bumGenius One-Size Snap Closure Cloth Diaper 4.0 – Bubble

bumGenius One-Size Snap Closure Cloth Diaper 4.0 – Bubble

Cloth diapering has never been so easy! bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers feature our patent pending butterfly closure system to provide a comfortable, trim fit. This simple design makes cloth diapering as easy as using disposables. The familiar design makes bumGenius one-size cloth diapers perfect for care providers who might be resistant to cloth diapering (including daycares). All bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers include a small, lightweight insert for newborns and a larger one-size insert for your growing baby. When your baby outgrows the newborn insert, it works as an overnight booster or as extra absorbency for heavy wetters. The soft, waterproof outer fabric keeps the diaper trim on your newborn and toddler. Soft, sueded inner fabric gently wicks moisture away from your baby’s skin. Super stretchy, gentle leg and back elastic with rolled out casings keeps the yuck in and help to keep red marks away. Our unique covered* slot opening keeps your baby protected from moisture. bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers fit most babies from 7 to 35+ pounds. No more sorting by size or having to carry multiple diapers when going out. Three snap-downs on the front of the diaper* allow you to easily adjust the size of the diaper as your baby grows. For newborns, fold down the insert stopper for an extra-small rise.

Main features

  • Patented leak-proof outer cover and stretch-to-fit sides for a custom shape and fit.
  • Easy to use durable snap closures help keep diapers on older babies.
  • Patented covered lining opening protects baby from moisture. Soft lining wicks moisture away from baby.
  • Diapers are bundled with two inserts: a newborn insert for newborns and a one-size insert for your older baby.
  • Patented 3×3 snap system adjusts to fit babies 7-35+ pounds and gentle leg elastic prevents leakage.

Verified reviews


BumGenius 4.0 is almost caught up with Fuzzi Buns

BumGenius has almost caught up with FuzziBuns with the introduction of the new 4.0 version. All the things that made FuzziBuns far superior, BumGenius borrowed for this design. The availability of snaps means that you can use your diapers for a second child (the velcro does NOT last on velcro tabs of any brand – DO NOT GET VELCRO) and active babies don’t rip off their snap diapers (wrangling them into the snaps, of course, is why some people like velcro – but not so great when they choose to rip off velcro and do their business on the nice rug). The biggest improvement is the replaceable elastic – something FuzziBuns introduced a while back. This is the number one reason my older cloth diapers “pooped” out (and I mean that in oh so many ways).So, the remaining differences (and here I’m talking about the latest versions of both – November 2010):I think FuzziBuns are softer and stay softer after washing.I think BumGenius stay drier longer.I think BumGenius are better for bigger babies (the FuzziBuns fit my ginourmous second child fine still, but I wonder exactly what is going to happen when he’s 3 given that he weighs almost 30 pounds and is not yet 1).I think BumGenius are much more difficult to wash (the pocket has an end flap. When you use the BumGenius sprayer – which rocks BTW – all the poop gets caught in the pocket. If you spray toward the closed end of the pocket, the water gets in but takes forever to drain out so my wash bucket gets all full of water and the “waterproof” BumGenius liner eventually leaks. The FuzziBuns spray off much easier, no poop goes in the pocket, and they don’t hold so much water) and tend to hold smell longer (they need to be stripped more often).With the new 4.0 version, I think the difference is mostly preference – but I’m sticking with FuzziBuns as my primary diaper.

Kelli Marietta, PA

Biggest isn’t always the best.

