bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

The diaper sprayer is a fresh new way to clean soiled diapers. Its strong, adjustable spray rinses even the messiest diapers. The mess goes where it is supposed to go – and your hands stay clean. During potty training, the sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs. The adjustable spray is gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene after childbirth. Easy to install – no plumber needed. All parts and detailed instructions with high-quality pictures are included in the box.

Main features

  • Plastic, Stainless Steel, Brass
  • Made in USA
  • bumGenius diaper sprayer is a fresh, new way to eliminate dunking soiled cloth diapers
  • Diaper sprayer is a strong, adjustable spray that rinses clean even the messiest diapers
  • Easy installation no plumber or tools needed
  • Gentle setting can be used for feminine hygiene
  • Includes sprayer, fixtures, hose and mounting clip

Verified reviews


It’s actually a Five Star Product

If you’re like me, you go straight to the 1 star reviews to see what sucks about a product. I always have and I always will. I got this for free when I bought my BumGenius diapers so I didn’t have a chance to look at the reviews. I had my husband install it since I was 8 months pregnant at the time. As a dutiful wife, I made him read the instructions and I also found a YouTube video that I made him watch where a mother installed it herself. It took him all of 15 minutes from start to finish. I’ve watched my husband spray out diapers and he’s afraid to get the diaper in the actual toilet. I mean, c’mon, a kid just pooped in the diaper, and NOW you can’t let the diaper get poopy?! Oh brother! I put the whole thing in the toilet and spray it as I pull it out. Then I wring it out and toss it in the wet bag. I promptly wash my hands with anti-bacterial soap before touching anything else and we keep Clorox wipes handy to clean up any splatter around the toilet, walls, and floor.Only turn it on 1/4 of the way and afterwards spray it in the toilet after you shut it off to get any excess water out of the nozzle so that it doesn’t leak.And don’t be a lazy bum and let the poop dry on the diaper. You’re just setting yourself up for a hard time. No one said cloth diapering was easy, it’s just cheaper and slightly better for the environment.

Vickie Donnelsville, OH

Waste of Money

This product sounds like a neat idea (especially to first time parents), but at the best it’s pretty unnecessary and at the worst you’ll end up with a flood in your house. First of all, you often make more of a mess spraying the diapers over the toilet (think poo water all over the rim and bathroom floor) than if you simply swished them clean in the toilet before throwing them in the hamper. Besides, once a child starts consuming lots of solids, the diaper contents pretty much fall right off without any hassle.Second, unless you have a flexible supply line hose to your toilet, this device won’t be compatible with your system.***Third, the sprayer screws directly into your supply line and it is very, very easy to accidentally loosen the connection (just by turning the thing off) and end up with a leak that could cause water damage or a minor flood. I speak from experience.Fourth, don’t even think of using this sprayer as a bidet, as the water from the supply line is COLD (do you really want ice water spraying on your privates?).Just go low-tech and skip this product.

Tammy Pep, NM

Save your money

You can make your own for 1/2 the cost, literally. On YouTube there’s a DIY video on how to make this, the most expensive part is the spray head kit that comes with the hose. It can run about $10. I don’t have anything to turn on and off, I just use the spray head whenever I need it. I use a 3M hook on the side of the toilet to hang the head up on. There’s lots of pressure and it DOES save time to have something along these lines for cloth diapering. Highly recommend either buying this or making your own if you’re on a budget.

Jasmine Central City, PA

Worked for 1 month, then leaked causing floor damage

At first this worked great…..then after about one month of use, it leaked when I turned it on. However, I didn’t notice it and completely forgot to turn the valve off after I used it. A few hours later, I had a small flood on my hands. We had to rip up the floor and baseboard and completely replace them in the entire bathroom. My fault for forgetting to leave it on, however it definitely shouldn’t leak like that! And what a horrible design that you have to turn the stupid switch on and off anyway…..busy, sleep deprived moms aren’t going to remember to turn the stupid thing off. Faulty product, DO NOT BUY!!!!!

Corine Lagrangeville, NY

Ruined our kitchen ceiling

It says right on the packaging that they won’t be responsible for leaks if you forget to turn it off. It even has a reminder on it that says to turn it off. So, it’s really my fault BUT if you’re a mom you know very well that carrying your infant in a Moby and trying to rinse poop off your toddler’s diaper while they run around half naked, it can be easy to forget to get down on your hands and knees and reach behind the toilet bowl to turn off the water every single time you rinse a diaper. Honestly, it even leaks when it’s shut off. Anyway, it’s not TECHNICALLY their fault because they do warn you but it would seem to me that if you know your product leaks, you may want to work on the design instead of just telling people “hey it leaks, don’t sue us.”

