Bumbo Toilet Trainer, Pink

Bumbo Toilet Trainer, Pink

Unlike conventional toilet seats, the Bumbo Toilet Trainer instills a sense of confidence and security during potty training. The unique shape of the Toilet Trainer provides secure, comfortable seating. Concave seat provides support and security. Made form low-density foam, this seat fits on adult toilet seats with nothing to attach or remove. The one-piece soft design is comfortable and easy to clean.

Main features

  • Concave seat provides support and security
  • Made of durable, low-density foam
  • Easily fits on adult toilet seats
  • Nothing to attach or remove
  • One-piece soft design is comfortable and easy to clean

Verified reviews


Finally…a pee guard high enough for a real boy

I bought three potty chairs before I finally found the Bumbo toilet trainer at a nearby retailer. The main issue I had with all of the potty chairs is that they were designed so poorly that my son could not pee without making a huge mess. Honestly, I don’t understand the modern design of potty chairs – none of them work. The Bumbo toilet trainer is great because it works as a seat reducer and has a decent guard. It’s also made from comfy flexible materials, so little bums don’t get sore from sitting. I highly recommend this product.

Mina Westminster, MA

CRACKED after a months use.

My daughter is 2 and 31lbs.. used the seat 2x daily, loved it… until a big crack came down the center. Going to call amazon/bumbo to see if I can get a replacement.

Rebecca Leonore, IL

Truly Terrible. Not functional. Will crack.

There is serious design flaws with the bumbo potty trainer. I purchased a pink one in February, and was initially very pleased. We had potty trained my two year old with the baby bjorn potty, and it was time to graduate to the toilet. My daughter really liked this potty, and it seemed to be very comfortable. The fit was a little funny on the toilet seat (it wiggles around a bit), but I was just happy she was happy to use it.After a couple days of use I realized that the seat had a funny design because urine simply runs all around the under side of the rim, thereby needing serious cleaning after EVERY use. Not only that, but urine gets between the seat and the toilet seat, and therefore the toilet needs to be cleaned after EVERY use. Further when you pick the potty off the toilet, you need to be very careful to not “dribble” on the floor, or you will be washing the area around your toilet after EVERY use. So, a lot of cleaning needed after use, but it did wipe down simply enough.I was willing to overlook this annoying feature if it wasn’t for the fact that two weeks later a crack developed in the groin area of the seat. This is a serious concern because it could easily pinch delicate baby skin and hurt very badly. I contacted the local store I had purchased from and was told these cannot be returned/refunded because of hygienic reasons – this includes returning to the manufacturer. So I assumed I had purchased a dud and decided to shell out another $35.00, because my daughter liked it and was familiar using it. FIVE DAYS LATER THE POTTY CRACKED IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE!Please do not read my review and think it won’t happen to you or that I am simply using this potty wrong. I truly want to stop people from wasting their money like I have done. I have spent $80.00 on two potty seats, both of them cracked in the exact same place, in the front groin area. This can seriously harm a child if their skin gets pinched there.If you would like my suggestion, I am now using a prince lionheart wee pod, and it is working very well.

Ruby Panacea, FL

Early potty training

If you’ve ever noticed that sitting in the bumbo seat helps your baby potty, this product may be perfect for you. I purchased this product because I noticed I was putting my daughter in the bumbo seat every time I was anticipating a bowel movement. Well, having her poop into the toilet is much more clean and helps with maintaining skin integrity and reducing chance of urinary tract infections as her bottom is not smushed up against poop. She had a stint where she had a terrible diaper rash and having her poop into the toilet helped aid in her recovery.My three year old son would be unable to use this product – he has complained of the seat feeling too small but its been perfect for my daughter who is now 11 months. She has been using it since 5 months or so. I’m not going to say my daughter is potty trained but its more that I’ve become aware of her toileting cues. This item is perfect!!!

Arlene Mount Auburn, IA

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Elimination is all about comfort otherwise it’s quite literally a No Go.Our babe outgrew 2 versions of potty trainers for what I’m calling “comfort issues” {red welt marks on butt} and abruptly stopped “functioning” for short periods of times between updates. First the “in front of mama’s lap on toilet” trick, then the Nuby Toilet trainer {see my other review}.Because the Bumbo Trainer wasn’t available in the States until recently, we tried the other methods waiting nearly a year for its re-release into the US market. {not sure why they had stopped selling it for a number of years} Through a google search one random day, I finally found it available on Amazon and did a comparison with the Prince Lionheart soft seat toilet trainer {from Target instore. It’s not listed online.}Bumbo vs. Prince LionheartLoved that the Bumbo molded form is very simple on both top and bottom for easy cleaning. The Prince Lionheart had a nice clean design on top but far too many nooks and crannies on the bottom for ease of cleaning. The Lionheart initially seemed like a better designed shape and the babe appeared to sit more erect and less schlumped/butt sunken like with the Bumbo. But the proof was in the pudding {toilet}….Bumbo won out. And we are happy to say we are back to our normally scheduled programming. Happy, very happy!It might also be better suited for the younger potty trainer set: 2 and under, 30lbs or less, or perhaps the small-butted due to the shape of the seat. May be uncomfortable/awkward for a bigger child.p.s. We didn’t really do formal EC. More just …let’s see what happens if “we put her on the toilet” training. If I had known the babe would pick it up so quickly, I would have started sooner.

Louise Walthourville, GA

Elimination Communication

We got this for my 2-month-old who had very predictable poo times/behaviors. I figured it couldn’t hurt to start putting her on the potty early, and it would be less feces getting smooshed into her sensitive bits! She would often use the positioning of her Bumbo seat to go, so I purchased this hoping to mimic that feeling. It didn’t quite fit that category, but I wasn’t surprised since she was about 8 pounds when we started and this is, obviously, not specifically made for her size. On the plus side, I was never afraid that she would fall in through this hole! (As opposed to our previous method of sitting her on the edge of the regular toilet seat…)

Brandie Rossville, TN

Best seat for elimination communication

I started elimination communication with my first baby when she was just three months old. It’s a GREAT seat for an infant, probably the only seat you can actually practice elimination communication without having to hold baby over potty. It holds them perfectly. Now that my girl is two and a half I am seeing that it’s not the best seat for real potty training, she is kind of short but it’s almost impossible for her to climb into the seat by herself. I’m sure maybe when she’s three, she will be able to. But it’s still her fav seat, it’s very comfortable, she like to just hang out in the potty, but she won’t hang out in the potty if it’s one of the other seats that don’t cup their behind. Also I’m not sure how it happend, but a crack appeared by her front bits, and the little crack has become a monster now and it will sometimes pinch her 🙁 so I’m buying a new one! I have a new little one and plan to do elimination communication with her. I stopped having to clean poop diapers since my girl was 9 months… How awesome is that??

Ginger Brownell, KS

Makes potty training a little easier.

It must be super comfy because my daughter will sit on this seat for long periods of time without fussing to get down. Before, we had the little plastic character potty topper and she didnt want to sit on it or sit there for any amount of time. Its super easy to clean and fits on our toilet well. I highly recommend this potty seat!***UPDATE***Ours cracked too. It is almost a year old but, I would expect better quality out of such a pricey potty seat. Still using it although it probably will not make it long enough for my second child to use.

Rosalia Bison, SD


My daughter loved her Bumbo chair and now loves the toilet trainer–it makes sitting on the potty fun and comfortable. Only issue is size–my daughter is under two and she sinks a bit, so it is hard for her to reach in and "wipe". Older toddlers prob won’t have a problem.

Luisa Risingsun, OH