bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper – Clementine

bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper – Clementine

bumGenius Newborn cloth diapers fit from 6-12 pounds. They are intended for a newborn and fit low, below the navel, to keep the umbilical area dry. This diaper is designed to fit during that itty-bitty newborn stage. Stretchy tabs, hook & loop closures and ultra-gentle leg/back casings guarantee a great fit every time. The soakers are made of our exclusive Cotton Babies microfiber terry. This ensures that your diaper isn’t just super-absorbent, it also dries quickly. Just like our pockets, the suede cloth lining keeps your baby’s bottom dry and free of irritation caused by wetness and ultra-gentle elastic won’t leave red marks.

Main features

  • No stuffing, no diaper cover and no folding means that this is the easiest-to-use and quite possibly, the most convenient newborn diaper you can buy.
  • Easy to use closures are hook & loop, and the tabs have that stretch that you love in deluxe disposable diapers.
  • The inner-core is ultra-absorbent, and the lining fabric keeps your baby’s bottom dry.
  • The ultra-gentle leg elastic will keep the messes in!
  • Designed to fit during that itty-bitty newborn stage, they are intended for a newborn and fit low, below the navel, to keep the umbilical area dry. Fits most babies from 6-12 pounds.

Verified reviews


Worked well for a full two weeks.

Being that my 5 week old is going to be my last baby, I decided to splurge on some of her baby gear. When I began cloth diapering 12 years ago, I had always used prefolds for the newborn stage and thought it would be fun to get some cute diapers for this time around. I invested in 14 of these dipes and I really wish that I hadn’t purchased so many of them.My baby came home from the hospital weighing 6 lbs 13 ounces and was 18.5″ long. The diapers didn’t fit right at first. They fit nicely around her tummy (although the rise is much too high for the umbilical cord) but was too lose around her legs.Because these diapers irritated her umbilical cord (even when folded down) and the leg openings were too large, I had to wait until she was 2 weeks old to begin using them. At that time, they worked and fit amazingly well. I initially loved them. However, by 4 weeks of age, she “outgrew” the absorbancy and leaked through these diapers constantly. (This wasn’t a repelling issue and I change diapers every 1 – 2 hours during the day.) I don’t consider her a heavy wetter. Bumgenius does offer newborn doublers for these diapers, but it makes them quite bulky and sort of defeats the purpose of spending extra money on a diaper that is supposed to be an “all-in-one.”Now that she is 5 weeks old and 9 lbs 15 ounces, these diapers are starting to get too tight around her tummy. They also don’t seem like they would hold up all that well. I used these in a rotation of 36 diapers for a mere 3 weeks. They are pilly, the outside has a bit of wear in the back where the velcro tabs rub on them and the velcro tabs look like they are beginning to curl. I have washed these according to manufacturer’s instructions. I’ve also been washing diapers for years – so I’m not inexperienced with this. I’ve never had another brand of diaper wear like this. Overall, I am pretty disappointed with these.

Olga Poole, KY

works — but for a short time

This diaper fit my almost-7lb newborn right away. Trim and of course cute! She’s now almost 4 weeks and while it still fits great, I have to change her more frequently due to the absorbancy change. (about every 2hours). So this isn’t a complete dealbreaker, but if you’re a busy mom of multiples, need a going out/daycare diaper or overnight, I suggest investing in the BumGenius 4.0***UPDATE: I ventured into using inserts and doublers recently (Hemp only because this is not a pocket diaper) and discovered that a good hemp insert on top will extend the wear time of this diaper. Woo! This would be a great idea for parents who want to extend the life of this diaper especially if it still fits their baby and you don’t feel like you wasted your money on the diaper AND because there is strong likelihood that this may be one of the few diapers that actually fit your baby from day one (such was the case with our baby). I know some reviews say “don’t waste your money, just get an AIO’, but I can’t agree. AIOs were enormous on my almost 7lb newborn, so it’s worth a shot to invest in 1 or 2 or these and rotate maybe with some prefolds especially if cloth diapering from day 1 is important to you. My favorite hemp insert is BabyKicks. Hope this helps.

