Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller, Lava

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller, Lava

Bumbleride is reshaping baby mobility in a way to flow seamlessly into your modern lifestyle. Whether navigating the city pavement or cruising the parks and beaches, Bumbleride allows you and your little one to enjoy a secure and comfortable ride. Bumbleride believes that modern parents are looking for a stroller that is not simply functional, but fits their lifestyle as well. Launched as Bumbleride’s first side-by-side stroller, Indie Twin provides the best of both worlds by accommodating both infants and older siblings. With all the features and functionality of the Indie single, Indie Twin’s independent seating system allows you to accommodate each individual child. The backrests, canopies and footrests can all be adjusted independently from one another, giving your children a ride as custom as their personalities. At 29″ wide, Indie Twin glides through doorways and its dual front swiveling wheels make maneuvering a breeze. Compatible infant car seats (only compatible with one infant carrier at a time) include: Graco Snugride, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Snugride 35, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, Combi Shuttle, Baby Trend Flex Loc, Britax Chaperone, Chicco Keyfit 30 (adapter sold separately). Indie Twin now has optional dual adapter bars to accommodate two Maxi Cosi car seats.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Optional Maxi Cosi car seat adapters allow Indie Twin to accommodate two Maxi Cosi car seats, Bumbleride Indie Twin is suitable for infancy and up with standard infant headrests and shoulder pads, jogging strap and cup holder, 12″ air inflated tires with 360 degree swivel front wheels with inline locking option for light jogging, Multi-adjustable handle height, backrests and footrests with flat position for sleeping babies, Oversized canopy with SPF 45 UV lining for maximum sun coverage

Verified reviews


Great stroller, Love the pink color, works very well for our needs

I have this stroller in Vita. It is dedicated to my SUV and not used for jogging. I have a double BOB for that. I have run with both and think the BOB maneuvers a tad better, but admittedly, it might all be in my head. I love the stroller and cannot complain at all, it does exactly what I need it to do. I do occasionally have a problem with the foot rests moving out of position, and while annoying, that is not enough for me to discount the stroller, because it functions beautifully other than that. The fact that all the fabric unzips and is washable is awesome. I have the snack packs and think they have the potential to be great, but my twins are still infants so I have yet to use them. I also purchased the Jam-pack and rain cover and leave them with the stroller for use when needed. My babies have spit up on the pink fabric and it just completely wiped off with a wet-wipe. The sun shades are AWESOME. They keep my very fair children covered in the sunny, hot climate of southeast Texas. We have no problems wandering the aisles of the mall, the grocery store, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. Love it!

Courtney Sunbury, PA

It is pretty awesome but not perfect.

