Bumkins 3 Pack Waterproof SuperBib ,Green Eggs/ Yellow Fish/ Cat in the Hat

Bumkins 3 Pack Waterproof SuperBib ,Green Eggs/ Yellow Fish/ Cat in the Hat

Bumkins’ top selling waterproof SuperBibs are made from a soft, lightweight fabric that is truly unique. Clean up has never been easier, bibs wipe clean, rinse off easily, and resist most stains and odors. SuperBibs feature a roomy catch all pocket, adjustable velcro neck closure and measure 10″ across and 9″ down from the neck. Sized for babies and toddlers ages 6 months to 24 months. Made of 100% polyester. Vinyl free, PVC free, lead free, phthalate free and BPA free.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Made of Bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Roomy catch all pocket
  • Machine washable, hang dry

Verified reviews


not the same since production moved to China

These bibs used to be the greatest, thin, silky, completely waterproof and super-fast-drying material. But the company moved production from the US to China and it is just not the same now. It is waterproof, but the stiffness causes it to get in the baby’s way and because it doesn’t flow over baby’s lap, more food ends up on the clothes. But if you can find one of the old ones made in the USA, those are great! The old style is so soft and supple, super-comfy for baby, and a breeze to wash (I just dunk the old one in dishwater and rinse) and dries amazingly fast. I wish they were still making these the same! I did find a cheap bib at Meijer that felt thin and silky like the old version of Bumkins but I haven’t tried it yet to know for sure if it works as well.

Hilda Gibson, NC

Soft and fashionable!

Catalina Fairview, OR

Not for young infants

I like the idea of just rinsing a bib rather than adding to my laundry pile. However this did not work for my 6 month old just starting solids. Her food right now is very watery thus it just slides right down. Since she is new to wearing a big, she lifts it up since it is also so light thus food that was collected in the little pocket is dribbling everywhere. Yes it is funny but using an absorbent cloth bib is much better. I think we will eventually use it when she starts having more solid / finger foods but for that runny food, it is not helpful.Oh and rinse it right away. It sort of absorbs odors even after washing!

Alisha Endeavor, PA

These are OK… But NOTHING compared to Baby Bjorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We used these bibs for about 1 1/2 yrs, and for a while I thought they were pretty great. But over time, they started to get a little…. gross… We’d always have them hanging over the water faucet spout to dry out (which is kindof a pain b/c they’re always in the way) but even doing that they still got mildew spots on them!Overall here’s my analysis of using these bibs long-term:POSITIVE: They do have a pouch to catch food, and it is even water-proof!NEGATIVE: The pouch is not self-supported to stay propped out, so the food may just slide by if the pouch isn’t magically held out at all timesPOSITIVE: You can wash them w/ your other laundryNEGATIVE: I’d always forget to grab them when I was doing the right loadPOSITIVE: They are better than most bibs out thereNEGATIVE: After continued use, even if you regularly wash and air them out, they will smell STINKY!! And they’ll have mildew spots on them.My recommendation: Buy Baby Bjorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib – YellowHere’s why:Unlike Bumkins, Baby Bjorn will NOT STINK over time, will NOT MILDEW, and is even EASIER to keep clean! A simple rinse in the sink is usually fine, but you can also throw them in the dish washer- you can’t get much easier than that. Oh, and the Baby Bjorn’s pocket is self supported, so it’s always propped out to catch the food! Coming from a mom of a messy toddler, that makes a big difference!Now ditch the Bumpkins and buy a Baby Bjorn, ya hear???!

Essie Bettendorf, IA


Yes, the designs are cute, but they are totally pointless. The whole reason I purchased these was for the "trough" part of the bib and, after reading all these great reviews about how the pocket stays open and actually catches all the food, I was sold on purchasing them. However, I don’t think these work at all. The pocket never stays open when I have my son wearing these bibs and they don’t catch anything more then a regular bib would. I’m sticking with the thicker, rubber pocketed bibs made by Summers Infant, etc.

Joyce Philomont, VA

Good for younger babies

This was a great help when my baby was 4-7 months or so. Once she learned to grab and pull things, these became useless as the velcro closure is very small and not very strong. If you’re looking for an easy maintanance washable bib for your younger infant, I say these are grreat. Just keep in mind that few months later you may still need to buy the ones that tie in the back or snap on.