Sandy Knoxville, AL

Good Newborn Diaper, Not the best

I bought a bunch of these because I really liked the look of the bumGenius One Size Fits All Diapers I’d bought, but they were just WAY too bulky for my newborn so I decided to try the smaller size. However, after several weeks of use, I like them, but I’m not crazy about them. Their absorbency is actually pretty good for their small size but at 2 months she is starting to occasionally leak through them, but less than her other newborn diapers. My main concern is that at less than 9 lbs these little diapers don’t look like they will fit her much longer! The velcro tabs are on the edges and are already curling up after just a month of use! If she only has her diaper on, the tabs stick to my cloths and come open, practically pulling off the diaper! The need to be line dried, but they do dry quickly.Any newborn diaper you buy is going to have to be retired eventually so as long as you are okay with that, these diapers are fine. I prefer GroVia newborn diapers, they are cotton inside and the best fit, but they will leak after a couple months. Swaddlebees newborns have lasted the longest out of the 3 brands, but they were too big for my 7lb, 20.5 in baby at first, but at 2 months, they fit her great!

Annabelle Zelienople, PA

My fave newborn diaper

I have a few different brands of new born diapers and these are my favorites. My baby is tall and skinny. they didn’t irritate her umbilical cord too much. They did touch that area but it wasn’t a big issue. My baby has worn these from day 1, she was 8lbs at birth. I bought 4 more used ones, and they were in great condition when I got them. They are still in great condition as are the ones I’ve been using the past 3 weeks. They seem like they will hold up well and I expect to be able to use them for at least one more child. My baby is no where near outgrowing these but the newborn prefolds are getting too small. She hasn’t been weight recently but is probably over 8.5 pounds.This diaper is the thinnest one I own. They really aren’t much bigger than a disposable, and they absorb pretty well. She’s worn them for 3-4 hours at a time, and only one leaked. The leaking was due to the edge of the diaper sticking out a bit and the pee wicking out onto her clothes. She can be a heavy wetter at times, but I don’t think we’ve really had this diaper on her when she to really wet so maybe the absorbency will become an issue as she gets older. Still, since this is a new born diaper, I never expected to be able to use it more than 6-8 weeks.

Terry Porter Corners, NY

Great diapers!

We loved these diapers! They are the closest thing to a disposable that you can get and are super easy to put on. They fit below our daughter’s umbilical cord from the beginning and didn’t cause any problems. We also didn’t have trouble with the absorbency. We just changed her every 1.5-2 hours and washed them in Rockin Green suited for our water type.

Clare Trilla, IL

Good diaper

Awesome product. This product makes it easy, especially for daddy, to get on board with cloth diapering. The AIO feature also makes it less cumbersome for caregivers. Initial prewashing is the only negative, but after that super easy to care for. It is also very absorbent and when my newborn urinates she doesn’t immediately scream about being wet. We also do not have blowout bowel movements like we would with disposable diapers.

Estelle Dakota City, IA

Tiny Newborns ONLY

I love this diaper, it’s high quality and easy on/off … but it’s seriously small. Lucky for me both my babies have been just barely above 6 lbs at birth so I get a few months of use. I prefer these ‘all-in-one’ diapers over the inserts, less mess.

Natasha Corona, NY

Love these!!!!

I loved these diapers!!! They were super absorbent & easy to clean! Never had any leek issues! I only wish they made "big girl" diapers like this as these were my favorite diapers by far!!

Bernadette North Chatham, MA

Highly recommended velcro diaper

Great quality diaper, for a Velcro diaper. My baby out grew it, so I had to pack it for the next baby and I like button cloth diapers more but for what it is, I have to highly recommend them. It is super cute and worth the money:)

Renae Nunda, SD

Love these diapers!

