Bumbo Step Stool Pink

Bumbo Step Stool Pink

A portable, lightweight and sturdy stool designed to help toddlers take those first steps toward independence. The slip-resistant surface on base and step provides a stable place for toddlers to reach the sink or toilet.

Main features

  • Helps toddlers reach the sink
  • Sturdy, lightweight and portable
  • Slip-resistant surface on base and step
  • Great for use for potty training
  • Slip resistant surface on base and step
  • Great for use with the Bumbo Toilet Trainer

Verified reviews


Cheap not for adults

Broke a few days after use:( Plastic won’t hold up to anyone heavier then 60 lbs use only for kids

Rosie Kreamer, PA

Best thing I’ve ever bought in my entire life!

It was time. It was definitely time that my 3 year old go potty ALL BY HERSELF. We have several of the folding stools, but because they were rectangle, it made it hard for her to sit without feeling like she was falling. Really, my only requirement was the stool would be pink and it would be curved to be closer to the potty. BINGO! In comes the Bumbo Step Stool. My 3 year old can now turn on the light, get on her potty, clean up, and get down ALL BY HERSELF! The grips on the bottom make it so she won’t slip while she’s climbing. Now if only I could figure out how to get the sink handles closer for her to turn it on by herself….. :)Update: We loved this so much, we bought a second one for her grandparent’s house. Recommend x2!

Elsa Shedd, OR

It’s oK

I like this stool. I like the rubber grip on top, I like the rubber grip on bottom, and it does not tip over easily (although it can tip over, so watch out). What I don’t like is it just isn’t high enough. It looks higher in the photos to me. I do not need anything super tall, but a few inches doesn’t help my son out much. Just going to keep it and let him grow into it since nothing seems to be any taller. For now he keeps using my sitting stool to climb up to the sink.

Susan Medway, MA

Love it

I bought this series for my daughter for potty training and it is perfect for our little bathroom. Love it.

Kristie Lorton, VA

Great step stool

The stool is perfect for my daughter (2 yrs. old) to use at the bathroom sink. The rubber on the bottom helps prevent sliding and the rubber on top helps prevent slipping. It’s easy to clean and sturdy and just the right size. We still need a two step stool for the kitchen sink, but this, along with the faucet extender makes it possible for my daughter to wash her hands in the bathroom all by herself.

Morgan Hecla, SD

Design flaw

There’s about a .75″-1″ of smooth plastic around the non-slip grip pad on top. Never thought it would be a concern until our daughter slipped and fell twice while standing on the stool with her dress shoes on. The first incident wasn’t bad, but the second incident almost caused us a trip to the ER since she hit her head pretty hard. She’s fine.We just hope the company redesigns the stool so that the non-slip grip pad on top extends to the edge.

Cathryn Huger, SC

Good step stool

Cute stool, does the job. It is a little more flimsy/flexible than I anticipated but I have no doubts it will hold my kiddo for a long time. My son just turned 2 and this is tall enough to help him *just* reach the water in our bathroom sink.

Maura Westpoint, TN

Great Step Stool

I purchased this for my 3 year old daughter to be able to wash her hands, turn on the light, and use the potty on her own. This step stool is great. It is really easy for her to pick up and move around the bathroom. We have a tile floor so the rubber feet do a really good job keeping the stool from moving around when she is standing on it. I have watched her stand very close to the edge and it doesn’t come off the floor. I am very happy I made this purchase it really has made my daughter much more independent.

Paige Rock Island, WA

Holds me

I bought this stool because I wasn’t able to put my baby in his crib at night without doing a somersault into the crib (which left bruises on my stomach). I figured this would last us a bit longer as the little guy could use it when he gets older to reach the sink. I was a little afraid that it would slide on the hardwood floors, but thanks to the rubber gripping on the bottom, that hasn’t been the case. It also easily holds me (125lbs). I wouldn’t recommend a large man stand on it, but I know my son won’t have a problem standing on it later.

Aurora Media, IL

Good stool, another 1″ would make it great

We are enjoying this stool in our bathroom, typically for toilet seating during potty training. It is very stable, easy to move around, easy to wipe clean, and overall a good value. Would be nice if it were a bit taller since my little one still needs to stay on tippy toes to sit on the toilet with this stool. Apart from that, we are quite satisfied.

Terry Frontenac, KS

Nothing to Complain About

Great product overall. No complaints. My 21-month-old son understands how to use it. It’s not topsy and I don’t fear it being tipped over.

Tammie Holyoke, CO

Best little stool ever!

