Bumbo Floor Seat Cover, Dots

Bumbo Floor Seat Cover, Dots

Want to give your Bumbo baby seat an even bigger personality. Dress it up with the new must have accessory, made exclusively for the Bumbo floor seat. Add new flair with a variety of fun and stylish patterns that reflect your personality. The seat cover is easy to put on and take off and protects your baby seat. This seat pad is made from breathable, machine washable fabric and includes two side pockets for storage.

Main features

  • 35% cotton; 65% polyester
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Protects your baby seat
  • Two side pockets for storage
  • Machine washable and breathable fabric

Verified reviews


Really Liked

I have the older version before the straps. We got it barely used for $15. I find the straps to be pointless if you pay attention and supervise your baby as you are supposed to. It works really well, but can only be used for a couple of months.

Angelina Davis, NC


I’ve heard people rave about how much they love this, and then I’ve heard the opposite. I ended up returning this item. I decided that I didn’t like the idea of it after one use. My baby didn’t care for it, and started immediately arching his back when I put him in. When in it he can’t reach anything around him. Just not my cup of tea. Sent it back and decided to go with a play mat instead. If I want him to sit up before he’s able to on his own, I’ll just help him myself. Also, the cost vs. how short of a time they recommend you use it seems unreasonable.

Cleo Oakland, MI

Dr. recommended it

Our pediatrician recommended using this to help our son strengthen his back muscles so he can work on sitting by himself unsupported. He is doing very well now and the tray used with this model is also very helpful, otherwise he just ends up staring at the toys on the floor.

Ramona Kelso, TN

Picture not accurate.

This product works as intended, we got it to cover the pink bumbo we were given to use for our daughter, as I wanted a different color to use for our son. As someone stated in another review, this picture is not accurate. There is no solid purple in the cover we received, which I actually prefer but I just wanted to let others know that what is pictured is not what we received.

Hattie Yelm, WA

Four Stars

my kid loves it

Helene Spinnerstown, PA

Nice fit

This cover fits our pink gumbo so well and is a nice cheap option to make a "girl" colored gumbo more :boy" friendly without buying another gumbo all together. It fits well and washes easily.

Luella Challis, ID

Saved our bumbo!

Our cat randomly attacked our bumbo seat taking out chunks and leaving some holes. I was worried about the babe pulling off more chunks so I was about to toss the seat but this saved it! It is super easy to use, adorable, and good quality. Allows for the straps to come through which is essential.

Hester Buckland, OH

So cute and a really great fit!

I bought the cover for my niece because I wanted something a little flashier then just the plain Bumbo and this was the pick of the bunch and can I say how happy I am I got this! Fits great, a nice cloth, easily cleaned or washed & it’s fun for her to look at. I would recommend this one to anyone 🙂

Theresa Bay City, WI

Easier to get my child in/out of the bumbo!

Our baby has acid reflux so she spits up often. I wanted something we could toss into the wash easily when it got dirty. It’s easy to put on the bumbo. I also find it easier to get my daughter in and out of the chair using this silky fabric cover. Colors are just as vibrant as they are online.

Cleo Red Bud, IL

Not good for babies with chunky thighs

I’m sure this product is great for a lot of babies, however my 3 month old could not fit in it. Now, he does have pretty chunky thighs, but I would just keep this in mind if you decide to purchase this product.

Valarie Stuart, VA


I have a purple Bumbo since I had a little girl…and didn’t want to have to purchase another Bumbo for my newest male arrival…so this was exactly what we needed. We didn’t have to purchase a new seat and out little man’s not sitting in a purple chair! Winning!

Arlene Montana Mines, WV

Doesn’t fit at all, doesn’t match photo

As other reviewers stated, this doesn’t match the photo. Photo shown is orange & grey elephants with grey seat. This is only orange with grey elephants, the seat inside is not contrasting. I knew this might be the case when I bought it, but hoped I would be lucky and get one like the photo.Also, it doesn’t fit our bumbo at all. We have an older version, so maybe that’s why, though many reviewers say it fits the older models fine. I think ours was just sewn improperly, especially since I can see stitches pulling out. We just got it today and I was careful putting it on, it hasn’t even been used yet.Overall, very cheaply made and doesn’t look like it would hold up. I won’t be able to find out, though, since ours doesn’t fit well enough to use. I’m returning it. Disappointed since I thought it looked so cute.

Bridgett Zion Grove, PA

Lives up to the hype

This seat totally lives up to the "mommy" hype. My five month old loves sitting in the chair and watching everything around her. Great buy!

Doris Berlin, NH


Should have listened to the other reviews difficult fit and the fabric was not as pictured but an adorable idea

Saundra Barney, ND

Poor construction

This cover fits the bumbo well most places. You can see the stitching too much though. The stitch length was set too far apart during construction, so you see white seams showing through everywhere! One corner does not fit well, it’s as if the person doing the sewing didn’t use the correct seam allowance- it doesn’t even follow the curve of the bumbo there.

