Bumbo Baby Seat, Sitter High Chair – Blue

Bumbo Baby Seat, Sitter High Chair – Blue

The Bumbo Baby Seat is a snug and cozy environment for your baby. This revolutionary infant chair is uniquely designed according to the baby?s posture. The Bumbo enables babies to sit upright all by themselves! Bumbo Baby Seats are suitable for babies from as soon as they can support their own heads unaided until they can get out of the seat on their own. This award winning infant chair is manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which makes it lightweight and portable. It is soft and comfortable for the baby, hygienic and nontoxic. The integral outer skin of the material is durable and easy to clean.

Main features

  • Endorsed by Pediatric and Orthopedic Faculties
  • This Seat has all the Latest Safety LabelsThat are Required

Verified reviews


Wasn’t this item recalled for safety reasons?

You are NOT to leave a child unattended in this chair, however, I immediately returned this to the store, in lieu of its rewards, when I observed how my baby would arch her back and lift out of the chair.If you are considering this maybe try the one with the tray which would prohibit such movement and possible injury.

Nell Aurora, KS

Test a friends before buying if possible

I love the concept of the bumbo however it never really worked for my daughter. She would always end up flopping over to one side in search of a toy that she dropped so I could never get her to stay in it for more than a few minutes at a time. I tried to add the tray (which is not easy to get on)thinking that would help with the problem but it didn’t.I know friends whose kids loved the bumbo so my advice would be to borrow one from a friend first to see if it is worth buying your own. Every baby is different and this is definitely one baby product that can be really useful or just another colorful thing to collect dust and take up closet space.

Tami Scranton, KS

Excellent trainer for baby

I got this chair for my 4 month old son. He has been actively trying to sit up on his own since he was only 2 months old, and I had been window shopping a decent and safe way to nurture his need to sit. I saw this chair and I have to admit that I thought it was a little pricey, but after seeing it at the local day care I realized that this chair will outlast an entire family of kids becuase it is so durable. I got one and I take it everywhere! The material is easy to clean, super comfortable for him and he just loves to relax in it. He enjoys being able to sit in different locations of the house and just observe what’s going on. Before his was pretty restricted to the play mat, crib, or swing and he was getting bored. now I put him in it wherever I go. I can do laundry, cook, or excersise and he gets to soak up all the action. He loves it!!UPDATE:I have used this product for about two weeks since I initiated the review and over that time I have observed a noticeable increase in strength and his ability to sit on his own has drastically improved. I honestly didn’t expect the chair would actually improve his strength and skills, but its because of what he does in it all the time. Once he is placed in the chair, he begins to wiggly around, trying to find a way to grab toys at his side or simply get out of the chair. Because of this he is increasing his core strength and there is noticeable improvement for independent sitting.

Marva Frederick, MD

Luxury Item!

I bought this for my second child and it’s great! i got mine used for $20 which was the reason i gave it a shot in the first place. The $40 seems a bit much. i made it through my first child without one and i think anyone else can. it’s just something that is nice to have and your baby will enjoy it as well since it allows them to sit up and interact at a younger age. With my first child i used to get pillows and layer them behind him so he could sit up, this is just a WAY more stable way of doing it. So although its great to have it isnt a MUST.

Alyssa De Witt, AR

A Must-Have!

Both of our girls used our Bumbo (w/tray), and it was great! They were able to sit comfy & supported in a sitting position before they were able to sit all on their own even while they were still too small for a high chair. They were able to sit interact with us and watch how we used utensils while we ate. They weren’t stuck lying on their backs anymore. I never would have bought this if I had seen it at a store. We got this as a gift, and it was one of our most treasured baby things! I think they should be selling the tray WITH the Bumbo instead of seperate. Make sure you get the tray!

Diann Muncie, IL

Nice, but not necessary

I thought I would use this seat a lot more than I do. I think I like it more than my son. I like to put my son in it so I can talk to him while I get ready in the morning. He only can sit in it about 15 minutes before he gets restless and wants to be in his bouncer or playmat or somewhere he can move around. He doesn’t like sitting still, so this really isn’t for him. If you are debating between this and a bouncer, I would go with a bouncer.This product isn’t dangerous if you use common sense while using it. Many people where putting their children in a Bumbo on top of a table and then walking away to do something and the child fell. As long as you are watching your child and keep it on the ground it is perfectly safe.

