Bumbleride 2011 Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller, Lava

Bumbleride 2011 Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller, Lava

FT-405L-Set Features: -Suitable for infancy and up.-Standard infant headrest and shoulder pad.-Infant seat adapter bar and safety strap, removable carry strap.-Cup holder and oversized canopy for maximum sun coverage.-Dual front and rear wheel suspension.-Multi-adjustable backrest and footrest with lat flat position for sleeping babies.-Unique shape folds ultra-slim to be easily stowed in the tightest of spaces.-Easy, compact fold and cargo basket. Construction: -Lightweight, anodized aluminum frame construction. Color/Finish: -Color: Lava. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required. Collection: -Flite collection.

Main features

  • Bumbleride flite is suitable for infancy and up with standard infant headrest and shoulder pads, infant seat adapter bar and safety strap, removable carry strap and cup holder
  • Dual front and rear wheel suspension
  • Multi-adjustable backrest and footrest with lat flat position for sleeping babies
  • Sun canopy with SPF 45 UV lining for maximum sun coverage
  • Lightweight at 13 pounds, anodized aluminum frame construction with an easy, compact fold and cargo basket

Verified reviews


Not only a good umbrella stroller, but possibly the only stroller you need

It’s true there is no perfect stroller, but this one is pretty good. We’ve ended up with 3 different strollers: ABugaboo Bee- All BlackaGraco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame, and now this one which I bought for travel. The Graco is great for errands and I keep it in the car, but I feel badly leaving my daughter in it for long periods. The Bugaboo is cushy and comfortable for long walks, but it’s awkward to travel with and got damaged the last time we took it on a trip. We travel a lot because our parents live on the opposite coast, so being able to bring our car seat through the airport easily is HUGE.I had very specific criteria:1. Needs to fully recline so our baby can sleep comfortably on long walks2. Needs to take a car seat (and specifically a Graco)3. Lightweight4. Decent sun protectionNice to have:- Newborn capability for future childrenWhile this was more expensive than some of the Umbrella strollers I looked at, it was the only one I could find that met all of my criteria. Many lower-end umbrella strollers don’t recline, and very, very few take Graco car seats (or car seats at all), which is so important for getting through the airport with all our gear when we travel. TheGraco IPO Stroller – Platinumis relatively heavy at 17 pounds (that extra 5 pounds makes a difference). I looked at many, many more, but this was the only one that ticked all the boxes. I figured it was better to spend $250 on something that actually solves my problems than $100 on something that isn’t really any better than what we already have.This stroller was the only one that checked all the boxes. We sailed through the airport with it, and my daughter could sprawl out when we took walks along the ocean. It’s light, easy to use, and comfy for our daughter. It has an infant bassinet insert, which will be amazing when we have another baby! Honestly, we love our Bee, but this stroller does everything the Bee does except turn to a parent-facing position, and it costs less than half the price. For new parents, unless you’re planning to bring your baby on incredibly rugged trails (for which I’d recommend a Bjorn instead) THIS IS THE ONLY STROLLER YOU REALLY NEED (besides a snap n’ go type thing for your car).It’s true that there isn’t a lot of storage space underneath, but my suggestion is to get aSkip Hop Pronto Changer Diaper Bag, Blackinstead of a diaper bag. It fits everything you need and only takes up a teeny tiny bit of space.Yes, the recline function is an O-ring vs. a lever. It’s not a big deal, and on the bright side, it allows for infinite positions to ensure your little one is comfy!You can fold it one handed by releasing one side at a time. It’s not the easiest in the world, but it is possible once you get the hang of it. Can your fancy simple fold stroller take a car seat once you get the hang of it? I think not.This stroller is sturdy, pretty, and does everything you need. It even made it over cobblestones and tough terrain a few times on our trip. It isn’t perfect, but I challenge you to find something better if you want a lightweight, easy-travel stroller!

Beryl Tollhouse, CA

Not worth the price tag!

