanism that when you pull on down on it, it springs back up and makes a bzzzing noise. He loves it.

Margaret Ramona, KS


My son loves these toys. The second I put him in his carseat, he starts grabbing them. I didn’t think much of them until just recently when he started grabbing for them, before that, he didn’t really notice them. I love the different colors patterns, etc. My bugs are slightly different than the picture on here, but these look just as good. I would recommend these to everyone.

Lakesha Ossining, NY

Baby says “Wow!”

When I bought these bugs for my 2 months old boy I anticipated him to get attracted; but his reaction exceeded all my expectations. When he saw these toys hanging on his bouncer he said his first “Wow!” 🙂 Or, whatever he said, definitely meant a big Wow. I had never seen him that excited before. My little man was even more attracted when he discovered that the bugs have crunchy wings, they rattle and the dragonfly buzzes. Toys came in different colors then shown on the picture; but they look even nicer. The size is perfect also: enough to attract an infant’s attention, but not too big so he can hold them easily. He can spend 30 minutes or even more kicking these toys, touching wings and even talking to them! The bugs became his best friends – and mine too because, while he is busy with them in his bouncer or crib, I can spare time for some homework.

Nora Guild, NH

Bugs are great for Newborns

These are great toys to entertain your new baby. Just hang them from the bar on their infant car seat and they will be entertained while you do small errands around the house or at the market. My kids loved to bat at these bugs and each bug makes a different noise too!

Audra Mc Donald, TN

GREAT price for a GREAT toy

When we reg for our twins i think we totaly forgot about cute practical things like these. My friend bought us 4 sets of these cute little bugs. To keep on both sets of infant carseats My babies really like them and im so happy she got them for us. We put these on when the babies were about 2 weeks old and now at almost 6 months they still love to stare at them. Sometimes when we run earns i just take one down and give them to the babies to chew on, shake, or rattle around with. They get a lot of mouth time now since they are teething. I have washed them a few times already just cuz we spent time some at other ppls homes and their children were chewing and carrying around with the bugs quit a bit. I just wash them in the sink with cold water and woolite and let them air dry. They still are in great shape. They come in great for those long car rides to visit family. Each of the bugs do something diffrent. All around this is a great product!

Darlene Ovid, MI

We love the bugs!

My daughter loves her bugs and has ever since she was born! We put them all over–her crib, carseat, swing, bouncy seats, etc. She really concentrates on them and it’s great to have something so small and easily moved that she loves.

Gracie Lesterville, SD

Makes for happy car rides and store trips

My son wasn’t interested in these until he was maybe 3 or so months old, but then he loved them. He’s 8 months old now and we bring them when we go shopping or out to eat. I just velcro one on to his wrist or the stroller or highchair and I never have to worry about him dropping his rattle or toy on the nasty floor wherever we go!

Rachel Heppner, OR

BUGS! Couldn’t live without them

We put these bugs on our infant seat a few weeks after our daughter was born. She is now 3 months old and just loves these bugs! It keeps her so occupied in the stroller. She can’t really see the bugs when she is in the car being that the handle is pushed back. When these bugs are in her sight she just stares at them. The one bug that you pull down and then it goes bzzzzzzzzzzz and back up we have had some problems with, but I would buy these again. I have told my friends about Bugs on Board. They need to get them and I have seen these bugs everywhere!

Anne Franktown, VA

does the job

great toy, works well on place flights. occupies child and keeps them happy.

Brittany Cedar Lake, IN

Great toy for little babies

We hung these bugs on my daughter’s car seat and swing when she was just two months old. She loves the bright colors and they’ve kept her entertained for three months now. Cheap but well loved toy in our home!

Brandi Rome, GA