bumGenius One-Size Pocket Diaper 4.0 Artist Series Snap Concrete Jungle

bumGenius One-Size Pocket Diaper 4.0 Artist Series Snap Concrete Jungle

This diaper is one of the prints from the bumGenius Artist Series. bumGenius One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper has a soft inside to wick moisture away from baby and a waterproof outside. Our patent pending butterfly closure system with stretchy tabs provides a comfortable, trim fit. The super stretchy, gentle leg and back elastic prevent leaks. Plus our unique covered pocket opening keeps wetness completely off of your baby. The easily adjustable 3×3 snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes from 7 -35 pounds. This 100% reusable diaper and diaper insert is environmentally friendly, prevents landfill waste and saves money.

Main features

  • Leak-proof outer cover and stretch-to-fit sides for a custom shape (patent pending)
  • Easy-to-use closures
  • Covered lining opening protects baby from moisture (patent pending)
  • Soft lining wicks moisture away from baby
  • 3×3 snap system adjusts to fit babies 7-35 pounds (patent pending) and gentle leg elastic prevents leakage

Verified reviews


A sure hit!

Before my LO was born, I did a ton of cloth diaper research on YouTube, Amazon, and other cloth diapering websites. It was unanimous! bumGenius diapers were hands down the favorite diaper of cloth diapering parents. I registered almost exclusively for the bumGenius 4.0 diapers in all the colors offered on Amazon. (The other diapers I registered for were the Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit diapers, which I also highly recommend.) The bumGenius diapers are amazing. After my LO was born (and I got extremely addicted to cloth diapers) I began to order a variety of diapers to see if I was missing out on anything. I wasn’t. Although many cloth diapering advocates recommend registering for a variety of diapers and then trying them on your baby before committing to purchasing a large volume of diapers, I wish I would have just stuck with my original purchases. The bumGenius 4.0s (and the Tots Bots) are the best diapers out there. We haven’t had a single leak in these diapers while the other diapers I have tested have been major disappointments. The bumGenius 4.0s are easy to put on and look like new after using them for seven weeks. After reading reviews I registered for the snaps because the hook and loop closures were known to wear out. (I did buy one aplix, and though my husband prefers it, the quality is cheap when compared with the Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit hook and loop closure. Therefore, I would recommend purchasing snaps on your bumGenius diapers and then purchasing some Bummis Tots Bots, which only come in hook and loop.)The other diapers I have tried:Oh Katy! (This diaper is actually my third favorite diaper. The rise snaps aren’t as strong as the bumGenius and Bummis Tots Bots snaps, but the diaper hasn’t leaked.)itti bitti tutto: I hate this diaper. It is difficult to get a good fit, which I later learned was a common problem. It has leaked every time I have used it.itti bitti d’lish: I hate this diaper as well. Many people like them because of their trim fit, but it leaks every time I use it.Rump-a-Rooz: I have only had this diaper for a little while and have only put it on once. My husband reported that it leaked, but I need more time to make a good judgment.Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0: I have only used this diaper once, and it leaked but that was probably my fault. Too much time in the diaper.

Alisa Hunnewell, MO

This is a great diaper!

I got a few different brands of pocket diapers and diaper covers and this is my favorite pocket diaper out of the ones that I got. It feels like it’s good quality and very soft for baby’s bottom, the inserts are very absorbent (one insert for day use and two for overnight.) It has never leaked, even with my heavy wetter using it overnight. Overall, this is the type of diaper that I will be buying more of in the future.

Serena Harvey, LA


I can only assume that the reason for this gorgeous cloth diaper to not have tons of reviews, is everyone is out showing off baby in it! Really though, it’s gorgeous..(yes, I know it’s a diaper) Top Notch quality, brilliant colors! I have the Retail Therapy and Jet Setter…light blue and dark blue ones for my son. They fit great, wash great, and like I said..looks great!!

Casandra Elmore, MN

Another great bumGenius diaper!

Way to improve on an already great product, bumGenius! I found this diaper much easier to stuff than my older bumGeniuses, and it seems trimmer, too. I LOVE the snaps … the applix is nice for a quick diaper change and perfect fit, but if you’re purchasing a diaper for the long-haul, snaps are where it’s at. Velcro just doesn’t last, and babies figure out how to get out of their diapers quickly.We have been using bumGenius for years, and they really last (we are still using some of the same ones on our third child that we used on our first!). While we do use other brands as well, it’s the bumGenius we save for night time (since they can be double-stuffed), outings, babysitters, etc. They are just so easy to use and don’t make our baby look like a bottom-heavy little waddler. While I love a cotton, hemp and bamboo diaper as much as the next mom, there is something nice about the way the poly liners (which bumGenius dipes have) wick moisture away from the baby’s skin. If I were wearing a diaper, I would prefer it – why shouldn’t my baby get to feel drier, longer?The prints are pretty cute. We bought the red. Not amazing, but better than the plain and rather unexciting colors bumGenius has been offering until now.

Emilia Marble, MN

Beautiful design

This diaper gave us everything we love about the BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers with the really cute artistic design. We get compliments on the diaper all the time. Our baby started wearing it around 3 weeks old and at 12 weeks old, it’s still just as great. It hasn’t leaked on us once, and we love the pocket aspect of the diaper because we can throw in a hemp insert at night for extra absorption. I really want to get all the Artist Series designs now!

Rebekah Todd, PA

the print is the cutest!

This was my first pocket diaper and first time trying bum genius. The print is adorable and was the first thing that attracted me to buying bum genius vs. Fuzzibunz, since the ratings were about even. Soaks up great, no leaks and they’re perfect for a girl or a boy. The only reaso I gave it 4 stars was because it can really hold onto stink. Might be doin somethin wrong but my osocozy prefolds have never stunk, and I use rockin green detergent. I just started stuffing them with the thirsties duo inserts instead since those don’t stink. Ill continue to buy more of these adorable printed ones but probably use the inserts for dusting since they hold on to things so well 😉

Summer Merrimack, NH

Easy to use and adorable

I just had my first child, so cloth diapering is new to me. Much of the time I use prefolds with covers because they are less expensive and because I like just changing the prefold and getting to reuse the cover multiple times — one drawback of pocket diapers is that you can only use them once. However, I’ve really enjoyed my bumGenius pocket diapers for their ease of use — sometimes, especially in the middle of the night, I really just want to put a diaper on in one step rather than using multiple pieces. We especially like using pocket diapers when we’re outside the house, because they’re easier to put on and remove. I’ve found my bumGenius diapers to be very soft for my baby’s bum, to be durable in the wash (I’ve been using them for about a month and wash them every 2-3 days) and to hold in pee and poop very well (no leaks yet). I have yet to use them for an entire night because my son is not sleeping for that long yet, so I can’t speak for how well they stand up to overnight leakage, but we’ve not had any problems with daytime use. I really like the snaps because they are easily adjustable so that the diapers fit our son well. I’m hoping that they will last longer than velcro so that I can use these again with a second child — I’ve heard some moms say the velcro tends to wear out eventually. bumGenius also offers a lot of great colors, but my favorites have been these from Chelsea Perry. We have two — red and black — and the pattern is vibrant, fun and incredibly cute.

Olga Finchville, KY