I fell victim to the marketing and reviews of this product. I wanted to like this stroller, but I HATE it. The reclining mechanism is difficult to adjust, the levers to break it down are too far down the sides (should be closer to the handles for ease), we lost the coffee cup holder the first week because it comes off so easily, the visor comes down more than some, but still not enough, especially when baby is fully reclined, and the undercarriage storage is ridiculously shallow. Also, the fabric comes off the leg flap all the time and the straps twist and twist. What’s worse is the front wheels lock up all the time because the vibration from the sidewalk causes the mechanism to slide down and lock the wheels forward. Drives me CRAZY!Babies R Us carries the Deluxe Umbrella Stroller and it costs $29.99. It is the SAME stroller with a deeper undercarriage stroller, better placement of the breakdown mechanism, the reclining mechanism are zippers (brilliant), and it’s lighter weight. Sure it doesn’t have the carseat attachment or the little flap for your childs legs to be bent or stick straight out, or a coffee cup holder, but are those worth an extra $230 (I paid $260 for my bumbleride)???Trust me, the Bumbleride is an unworthy expense.

Mallory Riga, MI

Great lightweight stroller! But collapses to easily.

As far as umbrella strollers go, this one is awesome! It feels substantial and good quality and It’s very light and easy to fold – it is not a one handed fold, but I have found that most strollers that say they are one handed still take two hands. The fold is very quick though. I also love that there is a carrying strap.The center of gravity isn’t bad. I can hang a lighter bag from the handles with no problem. The basket is small – but for a compact stroller, what do you expect? You access the basket from the front, so even when the seat is reclined it is easy to get to.The steering is amazing! I easily steered it one handed through narrow isles while holiday shopping – something I never could have done with my travel system. Speaking of travel systems – you don’t need one! This stroller comes with the adapter bar for the Graco (and other) car seat. An extra purchase with most other strollers!My daughter is very comfortable in this stroller. She is only 4 months so I love the 5 point harness. She is very secure and the harness is easy for me to undo. I also really like the adjustable leg rest, it keeps her from looking like she is hanging out of the stroller.I’m not sure why another posted said the sunshade was small. One of the reasons I chose this stroller over the Maclaren was the larger sunshade. I also love that the seat reclines almost flat.I am very happy with my purchase!*** I have now owned the stroller for 3 months, and although I am still happy with it, I had to go back and reduce my stars to only 3. This stroller folds very quickly and easily, which is great. However, the top folding bar that goes between the two handles has no sort of lock on it to keep it open. So it just so of starts folding while I’m pushing the stroller. The bottom bar locks, so I don’t believe that the stroller will actually collapse but it still seems like a safety issue – or at least annoying while I am trying to push the stroller.

Kristi Attica, KS

Very happy.

My daughter is 3 years old and 41″ tall. She still gets tired with too much walking and we have theme park season passes, so I definitely still wanted a stroller for her. We own a Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system and she’d definitely outgrown the stroller (and had long since outgrown the car seat.) I needed a stroller that would fit her. I also wanted a stroller that wouldn’t take up very much room in my crew cab truck (a truck bed is rendered useless when 1/2 of it is being taken up by a stroller!) and wouldn’t be too hard to carry around. Enter the Bumbleride Flite.The Bumbleride has a really tall seat back, and that’s fantastic. My daughter’s head still has a seat back to rest against and her head isn’t brushing the underside of the canopy at all, she still has room to grow a little. Its also very solid; you forget its an umbrella stroller!Other pros include really comfortable, durable, breathable fabric and a solid construction. The foot rest doesn’t feel flimsy at all and is wider than other umbrella stroller foot rests that I’ve seen, so my daughter actually gets use out of it. The straps are very nicely constructed and made of very soft material with a very close knit. Said straps are very easy to adjust and to remove if needed. The buckle is super easy to operate. The handles are high enough for my 6’1″ husband to push comfortably, but not so high as to be awkward for me (at all of 5’3″) There’s a parent cupholder that expands to fit slightly larger cups and bottles. I love that it has a snack tray for the kiddies that can be purchased separately from Bumbleride (but I can’t review that, as I don’t own it yet.) The stroller does NOT tend to tip backwards if heavy items are hung on the handles (I tested this with a loaded backpack and with a heavy leather purse, fully loaded.)The ribs in the canopy are very thick and strong and the canopy mechanism is very, VERY solid. My kid had this annoying tendency to grab the canopy of her previous stroller and play peekaboo with it. She can’t do that with the Flite, and that’s awesome. The canopy stays put! On that same note, its also takes quite a bit of effort for the parents to open and close. The canopy unzips at the back to allow for airflow and living in South Texas, I love that!The stroller reclines pretty flat and my daughter has room to nap in it. The seat is well padded and the seat cover is entirely and easily removable if the need ever arises.The ride of the stroller is smooth and its very, very easy to push even one handed. The footprint of the stroller is very small (only 24″x19″ and allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. Its so tiny when it folds up that it easily lays across my backseat floorboard if I need it to, or I can stow it away in a closet. The brakes are very easy to operate in shoes, sandals, socks, bare feet, anything.Cons: The seat bottom is a little shallow. My kid is a little skinny thing and it doesn’t bother her, but that might be an issue with larger, heavier children. The seat bottom also sits at an rearward incline due to the overall design of the stroller. The storage basket is there, but it might as well be non-existent. You can fit a purse or small diaper bag underneath there, I guess, but I wouldn’t. The peekaboo window is mesh (presumably to allow for air flow) but there’s no seeing through it, really, so its rather useless. The fold is the worst part of this stroller. Its far from one handed. It involves multiple steps and some finagling. You definitely couldn’t do it if you were trying to carry a baby, or groceries, or anything for that matter. It takes both hands and a lot of patience. Its a good idea to make sure the brakes are firmly engaged as they don’t always stay that way, even if you think they are. The handles are made of a “grippy” kind of foam and the texture really bothers me, but I think that’s probably just a “me” thing.The cons are so minimal that they really don’t detract from this stroller. Its an awesome stroller at a good price point.