Lidia Istachatta, FL

Game changer

I cloth diapered two kids more than ten years ago and this is way way way better than swishing out the poops in the toilet by hand. Great water pressure and easy to install.

Mina Rimforest, CA

It works but set-up left my husband grumbling

We purchased this product when my daughter was around 10 or 11 months, and really starting to eat solid food, as opposed to just throwing it on the floor. Breastfeeding & cloth diapering moms will understand how this impacts things. Basically, I could no longer just throw our soiled cloth diapers right into the washing machine and count on the poo being water-soluble. Also, though I’ve heard that you can just shake and dunk the diaper directly into the toilet, it was pretty gross and ineffective when I actually tried it.So this product is great for me not really having to get my hands dirty! It is basically just a spray gun hose that attaches to your toilet. The fact that it works is enough for me to be happy. However, my husband felt that it was very cheaply made (especially for the price), and not compatible with our toilet plumbing. He had to go to the hardware store to switch out something with the toilet pumping. My apologies for not knowing the technical terms here. So I do feel that they should alert customers to this fact when they buy this product. I personally would not have been able to install it, and I know there’s many moms out there, or un-handy dads, who would not be able to get this thing working.

Dee Glen Jean, WV

Very powerful spray

The sprayer was easy to install and works well. It’s not essential for cloth diapering but I would definitely recommend it because it’s very convenient.You have to be careful because its very powerful. If you turn it all the way on, you run the risk of it spraying stuff out of the toilet. I usually just turn on the valve just a little bit so that I have enough pressure to wash off any poop from the diaper but not enough pressure that it sprays out.

Marina Kelayres, PA

LOVE THIS! Almost 5 yrs and still going strong.

This sprayer is a must for cloth diapering but is handy in other ways as well. Changed my cloth diapering world and would never go without it again. Love that you can adjust the pressure because I’ve turned it way down and used it on tiny messy bums, a bit cold but even a tiny sprinkle of water helps a lot. Great for rinsing out buckets when the kids catch a tummy bug, or rinsing diaper pails. I installed it myself easily in a short amount of time and have never had any leaks from it in the 5 years it’s been attached to my toilet. When the pressure is up all the way it can splatter which is not sanitary when cleaning dirty diapers but I start with it low and turn up the pressure slowly if I have to. We have another little one on the way so I am so happy this is still working wonderfully, saves me from having to buy another because I would in a heart beat if I had to. This go around I’m gonna get a splatter shield and see if that makes rinsing even easier.

Rosalyn Hardin, TX


Bought this because our LO was getting ready to start solids. My husband, who is not necessarily the handiest, was able to easily install the sprayer. The water pressure is easy to adjust and I like that it has a hook for storage on the side of the toilet. We haven’t had a mess that was too big for this little sprayer.

Patrice Finley, CA

Great for a year, then multiple problems, warranty frustrations and UPDATE: FLOOD!

UPDATE: Three months later we were sent a button to change out and then pdfs of things to fix ourselves – basically dismantle and poke at a washer, etc. Still not got it working properly. And my husband is an engineer.Warning: This week I had to get drywall cut out of my kitchen ceiling because it leaked from above. A huge mess. I would never recommend this product or the terrible customer service. They know it’s faulty and there must be people contacting them all the time because they have these pdfs of self-fixes ready to go. Yet they wont send you a working replacement, dispite the warranty. Just look at the reviews here and see how many floods and leaks there are. After a year, this is likely to be you 🙁 It was a slow leak, so I didn’t notice it was constantly dribbling. I will upload a picture of the sad hole in my ceiling that I’ll be looking at until it gets fixed next week. Shame BumGenius. I like your diapers and trusted your name.—————————————————The sprayer was great for the first year, and then, at about 18 months it suddenly broke. We always turned it off at the base and it never leaked, so this was our first problem. The button stopped working one day.It says it comes with a three year warranty, so we contacted BumGenius. They send us a new part and my husband took the sprayer to pieces and replaced the part. However, now it leaked a little and the button stuck in the on position so you had to turn it off at the base, since the button didn’t pop back out. We contacted them again and they said this was a common problem and sent us a pdf of how to remove a washer. Removing a piece seems counter intuitive to making it work, but…Currently we’re still having problems, it’s dribbling and the most recent issue is that the pressure has gone down, so it’s not even spraying forcefully enough to remove anything.I’m pretty disappointed by the warranty because their solution seems to be parts and pdfs and more suggested fixes that don’t work, and I think we need a new sprayer. It’s been a couple of months of frustration every time I use that thing.For what it is and what the warranty has turned out to be worth, I don’t think it’s worth the price. I love Bum Genius diapers, but this is not a good quality sprayer. I would recommend looking at alternative and generic sprayers if you can find them more cheaply.I will update if they ever give us instructions that actually fix it or replace it.

