Bumbo Floor Seat, Aqua

Bumbo Floor Seat, Aqua

The award winning Bumbo Floor Seat is the preferred choice of millions of moms and dads as their baby’s first seat and has become a parenting essential. The Bumbo Floor Seat enables your baby to maintain a sitting position on the floor, allowing you to play with, read to, and feed your baby. The Bumbo Floor Seat should not be used until your baby can support his or her head.

Main features

  • Polyurethane
  • Imported
  • Enables babies to sit upright
  • Fits baby’s posture with contoured seat
  • Is soft, comfortable and easy to clean
  • Includes restraint belt
  • Warning: to prevent falls never use on a raised surface and always stay with and watch your baby

Verified reviews


I have a love/hate relationship with this chair

My daughter is in the 95th percentile for height and weight at 5 months. She carries most of that weight in her thighs. Seriously, they are a scary sight to behold. I don’t know how big these other kids thighs are, because while hers may occasionally be a little snug when removing her from the chair, it’s not a comfort issue while she sits in it. She does have some wiggle room.She loves this chair. Loves sitting up in general, so the chair gives me a break from constantly having her on my lap. But sitting in the chair does have its price. No matter when I put her in it, full or empty stomach, she spits up. A lot. Repeatedly. Now she doesn’t care, but it does make quite a mess sometimes. I guess it helps with the gas and digestion, which is good. And if it isn’t coming out that end, well you can imagine where else the digestion is showing itself. Thankfully, this is an easy to clean chair.My issue with the chair is the stupid seat belt. And I mean stupid. It’s positioned in a way that it’s almost impossible to use. While there is a way to adjust the strap on either side, you can’t adjust the height of the middle T clip. It’s set too low to use without poking and prodding your child for minutes at a time and even then you’re risking catching the chubby legs in the clip. And just how safe is it really making this seat? The odds of your child climbing out of it – slim. The odds of it tipping over with your child inside, much greater. And the seat belt is only ensuring that the are still connected to the seat while lying on their face. Helpful.

Shari East Bernstadt, KY

It’s just OK

My son is almost 4 months old and likes to sit up and look around. In fact, he hates lying down unless it’s to sleep. People kept recommending this seat, and even though I was not thrilled with the idea, I decided to grab a used one and try it out. Complete. Waste. Of. Money.My son hates this. Maybe he’s still too little for it, but I can’t imagine he will fit in it forever. He wears cloth diapers and because they are bulkier than disposables, his butt is tight in it. I thought it might be nice because it has the little tray for his toys, but he recently learned how to “throw” toys, so he just pitches them off the tray anyway. He sat in it for all of five minutes before he started whining to get out. It doesn’t look very comfy. On the other hand he loves his Baby Bjorn bouncer and will sit in that for 20-30 minutes or so and play without complaint.Update 11-25-12:I think this is great if your baby doesn’t mind being confined. Mine has hated it since birth, and won’t sit in the swing, high chair, car seat or anything but his bouncer without throwing a fit. He is also sitting on his own for short periods of time at almost 5 months, and the need for this is gone. It would be a handy thing for feeding if you don’t feel like dirtying the highchair, or as a travel chair for feeding.

Pat Maize, KS

Frees you up for some quick chores

I have the version before the seat belts are put in. Nevertheless, a great product that’s easy to lug around in the house. The baby sits securely in there. She may wiggle, she may flex her stomach, but she can’t get out. Just don’t put this seat on a chair – as the instructions have warned – and you will be just fine.

Katy New Boston, TX

Used for Physical Therpay, LOVED

First off – don’t leave your baby alone sitting in it. ELIMINATES the safety issue! I have seen and heard many complaints of babies toppling over who don’t yet sit up without support. But really, this is more of a place to support your baby to sit while you sit with them and interact.We were gifted one by our PTs office for our then 9 month old daughter with Downs who did not yet sit up on her own but really wanted to interact with us. Considering her reduced muscle strength it was PERFECT. We could sit with her for a good half an hour while she worked to maintain her balance (like on a yoga ball…) and we used toys and games to keep her entertained. She was sitting up in it on her own in no time, and then without the seat shortly after.We love the seat. Will get a new one for the new baby when she is beginning to try to sit up! Easy to clean, easy to store, and endless possibilities for play.

