Bumbo Floor Seat – Tray – White

Bumbo Floor Seat – Tray – White

Bumbo Baby Seat Tray Help your little one gain a feeling of independence, strengthen important trunk muscles and improve hand-eye coordination with the Bumbo Play Tray. It also gives parents a break because babies want to stay in the Bumbo Floor Seat longer. The tray attaches to the Bumbo Floor Seat (sold separately), giving your child a surface to keep toys within reach. With his or her toys within arm’s reach, your baby can sit up and play independently. The portable and lightweight tray and is also great for feeding your little one, and the easy-to-clean, smooth surface makes cleanup a breeze. The tray is easy to install for simple setup. Why You’ll Love It: It keeps baby’s toys within reach and provides a great space to eat or play. Features Portable Lightweight Easy to wipe clean Easy to install Product Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 3.5 inches Weight: 0.85 pounds

Main features

  • Attaches easily to the Bumbo seat and clicks securely in place
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Easy to clean and simple to install
  • Play Tray places toys and teethers within baby’s reach, keeping little ones busy and entertained longer
  • Bumbo Seats sold separately

Verified reviews


Great addition to the Bumbo!

The Bumbo tray is great. We have a high chair as well but we still use the Bumbo sometimes to feed him. The tray makes it a lot easier. Plus I can put his toys etc. on top so they’re in easy reach for him to play with.I agree with other reviewers that it’s very expensive and not worth paying full price. I bought my Bumbo + tray used from another mom and would suggest that you do the same. These things are pretty much indestructible and easily cleaned so there is no need get one brand new.

Amparo Mount Ephraim, NJ

Functionally ok, but installing/attaching is a pain

Installing: Trying to insert the bottom tray piece into the tray itself was a major pain (I have two of these trays). I had to get my husband to put these together.Attaching: You attach the tray to the Bumbo with your kid already in the seat. It can be a little tricky because you need to make sure their arms/legs are out of the way so they don’t get pinched.Functionality: My kids like the trays so they can lay their toys on there. We are not to the solid food stage yet, but, you can also use the try for feeding as well. At an early stage, its nice to use the seat without the tray so they can see their little toes.This is a cheap tray and its just hard to put together due to the plastic pieces, but it does the job. The tray is not real thick…so its not very bulky – which is a good thing.

Nadia Schleswig, IA

Table Is Awkward

The table is a very good idea however the design is kind of awkward to put on. The baby has to be in the seat before the table is put on but to actually slide the table on you have to tip the baby back because there is a lip that goes under the chair.

Flossie Gaithersburg, MD

Gotta have this with your Bumbo!

Both of our girls used our Bumbo, and it was great! They were able to sit comfy & supported in a sitting position before they were able to sit all on their own even while they were still too small for a high chair. They were able to sit interact with us and watch how we used utensils while we ate. They weren’t stuck lying on their backs anymore. We got this as a gift, and it was one of our most treasured baby things! I see that they’re selling Bumbo & Tray “combos” now, but if you have a Bumbo without a tray, it’s a must to get one!

Kasey Missouri City, MO

Impossible to snap the tray on top

This comes in two pieces: the tray and the bottom piece that attaches to the Bumbo seat. I don’t care what anyone says – the tray does not attach to the bottom half of this product! There is NO give in the plastic, so attachment is nearly impossible. Trust me, we tried! It looked good in theory, but since the snap doesn’t work, I wasn’t comfortable using this. I bet you can get away with jamming the tray on and it probably won’t pop off the bottom piece of plastic, but I wouldn’t risk it, especially if you have a wiggly baby.I had to return it. I was sorry to do so because my baby likes sitting in her Bumbo and wants to have toys. I had hoped the tray would mean less time picking up toys from the floor and having to wash them off. Oh well! *sigh*

Patrice Adams Run, SC

Absolutely hate this!

First let me say, I LOVE my bumbo chair! I thought the play tray would be a nice addition to the chair. Boy was I wrong. It’s hard to get on and off so you wouldn’t want to remove and replace each time you put baby in/out. It is so hard to get the baby into the seat with the tray on and even harder to get him out! His legs get stuck when I lift him up and the whole seat is dangling by his legs. I hate it. He cries every time I take him out. This thing went straight to the trash after 2 days. It should clip on and off easier so you can take it off each time you want to get baby in or out.