Trina Fourmile, KY

Love, but dislike the seat belt.

I love this infant seat, however I wish people were slightly smarter (this is a general statement and not meant to apply to every situation/person) and the seat belt wasn’t required to be attached.

Juliette Smithdale, MS

quality cover

I don’t LOVE the bumbo as my son has some mega fat thighs that get stuck, but the cover is very soft and looks a little more fun than the boring seat underneath. It actually also helps to loosen his thighs I think

Joyce Keldron, SD


Fits snug, great print (even for a little girl!), nice material for wiping off messes, & it fits over older bumbo too

Francis Hensel, ND

Awesome cover!

I have a Boppy I purchased way back in 2007 for my son. I used it again in 2010 for another son and in 2013 I had a daughter. Over the last year or so the Boppy got a crack in the part that goes between babies’ legs. I didn’t want to put my daughter in it for fear of her getting pinched and I didn’t want to spend the money on a new Boppy considering that she is my last baby.I purchased this cover and it’s great! Does exactly what it should and fits like a glove. Plus it is cute! Mine arrived exactly as shown.It does have holes for the waist strap but my Boppy doesn’t have these straps and it still works great.

Stella Conception, MO

fit is too constricing

Bought this for my grandson to help him sit up and I hate it. It is WAY too tight and my grandson is small on the growth curve and not heavy at all. I tried it a few times and put it in the attic…what a waste.

Courtney Singer, LA

Super cute

My mom bought this for me when she bought my Bumbo. It’s great because the plastic the Bumbo is made out of looks very uncomfortable and looks like it would stick to the legs. I like the cover!

Kasey Noorvik, AK

Cute and durable

I like this cover. It is a nylon material which makes it easy to clean and wash. It does have a snug fit but it often scrunches around where the arm rest is, this is sa great seat cover. The elephants just make it that much cuter!

Frances Cambridge, ME

This was an easy fix for the pink Bumbo seat for my twin …

This was an easy fix for the pink Bumbo seat for my twin boys to use. Plus it makes it a little less slippery. It’s not as snug as a fit as shown, but it is a good buy instead of buying a boy colored bumbo.

Geri Cortez, FL

Makes using the bumbo a lot easier

Easy to use, fits very well and washes very well too. It dries in no time so its usually always dry by the next feed but I bought two just incase. My 6 month old is extremely messy when it comes to food and this cover saves me having to wipe down and disinfect the bumbo every time.

Lois Millstadt, IL

Great Product, For Smaller Babies

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this product to start using with my 2 month old son to aid in the development of his neck and back strength.~PROS~- Soft, comfortable feel to the Bumbo.- Bumbo feels stable and solid.~CONS~- The leg holes are snug even for my 3 month old 15 pound baby with average thickness legs. It’s especially challenging to get my son out because one or both of his legs gets stuck and ends up pulling the whole Bumbo up with him.- Not for babies with chunky legs and larger babies.- The safety belt is difficult to use.~TIPS~- Do not leave your baby unattended while in the Bumbo due to the potential for tipping over.- Best used for babies who can sit up on their own.- Add theBumbo Seat Play Tray, Ivoryto provide a playing surface.- Add a suction style toy such asInfantino Stick and Play Highchair Toyto stick to the play tray.~CONCLUSION~Even with the seat and leg areas being a little on the snug side and the challenge of getting my son out, I recommend this product. I use the Bumbo daily with the before mentioned Play Tray and Stick and Play Toy and my son sits in it for up to 45 minutes playing and interacting.Unfortunately, I would expect another month of use at most with the Bumbo once my son is 4 months old and is too big for it.

John Havre De Grace, MD

Bumbo Floor Seat Cover, Owl

This cover is so cute! I got this for my grand baby to use on his Bumbo Floor Seat. My daughter loves owls so that is her nursery theme.

Claudette Montcalm, WV

Great idea instead of buying another seat

At my baby shower I received a pink Bumbo seat while I was pregnant with my daughter. When I got pregnant with my son, I knew I would not buy a new Bumbo because of the price, and decided to just get a cover instead. Besides, kids don’t really care what it looks like, right? Anyway, the elastic at the bottom fits snugly around the base of the seat and the rest of the cover fits snugly around the leg divider too. My son has spit up on this a few times and I love that I can just toss it in the washer. The inside of the chair cover, where the baby sits, is orange not black, if that makes a difference. It didn’t matter to me, it is just a variation from the picture description that may throw some buyers off. The pattern is cute and I’d much rather spend $10 on a seat cover than $50 on a new Bumbo!

April Odon, IN

Very cute and washable.

This cover is very cute and washes easily. But it fits quite snug and can be difficult to get onto the bumbo the first few times.

Paulette Bloomingburg, NY

very cute

the design is really cute, but its a little loose when i put it on the Bumbo seat. cant be too picky tho. i like it

Pamela Arcadia, PA