Traci Valdez, NM

Great AFFORDABLE non-toxic stroller

I searched high and low to find a good, non-toxic stroller that wasn’t extremely expensive. I am so glad I found this one! It is small, like a better quality, more sturdy version of an umbrella stroller. The fabric is nice and soft, and it can recline far back so even a newborn can lay in it. I love the fact that it comes with an infant seat adapter bar that fits almost any infant seat and a non-PVC rain cover. Our baby HATED our old stroller (Graco travel system) & we are pleased to say she happily rides/sleeps in this one! We are really pleased with this stroller, and will definitely be buying from this company again in the future!!

Juliette Jupiter, FL

Why I Bought This Stroller…

After 21 months of using this stroller, I can now confidently say, “I’m so glad I bought this stroller.”After endless hours of researching, I finally made a decision based on my philosophy of parenting!I asked myself, do I want a super fancy, expensive, heavy but comfy stroller that I’m going to use ALL THE TIME and I want my child to stay in the stroller for prolong periods of times? Do i want to spend a lot of money on a stroller?And I said no.I want ONE STROLLER that is light weight but has it all.The Bumbleride Flite is that stroller.1. It’s LIGHT- but it has all the bells and whistles i wanted!2. It reclines & has an adjustable footrest – good for naps3. Large canopy w/ SPF.4. It has a universal ADAPTER- included! No need for another “snap n’ go” cart thing, that my BRITAX wouldn’t even be compatible with! It’s light too so it’s basically the same thing as a carseat stroller frame. No need for another piece of equipment to clutter your life!5. It’s solid, but it’s still light weight! So easy to take anywhere!!! But it’s not going to fall apart! It is made very well!CONS:1. it is expensive considering it is an umbrella stroller- however, being lightweight w/ all it’s functions, I’m glad I chose this stroller. There probably are other strollers that are less expensive that does what Bumbleride does, but based on reviews and research, I chose this company.PRO & CON: it’s not that comfortable for the child. It’s a pro in my opinion because I like that my child prefers to walk instead of relying so much on the stroller. It may be a reason not to get this stroller- it’s not that comfortable so your child may not want to stay in it for too long!

Viola Micro, NC

Not 13 pounds! But still love it.

