Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller, Aquamarine

Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller, Aquamarine

Indie is designed for the active family who wants the ability of an all terrain jogger without sacrificing clean lines and intuitive operation. Indie is infant ready on the lowest seat recline setting or with the included Infant Car Seat Adapter and belt. Indie is the lightest all terrain jogging stroller in it’s class at 20lbs. Indie’s fully adjustable backrest, footrest and handle create a customized fit for you and your little one. Featuring an easy, compact fold with dimensions of 32″L x 24.5″ W x 15″ H. Max weight capacity: 45lbs. Width: 24.5″ . Make it a ride for two for your growing family with our Mini Board toddler board.

Main features

  • One hand maneuverability with 12″ lockable, swivel front air filled wheel. Perfect for jogging or everyday errands.
  • Compact, easy fold with lightweight anodized aluminum frame. Perfect for car travel or limited stow space.
  • Infant ready without use of an infant seat or Carrycot. Universal Infant Seat Adapter also included and compatible with : Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35, Chicco Keyfit 30, Britax Chaperone & more.

Verified reviews


The Indie Double Jogging Stroller is great

I got the double stroller for my twins and love it. It works well for shopping, slow jogging, and for walks in the city or on grass/packed gravel. It is very versatile. I bought a bicycle bottle holder and attached it to the handle bar so I don’t need the bottle holder on the side of the stroller. This way it fits through all the doors and isles. The best thing is the light weight and the ease to maneuver. I can push and turn this double stroller with one hand. I also love the adjustability of the footrest. At the beginning I had it up all the way to give my kids a little bit more protection and to make it cozier. At the moment they are 8 months old and they can stretch their legs out all the way with space for their toys, snacks and water bottles. The sun shade is also very large and can be adjusted in many different ways. I started using this stroller when the kids were 6 months old.

Ruthie Bladen, NE

love it

I love this stroller. It drives great through pretty much everything and my toddler girl loves to sit in it. It’s not as heavy and bulky as I imagined and very easy to fold and unfold. I thought I just use this one for walks but use the umbrella stroller for shopping etc. but I didn’t use any other stroller since I got this one.I find it a little difficult for running because it always drives where I don’t want to run… but I think there might have been a mistake when I built it together. But it works. Its not a awesome jogging stroller but good for occasional runs (and I don’t come far either way.) And its not ment to be a jogging stroller.long story short… we love it. 🙂

Henrietta Sulphur Springs, TX

Love Bumbleride

I had my baby in September 2010 and had started with the Chico travel system. I was frustrated with how hard it was to fold and how uncomfortable it seemed for my daughter. One of my girlfriends had sent me a list of must have baby items and this was at the very top. I decided it was time for a change and bought the 2011 Indie bumbleride in Seagrass.At first I was just so happy to have such a beautiful stroller. The colors are great, the material is quality, and the frame is gorgeous. I feel pretty good pushing my daughter around in such a great stroller.After I started using it regularly I fell in love. The ride is beyond smooth. I jog and we often go to the park and this handled the terrain perfectly. I also can’t get over how easy it is to fold up, and it’s light weight. The canopy is huge and keeps my babe covered. It also zippers which I love so I can see her nap while we’re walking. She also loves being able to lay completely flat on her back while in the stroller. I am so happy with my purchase of the Bumbleride and constantly talk about it.I recently upgraded to the jet blue 2012 model to give grandma the old one and we are beyond thrilled with our bumblerides. Now that I have my son we also for the indie twin. Just as great, just a little heavy. This was the best money I spent on a baby product and I can’t recommend it enough! Enjoy your bumbleride!Sidenote: Their customer service is beyond great as well. We blew a tire, replaced it, only for it to blow again. I called Bumbleride thinking something might be suspect within the wheel. They sent me a knew wheel, no charge, no shipping, no hassle. Amazing interaction with this compnay.

Marion Colesburg, IA

Beautiful Stroller, with some downsides..