Millicent Dallas, NC

Love this tray!

This tray is great for feeding and playing! Easy to pop on and off — makes the Bumbo even more wonderful!

Janelle Sunol, CA

A bit disappointed

I was hoping I could use this tray when I started to feed my daughter solids. The tray and the stand are two seperate pieces. They have a tendancy to separate, and they don’t attach to the bumbo very well. My daughter can easily knock this off the bumbo. Big disappointment. Get a high chair.

Marina Washington, CT

I don’t get it!

Ok someone tell me what all the fuss is about. This tray is good for one thing- setting toys on it. You don’t need it for feeding since any babies in this are too little to feed themselves. It is a pain to get on and off and you need 2 hands to do it. We all know having to use 2 hands to do something is a pain when you have the baby on your hip! You can’t leave it on when you get baby in and out of the bumbo. I just don’t get it- don’t spend money on this.

Emilie Sims, AR

Plastic Tabs strip too easily

The first time you use the tray, it seems to work great – until the tray is pulled off. The tabs that ‘lock’ the tray onto the front piece strip out way too easily and the tray is pretty useless at that point. They need to have a better design to lock the tray into place.In other words, a total waste of money. The entire purpose was to have a surface to place toys and other things on, but when the tray keeps falling off, you may as well just place your items in baby’s lap.

Graciela Bladenboro, NC

Great for baby, hard to attach

I love the option to have a tray for the bumbo – we put a few toys on it and our daughter can occupy herself throwing them off! The problem I have is how hard it is to attach the tray. I don’t know if its me, but I put it over the ‘hump’ in the middle of the bumbo and then I have the hardest time getting the bottom lip under the bottom of the bumbo. I end up lifting the front of the bumbo slightly to get it under and I usually stick my foot under so I can use both hands to attach the tray, but I find that it feels a bit unsafe because one wrong move this way, and the chair could tip back. Without lifting the bumbo off the ground slightly, though, I don’t see how the tray can attach. My daughter doesn’t use the chair that often and not for very long at this stage, so it’s fine – if your baby really liked this seat and you were putting the tray on and off regularly, it would get pretty annoying.

Allyson Blanchard, IA

Hard to get on and off

The tray does the job, and once you get the hang of it, it’s not terribly hard to get on and off the bumbo. That said, I wouldn’t say that it’s intuitive or super easy to get the tray to attach/detach either. If you follow the directions, it’s fairly straight forward and is secure once it’s on. You definitely need to remove the tray to get the baby in and out of the seat though, and that can be a pain. Those chubby legs would just get stuck! It’s nice having a tray to put toys on, while baby is sitting in the chair, and in the earlier months, I also did some feeding in the chair (on the floor).

Erna Valle Crucis, NC

Love the idea of it, but doesn’t stay

I would love to use this thing, but it does not stay secured. I put it together first and installed it just as the directions showed, but it just doesn’t seem to fit properly. I don’t believe I installed it incorrectly but I won’t give up on it because I love the convenience of the Bumbo!

Melisa Douds, IA

Snug fit but works well.

I did not find the tray so hard to secure or remove. It is a snug fit but it’s a great addition to the seat.

Maureen Norway, OR

Really never used it.

I bought this to use with my bumbo but we didn’t use it a whole lot and it ended up in a closet collecting dust. It was hard to put on the bumbo while keeping little hands out of the way so they didn’t get pinched.

Marietta Norman, NE

Great addition

This is a great addition to the Bumbo seat. It clasps in securely (just watch for those little fingers when snapping on!) and provides a great place to put cherrios or toys.

Rosanne Stringer, MS

Definitely a must buy

If you own a bumbo, you definitely need to get the tray as well. We use this with our little girl, and we’re able to put one or two little toys or things on the tray while I’m cooking. Love our bumbo!