I originally bought several BG diapers for DD mainly because they were so popular and had so many positive reviews. BG is one of the biggest brands of cloth diapers so you can get them pretty much anywhere. The diapers are fine, I just don’t think they are the best. I tried several other smaller brands that I think were better for a variety of reasons.I’ll start with the things I liked about the BG diapers:1. They are very absorbent diapers and rarely leaked.2. They are very affordable. I got mine during a B5G1 sale, so my real cost per diaper was only $14. That’s great for a one-size diaper. I also like that it comes with two inserts, although most OS pockets do.3. They’re cute! I loved all the bright color options and new prints.4. Option of snaps or aplix. There are pros and cons of each, and it is nice to have the choice.But, there are quite a few things that could be improved on:1. Quality – These are not the highest quality diapers I tried. Although it did effect the function of the diaper, almost all of mine had uneven stitching or elastic. I also prefer TPU shells to PUL. TPU just feels softer and stretchier to me. The shell of these is pretty thin. I felt sometimes like I would tear it if I pulled the snaps too hard. I don’t care for the feeling of the stay dry liner and microfiber – it is almost sticky when you run your hand across it. I prefer fleece, which is much thicker and softer on baby’s bottom. The regular price of these ($18) is comparable to other OS pockets but they just don’t have the quality of anything else I tried (Oh Katy, Bummis, THirsties, AMP ect.)2. Back pocket opening – this is a big deal to me. The pocket is in the back which means when the diaper is poopy, you are going to get it on your hands when you pull the insert out. Yuck! Oh Katy makes a pocket diaper with the opening in the front, which is much better, IMHO3. Fit – These are not the trimmest diapers, especially on a younger baby. DD had skinny thighs and to get the diaper tight enough to not get a gap, it would always leave red marks.4. Stains – I don’t know why, but these seem to have collected stains that none of my other diapers have. I have tried sunning them and everything and they will not come out.5. Leaks – My BGs did not leak much, but my Oh Katy’s and Bummis NEVER leak.Overall, I don’t have too many really negative things to say about this diaper, I just didn’t like it as well as the other brands I tried. I think a lot of the people who write these glowing reviews for them must not have tried any other brands, because although they are perfectly functional, they are not stellar in any respect. I think they are a good “starter” diaper if you just want to try CDing because they can be so affordable if you get them on sale, but most CD mommas I know have sold these for something else eventually. For $18 you can get a better diaper than this.

Tamara Villa Ridge, IL

too bulky

Way too bulky for my thick leg baby boy. He couldn’t walk, crawl right and looked uncomfortable. I returned and wont recommend these.

Jo Jenkins, MN


Very well made, I am impressed by Bum Genius. I returned it because our kids have very sensitive skin and the fabric doesn’t work well for them.

Shawn Newburgh, IN

Loving the 4.0

I previously had bumGenius 3.0 One Size diapers. They were okay at first and progressed to crap (mainly because of the velcro). So, bumGenius released the 4.0 with snaps! I had to try it. Much, much better!The differences from the old ones:- the snaps are so much better and so much more durable that the old velcro.- the tabs are stretchy now, so you get a better fit, even with snaps.- the interior fabric is much softer and a little plusher.The things that are the same, but are awesome with bumGenius:- the inserts snap down and a double comes with each diaper.- the back pocket opening has a strip of fabric that cover it. No gaping in the back.- the front has a small strip of PUL on the inside top of the diaper. No leaks or wicking with that little feature.- great fit!The new 4.0 outer PUL does feel a bit more stiff than the 3.0s. I haven’t had any problems with it, it just felt different. I can now say that I am a very happy bumGenius user! I replaced all my cloth diapers with the bumGenius 4.0 One size diapers.A note about colors (I have them all):- Moonbeam is two-toned. The stretchy tabs are a slightly different blue than the rest of the diaper.- Sweet is barely, barely colored. So barely it looks accidental.- Bubble is a light lavendarish grey color.- Grasshopper & Buttercream are light, but much brighter than you’d think.- Noodle is much more awesome in person than it appears in pictures.- Zinnia is hot cranberry pink.