When I got this stroller in the mail, I was surprised at how beautiful (that is, not cheap looking at all) and sturdy it was. There are downsides though. Here are the pro’s and con’s that I’ve found with it (I spent a lot of time researching strollers, at one point I had 18 stollers and features laid out on a spreadsheet, but I am also very picky):Pros:- It is beautiful, I get lots of compliments and people asking where I got it- It is relatively light (I can get it in and out of the trunk of my SUV without breaking my back, for reference I am 5’2, 120 lbs)- Not a one-handed fold, but still very easy and has a carrying handle on the underside- Lot of storage underneath (can fit my humongous Jujube Be Prepared Diaper Bag, halfway full)- Big canopy (protects my daughter’s pale face from the sun) has UV protection built into the canopy- Made with recycled materials (Can’t remember exact amount though)- Adjustable, foam padded handlebar (doesn’t telescope)- Large window in the canopy (black mesh with velcro, I hate the clear plastic because those can warp in the heat)- Fully reclines (I love this feature!)- Leg rest thing can be pushed up all the way to the bumper bar, preventing pacifiers and small toys from rolling onto the floor- Comes with bumper bar and cup holder (I don’t use the flimsy cup holder though)- Wide seat, I can probably use this till she’s at least 4 years old.- Seriously, this stroller might as well be pushing itself (even on grass, this pushes with minimal effort)- Moderately compact when folded up (fits in my 2012 Ford Explorer and even in my husband’s 2012 Camaro (but just barely)Cons:- Doesn’t go fully upright (baby tends to sit up all the way towards the bumper bar, and the straps that go over her shoulders don’t go all the way out to allow her to do this, so I just buckle the ones across her belly, I imagine this might be a problem once she gets bigger, that the straps would be too tight)- Strap recline is really annoying, I have to get under the back of the seat to hold the strap at just the right angle because if you don’t the strap gets pinched in the clip and the clip gets stuck, and the seat won’t recline, this might be a deal breaker for me, because I need to recline the seat when my daughter falls asleep or make it upright when she wakes up and it is such a struggle WHY CAN’T THEY PUT IN A ONE-HANDED RECLINE???- It is a bit longer than normal, so when I make turns with this stroller, the front wheel will sometimes hit the wall or a chair. I have not had this problem with previous strollers. I don’t see any damage to the front wheel thoughI am considering returning this because of the ANNOYING strap recline, I am tired of struggling with it, but it is otherwise a great stroller. I am almost mad at Bumbleride for not putting in a one-handed recline. Hope this helps someone making the choice!

Aurelia Trenton, MI

Great all-around stroller, including running!

I really love this stroller overall. I run with it several times a week (about 9-10 min/mile pace for 2-3 miles, as recommended), have used in while shopping, and my mom and husband have used it on walks around the nabe. We all really like it. My main complaint is that the front wheel shakes sometimes when running with it and takes a few seconds to correct. It’s pretty annoying, and you’re supposed to lock the front wheel when you’re running, but our jogging paths are winding, so I can’t do that. Still, its so easy to push otherwise, I love it anyway. (I have updated this review after more use. I like it even more now than I did)Likes:-It glides and maneuvers very well. I jog with one hand on the wheel and sometimes let go for a quick sec and it keeps on gliding. Sometimes I jog next to the stroller to talk to the baby and push and its just super easy.-finally! A magnetic peekaboo window closure. I’ve noticed some reviews state it is velcro, so this must be very recently added. Mine has magents not velcro.-Adjustable: handle bar and footrest. The asjustable footrest was very important to me. My baby is just more comfortable with a leg rest. It folds up to create a bassinet (And has fabric that buttons to close off any gaps, stays flat for an infant (my kid is one and still likes it flat), or all the way down for a bigger kid. When we aren’t using the snack tray, I set cheerios along the flat foot rest for her.- SO PRETTY!-Canopy: It’s huge! I Can pull it forward to literally block the sun at any angle, but I love to unzip the back so I can see her while we’re walking or running. She LOVES to be able to see me while she’s on the stroller.-Comfy: My baby is very sensitive and dramatic, and she has loved this stroller from the second I put her in it. I’ve never seen her take to something so quickly. She loves to be pushed around the house in it or just chill. She never chills otherwise. I think she feels cool in it. haha- Seat fabric: The temperature control fabric- I can’t comment on how effective this is for the baby, but with how extreme the temperatures get here, both hot and cold, any temperature regulation has to help.-Outer Fabric: seems very durable and tough. (PET: recycled water bottles)-It really is the best all around stroller- I use it for jogging, shopping, throwing it in the trunk, city festival type events, etc. At 20 pounds you can even gate check it on a plane.-Thank goodness for the breakaway 5 point harness. This means it’s 5 seperate pieces. My kid has not been interested in having her shoulders strapped in since she was about 6 months old. Use your own judgement on this. (I buckled all five and just made them very loose until I felt she could safely sit up on her own without the shoulder straps. now we just do the lap/crotch belts)-Bumper bar: one year old loves to hold on to this, bite it, I attach toys to it, etc.-This stroller is the best for a baby who likes to see out. This was one of the main reasons I bought and kept this stroller.Neutral:-The suspension is good, but again, it didn’t amaze me. I was hoping for more. Maybe my expectations on this were too high. (this was a main reason for buying a new stroller. My baby doesn’t like to be bumped around)Improvement suggestions:- they aren’t kidding about the recline. Its terrible.- I wish it sat more upright. You can make the seat back 90 degrees, but the actual recline can’t be tightened enough, so as soon as she puts her back against it, it reclines slighty. However, the seat fabric on the sides isn’t super deep, so she can still see out with ease. (Tip: I have a generic parent tray and have found if it scoot it all the way down the handlebar it props the seat back up nicely.)- it is HOT and humid here (north Texas). Babe would appreciate some side mesh vents (with magnetic flaps)- Add an automatic lock when folded!-It isn’t that compact when folded. Not just because of the wheels. This isn’t a huge deal, I just wish it folded a little smaller. It takes up at least a third to half of the trunk in my Nisaan Murano.Overall, I love this stroller. I really want to give it 5 stars, and I almost did. There are just a few things that need to be improved in my opinion for such a pricey stroller, but I am cheap 🙂 It definitely has a high quality look and feel.