Trudy Cool, CA

Versatile and SAFE product

We bought my son a Bumbo and were really excited about him being big enough to use it. Once he was capable of sitting up without support, we started feeding him in the Bumbo and putting him in it to play with his toys. He really enjoys his time in the Bumbo. After hearing about the recall, we realized how ridiculous it was… we would NEVER leave our son unattended in the seat. As a result, he thoroughly enjoys spending SUPERVISED time in the seat.Ultimately, he doesn’t spend quite as much time in the chair as I though he would… therefore, while I was pregnant, I thought it would be a necessity, but looking back, I would probably add it to the “nice to have” column.

Jade Lilly, GA

Just ok

We are borrowing this from a friend. It’s just ehh.Pros:Easy to cleanLiteConsTray isn’t deep enough and/or needs grippy edge. We like to let her play with toys in this and she just swipes her hand to make them fly off the try.Tray is a pain to attach, you have to tilt the seat back momentarily to attach it.There should be a cutout in the back for a handle. I have needed to move her at times and there is no good way to lift the seat if she is sitting in it.She likely will only be able to use this a few months.Cost, it’s just a foam seat?! For $30 with the tray we would have bought our own, but $60 for both is a little ridiculous.Overall for the price, I’d say buy it used or even better borrow one.

Sherrie Andover, MN

not for tubby babies, no weight/size guidance on the packaging

My baby is a shade over 2 months old, can barely hold his head up… and is too tubby to fit in this seat. His thighs barely fit into the leg slots, and even in his thinnest footie pajamas i can barely wedge his diapered bum into the seat. (If i let him go naked he might fit a little better, but that would end up quite messy.) He’s between the 75th and 90th percentile of weight for age, so he’s big for his age but not huge. And even so, two months is pretty young for this product. The babies in the pictures are clearly older.If there were any information in the product description or on the packaging about the maximum size or weight of babies who can use this product, i might have been saved the trouble of finding out mine is too big.

Marcie Fort Morgan, CO

It’s a nice seat for skinny babies!

My daughter never really cared much for this seat. Her little thighs are pretty thick so it was uncomfortable for her to get in and out of this seat. If your baby has thinner thighs this might work for you though!

Brooke Flint Hill, VA

Useful Mom Assistant

This seat will become my grandson’s throne very soon when he can hold his head up a little better. My daughter used a borrowed Bumbo Seat with our first grandson, and it really made him happy to sit somewhat upright on the floor and issue edicts to his adults. This one has a strap, which can’t hurt, although slipping and falling out were never issues with the older model. The turquoise plastic cover is soft and cushy, and it’s easy to clean. The leg openings, I suppose, could be tight for chunky thighs, but older brother, now 2.5 years, was almost able to get into it before giving up. He said, “I too big.”

Nona Sussex, WI

LOVE this seat! Must have!

I worked in a nursery for 5 years and used these everyday for babies! They are perfect for everything. Babies that love to sit up but can’t yet, this is PERFECT!!!!! I love that it can be used for many different functions and has the add on tray you can purchase.When I became a parent I had to get one for my baby daughter. She is a baby that loves to sit up and know what is going on but is too young to sit up on her own. I put her in this and let her sit on the floor and she is so happy. I put toys in front of her and she loves to play. I am so happy she loves it so much.Please if you purchase one, DO NOT sit these on a table or chair. It makes me terrified when I hear or see a parent do this. This is not a high chair or something that should be placed on high surfaces!!!

Lakesha Greeley, KS

Comfortable but too tight at thighs

This Bumbo Floor Seat is a great concept and provides good support in seating position for a growing baby. It is made of soft material which is very comfortable and easy to clean by simply wiping the surface. It is lightweight, portable, and an excellent choice for any baby.However, we found that it was too tight for 4 months old who is above average in size and weight.The biggest issue was to place his legs as the odd shape of foam from top makes it difficult to place his thighs inside the leg rests. Even though the foam is movable and soft, it becomes an issue in daily use when you are trying to hold him with one hand and fitting his legs with another. Check my images in customer images section.We preferredSummer Infant 3 Stage Super SeatoverBumbo Floor Seat, Blueas it provides a tray around the seat with toys to keep him engaged. He loves to hit those toys while seating as if he recently “discovered” his hands.Overall, I will not recommend this seat as you can get better products in less money which can provide you more bang for the buck.

Leanne Wright, MN

A Must For Any Baby

This item was recommended to me by multiple friends with kids and they were right. What would I do without it? My baby is four months old and able to use it with a little assistance from a blanket in front of her. She will be able to use it without help by the time she is five months easily. It is great now that she has better use of her arms and hands and would rather sit than lay down. The extra support on the back gives her the ability to see the world from a sitting view and allows me to play with her face to face instead of looking at her from above. I purchased mine before the recall so I received the belt portion as an add on directly from the company. I have not installed it yet because we only use the item when on the floor and I don’t see the need for it quite yet. I am sure when she becomes more mobile I will need to install it, but until then we are just loving this piece. I even had my mother purchase one so we can use it when we fly up for Christmas.