Clarissa Santee, CA

In comparison to Charlie Banana, Rumparooz, and Moraki:

In comparison to Charlie Banana, Rumparooz, and Moraki:When I started building a stash of pocket diapers for my baby, I was drawn to Charlie Bananas, Bumgenius 4.0s, and Rumparooz. I thought I would like Charlie Bananas best because you could get a more customizable fit since they are adjustable in the leg elastic. The Charlie Bananas fit the worst because all the bunching at the hip and the crossover snap turns out to be a pain in the butt. As my baby is getting bigger, they are fitting better but I thought they’d be the best for when he is smallest. Wrong. I’ve realized I prefer the snap rise adjustment because it is so much quicker and the snaps on the Rumparooz are the best. They just seem to “click” right and easily. The double gussets are great at keeping in messes but my other diapers are able to do that too without them. The Rumparooz have a very high-quality feel to all the fabrics and the inserts. I also love the colors. My favorite diaper is the one I expected to like the least, the Bumgenius 4.0. I thought it would take forever to fit my newborn, but it fit as soon as the umbilical cord fell off and I started using our cloth diapers. Because the liner and the insert are both thin, the diaper is the most trim fitting and least bulky, especially at the hips. I wrongly assumed the thin fabric of the liner and the insert meant lower quality. Wrong again. I like some of the BG colors but wish they came in bolder, brighter colors and more prints. I would buy them up! Once I realized BG were my favorite of the diapers I had for my newborn, I went to a local baby boutique to buy some more. They didn’t have any in colors I liked so I grabbed a few Moraki AI2s. These come with a hemp/cotton insert that doesn’t feel soft to me and its a “one size” insert so folding it over to fit a newborn creates bulk I don’t like. I think its a user error and not a product defect, but I am having a hard time with leaks on those. I get major leakage in the leg openings. These were by far the most expensive of the diapers I’ve purchased and I keep thinking about returning them. I hesitate because they feel like they are very high quality and the colors and prints are super cute. Maybe I will get a better fit in a few weeks when baby is a little bit bigger.Verdict: I am only one month in to cloth diapering but if I could have known the pros and cons of the diapers I bought, I probably would have made my entire stash out of Bumgenius 4.0s. Most of the other diapers do the job well too but the Bumgenius diapers fit the best, hold the messes well, and they also cost the least. Win, win, win in my book.

Lacey Ardmore, OK

Not impressed!

I’ve had loads and loads of leaks with these diapers surprisingly. I had high hopes for them since there so popular.