I LOVE this stool! It’s so, so sturdy. Will not tip over, even if an adult puts all weight on just one side. It’s light and easy to move. It could be a tiny bit taller, but that will obviously be less important as my daughter grows taller.

Jacquelyn Sabetha, KS

Good buy

Bought this for my son when he starts potty training, he’s not there yet but has aleady started using this stool when brushing his teeth. Its very light so he will carry it around the house and sit on it too.

Lana Elkhorn, WI

Perfect Step Stool for a Toddler

Perfect step stool! I bought this for my toddler to use in the bathroom for potty training. It has worked great, it doesn’t slip at all, is perfectly sturdy and a great height. It also cleans up nicely.

Natasha Keenesburg, CO

Nice stool

This stool is very sturdy. My 1.5 year old uses it all the time, and I have never seen it act like it’s going to tip over, no matter how he stands on it. The stool itself is very sturdy and seems like it will last a long time. I also really like the non-slip top. I don’t have to worry about my son slipping off of it if he’s wearing socks.

Diana Welch, MN

Simple, and light design

This stool is great for my toddler. It is very sturdy, has a wider base than others I have seen, and is lightweight. Definitely would recommend.

Marta Auburn, WY

Great stool

This stool is awesome. It never tips over. It’s lightweight and easy for a little one to carry around. Probably too easy to carry, as the stool is also now my nemesis, as my son can reach things he never could reach before.

Tabatha Bishop, GA

Awesome stool!

Love this stool! Went through three others prior to finding this one and they were all too short. Finally my daughter can reach the sink to wash her hands!

Dorothy Vienna, SD

easy to use.

My son loves this stool. Right now he uses it to get up on our bed. But it very light weight so he can pick it up and take it elsewhere. He likes to move it up to the window to stare out the window. He started using this around 18 months and he is now two. It grips well, and is very sturdy. I never have to worry about it being wobbly. It doesn’t take up too much room either. Now, I need to get a second on for the bathroom.

Charity La Cygne, KS

Great stool for the little one!

My son loves to use this while brushing his teeth or getting on the toilet. It definitely will not support the weight of an adult so if that’s what you are looking for look elsewhere.

Chelsea Pocatello, ID

Great Step Stool

Its wide enough to stand on safely it doesn’t slide or give at all. Its sturdy good well made. We bought it so she could get up on the Trainer seat on the toilet. She picks it up and uses it to climb up on our tall bed. Great product.

Winnie Finksburg, MD

happy with step stool

This does not seem to tip, my biggest worry. It is light enough for my 2 year old to move. And, it looks cute.

Karla New Cambria, KS

Great stool for the potty, sink, and house

We are trying to start potty training and this stool is just the right size and doesn’t skid on our tile. It’s also very light so our son (22 mos) will pick it up and carry it around to places so he can reach things (ie sink and light switches). It is sturdy so I feel comfortable standing on it (not sure what the weight limit is). It’s a little spendier than some but I would recommend to others based on sturdiness, non skid feature, and quality plastic.

Ericka Lawton, OK

Stable stool

Great little stool. Stable & good grip on both sides. Great for toddler teeth brushing & hand washing. Love it.

Lillian Palos Hills, IL


Seems to be steady. Lightweight. Our little one is 33 months, 30 pounds and a little over 3 feet. Does a good job to allow him to wash his hands himself. Of course, we’d never leave him unattended or allow him to go by himself at this point—just in case.

Deann Central, AZ


Love this!Pros:-Does not tip-very sturdy can take a lot of weight- slip proof-sizeNeg:- not foldable,which makes it harder to store, but I don’t favor foldable models as they are less stable. In my opinion, safety trumps storage . Despite its size, it does store easily next to toilet and in many ways that is better because it easily accessible.

Cheryl Kirklin, IN

Good purchase

This step stool works well. Used in our church nursery so it is not quite as high as I would have liked.

Laura South Hutchinson, KS

Even holds mommy’s fat bum!

This is a great sturdy stool. I got it for our downstairs bathroom for my son during potty training but have used it many times myself to sit or stand on and it holds my 250+lbs just fine. Very nice looking too…not too childish looking so can be used by anyone.

Marietta Hixton, WI

Sturdy, yet lightweight

I got this step stool so my toddler could reach the toilet and the sink by himself. It is perfect. It is lightweight enough that he can pick it up and move it himself. But it is sturdy enough that if he is standing on his toes to reach the sink, it doesn’t slip out from underneath him.

Darlene Inwood, WV

Sturdy Little Stool

This stool gives my 18 month old just enough oompf to get to the sink. (With a little tippy toe action, lol.) It’s not too expensive, and is a sturdy little bugger for the price. Thumbs up!

Susan Falun, KS