Bumbo Booster Seat, Blue

Bumbo Booster Seat, Blue

The best of Bumbo made especially for big kids as a booster. The Bumbo Booster Seat features the same durable and easy to clean low density foam construction as the popular Bumbo Floor Seat. The adjustable straps on bottom attach to most chairs and a three point harness helps keep toddlers seated comfortably at the dinner table.

Main features

  • Helps child sit comfortably at the table
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
  • Includes a three point safety harness
  • Adjustable straps attach to most standard four legged chairs
  • Made of low density foam

Verified reviews


Perfect for my preschooler

This is perfect for my 3 year old. It’s super comfy and she loves that she has her own seat at the table. I like that in has straps to anchor it onto the chair as well as belt straps.

Yvonne Summerfield, IL

Good basic booster

Pleased with booster but not sure it was worth $30. I don’t like it that much more than the $12 fisher price one I have from walmart (safety first?). It is easy to clean since it’s all one piece. My only other complaint is that because of the shape, my son’s back doesn’t touch the back of our chair so he doesn’t have a back to rest on. Most toddlers don’t mind and lean forward anyway.

Rocio Copperhill, TN

Straps (on ours) are RIDICULOUSLY long – unusable – Also don’t contact Bumbo’s customer service they’ll really jerk you around

We have one in blue for my son (the older model I guess b/c the buckle is not as cool as the new one), its great – got this one and the straps are WAY TOO LONG on the tightest setting. Tried contacting customer service (Bumbo’s) and they pretended to help after annoying explanations to them (they were like talking to a brick wall) told us they’d ship out new straps…so we waited for a month conveniently just past our amazon return window and we still haven’t received them (4 months later). The seat is completely useless without the safety straps (we have high counter height chairs) so – essentially we are screwed and stuck with a useless piece of foam. Very frustrating to waste $40.

Ernestine Chewelah, WA

Best booster ever!

I love it, happy to recommend. Low profile, soft for little bottoms. Cleans up easy and fits on our round chairs that are not very large.

Dolly Little York, IL

Great booster

I love this booster – how easy it is to clean, how stable it is attached to the chair, it is a great overall booster seat for my two year old.

Tammie Malden On Hudson, NY

Returned it

I was so excited for this seat – the color was so cute (blue) and I love the traditional Bumbo seats. However, I quickly fell out of love with it. It is MUCH lower than my other seat (it says it’s a 5” height but only boosts about 3”) so my 2 year old’s arms were barely resting on the table. The seat is also very wide, so my little guy was sliding around a lot, even strapped in tightly. The worst part was the cleanup. The seat stained after one use (blueberries and grubby hands were not a good combo) and when I tried to wipe it off with water, the color began to fade on the seat.Guess I’m back to the drawing board….

Earlene Hampstead, MD


Enough straps to keep him safe. He can get in and out of it on his own easily. Soft and seems comfortable. Easy to clean. I will be getting another one for my next son as he gets older.

Yesenia Lehigh, OK

Bumbo Booster, great for 21 month old

This booster seat is very durable, easy to clean, the perfect height for my 21 month old to sit big boy style at the kitchen table.It seems to be comfortable for him, he gets excited to sit in it at mealtime.

Selina Moreno Valley, CA

Love bumbo!

My only complaint with this product is that it is hard for my son to sit back in the chair all the way. There is about a 3-4 inch space between his back and the back of our dining chairs. I’m sure this is a common problem with all boosters so its not that big of a deal. Easy to clean, light weight,fits the seat of our chairs well, very sturdy once strapped on the chair. Plus, ,y son loves to say "Bumbo!" Lol

Jesse Lathrop, MO

Just the right size with room to grow and easy to clean.