Trudy Flemington, WV

Great diaper for certain body types

I tried our little guy in these at about 3-3.5 months and 13 lbs. I also tried FuzziBunz one size at the same time. I haven’t been able to get a good fit with the FuzziBunz, no matter how I adjust them. The BumGenius, however, have done great. Our little guy is long and lean, and I assume that the BG’s just work better for his body type. One thing about these that I think works well for us is the adjustable rise. FB’s don’t have that and I think that makes all the difference for getting a good fit.I don’t think that these would have worked well at 8 lbs, though. We started with some fitteds for the first few months before attempting to go to a ‘one size’ diaper.We’ve been using these for about a month and I have no complaints. We’ve had no blow-outs and only a couple minor leaks. I’m hoping that we’ll get some good mileage out of these over the next couple of years.UPDATE 2/2/12We’re going on 10 months of using these now. I am still quite happy with them and would purchase them again. The Fuzzi Bunz work better than when we first tried them. In fact, I think the FB have a slimmer fit than the BG. There are definitely times that I want a slimmer diaper so that certain clothes will fit better, so I’ll reach for the FB. Because the BG are a little larger (longer overall and wider in the crotch), you can stuff more inserts in there for overnight use. There isn’t enough room in the FB to fit enough inserts for nighttime. I now use both routinely, although the vast majority of my cloth diaper collection is Bum Genius 4.0. Another plus for the BG is the inside of the PUL (the waterproof part) is slicker than in the FB (theirs is a little stickier/tackier). This makes it easier to stuff the pockets.Another way that I prefer the BG over the FB is the polyester fleece lining that is up against baby’s skin. The BG’s is thinner and smoother. The FB’s is thicker and softer initially, but quickly becomes pilled. I don’t think this reflects on the effectiveness of the products, but I think the FB look worn more quickly. The BG still look basically new. On the rare occasion that there is a stain on the BG, it is easily fixed with a little sunshine.Also worth mentioning is that these are made in the USA and Egypt. Not sure why both places, but it’s something that I look into when I am able to.I would still definitely recommend the Bum Genius. I do wish that you could purchase the pockets without the inserts at a reduced price. I’m not a big fan of the microfiber inserts. They work fine but I think they take on odors more easily and aren’t quite as absorbent as some natural fiber options out there (my personal favorites are Babykicks Joeybunz premiums and Thirsties Duo Hemp prefolds).My best recommendation if you’re trying to get started with cloth diapers? Get some tiny diapers for the newborn stage (I bought mine used, which works just fine because they’re not in them all that long). My definite favorite for the newborn time was Thirsties fitteds (I also really liked the Kissaluvs fitteds). We also had a bunch of older-style Fuzzi Bunz size smalls that worked well. We used those until about 13 lbs. At that point we moved on to BumGenius 4.0, a couple Fuzzi Bunz One Size, some prefolds and Workhorse fitteds from Green Mountain Diapers and several Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds (these work great for use for nights but they are a little pricey). The variety serves to accommodate varied preferences and situations. If you are going to buy BumGenius or Fuzzi Bunz I would check out Comfybummy dot com or the Cotton Babies website. They run promotions periodically that are buy 5, get one free.10/6/12 update:Our little fella is now 19+ months. He is progressively longer and leaner. He’s about 32 in tall and weighs about 22 pounds. He has a super skinny waist and thighs. He is still on the same snap settings in the Bum Genius that he was almost a year ago! That being said, they still look almost the same as when I bought them. I pretty much never dry the pockets in the dryer. They are pretty much exclusively hung to dry, either inside or out. I do like the Fuzzibunz better and better, as they tend to fit a smaller baby better. I still really like these, though, and would definitely buy them again.And, in case someone from Bum Genius (Cotton Babies) is looking at these reviews, I would love to be able to buy the pockets without the inserts. I’m not a big fan of the microfiber inserts. I think they get stinky more easily, I’m not convinced that they work as well as some of the natural fiber inserts and they will take forever to biodegrade. I almost never use the inserts that come with these. I love the Baby Kicks Premium most out of all the ones I’ve used.Good Luck!April, 2013 update:Our little man is just past two years old now. He has only become more slender as he gets older. Unfortunately, the BumGenius diapers are more difficult to get a good, snug fit on his skinny little thighs. This in no way reflects the quality of these diapers, it’s just a cut issue for us. The diapers still look great (been using them for just under 2 years) and all the snaps are still like-new. I’ve purchased a few more FuzziBunz One-Size, as they now fit him better. No regrets in buying these, but I am disappointed that the same diaper didn’t work for us all the way through potty training.

Lora Kadoka, SD

Another great option!!

I had tried some other pocket diaper brands, and I was liking them just fine (fuzzi bunz and happy heineys) but thought I would try just one more. I love these too!! Right now these fit my 15 month old perfectly and they don’t add a lot of bulk in the butt (large FBs do a little since he hasn’t grown into them all the way). I like that an extra hemp insert will fit in this diaper for when we go out. The inner liner holds the solids liner well too, sometimes it wants to move inside the diaper when the baby is running and wiggling all over. I’m happy!I’ve also noticed that my child’s skin looks better overall since we’ve been using cloth. He didn’t have sensitive skin or problem skin, but now I can see that his skin is more hydrated and even.

Marietta Wahkon, MN

Simple and fun

I love bumGenius cloth diapers. I love the colors which are brighter then the pictures show. I have used three other cloth diaper systems and this is the easiest to use and to clean. If your new to cloth diapers these are a great starter for you.

Lorrie Kennard, IN


Kinda leaked if left on for more than 2-3 hours. So maybe not for overnight use. My little girl isn’t really a heavy wetter. Otherwise a great CD!