Paula Reedy, WV

Must have!

This is a must have if you are cloth diapering. It makes cleaning up dirty diapers a breeze. We would definitely recommend it.

Olivia Eddington, ME

Strong spray

Easy set up although we had to purchase a flex tube to make it fit. Strong spray. No leaking and works well.

Monique Saint Johns, OH

It took a little getting used to, but now I love it!

At first I was taken aback at how powerful the sprayer is, even when turned on low. I had a couple of incidents with water all over the bathroom, but once I got used to it, I love it! I would suggest taking a couple of practice runs with non-poopy diapers first. Then once you get the hang of it, it works wonderfully. It easily sprays all the solids in the toilet and you don’t have to do any soaking or dunking! I would recommend this to anyone using cloth diapers for their babes!

Jeannie Jonesport, ME

broke for no reason after 1 year

This is not actually metal – the sprayer part is plastic and is not that sturdy. The water pressure is OK on it, but I actually do not recommend this product. You can get a better one for much cheaper.

Leonor Royal, IA

Works well, but still not that useful.

We cloth diaper exclusively and thought this would be a must-have. It works great, delivering a big blast of water wherever it is aimed. But, I never thought of what would happen when I sprayed a poopy diaper with a big blast of water–it sprays poop water everywhere! It is *SO* efficient at spraying that the pressure makes a real mess.Not only that, but we found that it just isn’t that necessary of a product in my house. I just dump the poo in the toilet. No need to dilute it even more and force it into the diaper fibers even more with a big blast of water. Even the stickiest of messes can mostly be shaken into the toilet. This sprayer just adds another step to the process of cloth diapering, and it is a very messy step! Save your money and get a few more diapers instead–BG makes good ones!

Marta Wells, MN

So easy to install and use, definitely get one!

I really can’t even believe how easy it was to install. It works – separates poop from diapers as expected. Yes, I still touch a little poop. I wring out the sprayed diaper before putting it in the pail. Whatever. Really my baby’s poop is far from the grossest thing I’m in contact with as a mama.Off-topic, sort of – I wish I either had a utility sink in baby’s room or room for a changing area (or even just the diaper pail) in my bathroom. As it is, I keep the diaper pail next to the changer in her room and a small plastic tub next to the bathroom toilet. When the dirty diaper is all sprayed off, I transport the drippy wet diaper back to the pail via the plastic tub.

Taylor Deshler, OH

It does the job

I have used this sprayer almost everyday since my LO was born on Feb 1, 2014. My husband didn’t have any issues installing it, it has a hook to hang the sprayer and an adjustable valve to prevent overspray. This is a necessary investment if you want to go with a cloth diapering system. There is a spray shield available but I have had no need to buy it, I just spray downward and into the toilet and adjust the valve if I need more pressure.

Melinda Florissant, CO


This is great! We have not used it on diapers yet but it was easy to hook up and easy for me to use! We do live in an older home so we had to buy a part for the toilet to hook this up (so don’t start installation in the middle of the night!) But the part was cheap and easy to install (around $5-$10 at walmart) I would recommend this product for sure! We plan to cloth diaper which is why we bought this and when we were explaining to our grandparents that this was available they said it has to be up there with the invention of the wheel they said just wait this will make life so much easier than the old dunk method!!!!

Clare Snowshoe, WV

Product works. Installation potentially tricky.

Works great. Installation was not simple. Installed to instructions and it leaked. Leaked from joint put together by manufacturer. Tightened that joint and managed to stop leak.

Caryn Coolidge, KS

Gets the job done!