Hester Lake Park, GA

we don’t use it

seems like a good idea, but not practical. the tray makes it hard to get baby in and out of the bumbo — my little one’s thighs get stuck and i end up lifting the seat along with her! setting up the tray doesn’t allow for putting it on/taking it off while baby is in there either, so that’s not an option. too bad, wish it worked for us!

Cheri Doon, IA

Great tray to add on to seat

If you have a bumbo seat this is a much to add on. It is sturdy enough to where your child is not going to get the tray off and offers a nice place to add a snack or place some toys. Easy to put on and take off.

Elda Brookfield, MA

Love the concept!!!

very flimsey though…doesn’t really secure to the chair very well and the baby can flip it off easily. 🙁 —

Bertha Francis, OK

Cumbersome buy useful

This thing is annoying to put on and take off. It’s great once it’s on but you have to remove it to get your kid in and out so it’s becomes a chore since most kids don’t sit for very long I did not find it very useful. I really only use it in place of a highchair when we are having a big meal, so three stars for the annoying attachment of this product but it works well and is easy to clean.

Herminia Idalou, TX

Makes baby sit in Bumbo longer

My baby really liked his Bumbo starting at 3 mos, but now that he’s closer to 5 he is starting to get bored in it. We purchased this tray so he could have toys and not drop them as much. It is pretty easy to get on, though with my chunky baby it is sometimes hard to get it under the seat just right when he’s seated (17lbs). He does pull the tray off, but I just read a few reviews here that mentioned it has to snap. I thought I was pushing hard enough on it, but evidently maybe I’m not so I’ll go back and check. Overall it has made his Bumbo a more versatile playspot, and for the price it is a good purchase.***Edit***So I snapped the two parts of the tray together. However, I find it still difficult to get the tray on with baby in the seat. You have to tip the seat to get the bottom flange underneath, which doesn’t seem very safe, nor is it easy (my baby is 17lbs). It is then very stable, but kind of cumbersome to do.

Marcie Saint Michael, AK

Was great before I stopped using it Due to recall on Bumbo

I did like this product prior to the recall on the Bumbo for safety reasons I will not use the bumbo and brought it to goodwill

Angelia Yap, FM

Useful but makes leg holes too small

We use this tray for our four month old’s toys to keep him busy in his Bumbo seat, and in that regard it has been useful. However, the tray makes the leg holes pretty small, making it difficult and awkward to put the baby in the seat and even more difficult to lift him out. His legs usually get caught on the tray. Since you must snap the tray in place before putting the child in the seat and cannot safely remove it while a baby is sitting in the seat, we have had no other option that to struggle with it, or not use it at all.

Myrna Perry, KS

Bumbo Seat Tray

I was not overly happy with this product. It is not easy to install and falls off more than stable. I do recommend the bumbo seat but not the tray for this purpose.

Roxie Portal, ND


This is great and clicks onto the bumbo chair. It’s the perfect size and it makes a great little eating place for the little one.

Nancy Millsboro, DE

Playing And Eating Made Easy

The Bumbo seat alone is good for helping a baby sit up, but adding the tray dramatically enhances its use. It’s like the little brother of the high chair… great for using as a surface for playing with toys and for eating.It comes as two pieces in a thin box and snaps together snuggly with a little effort. It is a bit snug to put on and take off of the seat, but if it’s going to stay in place, you’re going to want that tight fit. Highly recommended addition to the Bumbo seat!

Nancy Wana, WV

Great Gift

I bought this and the Bumbo seat for a friend of mine and she abslutely loved it! Great price too!

Loretta Lexington, MS

perfect accessory!

This is the PERFECT accessory to the Bumbo! If you have a Bumpo, you need a tray!!!! It’s easy to snap in, keep the baby in, and offers a nice table for toys, food, etc. We shouldn’t have waited so long to purchase this!

Aisha Bill, WY

just ok…it’s a hassle to clip and unclip the tray from the seat…

Bought this to go with the Bumbo seat, but it is not easy to get on and off, and baby didn’t like Bumbo, so sold both seat and tray within a week of purchase…would recommend if you don’t mind the tray hookup process…good product for what it is, but just didn’t work for us…

Elisabeth Loretto, VA