Adele Lakewood, WI

Great little chair

This chair is great as my 4 month old loves it. Baby was born preemie so we are still working on holding head up constantly and he loves to sit up. We put the Boppy pillow on back of chair for extra support and it works well. Once he fully has head control, this chair will be even better. The seat is deep, leg openings are good (though may be an issue when he gets chunkier…he is 12lbs now). The seat back is high which I prefer. Easy to clean. All in all, a great investment for our little one. Please watch your baby in the chair and leave on the ground….my little one squirms and can rock chair a little bit…I’m betting stronger/older babies can tip this w no problems.

Rebekah Old Ocean, TX

Loved it for when he needed a bit of help sitting up, but that was only about 2 months worth of use

The bumbo was perfect for our little one when he was about 3-5 months old. It was about the time he could hold his neck up and that offered some much needed relief for the back of his head (it was so flat due to laying on it so often). This enabled him to sit up and watch me cook, clean, or read to him. The tray was useless because it’s just not big enough to keep all the food on it. I’d get this item used or borrow it from a friend since it really can only be used for a few months. A portable high chair will work fine and lasts longer too.If you are looking for more products to add to your baby registry, check out the website, AllMomsArePerfect for what you really do need and what you can live without. It’s got tons of good advice for new moms too.

Noelle Nielsville, MN

We didn’t fit.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the idea of the Bumbo, but it didn’t work for us. My son is 3 months old, and in the 95th percentile for weight & 96th for height. He has some chunky thighs, and he got stuck getting in this! We were able to maneuver it so that he would fit, and he could sit in it, but with no wiggle room. He fell forward, not because he has no control, but because his legs were stuck! When we tried getting him out of it, it was stuck and came up with him. Just beware that it may not work if your little one has big thighs!

Georgia Rio Nido, CA

Donot buy

I would recommend buying Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Baby Seat.The legs area is elevated on this one so chances of baby falling forward are much less. I tried both and loved the lion heart one

Sandy Wyatt, MO

holds baby well

this thing is great. I cut out the straps. they are unneeded and a possible chafing agent. I just use it on the floor only.

Kathi Nekoma, ND

Used it to help relieve pressure from babies’ head

Our son had unfortunately developed a flat head on one side when he was still very young, probably from being in a car seat too often and in a cradle swing that I later discovered was tilted. An expert told us to try this product, so our son wouldn’t rest his head as much against a surface. I thought it was a great product, I was amazed how well he could sit up in this at such a young age. It really supported his back very well. It also seemed safe to me, we never used it on elevated surfaces of course and it seemed impossible for him to get out. I have never had any issues and I used it before they added a safety belt. Our son is now 2 years old and I resold the product but I will buy one again for our new baby girl.

Trudy Mount Wolf, PA

Very Handy

This product is very handy when you need a place for your little one to sit when you aren’t in the convenience of your own home or routine. The legs are a little tight squeeze to fit in, so sometimes depending on age, it’s a two person job, as you have to pull middle over for each leg to fit in, but once in, the legs fit comfortable, its just getting them in there. I actually bought one for my grandson who was a premie and was a little behind in sitting up on his own to help him sit and turn around and bought another one for my granddaughter who will be here anyday now.

Lakeisha Salem, KY

Well Made Product

It is a bit small but overall good. I like the feel of it. Feels sturdy/ good quality and easy to clean or use. Also soft, lightweight and portable. Enables the baby to sit upright and comfortably as well. Product should only be used once baby can support his or her head. The bumbo has won many international awards and I can see why. Would make a nice gift for a new mother or for your baby. Bumbo also donates nearly 100 percent of profits to charity.Toilet trainer, seat cover, play tray sold separately. 4 stars.

Caroline Lanse, PA

I love the Bumbo!