Hi, I just received my flite in fog (movement edition), bought from another vendor, and it is gorgeous but I was sorely disappointed when I weighed myself carrying it and it turns out to be more like 16 pounds, esp. since the weight was part of what sold me. I also did a quick search and on thestrollerqueen.com site [..] it is listed as 15.5 pounds (I’m guessing they actually weighed it as well). Was just wondering if anyone else ever weighed theirs, want to find out if it’s just mine that weighs this much…. thanks!**edit** after having and using it for 2 months, really love it and am glad I made the purchase! Baby loves it too. Love that he can recline fully while napping and I can unzip the back part to have a clear, full view of him while sleeping. And sometimes i put the carseat adapter on just so baby has something to grab a hold of while sitting forward when he doesn’t want to be laying back in the seat. Guess the extra pound or two is okay, still lighter than other comparable full-featured umbrella strollers.Update: Sep 6, 2012: Still loving it! We’ve had a lot of problems with the recline strap, it has always been really, really tight and difficult to adjust, just kind of accepted it until a few weeks ago when I emailed Bumbleride directly about this problem. They asked for my order info and then immediately said they would ship me a replacement recline strap, free of charge. Bumbleride has AWESOME customer service!!

Shawn Barnum, IA

Great Umbrella

I have a 2011 Bumbleride Flite in Lava and also a BOB Revolution SE. If you are looking for a sturdy, well-designed umbrella this is a great purchase. I leave this stroller in my car and use it for running errands/travel. It has been a functional partner to my larger jogging stroller.I like the:- Design. Very sturdy, quality stroller. Easy to fold and unfold (when using two hands) and locks securely. Durable handle on the side to grab and lift into your car. Folds compactly.- Basket. It’s HUGE. BE SURE TO ACCESS FROM THE FRONT though. I can fit my large Vera Bradley diaper bag in there (which will not fit in my BOB basket…)- Included car seat adaptor. Works with tons of car seat brands. Great EXTRA option for an umbrella.- Canopy. It is HUGE for an umbrella (I had my heart set on a Maclaren but when comparing the strollers side by side, the canopy on the Bumbleride was far superior).- Handles. I am 5’11 and this is a very comfortable height for me to push. I like the angle of the handles and that there are two.- Maneuverability. I briefly used a friends snap’n go stroller and then switched to this stroller and it corners like a dream in comparison. Pushing with one hand is awesome. Have pushed over cobbled streets, gravel, short grass and uneven pavement and have been pleasantly surprised.- Adjustable Footrest. Sturdy. Nice option.- Function. Great for a tiny baby with either cart seat or in the stroller with recline, adjustable footrest and included infant insert through large toddlers.- Belt release. Reminds me of the BOB, just depress the button and the belt shoots open. Easy. (Also why I had to choose the Bumbleride over the Maclaren; the Maclaren I tested had a really difficult buckle to undo).- Seat. For an umbrella this seat is very padded and structured.- Lava Color. Conceals wear. Not too hot even with darker color.- Side cup holder is included.Don’t care for the:- Peekaboo window in canopy. It’s small, mesh (can’t see through it) and has velcro closure.- STRAPS. They are SUPER twisty, thin, floppy and I seem to always have excess loose strap flying all over the place. In my opinion, low quality for a stroller at this price point. My least favorite thing about this stroller!!- Recline. Difficult to raise/recline with baby in the stroller. Also there is just a strap looped behind the stroller (rather than two straps lowering each side independently) so the seat will really LEAN to a side with baby’s weight. Not so comfy for baby.- Will not fold with car seat attachment. (Takes about 20 seconds to remove, nbd).In summary, if you are looking solely for an umbrella with extras (i.e. size/weight are important) this is a great option. However, if you are considering this for its travel system functionality or as your only stroller, I would consider a more well-rounded stroller for this price (like maybe the Britax B-Agile or Baby Jogger City Mini).

Joanne Lamar, IN

Beautifully designed, super light and folds small

I love the look and feel of this stroller. Bumbleride makes a series of high quality products and this is no exception.Pros:- beautiful and functional- easy fold down- reclines enough for baby to sleep comfortably- maneuvers very well- good sunshade- super lightCons:- pricey for an umbrella stroller, but worth it in durability- sunshade doesn’t always cover his face so you need to add a blanket for those extra long walks in the sun- cup holder flimsy- basket is useless, can carry a toy or a small jacket for baby but that’s about itIf you’d like some more guidance about stroller shopping, read the stroller shopping guide on the website, AllMomsArePerfect.com. It’s under “baby gear” and offers excellent pointers on what to look for in a stroller. It’s also got really good advice on preparing for motherhood and other baby essentials you might want.

Libby Carbon, TX