Meredith Georgetown, NY

Favorite diaper

This is by far my favorite cloth diaper! I thought I’d hate stuffing and just knew I’d want an AIO diaper….wrong! This diaper takes 10 seconds to put the insert into, drying time is super fast and we have never had a leak. The fit is perfect and so easily adjustable size wise. We have slowly started switching to all 4.0s

Tamara Minden, WV

fit baby from 7lbs

Sure it’s bulky at first. My baby was long and skinny at birth, but it’s not really a diaper fashion show when your baby is a newborn anyway because you don’t really go out of the house much, right? Anyway, what matters is that the diaper performs, and it performs well! No leaks.- I typically use prefolds during the day and these guys at night.- I wash at night and line dry the shell and they are perfectly dry by morning.-Stuffing isn’t all that bad. Maybe because I work in healthcare, pulling out wet or poopy inserts really don’t faze me.I own several AIOs and pockets, BumGenius and Rumparooz are my favorites. So far, I don’t have anything negative to say after a month of using them.

Charlene New Rockford, ND

4.0s even better than 3.0s

We’ve been using cloth diapers for about a year and Bumgenius are still our favorites. The new 4.0s have improved velcro closures and are a bit larger than the 3.0s, so hopefully they will last longer.

Shelia Easton, KS

Love it!

I knew that I was going to love this cloth diaper before I even ordered it because it has such great reviews. It arrived in the mail today so I still need to prep it and get it ready for our daughter but I cannot wait to try it out on her. The material is just so much better quality than our off-brand cloth diapers. This is a pricey cloth diaper but if it works for our daughter like I am hoping it will then I will be buying a bulk number of these. I also love how it comes with the newborn and the regular insert. I am very pleased with the quality of this diaper!

Chasity Martin City, MT

Bubble color is purple ish

Didn’t return these because of the hassle, but they look "whitish blue" on website. Good value for the $. I love BUM GENIUS,

Kristen Rhodhiss, NC

Constructed well, not the best fit for my round toddler

Testing Child:Female14-months-old25lbs.29 inches tallBody: round. very round. ;)I ordered bumGenius because another reviewer said it may fit well on “larger babies” than other cloth diaper brands. So far, I’m not convinced.I may call customer service and see if they can discuss with me how to fuss with the diaper to get it to fit better. It appears to fit bulky and “bunchy.” I would assume this diaper fits thinner/leaner toddlers just fine.The outer and inner materials and the elastic are all super soft. It is constructed well. I followed the first use directions and washed it in super hot water. Line dried. Tumble dried the insert. I put it on her and messed around with the different snap options. It just isn’t fitting her right! 🙁 I also hope with more washes that the absorbency improves, because the absorbancy was just OK compared with my other cloth diapers.Obviously this diaper wouldn’t be popular if all the reviews were like mine. It is highly recommended by my Baby Boot Camp instructor – and no, she does not receive free diapers or anything!I own some FuzzyBunz diapers and one Happy Heiney — I am testing different brands to find which one I like before ordering a lot. I’m happier with the performance and fit of those two brands than I am with the bumGenius. Although I really like the material/fee/construction of the bumGenius over those brands.My daughter was having a lot of terrible rashes from Huggies and Pampers, so I switched to Seventh Generation disposable diapers and cloth diapers. She has not had any rashes since switching!Shipping was two days and on time.

Johnnie Lafayette Hill, PA

A gift

Ordered for a new mom who is cloth-diapering. This one got rave reviews from the veterans at the baby shower. The color is neutral, so it can be used for boy or girl, making it last much longer! The second child will be diapered almost for free!

Robert Schuylerville, NY

AMAZING! I’ve never had a leak yet!

I feel like I have tried every cloth diaper offered on Amazon: Bumkin prefolds, Bummis prefolds, Thirsty, Fuzzibunz, GoGreen, Charlie banana, Alva, $1.99 ones from China, Bumkin all in one’s, Bum G 4.0 and Bum G all in ones’. Bum Genius is by far my absolute favorite cloth diaper brand out of all the brands i’ve purchased! I can’t express my gratitude and appreciation to Bum G for making an amazingly effective cloth diaper! This cloth diaper has yet to fail me. Everything that comes out of my son stays right where it should; in the diaper!!My son is 3 months old and weighs about 12-13 lbs. He is average size; not too chunky, not too skinny. I’ve been using these diapers on him for about 1 month now.

