Built NY Comfy Bib- Black/Leaf Green

Built NY Comfy Bib- Black/Leaf Green

Keep Baby Clean and Dry! The Tidy Bib by Built NY (designed for babies 1 to 2 years old), has an absorbent, soft and machine-washable surface, and a completely waterproof inner layer (made of wetsuit material) that keeps moisture from seeping through. This bib also has a crumb-catcher that is held in place by Velcro tabs and can be undone for easy cleaning. The Tidy Bib will keep baby clean and dry – no matter what’s on the menu. The BUILT Tidy Bib Blastoff is a Swiss Knife Shop Exclusive. We have added a whimsical embroidered design featuring an rocket ship to this popular sky blue bib. Add an optional monogrammed name below this design to make your bib even more unique.

Main features

  • Washable outer surface and waterproof under layer
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Machine Washable
  • Birth – 12 months

Verified reviews


Nice bib

These bibs are nice, they do their job but smill like tires. The smell wears off a bit after a few washes but still kinda there. I would buy these again and would recommend them to a friend. Good quality!

Minerva Richmond, ME


This is a great bib if you’re baby is a drooler. Holds much more slobber than you’re typical cloth bib. Plus, if you hang it up, it drys quickly and can be used…a great feature if you’re away from home for the day.

Lydia Brimfield, IL

Strange size – good material

I love Built NY products, especially the thick material. This bib is made of the same material that other Built products use, which is great for lots of drool. The only downside to this bib is its strange square shape.

Juliette North Brookfield, MA

caution when washing

I really like the look of these. Love that they’re reversible. One bad thing is that if you wash the with any other fabroc they will collect lint from that fabric and look terrible.

Jaclyn Greenland, AR

Is fairly ok

Well is to small for a 9 month baby, maybe for a 3 month is ok but now I dont find any use of it other than give it away.To bad because is a good product, is easy to wash and handle and I really like the black green colors.I do recommend this product but for a 3 month old baby!

Twila Dolliver, IA


I’ve looked far and wide for a nice black bib these fit the bill perfectly to go with some of the outfits I’ve made my grand baby for church… Well made and nice fit… Will be buying from this company in the future!!! Now if only they made a black turtleneck onsie! I’d also like to see them with the lettuce ruffle edges on the neck and bottom of the sleeve.

Nelly Holmesville, OH

Great for drool, not for spit up

This bib is a great looking bib. However, its best purpose will be for drool, and not for spit up or use during feeding. This is because while the material is absorbant, it does not absorb quickly. Therefore, it leads to large amounts of liquid (i.e., spit up) to roll right off and onto clothes, furniture, or your own clothes.

Joni Lederach, PA