Got these for my twin girls who are now 20 months old. I was using some pretty awesome high chairs but realized the girls loved to sit at the table. I wanted something they could use for a long time so that I didn’t have to upgrade anytime soon.I didn’t know Bumbo even made boosters until I started shopping for them. I was really intersted since I loved the bumbo seats with trays. I used those all the time before my girls grew out of them.I chose the brown color becauae it blends well with my espresso dinnette set without standing out too much.These boosters are made from the same firm yet squishy foam as the bumbo seats. The whole thing is molded so no food harboring crevises and is nice and smooth. My girls can sit in this in just a diaper and be comfortable.The height is perfect. My girls are average height for 20 month olds. They are lighter in weight. This allows them to sit comfortabley at the table. They are a little small to be able to sit back in them though so I make sure I sit them up and only push the chairs in so far so they aren’t hunched up. I have no doubt that my girls will use this booster for at least a few more years yet.The safety straps are strong nylon with sturdy plastic clips and are adjustable. They fit my girls great with plenty of room for growth.The seats strap onto both the chair seat and back. I adjusted the straps then clicked in. I did have to adjust a couple times before getting it right. But once I did the seat didn’t budge at all. Very secure, no wobbeling, and no slipping.Easy to clean. Again this is molded foam with no crevises so it is easy to wipe down. comes clean very easily.I love these boosters and would definitely recommend to a friend.UPDATE SEP 5 2013:I still love these boosters. But I wish the straps were removeable to allow easier cleaning. The straps wipe down ok but if food gets smashed in the clasps it would be a whole lot easier to wash out if I could remove them instead of taking the whole booster to the sink.

Jeannie Somers, WI

Perfect for the traveling family

I had to have a travel solution for my 13 month old because we are traveling for a few months and needed a highchair. We had the original bumbo when she was a newborn (and loved it) and now this is just fantastic. It secures to the chair perfectly (any chair I’ve tried) and she fits snugly in the seat. Obviously it was meant for a taller baby, but with a few towels underneath it’s perfect!

Brandi Humboldt, NE

Pleased as punch and my 18 month old LOVES it!

We have had this seat for almost a month now, we are very pleased and so is our 18 month old daughter.There are plenty of positive reviews so I am going to address some the negative reviews but also add my own perks; if you’re anything like me, you read the 1-3 star reviews since all the 5 star just talk about how perfect it is. And who knows, you may not see this review since there are plenty of 5 stars already.CHAIR STRAPS: We did not have an issue with the straps being too long or with tightening them and we have small chairs. It does need to be tightened a certain way but it definitely feels more secure than the traditional "pull to tighten" like you would on the waist straps and they definitely will NOT come loose. Love that! It also sits nicely on our IKEA padded seats. You’d be surprised how many boosters out there are not padded seat friendly.WAIST STRAPS: These are easy enough and they do allow for some movement. Could she get out? No, but they are secure and the day she learns to unbuckle herself, we probably won’t use them anyway. It’s a booster seat. It is meant to teach them the beginnings of sitting at the table, not restrain, so yes, you’re kid is going to be able to move around a bit.CLEANING: Love, love, LOVE how easy this is to clean. Wipe and go. And guess what? If it fades, it doesn’t effect the overall use of the seat.PORTABILITY: Sure, it’s a little bulky but when you’re only carrying it to and from the car and your destination it beats a LOT of those other boosters out there. We wanted a plain and simple since piece seat. Who wants to take things apart and fold it back up? Lightweight, grab and go. Done.Did I leave anything out? I don’t think so but if I did, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for somewhere in the other reviews. Happy hunting! 🙂

Marla Wathena, KS

Soft and easy to clean.

Product is good for the money and seems to be easy to clean. I purchased the product because of the material and ease of cleaning.Pro’s :Product does not have a lot of nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in.Fastens to chairsHolds children securely.Con’s: Fastener to chair could be a little better designed. The part that fastens the chair to the sit is just stuck into the sides. Look at the pictures and you can see. It has not popped lose yet but it could have been a more solid design.

Deanne Leavittsburg, OH