Bette Lind, WA

Still a little big.. but great for nights!

This diaper is a “OS” or one size diaper. My daughter is 13lbs and I do use it for overnights. It is fairly bulky (especially since she’s still little) so for nights I replace the large insert with a thinner hemp insert. That helps with the bulkiness. It is well made and I am happy with my purchase.

Myrna Troy Grove, IL

Can’t say enough good things!

Warning: long review!Short version:Pros:
• fit well
• wear well
• cute colors
• very absorbent!
• convenient and easy for inexperience cloth diaperers (baby sitters, daycares, and dads :))Cons:
• bulkyWe tried a few kinds of cloth diapers before finally deciding that bumGenius was best for us. We have not had a single leak since starting to use them and they fit great. I disagree with their sizing chart on where to place the snaps for size because it fits our daughter unsnapped and she is 20 lbs right now, but it still also fits our toddler (who is potty training and will be switching to them soon for overnights instead of a Pull-Up). I find this to be a minor issue that does not affect their quality.Personally I prefer the snaps. Some people say that they think the snaps are more difficult to put on while changing a wiggly baby, but that has not been my experience. Our daughter is EXTREMELY wiggly, with most changings starting with an arched back and ending in much tears and screaming. (I’m not really sure why she hates it so much– perhaps it’s the fact that she is being forced to lay down against her will.) Anyway, once you know which snaps fit for your baby, just keep that in mind and snap it in the same spot every time. I think the velcro on the hook and loop is a bit odd because the strip across the front is twice as wide as the side velcro tabs. Not sure why this is. We happen to have both because when I went to a local cloth diaper store they didn’t have as wide of a variety of colors in the snaps and they had the buy 5 get 1 free deal running and I wanted to get enough to get the sale. If you are deciding whether to go with snaps or hook and loop, here is an argument for the hook and loop: as far as pocket diapers go, the laundry tabs work great. I often forget to put the velcro on the laundry tabs and 7 times out of 10 it happens to velcro itself to the laundry tab. I would advise to not forget though as it tends to leave some nasty marks on the inserts if they aren’t properly adhered. Happy Heineys laundry tabs DID NOT WORK when I properly applied them 8 out of 10 times! Fuzzibunz snaps are very awkward to snap IMHO because of the 3 snaps not being lined up nicely.As far as convenience goes, I think the bumG’s are great. I stuff them after they are laundered and then put them on as needed. If I’m using them for overnight, I quick stuff the newborn insert in and then put the diaper on. The best part is that both the full-size and newborn inserts come with it, unlike some other brands. When they’re wet just pull out the insert and toss both in the wet bag and zip-up! I have heard some people complain that the pocket part, which is similar to a pillow case, can get all full of poop and that makes it gross to pull out when it is dirty, thankfully I have not had that problem at all and I think if I did, I would probably use a wipe to grab it out instead of my hand. Some other pocket diapers have the insert slip in through the back, but I find this a little weird because there is nothing to hold the insert from sliding out except for the pressure of the diaper being on. My Happy Heiney’s and Fuzzibunz had the inserts sticking out a little bit all the time because there wasn’t the extra fabric in the back to hold it in nicely as with the bumG’s.I have been washing our bumG’s in Charlie’s liquid soap regularly and then Oxyclean once per week to eat the odor (recommended to me by a cloth diaper veteran) and we have had no leak, repellant, or buildup issues thus far. The bumG’s also dry really quickly, which is nice. I only dried them in the dryer the first time after I washed them and every other time I have hand dried them. We live in an apartment, so I don’t want to pay the extra money for the dryer. I’m cheap, what can I say? They only take a few hours to dry and the inserts take longer than the diaper part. I have also heard that they last longer when air dried.I also love all of the colors that bumG’s come in! They are so cute and fashionable! I have all of them (including Albert and Lovelace, which are not pictured) except Sassy, which is a little bright for me. They all work equally great!One downside, if you care, is that they are a little bulky. We have had to go up a size in pants for our daughter, but it doesn’t bother me too much. In the summer, it’s so hot somedays I don’t bother with pants anyway. The diapers are so dang cute!Comments? Questions? I will gladly respond to other users who have more questions in the comment section, in case I missed anything.