I got my first Bumbo when they initially came out, long before they had the tray, or the safety harness. We started using this with my niece relatively early when she had pretty good control of her head, but couldn’t sit on her own. She wasn’t a real big fan of tummy time to help strengthen her neck muscles, but she loved sitting in the Bumbo chair. Which was kind of amazing considering she absolutely hated to be in a high chair, or a car seat. What I loved about it was that it was contoured and she fit snugly in it while still being comfortable.I know there are many videos out there showing babies getting hurt when using this, but I never experienced this with my niece, even without the safety measures that are now in place. This chair is not meant to be a substitute for a high chair, but on the floor as instructed. I never had an instance of her falling out, or it tipping over. I know some people had this happen. I guess it all depends on your child, however if you use it as instructed with the harness that is now in all new models I think you will find that your little one will love it. My little one is not so little now, she’s six and she still tries to sit in it ;)Side note: TheBumbo Seat Play Tray, Ivorydidn’t exist when I bought my first one, but I will be getting it for this new one. TheBumbo Floor Seat Cover, OwlIMO are a waste of money since the seat is so easy to clean with just a few swipes of a antibacterial wipe.

Lauri Teutopolis, IL

Good for babies 4-5 months

I got this for my daughter when she was about 4 months and it was good to help her learn to sit up. She liked having a little independence (I didnt have to hold her up) and we could play. Now that she is 6 months and sitting on her own, I think she wont want to use it anymore, so Im a little sorry we didn’t get more use of out it. The strap is good in theory, but never really fit her right and is hard to open and close, so we rarely used it. I just never left her side when she was in it, and she did try to move a lot so I could see how she might be able to fall over if she really tried.Good for a short time, don’t know if I would buy it again at full price knowing that.

Jill Sterling, NY

Great concept!!

I understand the need for the security belt for babies who are crawling age and able to wiggle their way forward; but the belt is placed where if you have a smaller less active child, there’s no way to NOT use it. The placement of the center clip is hard to lock in.

Sylvia Yale, SD

Awesome chair!

This is a must have product for all new parents or those with a new addition to the family. My daughter is a tiny thing who is much too small for conventional baby chairs. She is four months old and has begun eating solids. This chair helps her sit upright and is convenient for me during feedings. I don’t worry about her falling or slouching and know that she is digesting her meals with ease. The Bumbo’s light-weight and small size makes it easy to tote back and forth for weekends with her grandmother.

Debbie Yancey, TX


I was very excited to buy this and looked forward to my son using it, especially after my niece and nephew LOVED theirs years ago. However, my baby barely fit it after her was about 15lbs, especially because of the straps. My baby was never overweight, average everything (height, weight, etc) and it was such a hassle getting him in and out.The middle strap would always fall under his bum when putting him in, and the putting the straps on with him being so tight in there was difficult. He thighs barely fit in the bumbo too.We tried cramming him in for a few weeks for feeding (with the tray) but it ended up not being worth it.

Melva Norwood, MO

To small

My son is to big for it, wish it came in different sizes to much of a hassle to return it since I’m half way across the world

Antionette Bremond, TX

Great purchase!

I purchased this for my baby when she turned 3 months old. I didn’t have her spend a ton of time in it, but I wanted her to get familiar with sitting up unassisted. The first time she sat in it she gave me the biggest grin!Fast forward 6 weeks and we’ve purchased the tray so we can start introducing foods. I am wondering though how long she’ll be able to sit in this as her chubby thighs already get stuck on the way out…Just make sure you use this as directed!

Kelley Bonlee, NC

Hate the buckle! Squeezes too tight!

When I first tried this with my son he was only 3 months old and could barely squeeze in it. It’s WAY TOO TIGHT, and he cried instantly. He loves sitting up on his own, just not in this thing. Also, the buckle is impossible to use. And if you don’t use it it pokes baby in the hips. That’s no good. I thought this would not be so tight, more like a chair for baby. I would try this out in a store first before you buy it.

Cleo Pomona, KS

decent seat

The seat itself is fine, its just my son has some fat thighs and when I pick him up out of it (only 4 months, this has been happening for 2 months) then it also lifts the chair up.as a universal chair it should fit all babies not just the skinny ones. his posture is kinda blah in it too, but its nice for letting him sit for a few minutes, he’d much rather sit up and play with his teething toys while I’m doing dishes than he would lay on the ground.

Kayla Aroma Park, IL

Great when starting solids

I used this a lot when my son was first eating solids. He could sit up, but not straight for too long, so the seat gave him enough support to eat with good posture. Sometimes I still plop him own in it on the kitchen island while preparing food so that he can watch and keep busy with finger foods. I don’t know why they have safety straps since they really can’t move around while seated. They just annoyed him and got in the way, so I just cut them out. I wouldn’t recommend too much time in the seat though. They need time unsupported to build up core muscles.

Bernadine Odell, IL