In a perfect world, there would be a DOUBLE stroller designed that looks good, can be run with, weighs 20lbs, great customer service, works equally well on all sorts of surfaces and is comfortable for kids. The Bumbleride does a fair job of meeting most of these criteria in my experience but falls short on others–but in the organizations defense they don’t say its a great stroller to run with. I purchased the snack packs, foot muffs and carrycot to use with my 2.5 year old and new born…my kids are now 3.5 and almost 1.1. The width of the seats are less wide than other comparison strollers (BOB Duallie and Baby Jogger Citi Mini). For my children this has not been a problem and I would assume this is what makes it capable of fitting through standard size doors. The carrycot is not nearly as substantial as the carrycot I have for my single UppaBabyVista and it seemed pretty skinny. My baby didn’t mind the width at all and slept equally well in both of the carrycots. The carrycot made this stroller usable from birth which was nice as many strollers require children to have more head control before being able to use them. though with the substantial recline you can use from birth without the carrycot as well. The carrycot made it possible for us to see one another which I appreciated with my 8 week old.2. I have a unit that was required to have the retrofit kit installed. It was quickly sent out and I had no issues installing it–AND the strollers wheels exhibited no signs of cracking. I have contacted their customer service on an issue with the Velcro on the fabrics and again they quickly sent out replacement fabrics. It was about 3 days from the time of report to the time that they addressed my concern with an email.3. Their accessories seem hit or miss to me. The snack packs are WONDERFUL and I would definitely recommend them to anyone purchasing the stroller. You can fill them in the kitchen zip them up and bring them with you, no need for a separate lunch bag. The parent cup holder is a waste in my opinion, this is the method UppaBabyVista also uses and it just seems like an after thought, however I don’t know where you could put it on there without doing something similar to the BOB handlebar parent console. Their foot muffs while attractive looking don’t work for me. I use foot muffs to keep my kids warm in fairly cool temperatures their foot muff is not nearly warm enough or big enough for my now 3 year old. I would recommend purchasing the JJCole Toddler size bunting bags (I have used both the Urban and Arctic on the stroller with success). The plastic clips to hold the stroller together don’t work as easily as I would like them to. The canopy’s are one of the coolest features and one of the primary reason I went with this stroller over the BOB. I love that you can modify them in so many ways. Also the adjustable footrest makes it possible for my 3 year old to lay completely flat with her legs on the same level–she sleeps so well in the stroller. I would assume the ride is fairly comfortable as both children will fall asleep in the stroller without a single whine or cry.4. It is heavy but any double that has the capability to be all terrain is probably going to be unless it is a designated fixed-front-wheel jogger. Which brings me to jogging you can do light jogging but I wouldn’t attempt to jog a hilly 5K. The wheels if not fixed out will jiggle while going down hills jogging. The company doesn’t claim it is a jogger and I didn’t think I would ever WANT to jog with the double but things change and I wish it did jog better or at least better for the route that I am on. If you don’t have many turns and can lock out the wheels it definitely performs better for jogging but I still wouldn’t sign up to do more than a 5K with it. If you are looking to do serious running you might look elsewhere. I use this typically on packed gravel or concrete paths and it has worked equally well on both–I have not used the Bumbleride on sand.5. It is an attractive stroller and I often get compliments. I have the Seagrass and was worried about the light color of the fabric and kids. I washed my fabrics for the first time this week after 8 months of use, they were pretty dirty. It was EXTREMELY easily to take the fabrics off and put them back on. They cleaned up well and now that I know how easy it is I will probably wash them more frequently. They held up well in the wash.

Penelope Olive Branch, IL


We definitely splurged for this stroller after hearing so many great things about them. When I was pregnant with our second and was going to have 2 under 2 years old, I started asking every mom I saw about how they liked their double stroller. The only really positive response were from people who owned this one, or the Bob (people said the other side-by-sides were too wide and awkward, or the front-to-back/sit-and-stands were too long). I didn’t see a lot of these out there – the Bob is definitely more prevalent – but the main Bob complaint was the heaviness of it.I didn’t give it the full 5 stars for a couple reasons. There is a cup holder that hooks to the side and you can’t fit through doorways when it’s on – so it’s a bit of the pain to be at the mall and have to take it and your drink off every time you’re going into a new store. It’s also a bit tricky to open up, but maybe that’s just the issue with double strollers in general.However it has more positives than negatives for sure. The double wheels in front are awesome – this stroller is easily manipulated around with one hand “like butta!” I haven’t had a chance to run with it yet, but also liked that feature that I didn’t need a totally separate jogging stroller (our garage is already filled with plenty of baby stuff to not add another to the mix). The overhead shades are also awesome – they cover so much more of the kids than any other stroller I’ve seen. I also LOVE how flat the seats recline – my toddler happily lays down for a nap while we’re out and about. The lower basket is huge, although it’s tricky for me to shove my diaper bag in there so I hang it off clips on the handlebars (petunia picklebottom). We tried my infant in the seat, but now just fold up the footrest and stick her carseat in there – it would be nice to have a better way including a strap or something to secure her in – she doesn’t move around and we feel safe walking with her like this, but if she gets any bigger and we start running, we’ll put her properly in the buckled seat. We also bought the wind/rain shield and haven’t had to use it yet, but love that there was a custom one for it for when we need it.Overall, this stroller is pricey, but if you can afford it I would completely recommend it. You get what you pay for and there are cheaper strollers out there for sure but you’ll probably regret it.

