Bumbleride Indie Twin Jogging Double Stroller, Green Papyrus

Bumbleride Indie Twin Jogging Double Stroller, Green Papyrus

Indie Twin is perfect for the outdoors and jogging with its lockable 12″ air-filled swiveling front wheels. Designed for the growing family, Indie Twin features individually adjustable footrests, backrests and oversized SPF 45+ canopies. Equipped with a rugged rear suspension and 29.5″ width, Indie Twin maneuvers easily through standard doorways. Indie Twin features a compact, easy fold measuring 32″ L x 29.5″ W x 15″ H and a small footprint when opened measuring 35″ L x 29.5″ W x 43″ H. Indie Twin is infant ready on the lowest seat recline setting, offers dual car seat compatibility options (stadium style with select Maxi Cosi and Cybex infant seats) includes accessories (Cup Holder, Universal Infant Adapter, Bumper Bars, Wrist Strap and Shoulder Pads) and features a 5-point breakaway harness. Max weight cap: 90lbs. Weight: 34lbs. Width: 29.5″

Main features

  • Lockable 12″ air-filled, swivel wheels allow for one hand maneuvering and stability at speed while jogging.
  • Compact, easy fold and lightweight frame for category at 34lbs.
  • Individually adjustable footrests, backrests and oversized SPF 45+ canopies.

Verified reviews


Smooth ride, difficult to fold and unfold

First of all, when you get this thing, it needs to be assembled. The instructions are pretty clear, BUT please note that in addition to the pictorial instructions, in the same booklet, there are detailed written instructions. The pictures often don’t make a lot of sense. I didn’t know there were written instructions until I got to the end of the pictures and could have saved a bit of pondering if I had started at the back of the directions.The stroller will stink up your car if you put it in the trunk — this is because the rubber tires give off rubber tire smells, at least in the heat of summer. I imagine that will lessen over time and be less of a problem in the winter, at least, I hope so.We live in an area with uneven sidewalks that present tripping hazards that always required the regular wheeled stroller to pop a wheelie before pushing, else it stopped the stroller and gave our child a jolt. This one navigates all the cracks quite easily. The largest of them still require a bit of finesse as I don’t want to risk damaging the tires or otherwise make the ride too jarring, but in the half mile trip to town I take with it there is only one such crack I encounter whereas I used to have to watch for five or six of them.It is difficult to fold and unfold. At least it remains so after using it a half dozen times. The instructions don’t tell you whether you can fold it with the universal car seat adapter. I do, but I can’t latch it if the adapter is left on. Fortunately, unlatched, it still folds up close to the same size as latched, and it has two handles that let you lift it and get it into the car and it stores fine unlatched.Unfolding it is tricky. I either have to snap it like a sheet (and sometimes it is confusing to even figure out what end to stand when starting this procedure) or I have to really make an effort to get it unfolded. There has got to be an easier way…and I am probably missing something. Still, I wish it were easier to do.Our 2.5 year old loves the stroller. He is very comfortable in it and doesn’t complain about riding in it very often. We use the universal adapter to secure our snap and go for our 1 month old and push both of them around the neighborhood to go to the park or to go shopping. It is heavy and it is hard to push the thing up hills, at least fully loaded with toddler and car seat. But it beats carrying them!We love the canopies which do a great job protecting from the sun. I don’t love the straps used to raise and lower the seats, but they have no trouble holding our toddler’s weight so they function just fine. Not sure what a better system would be, I just don’t like having to fiddle with the straps.As others note, it fits through doors as long as you don’t attach the included cup holder to the side. But getting through doors is only half the battle — in some stores it just won’t fit. But this is the same with any stroller. Super long ones don’t work well with tight turns and super wide ones don’t work well with narrow aisles.I saw a city select stroller the other day and thought it looked great too… it definitely is a lot more narrow and not too long because it uses stadium type seating rather than putting one child directly in front of the other (this is also better than putting one on top of the other like the more compact tandem strollers do). Both strollers are similarly priced, though the Bumbleride will definitely be a more comfy ride on uneven surfaces because all wheels are air inflated.As for storage, the Bumbleride is pretty good. Unfortunately the undercarriage is kind of low so it is not easy to put a backpack in their, or a large stuffed diaper bag. But you can get a diaper bag in there, and as well as a backpack with a bit of shoving.The handlebars can be adjusted up and down which is handy for parents of differing heights. When you come to a curb if the handle bars are too high you cannot easily pop a wheelie to get over the curb. I need to see about going over curbs backwards like someone suggested in a review of the city select, but I don’t have much trouble just pushing down and popping the wheelie. However, it is a bit harder for my wife.

Isabelle Tarkio, MO

Another Amazing Product from Bumbleride

I had the Indie with my first daughter. Loved it. So when I became pregnant with my second child the Indie Twin was on my must buy list. The same great style and quality is in the indie twin as in the indie.What I love most:Still fits through normal doors. Seats are independent of each other so my son can recline while my daughter sits up. Same independence applies to the canopies. Fabrics wash well, they didn’t shrink or fade. As always and incredibly smooth ride.The stroller is heavy, but that’s to be expected.Bumbleride customer service is also excellent. We blew out a tire and replaced it ourselves, but it kept happening. I called customer service and they just shipped out a new one! No cost, no shipping, no problem. We replaced it and had no issue.Bumbleride might be a little more expensive, but it’s worth every penny.