I’ve been using the bumGenius Newborn cloth diapers since our baby was born. They fit her right way when she was 7 lbs and now at 11 lbs they still fit. . . she probably has another pound or two before we have to move out of these newborn size diapers. They are easy to clean and wash (provided you follow the instructions on the tag). The only thing that I don’t love is that they do take a little while to hang dry (at least 12 hours to be completely dry). Get the bright fun colors as the color "Sweet" looks light blue but in reality is almost white.

Casandra Eastwood, KY

love love love!

Can’t wait to use on my newborn. Just by touch and feel you can tell it is well made and with top quality materials.

Silvia Nelson, IL

Five Stars

Great product.

Stacy Taylorsville, MS

Great product but I use them a little differently

I bought these for my son who was 4 lbs 8 oz by the time we left the hospital. I used the all-in-one adjustable ones for my last son, which you have to stuff with the microfiber inserts. I was able to use those straight away with my other son who was almost 9 lbs at birth.These you don’t have to stuff which is excellent but I still use the inserts on top of the diaper like a liner. I always did this with the all in ones too (though at daycare I sent him with stuffed diapers). The reason is that you can just change the liner for a few changes. When they really get wet you can change the whole thing. Newborns go through so many diapers and cloth diapered babies have to be changed more often (because they feel wet) which I think is a good thing but it means a LOT of cloth diapers to buy if you are changing the whole thing every time. This let me have fewer diapers. I only have like 10 diapers for the newborn and doing it this way I still only do a load of diapers once a day.

Elisha Cottonton, AL

Won’t work past the first week or so, disappointed

Adorable diaper!I started off wanting to exclusively use one type of cloth diaper (gDiapers) but quickly found out that, since babies come in all different shapes and sizes, not all cloth diaper solutions work for every baby in every situation.These diapers say they are for babies from about 6lbs to 12lbs and I would say that is about right although we only wore them twice at about 8lbs and they were very trim but seemed to for just fine.I tried this diaper with my twin girls when I was looking for an overnight solution that would allow me to go 4 hours between diaper changes without leaks. They were about 7-8 lbs at this time and very tall and skinny. This diaper did fit them just fine and seemed to seal well around the legs, which was an issue I was having wih most other diapers. The problem was with absorbency, it just wasn’t there when compared to other newborn diapers like Lil Joey’s AIO and Blueberry Pockets.The Velcro secures quite nicely and the fit is very trim, but I feel this is partly because it completely lacks in adequate wet zone material!Bottom Line: Pros: very soft, Super cute designs. Easy to use. Good in the small baby range that most cloth diapers miss.Cons: you can’t add absorbancy since this is a trim fittin AIO. ALSO, they are so small there is no way to add an insert on top. Which unfortunately it needs as it can’t hold the urine that anything other than a few day old infant will produceFor my little Skinny Minnie’s, I preferred Lil Joeys until they got some leg chub, now that they are starting to top out on the weight scale (we probably will still get 14 lbs out of those diapers) we purchased Rumparooz diaper covers as they are the mother company of Lil Joey and also have the double leg gussets!!

Mellisa Hartley, TX

Good diaper for the early weeks

Like many cloth-diapering new moms, I wasn’t totally sure which type of cloth diaper would work best for me and my baby. When he was a newborn, I tried several newborn size pocket diapers and All-in-Ones. This was by far my favorite All-in-One for those early weeks (my husband also liked them best). It fit my baby’s skinny legs pretty well, keeping everything contained better than other diapers that leaked out the legs. It also dried quicker than some other AIOs. It’s quite a thin diaper, not as bulky as a stuffed pocket diaper, so the cute newborn clothes fit better. However, the downside to the thin profile is that it’s not as absorbent and there’s no room to add soakers or doublers. Little guy started wetting through these as he got older, and what was once my favorite overnight diaper quickly became relegated to daytime-only. Luckily, he grew into the Flips covers right about the time he outgrew these. I’ll definitely keep them around for baby #2.

Melissa Maysville, AR

good quality

Good quality will buy again. A little on the small size so buy a bigger size.

Regina Klemme, IA