Sybil Benton, MO


I love my Bumbleride twin stroller! I debated between the BOB double stroller and this one and I’m so glad I chose this one! Its narrower which allows you to fit through door openings. With the BOB stroller that is a real challenge. The canopy’s are large and provide my kids with a lot of shade. My favorite part is the really huge basket underneath that can hold groceries, shopping bags etc. Not to mention the seat liners come off so you can wash them! I’ve never owned a stroller where you can wash the seats. Buy this stroller!

Nelly Starks, LA

beautiful looking but there’s a sturdier stroller out there

this stroller is beautiful. that’s why you’re looking at it. be honest. you’d want this stroller even if you didn’t have children that’s how pretty it is. you’d start a nanny business just so you could push it. it’s true. it’s gorgeous. the color options are lovely! BUT…i returned it. I bought it for a newborn and a toddler and I don’t recommend it.I have a single BOB revolution so maybe that’s why I just can’t get on board with this thing. In comparison to the BOB the frame always felt like it was going to snap- looks sturdy at a distance but just feels fragile. I would call it a pram. because that’s what it is -it’s fancy and pretty- not a BOB. No shocks like the BOB and the handlebar jiggles which bothered the hell out of me. You pay this much for a stroller the handle should not jiggle around IMHO. The other thing that bothered my…my toddler would just climb all over this thing like a monkey. It just didn’t seem like the fabric was going to hold up the way the BOB does when you have a kid with muddy shoes on. and that will happen…daily…Maybe this is all obvious to everyone else but I really thought this compared to the BOB. It just doesn’t get the BOB duallie or something else if you’re going to be on the trails, in the gardens, picnics, etc.Oh, the two front wheels would get tangled together sometimes too. annoying.Lastly, it was recalled…ANNOYING. I have two small kids..I don’t have time to deal with recalls. Previous models have been recalled too so I’m just done with this brand. Returned. Bittersweet bc yes, it’s beautiful.

Jane Unionville, OH

When It’s Great, It’s Great

When It’s Bad, It’s Really Bad.We have the 2013 model and have been using it about 4-5 times a week for about 3 mile walks for about 6 weeks. We live in an urban area and needed a double stroller that would work for our 2 year old toddler, our 3 month infant and would fit in our Prius. It also needed to fit in door ways so we could run errands in and out of stores and a good sized basket for grocery runs. Here’s the assessment:When it’s Great:-The sun canopies are fantastic. They coverage for both the toddler and the infant is perfect even when you have the seat in the full recline position.-Seat recline is terrific since it goes all the way back however the actual mechanics of getting the seat to drop back are annoying.-It coasts down the sidewalk and is a very smooth ride.-Pockets on the back of both seats are terrific for storage.-The basket holds a good amount of storage although a brown grocery bag won’t fit.-The 3 point harness releases into 3 pieces which makes for an easy buckle in and no strap twisting.-It fits in small door ways WITHOUT the drink holder attached.When it’s Bad:-We already had to call Bumbleride and ask for a front wheel replacement because the plastic around the wheel was warped upon delivery.-The fold is really easy BUT when you go to lock the stroller together, the locks are worthless. I end up grabbing the back wheels and lifting the whole 34 LB thing in the car which always ends me cursing Bumbleride.-The drink holder and placement is worthless. If the drink holder is attached you can’t fit through a doorway. The drink holder also doesn’t do a great job of actually holding the drink in place. It flips the drink upside down.-It doesn’t fold very flat and barely fits into the back of our Prius. There is a lot of adjusting the stroller just right to get the hatch closed. If you have an SUV or a full sized care you shouldn’t have a problem with the size.-The bumper bar and foot rest adjustment buttons are in a awkward place which is frustrating because you have to adjust both to fold the stroller.Lastly, don’t buy the Parent Pack. It’s worthless for the Indie Twin.

Briana Marshfield, MO


This stroller is a great choice if you don’t want to deal with adding carseat adaptors or other infant attachments. The seats lie all the way down and the foot rests fold up to make a little bassinet. It’s a bit bulky when folded up, but doesn’t seem like a giant boat like some of the other twin strollers. The whole thing feels very well made.

