Built Thirsty Tote, Dot No. 7

Built Thirsty Tote, Dot No. 7

The idea behind bottle totes is to offer a product thatprotects bottles, keeps them cold, soaks up spills and ismachine washable. The Thirsty Totes have convenientcarrying handles that snap. (fits kids sized bottles)

Main features

  • Thermal bottle tote protects your bottle, keeps it cold up to four hours, depending on external temperatures and soak up spills
  • Offers convenient carrying handles that snap to strollers, car seats or diaper bags
  • Made of SBR; durable, soft and absorbent
  • Stain resistant, machine wash cold and drip dry
  • Tested baby safe and lead safe

Verified reviews


Awesome for keeping bottles cool!

We use this when we are going out with a bottle of refrigerated breastmilk. It keeps it cool for hours so if I have an opportunity to feed baby from the source at one feeding, the bottle is still fresh at the next feeding.

Allie Lost Creek, PA

Excellent Baby Bottle Accessory

Fits my 4oz Dr. Brown glass bottles perfectly. IF my bottle leaks it will not be a problem to throw this in the wash. I love the very streamlined & snug fit. I use it for breastmilk and for long trips I pack a bottle in this sleeve next to an ice pack inside a thermal-insulated tote bag with velcro seal. For shorter durations (1 hour car ride) this bottle sleeve has kept milk chilled lower than room temperature. Overall, I’m very happy with the design & functionality.

Nona Trego, WI

Love it

My son was very particular about the temperature of his bottle. This tote kept the water warm so I could mix up a bottle wherever we were. So easy!

Marian Elkhart, TX

Works great!

This keeps my kids drinks cool while it is easy to keep clean as you can just throw it in the washing machine. I was looking for something like this because the insulated pockets inside the diaper bag start getting filthy from the little milk spills and it is hard to keep them clean.

Jeanette Winfield, TX

drink tote

I haven’t used this very much but I am impressed with it so far. It is pretty stretchy and keeps drinks cool.

Lesa Blair, WV

Nice and Handy.

Like this. I don’t use it as much as I thought I would, but the couple times I have used it, it’s been handy and useful.

Maryann Coyanosa, TX

What I was looking for…

This is great for keeping bottles colder when leaving the house. It fits our 8 oz. Dr. Brown bottles perfectly. The reason why I took one star away is because there have been a few times where I clipped it to the stroller and it unsnapped and fell to the ground. It’s safer to just stick it in the diaper bag.

June Castleberry, AL

Strap broke after 2 hours of use

I ordered the hot pink/orange color. Unfortunately, the snap on the strap broke after it pulled away from the fabric after only 2 hours of use. In the limited experience I had with it, it kept my daughter’s sippy cup from getting hot, but I cannot say it kept it cold or even cool. What really frustrated me about this purchase was the lack of customer service of the seller, The Baby’s Gallerie. When I contacted them about getting a replacement, I was advised I had to cut off and mail the defective part at my expense. I was also really unimpressed with the Seller’s tone in their response to me when I made alternate suggestions for proving the defect, such as an emailed picture that showed the defect. I found The Baby’s Gallerie to be unprofessional and will not do business with them again.

Christie Sprague, NE

Perfect for holding toddler sippy cups!

This is our second thirsty tote for my sons sippy cups. The first one went missing, and I loved it so much, I had to get another just like it. His cup slides in for transportation in the diaper bag, and isn’t bulky. We’ve had some insulator sleeves/pouches that were super bulky and took up a lot of room even without anything in it. I realize Built didn’t necessarily make these for sippy cups, but I’m so glad they did! It’s perfect for what we use it for!

Traci Grants, NM