Janelle Tahuya, WA

Best Diaper

I have bought several brands of different diapers and hands down Bum Genius are my favorite. they are worth the price. They don’t ever leak and the fit is great.

Cortney Shelbyville, TX

One of My Favorite Cloth Diapers

I have tried several cloth diapers and there are several brands out there that work really well but these are definitely one of my favorites. They are easy to use, do not leak (even overnight), wash very well & dry quickly.

Maura Matoaka, WV

My favorite BG

This BG is one of my favorite diapers in our cloth diaper stash. We’ve never had a leak in the pocket BGs and have them now in several colors. I also really like the bigger insert that changes sizes to accomodate your baby.

Claudia Evergreen Park, IL

Great diaper!

Very absorbent. Thin and light, keeps LO very comfortable. We have tried a variety of cloth diapers and BumGenius is one of the best. Highly recommend!

Ollie Mineral City, OH

These are Wonderful

LOVE these diapers! Absorbent, comfy, adjustable, and vibrant colors. Would buy this product again and again! Have held up beautifully after multiple washes and still look as good as new!

Hannah Mingus, TX


What better thing is there to say about a diaper? Ahh. When my daughter was in one of these, I was not worried about leaks. We also tried Fuzzibunz and GroVia, but these were the best:Pros:Cheaper than GroVia (though we really liked GroVia’s snap-in insert system…it just added to the cost)Fully adjustable and easy, easy to adjust (just snaps, no finger-crushing elastic, like on the Fuzzibunz)Easy to stuff (not the case with Fuzzibunz, which have a narrower passage)Cute colors (Fuzzibunz has lots of cute colors too, GroVia has fewer choices)Didn’t have to prewash a million times to ensure absorbency (we had absorbency issues with Fuzzibunz)Cons:Although these claim to be "one size" diapers, our daughter had skinny legs, and it took her awhile to grow into any cloth diaper. These were too big around the legs for the first several weeks. Fortunately, a friend passed down a whole passel of newborn BumGenius cloth diapers (which had a cloth piece that looked like a full diaper–hilarious–and then an overpiece that wouldn’t get wet). Those were the absolute best and most absorbent cloth diapers we used, and I wished they sold them in bigger sizes, but I couldn’t find them. These were great once she grew into them, and I wish I would have fully committed to them, instead of buying the same number of Fuzzibunz.A word on cloth diapering more generally:We aren’t wild environmentalists, and we don’t derive our identities from being hipsters, so we were on the fence about the cloth diaper thing. We did want to make the best decision we could for the environment, and–in reading up on it–I found it convincing to try to save some landfill space, some chemical production, and some money by investing in cloth diapers. Plus, we figured they would pay for themselves in 5 months with just one kid, and we plan to use them for more than one. The newborn cloth diapers we were given made it through three kids and are still going strong (but then, newborn diapers can’t be worn for as long by each child).Anyway, the timing worked out so that I was able to take 4.5 months off of work after my daughter was born, which was amazing, and while I was home full time with her, the cloth diapers worked wonderfully. I didn’t have to run to the store all the time for diapers. We owned 19 or 20 diapers, so we could do a load every 2.5 days, all was well. However, once I went back to work, daycare would not allow cloth diapers. They were not considered hygenic, and we were asked to put her in disposables. This was fine; we planned to cloth diaper part time. However, what happened was that, when we cloth diapered part time, there wasn’t enough for a full load every 2.5 days, which meant that we would be running the washer half full (not ideal), my husband would put his clothes in with the diapers (not ideal–gross-had to talk him out of that one, because he wasn’t discriminating very well and my clothes were ending up in there, too), or they would sit for longer and start to stink. In the end, we made it about 7 months and decided that it was no longer practical for our family to continue. Plus, I began to be concerned about the water consumption: Was I saving landfill space but having a major adverse effect on the water supply? What about the electricity for all that washing and drying? I have no idea, and–frankly–felt that I had done enough research and didn’t feel the need (or have the time) to dive back into that fray. We plan to cloth diaper our next one until it becomes untenable, and hope that our efforts were not in vain. In retrospect, I would say that if you make the decision for one parent to be home with your child all the time, cloth diapering is a great option.