Mable Joyce, LA

Great all round all terrain stroller – with a few improvements that could be made in the future!

Ok, so this is the second Indie I have owned in the within the last 18months. The first was the older model, prior to the improvements that Bumbleride made for 2013. I had a major issue with the frame bending and the recline was IMPOSSIBLE to operate..so ended up getting rid of that stroller. Since then I have been through a fair share of strollers, including the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (which i sold due to some concerns about the dodgy recline method which does not offer a smooth transition when lifting the seat from the reclined position…it flew up and my daughter flew out..).I was in need of a different all terrain stroller, and after some research I decided to give the Indie a second chance due to the improvements in design that Bumbleride has since made. Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons.Pros:
• beautiful materials which offer soft and comfortable fabrics
• Huge canopy which with the new model now has a mesh peekaboo window with magnetic closures.
• Handles perfectly over all sorts of terrain with the wonderful air filled tires. These are much better than the ones on the Mountain Buggy swift which was another contender when I was looking at strollers in this range.
• The Indie I purchased in Australia now comes with a tire pump and rain cover which is a plus.
• The stroller is very light for its class – only 20 pounds!
• I like how the harness can be converted from the shoulder straps to just the waist straps. This allows for my daughter to be able to sit up straight for eating out at restaurant or cafes and still be strapped in. The nice thing is that if all the parts are together the harness doesn’t fall apart every time you get the child in or out.
• It is handy that the footrest adjusts especially when my daughter is sleeping and I can create a flatter area for her to lie in.
• There is a heap of room in the bottom basket which is awesome for this style stroller
• The adjustable handle is very easy to customise for any height and is very comfortable to use– I really like how although the seat does not have a very up right seat, my daughter can still see out the sides of the stroller. I tried a few others like the Baby Jogger City Elite, but she got annoyed as it was kind like she was in a cave and her only view was straight ahead..maybe for bigger children it’s fine but at 1 years old she is not quiet big enough to lean forward to get the side view.Overall the Indie glides easily along and very easy to manoeuvre with one hand, even with a heavier child on board..which I test tonight with my almost 4 yr old, who NEVER rides in a stroller, but I wanted to get a feel of how versatile the Indie was in this instance.Cons:
• The strap recline on the Indie is VERY BADLY designed! I still have the same issue I did with the first model I owned that in when a child is in the stroller and leaning back the button mechanism on the recline does not push in and simply will NOT allow you to pull it down to adjust the seat. The first time I took the stroller out with my daughter the other day I literally struggled with this problem until I was cursing the damn thing. NOW, I did research the problem online and found a solution which I believe may work—Apparently the trick is to use one had to slightly push the seat forward from the back and use the other hand to push the button and pull the recline mechanism. I test this with the weight of my 4 yr old in the seat and got it to work several times. I believe from my readings that the weight and tension on the straps engages the clip to lock, which is why when you try and use this device while your sleeping child in laying in there it locks and will NOT move. If you put some slack on the straps it allows the button to unlock and the recline to work as it should.. I hope this helps some readers and I know it can be VERY frustrating.
• Although the fold on the Indie is fairly compact, it does not compare at all to that of the Baby Jogger city ming GT or Elite..in addition it would be VERY nice to see an automatic lock which would make folding, putting the stroller in the trunk and getting on with your day, a LOT faster.
• I do wish that the seat did sit up a little more, although that is rare with strollers that have a strap recline systemThese are really the ONLY complaints I have about the Indie. I am overall very happy with my choice and do not feel the need to search for an alternative for what I plan to use it for. I would not recommend it as a mall stroller, but it certainly could be used for this function if the person has the room in their trunk etc. I have 4 children and little boot space at times, so the Babyzen YoYo is perfect for my shopping trip needs.

Maryann Clifford, IN