Juliana Norfolk, VA

Love it forever

used on uneven dirt (not hiking yet, but very pitted dirt), pavement, concrete, ice, snow, wet sidewalks, and this thing is awesome. Both sides recline quite a bit, so we used when the twins were just 2 days old. Sturdy, so Gave me support when I got dizzy (ya, I should have waited a few more days to recover, but sunshine….)Things I love:1. Not all doubles were comfortably tall enough for daddy, this one was. Adjustable hight handle.2. Some, when reclined , got kneed/ kicked by me or daddy, these were clear.3. These recline with a quick draw cord. no fuss4. intuitive foot break5. under storage not blocked by reclining stroller, or bar, and is also accessible from the front when you put the foot supports up.6 smooth suspension/ tires7 Sturdy as heck. Well made, will last. Intend to use with several children8. front wheels lock and unlock easily, though really I don’t jog , so I only lock when I am waiting at busy stoplight and intend to run to the other side.9. PrettyNot so awesome:1. We live in not fully developed land area, so even when I stick to sidewalks, I will get thorns and leaks. Ended up putting SLIME in the tires several months ago. We had to do a a little bit more slime to one tire one time (because we estimated the proper amount, and apparently didn’t get enough), but that was it. Now months of no leaks in the tires, and no thorn problems.2. the view screen is really useless unless the sun is shining directly into their faces. Otherwise I have to go around and peek to see if they are awake. Not a big issue for me.

Gloria Bradenton, FL

Everyone wants to push it!!!!

Every where we go, people are amazed at the fact that I am not laboring to push our two kids. When fully loaded we estimate the total weight to be about 90-95 lbs. You can turn this thing on a dime with one finger. Every adventure out someone, usually a mom, asks what brand is that? Then they tell me that so and so has two kids and has such brand of stroller and hates it blah blah blah. I will say this at 29 inches wide (without cup holder) we still have issues getting up and down isles of stores. I do not know why they think and isle should only be about 20 inches wide but it does happen. Good thing is that this is one of the narrowest and lightest strollers out. I can attest to the fact that it will fit in a 2009-20013 Toyota Corolla trunk and a 2004-2009 Toyota Prius. Very compact fold. The locks could be a little better, so if you are flying I’d recommend using some zip ties. Also when flying, you will need to find an extra large bag for this bad boy to fit into when you check it. Canopies on this are awesome! Little ones can sleep and be in a private cocoon when sitting in the full up right position the canopy will come down to there feet. When in the 180 degree position the canopy only comes about 3/4 the way around. No need to pile on heavy and hot blankets to cover up baby from the sun. Peak a boo window is great for venting, as well as is the idea that the back half of the canopy can unzip and allow a lot of air to flow through the stroller. Do carry a tire pump with you if you are going to leave this stroller in your car as the hot car will allow the wheels to leak air.Over all this is THE BEST stroller out. They all will have their pros and cons this one just has more pros than cons. I am a 5′ 8" father and my wife is 5’4" and we are not Olympic athletes. We can adjust the handle bar and push effortlessly. When stopped we give out test pushes. Because people just don’t believe how easy it is and they want to see out amazing 3 year old and 1 year old. We live is central Florida where it is hot and this stroll has this dad look oh so cool!

Christine Rudd, IA

Great double stroller!

I had the Indie with my first daughter. Loved it. So when I became pregnant with my second child the Indie Twin was on my must buy list. The same great style and quality is in the indie twin as in the indie.What I love most:Still fits through normal doors. Seats are independent of each other so my son can recline while my daughter sits up. Same independence applies to the canopies. Fabrics wash well, they didn’t shrink or fade. As always and incredibly smooth ride.The stroller is heavy, but that’s to be expected.Bumbleride customer service is also excellent. We blew out a tire and replaced it ourselves, but it kept happening. I called customer service and they just shipped out a new one! No cost, no shipping, no problem. We replaced it and had no issue.Bumbleride might be a little more expensive, but it’s worth every penny.

Laurel Toivola, MI