Ruby Woodstock, VA

Not flawless, but I have no reason to buy another brand

I love these cloth diapers because:-Popular, great resale value. In my area, the Craigslist ads sell their BG diapers for $15. Since I bought them for $16, this is wonderful news! Other cloth diaper brands are easily $20 new or more. Since those smaller brands are less well-known or has less-than-stellar reviews, be safe and buy the Honda Accords of the cloth diaper industry… BumGenius one-size diapers.-I bought the one-size diapers and I don’t regret it. It seemed to be less cost-effective to buy a small, medium, and large sized diapers, when they already offer a one-size. Although I’m sure that the small/med/lg sized diapers fit better, why waste my money OR time? I’m a first-time parent and I barely have time to take a shower. I’m not in the mood to constantly shop for the lowest price of different sized cloth diapers.-These cloth diapers converted my husband. He’s an intelligent man who doesn’t like to waste time on things that don’t work. After some printed instructions on how to launder the diapers and quick-demo of how to stuff these BG diapers, he doesn’t mind using, washing, or stuffing them while I’m away at work. Really?! That easy to convince a husband to take care of cloth diapers?! I never thought it was possible. I always tell him that if he needs to, he can use our “emergency” stash of disposable diapers. However, he almost never does. He goes everywhere, bringing just the cloth diapers. He’s converted.-Fun colors. I love the selection.-Low price. If you catch it at the right time, you can buy these diapers for $15! Or less, says another Amazon reviewer.I don’t like these cloth diapers because:-the microfiber inserts are useless. Even when my baby was able to fit the BumGenius diapers at 3mos old, she already leaked through the one-size microfiber insert in 1.5 hrs. She’s a heavy wetter. I’m always using Babykicks Hemp inserts. They’re the only inserts that can keep up with my now-toddler (13mos).-stretched elastic bands. About 3 months ago, all of the elastic bands of my diapers became exhausted and she leaked through all her diapers. Finally, I realized how to replace the elastics and now, no leaky diaper… as long as I remember to change the diaper every 3hrs. She uses nighttime disposable diapers.-now that my daughter is a toddler-on-the-go, she is restless and difficult to put on diapers. Changing diapers on a toddler standing up is NOT fun, especially with snaps. I snap on one side of clean diaper around 1 leg, then remove used diaper, then snap on other side around other leg… while she’s standing up. Yes, any velcro diaper would be easier at this point.-Bulky…? I have to use 2 BabyKicks medium sized hemp inserts, so it becomes a very bulky bottom. Not really BumGenius’s fault, but more of a hassle with cloth diapers overall. Nothing can really be as trim as a disposable diaper.In order to minimize confusion for my husband, I don’t buy other brands of cloth diapers. Also, during my leisure cloth diaper shopping, BumGenius diaper prices are almost always the cheapest price among best rated cloth diapers.

Letitia Daniel, WY

Big love for bumGenius!

I love bumGenius diapers! I’ve been using these diapers for 2.5 years (first on my daughter, and now on my son). They’ve held up great, and I feel good every time I don’t use a disposable diaper! 🙂

Fern Moccasin, MT


We use this with two prefolds as our night diaper and do not have leak issues. We do not use it as a pocket diaper and instead use it as a cover.

Lashonda Fishers, IN