Margo New Hampton, NH

Amazing stroller, just not for jogging

I could not have asked for a nicer double stroller. I can steer it with one hand, it fits thru a single door and it is the best quality with comfy seats and huge canopies. I dont jog with it, but my husband tried and he said the wheels wobbled really badly. I called customer servie and they said that is what happens when you start running instead of a light jog. I wish I had invested the money sooner because it makes shopping a breeze 🙂

Tonia Jacksonville, IL

Love it!

This was easy to assemble and looks great and is a very smooth ride. So far I am using it as a single stroller until my son is born. I will update this review once I have my son and use the car seat adapter. I agree that the cup holder is worthless because of the placement on the side.

Fern Flora, MS

Buy the BoB instead!

Note: My bumbleride is 2 years old. I’m not certain what improvements the company has recently made. That said, I’ve used this thing for a while now (18 months), and I think I have a pretty good understanding of the product.What’s nice about it is that it’s such a good "middle of the road", all-purpose stroller. It gives the kids a comfy ride over city sidewalks as well as dusty trails, and that versatility is nice. It’s not designed to be a jogging stroller, but we took up running about a year after baby #2 was born, and so we’ve gone running several times a week for the last 5 months using the Indie Twin. It’s a beast – we’re talking about pushing around 70+ pounds of kids and stroller, and trust me, you feel every pound of that. But still, the thing has held up. That’s to this product’s credit. But, all things being equal, I would not purchase this stroller again if given the chance.Again, I have the 2012 model, and it was a poor purchase. Here’s why:
• The front tires do not rotate smoothly when only one child is in the stroller. The tires bump and shake and jostle to the point where it is annoying just to push the stroller, much less ride in it. (Sorry, remaining child!)
• While it’s great that one child can recline while the other sits up, the canopy does not cover a reclining child. There is about a 12" gap between my daughter’s head and the beginning of the canopy when she reclines. So, when we were at Lego Land and she took an evening cat nap, the sun shone directly onto her face, because the canopy could not be adjusted back far enough to block the light. Major bummer.
• Yes, it fits through doors. But BARELY. I usually have to do a 3-point (or more) turn to really maneuver successfully through a doorway.
• This is not an easy stroller to maneuver. It simply does not allow for one-handed steering. I thought I could give up that feature (I used a single BoB when my daughter was born; after baby #2 came along, I "upgraded" to the Indie Twin) but I was so wrong. I miss that feature much more than I thought I would.
• It folds terribly. I drive a Toyota Venza (pretty big wagon-type car!) and when this thing is in the back, that’s just about all I can fit. Maybe a couple of grocery bags around the tires, but that’s it. And it doesn’t even come close to folding flat- it is a huge, bulky stroller. We weren’t able to take my car on vacation because we couldn’t fit the stroller and our bags in my car. We had to take the truck! Ridiculous!
• Yes, it’s lighter than the double BoB, but not light enough to make a difference. After hauling this beast in and out of the truck so much on our recent vacation, my husband never wants to look at this stroller again.
• Storage is minimal. The undercarriage works reasonably well, but there is no mesh pocket behind the seats. I miss that feature, too.I chose this stroller over the double BoB thinking that something slightly smaller and lighter was the way to go. I would trade this stroller for a double BoB in a heartbeat if someone gave me the opportunity!

Loretta Williamstown, NJ

LOVE, LOVE this stroller!

This is a great stroller! Solid construction, quality materials, smooth ride, and canopies that are the best I’ve seen! The 2013 model offers larger canopies and the same material on the bumper bars as the rest of the stroller; no foam which is nice for people with kids that like to chew. I bought the Cayenne red color, and it’s stunning. My daughter loves this stroller, and I can’t wait to use it with my new baby when he gets here (the seats recline all the way so you can use it from birth). For now, she puts her doll in the other seat :). For a side-by-side double, this stroller is surprisingly not too heavy (and I’m 7 months pregnant, lifting it in and out of the truck). In fact, I felt that my daughter’s single jeep all-terrain stroller felt heavier & bulkier. It’s very easy to open & close. Being a double, it does take up some space though so an SUV would probably be the ideal way to transport it.As far as comfort I can tell my daughter is very comfortable, considering I bring it to the supermarket and she falls asleep in it in under a minute! The basket is large & I am able to fit a decent amount of groceries in the storage. She hates going food shopping and is awful in a shopping cart so this makes my life a LOT easier.Before buying this stroller I did a lot of research, and the reviews were all positive. One other person said it’s not a jogging stroller, and that is true. I wouldn’t take it on a jog–but for where I live it’s absolutely perfect. We’re outdoorsy and cover a lot of different terrain, and when you lock the front wheels this stroller is perfect for that. It’s also great for simple walks around the block. We live in Arizona, so this stroller’s canopies have my approval for blocking out the sun! Can’t find a better canopy. All in all I have nothing bad to say about the 2013 Bumbleride Indie Twin. It’s quality all around, with a very well thought-out design.

Jessie Lexington, OK