bumGenius Natural Flannel Baby Wipes – Pack of 12

bumGenius Natural Flannel Baby Wipes – Pack of 12

Flannel Baby Wipes designed for washing little faces, dirty bums and for wiping runny noses. These wipes are soft flannel.

Main features

  • Soft, cotton flannel
  • Includes twelve flannel wipes
  • Reusable product saves money over disposable wipes
  • Soft wipes are better for baby’s tender skin
  • It can be used for hand wipe or washcloth

Verified reviews


Cheap and disappointing

I was so, so, so disappointed with these wipes. The Bumgenius pocket diapers and Flip diaper covers are fantastic. I figured this would be a safe buy, and would save a little money over other wipes that cost a bit more. Boy was I wrong. The makers of Bumgenius should be ashamed to put their good name on this product.My first impression when I opened the package was, “You’ve got to be kidding.” At first glance, I could see how thin and insubstantial they are. But I like to give things a fair shot, and looks can of course be deceiving. They felt pretty soft, so that’s a plus. Well, I gave them a wash, and ugh, they just got worse. Pilled badly. Now super fuzzy and repulsive. Still soft, so I guess they’ll do in a pinch, or if all my others get used up, but these are most definitely going to the bottom of the pile as a last resort.I didn’t buy them from Amazon, and it wouldn’t be worth my time and money to have to ship them back, so I’m stuck with them. I don’t think they’ll even make good cleaning rags, and certainly wouldn’t expect them to hold up long term to heavy use. In the future I will spend a few extra dollars to get a product that is far superior in every way and will actually last long enough to get my money’s worth out of, and then some. I also have some Thirsties Fab Wipes, and there is simply no comparison. I would buy almost any other wipe out there than these again.

Darcy Basye, VA


These wipes work pretty well and save us money. We wet them with a water filled spray bottle before each use. My husband is concerned that they are a little scratchy. I haven’t seemed to notice, but since he feels that way I wish we had instead purchased a softer fleecy kind.

April Stone Creek, OH

bumGenius natural flannel wipes

I’ve been using these for 2 months now and they are holding up very well, better then the bumkins Re-usable wipes I also have (the stitching on these is OK, but has slight come apart on a few of the wipes). They are very very soft and thicker then the bumkins also. So far so good! Will update in the future

Lidia Thayer, KS

excellent quality

I was using another brand of wipes (also natural/organic) instead of disposable wipes at home. They started to fray and the colorful thread around the edges was coming loose. Not the end of the world, but it meant that I had to do trimming once in a while. These, on the other hand, don’t have any of those annoying threads to come loose that would require cutting. They stay soft and keep their shape after many many washes. I highly recommend these.

Ashley Maryland, NY

Perfect compliment to cloth diapers

Soft and the perfect size. A pretty simple addition if you’re already doing cloth diapering as they can just be thrown in to the dry bag with the dirty diapers. We keep a spray bottle next to the wipes filled with water and a tablespoon of baby shampoo – it works like a charm. I’m sure our 36 wipes will pay themselves off in spades compared to disposable baby wipes….and I appreciate not having the chemical smell/feel like the disposable ones.

Denise Placida, FL

Thick and grab onto messes

Okay, so I make my own wipe solution and I give one wipe a couple of squirts. I have a very young baby and these really clean up those messy diapers very well. I never need more than two unless I miss a spot. They really grab and keep my daughter clean. I toss them into the diaper pail and I’m done.My only complaint is I wish they were softer but I’d buy these again for their cleaning ability. Oh and when I squirt them with the solution they instantly absorb it so no problems with absorbency.

Marisa Parthenon, AR

The best for reusable wipes

I have bought 8 packs of these and purchased several packs for friends, they are the best. Our daughter has very sensitive skin so we only use reusable wipes and these are great. They are super soft even after numerous washings. Stains wash out great, ours still look new. No issues with fraying or tearing. If you’re looking for a reusable wipe or even mini burp cloths or face wipes these are the best.

Cleo Houghton, SD

Super soft and absorbent – and thick

I have three kinds of flannel wipes: these, OsoCozy, and PlanetWise. These are my favorites for wiping up spit-up, spilled milk, etc., as they are very absorbent. They’re almost too thick for adequately cleaning baby bums, however, as you have to get in the crevices. OsoCozy works better for that. ALL my wipes shrank a lot on the first wash – just expect that. These have held up great. PlanetWise are quite similar to these, a little thinner.

Antoinette Leicester, MA

Some good, some not

Ok, I think there are mixed reviews here because it depends on the batch you get. I have ordered these exact same wipes 4 times and 2 of those, I got the really awesome ones that are super soft and absorbent, and the other 2x, I got the rough, not so absorbent ones. So If you get the good ones, they are FANTASTIC, but if you don’t, then just use them to clean your house or something. It stinks that this happens and you would think that CottonBabies would have figured it out by now, but it still seems to happen. So I guess it’s just a gamble.

Hope Richland, GA

Love them!

I have two packs of these and love them. No piling, no shrinking, super soft! I love that we have given up disposable wipes and these are a great alternative.

Shauna Merrill, IA

Fraying at Edges After One Wash

I bought two dozen of these and after the first wash, several of them had frayed edging. On one of them, it was so bad that the weave of the flannel fabric itself was coming undone, kinda like a tear in an old pair of jeans. I will keep them and see how they hold up but I don’t have high hopes right now.

Pamela Gibson, GA