Not too difficult to install, and the spray works as it should. It’s definitely better than the “generic diaper sprayer” I had initially bought. So far, I’ve had no issues with dripping or leakage.

Dorothea Union, WV

A must for dirty diapers

This thing has some power behind it! I think this is a must if you want to make cloth diapering work. If you can make your own sprayer, more power to you, but if you’re lazy like me then this is awesome.My only recommendation is to look into getting a flexible pipe thing for your toilet base for installation. I needed to buy one after getting this in order to make mine work.

Mayra Hardburly, KY

Handy Sprayer

I like this because it had a pressure nozzle to adjust the flow of the water. However it makes a mess. My husband hated this thing but to be fair he has a bit of a germ phobia and initially when spraying a soiled diaper it made a mess causing it to splatter everywhere. For me though it was much better than the idea of dunking my dirty diaper. I keep my hands out of the toilet and was just careful while spraying. It’s also very good quality sprayer. Now I just use it to clean my toilet as we stopped using cloth diapers.

Enid La Grange, TX

Invaluable addition

This diaper sprayer has been an invaluable addition now that I have to get the poop into the toilet before washing my cloth diapers. Using the diaper sprayer I am able to get the solids off without having to touch anything nasty. I haven’t had any problems getting gross water onto the rim of the toilet or the floor – I lift up the seat and lower my cloth into the toilet and spray downward onto the cloth, below the rim. Without this product I would have to swish the cloth in the toilet, which doesn’t always get everything dislodged and just seemed much grosser. This was definitely a worthwhile investment for our household.As an added bonus you can use this as a bidet sprayer, because the water pressure is adjustable. It is cold, however!

Stacie Tiona, PA

Works just as expected

This is my first child, and I started out with the sprayer from the get-go, so I don’t know what it’s like to be without it. I don’t want to. The sprayer is powerful and makes cloth diaper clean-up very easy. The diapers come out of the washing machine looking great. Installation was a breeze. I’m pretty sure with this tool just about anyone could handle cloth diapering.

Janie Yuma, TN

Essential for cloth diapering

I bought this sprayer to replace another brand that broke after just seven months of use. The Bum Genius sprayer has already outlasted that sprayer, so it’s a win in my book. It also has a more powerful spray. It makes cloth diapering so much easier once baby has started solids, and I’m pleased with the quality.

Marsha Tuscarawas, OH

cloth diapering would be yuckier without it!

the only con for me was that i kept forgetting to switch the valve off, so it leaks a bit. but that was my own fault, and ultimately nothing that will stop me from using it for my third child.it really makes the whole poop on a cloth diaper thing MUCH easier to deal with. the dunk and swirl method is gross! the spray is powerful enough to spray off the nastiness without you having to get your hands all in it! but the great thing about it is that you can adjust the spray so that once you get the hang of it you use the power when the stuff’s being stubborn and sticking, and the gentler spray for when you don’t want it splashing back up in your face! haha. you certainly learn quickly! and now that my second little guy is potty training it’s handy for the messes he makes.overall i’m very happy with my purchase and only wish i had done the cloth diapering system with the first baby too. i would have had it mastered by the second one, but at least i’m totally prepared for the third.

Zelda Wyandanch, NY

Wouldn’t CD without it.

This is a fabulous addition to any cloth diaper routine. I wouldn’t cloth diaper without it. The spray can be set so it’s really high. It’s addicting to use it! Besides using it for cloth diapers, I’ve also used it to spray off my son’s bibs and clothes after a meal and to spray down my tub when I’m cleaning.

Melissa Cedar Hill, TX

A Must! Wouldn’t cloth diaper without it!

This is a fantastic product! I’m not sure I would cloth diaper without it. It was easy to install and has held up well. The spray pressure can be high so it takes some getting used to. It also leaks a little when held upright with the water on. But once we figured those two things out (and it didn’t take long since you go through 8-10+ diapers a day), we have been going strong. I would recommend it to anyone!

Mable Bloxom, VA

Easy Install

Easy install, great preasure in the sprayer and works great for me cleaning poo off my sons cloth diapers. I own bum genius cloth diapers but I am sure this would work with any cloth diapers. My husband installed it rather quickly to our standard toilet. Would buy again and recommend to others. Did leak at the beginning but you have to make sure you turn it off after each use and once you turn it off spray the access water out. If you do that it wont leak.

Bettye Idyllwild, CA