Mollie Steinhatchee, FL

Great product

We purchased this for our 3 month old. It was easy for her to use at first and made sitting up for her easy to learn at such a young age. As she got bigger her little chunky legs would get stuck and you could not get her out. Good to use when they are 3-5 months old after that, not so much use at all.

Denice Backus, MN

Wait to see if your baby tends to spit up

I bought this for my second child before he was born. Babies can use it from about 3 months old. Once they start sitting up on their own (often around 6 months old) they won’t have much use for this product. So that’s a window of about 3 months that this product is most useful. Well, my baby often spit up and so I couldn’t put him in this chair without the sitting position causing him to spit up. Now he’s 6 months old and doesn’t hardly spit up anymore, but now sits up well on his own so he doesn’t need the chair. So I hardly ever used this product. My advice would be to wait to purchase this seat until your child is about 2 months old and see if they frequently spit up. Once he started sitting up a bit on his own I just set him inside a Boppy pillow to give him a little support and that worked great. The product I used the most and would highly recommend is the Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter. I used it since my baby was born and still use it. Now I really only use it to put him in when I shower but we used to use it all the time. Now he prefers to either sit up on his own or go in the Exersaucer, Jumperoo or swing.

Ana Coffee Creek, MT

Nice chair, but didn’t work for us

I was excited about trying out this chair – I’m sure it would be perfect for others, but unfortunately this one seemed too small for my 3 month old (I didn’t notice, are there different sizes?) and the snugness didn’t work for him – he has a “thing” about being constrained and that seems to include this chair. I also thought the back should be a little taller as his head seemed to flop a little too much when he’d occasionally lose control, but I also think he’s a little taller than the average 3 month old.I thought the chair seemed like good quality and not too hard, though.I’d read somewhere else where someone mentioned a safety recall on this chair & warned people not to buy it. But I have to comment – the safety recall seems to be, to me, due to lack of common sense on parents’ parts, not a flaw of the product. If you read the description & instructions, it clearly states that you should NOT place your baby on an elevated surface in this chair. And you especially shouldn’t leave your child unattended in the seat, either. The recall is because people are doing both of these and children are tipping over the chair and being seriously injured from falling off of tables, etc. I bought the chair, anyway, a day after reading the review & the recall because it would never occur to me to put him on a table or leave him alone in the seat. Common sense.

Iva Danbury, IA

Fabulous Seat for Infants

I LOVE my Bumbo seat. I am a Mom of 4 and I got this with our 3rd child. We used it to let him practice sitting up before he could. He was so proud and he felt so big. I also used it to feed him before he was sitting up good which was great since my high chair was being used by my not quite 2 year old. We fed him in the seat till he was almost a year. It is great because he couldn’t figure out how to get out or move a whole lot which made feeding time a lot easier. Plus, it was very portable. We would take it to friend’s and family’s houses for different meals. We now have a daughter that is big enough to sit in it. The amazing thing is that it still looks brand new because you can just wipe the Bumbo seat right off. She is sitting it to eat. We also have used it for photo shoots with her since she can’t sit up yet. So Cute! I highly recommend this product to all of our friends!

Leann Polson, MT

My active baby LOVED her Bumbo!

My baby was excited to get upright and moving almost from day one, so she loved her Bumbo. She used it from about 4 months until about 6 months (though it got harder to pop her little chubby thighs out of the seat at that point). I’d put her in her Bumbo on the floor next to me while I did dishes and stuff in the kitchen and she would play with hand toys and keep herself occupied for 10 minutes…just enough to get a few chores done. It was also a nice way to have her join me at the dinner table (always, always, ALWAYS completely supervised and close at hand).That said, the day she was able to wiggle out of it by pushing herself (and the Bumbo) over sideways (at about 6 months) was the day the Bumbo became more of a hazard than a help. Bottom line: great for kids who want to be part of the action; not great if you’re unable to keep a really close eye on the baby in the Bumbo. I could see the Bumbo being uncomfy/too restricting for some babies, too, so, yes, try a friend’s first. Also, it is pricey, so if you’re debating between items, definitely check things out first (they do stock them at Target, so you can try it out there).

Bette Ozawkie, KS