Roslyn Holstein, NE

Too easy for Baby to Remove

We have two babies under the age of two, so we have tried every bib and really need them to work. This one may be good for a child under one, but our 20 month old yanks these off in a matter of seconds. Really surprised this bib got so many good reviews…not sure what is to love? I would definitely not recommend for an older child. For our 7 month old, this bib works fine, but a lot of things would work for him. For toddler, I recommend the JJCole with a snap closure. Harder to find, which is why I went online to Amazon to purchase, but works the best. Also buying the Bjorn bib today which is twice the cost, just to see if that will work as well (it also gets good reviews.)

Gay Carman, IL

Pocket is useless!!!!!!

The bib is fine until your baby insists on feeding him/herself or spits food back out. Then it slides all the way down past the pocket and onto his/her diaper bulge and lap or pants or the highchair seat because the pocket doesn’t stay open. The pocket only catches about 10% of whatever falls its way which still leaves me with a baby who needs a complete bath after EVERY meal, and a full change of clothes because the food has soaked through the pants and the bottom of her onesie down to her diaper!

Gina Interlachen, FL

Not sure what all the great reviews are about…

Maybe these are great for older babies who don’t drool or spit their water or juice back out? Whenever my baby spits her drink back out, it dribbles underneath her chin and falls onto the top of the bib which then slides right down the back of the bib because these are not water-absorbant. I like the green sprouts water-absorbant bibs 100 times better than these ones! She always ends up wet after I use the bumkin bibs.

Lynnette Fountain, NC

The best bibs! Don’t bother with others!

This was my 2nd bumkins bibs purchase, and these ones are a little bit thicker than the girly 3 pack version we first purchased. Both have their purpose, but really they are the best bibs! So easy to clean, and they actually catch a ton of food (vs. others with catchers that seem to miss food as it falls)

Lucinda Shawnee On Delaware, PA

Waterproof bibs

Material is flimsy but it serves its purpose. Easy to clean and wash. I just find the velcro is a bit rough on baby’s skin so you might want to check so it doesn’t rub onto the skin. A bit expensive.

Natalia Davidsville, PA

Our go-to bib, even after 4 kids!

We love these bibs and buy them for shower gifts, because after four kids, they are STILL our go-to-bib. The multi-pack is a decent price, you can fold one and very compactly store it in a diaper bag and still have two to rotate at home. A must-have for self feeding toddlers…and that stage lasts quite awhile, so these will get you through!

Mayra Pena Blanca, NM

These are great for messy eating!

I wanted a bib that she could use while eating solids that wouldn’t stain and render the bib a disgusting sight. I saw these and was drawn to the waterproof aspect of it. After my daughter used one, I rinsed it off quickly in the sink and let it air dry and voila! Now that’s amazing. I only bought one pack as it’s so easy to clean right then and there that there really isn’t a need for a bunch unless you were leaving them elsewhere (sitter’s, diaper bag, etc)Despite the price, I would certainly recommend again. Worth every penny!

Tammy South Deerfield, MA

Very thin, but cute design!

I added these to our registry because of the great designs and high ratings, but compared to others we received I found them to be very thin and poor quality. I guess the thinness could be considered a bonus to some (I can’t comment on the waterproofness), but the fact that there were threads hanging everywhere when they came out of the package, I felt like they could be more quality for the high ratings they receive.

Opal Matawan, NJ

Stop washing bibs

Maybe you’re like me, and you went through 2 or 3 fancy Aden & Anais or whatever bibs every day, and piled up a good 20 bibs that were washed every week.And then you heard about Bumkins. And you bought some, and you realized your whole bib collection was obsolete, because a single 3-pack is all you need. These don’t need to be laundered. Just rinse in the sink and squeeze them out after each feeding.Or maybe you’re not like me and you got it right the first time.Either way – for feeding, this is the bib you need. The cloth ones might be better for teething drool, but for messy high chair feedings, nothing beats this.

Jerry Salt Point, NY

Must have bibs!!!

These bibs are an absolute must have. If your baby is anything like ours, most of the food will most likely end up on these bibs when they first start on solids.Here’s what we love about these bibs:- Easy to clean (use a wet paper towel to wipe clean)- Also machine washable- Fabric is soft yet waterproof, and also very durable- The bibs are adjustable (there’s about a 2 inch long strip of velcro instead of the one size fits all bibs, allows you to keep the bib as tight or loose as you like- The colorful designs are easily recognizable, so my son knows that when we put these bibs on, it’s time to eat

Sheila Valley Head, AL

Favorite Bibs

These are by far the best bibs I have bought. I love the bumkins bibs. They wash up nice and hold up great. The only negative is if your child pulls at their bibs, they might be able to pull off this kind of bib since it is attached by velcro.

Holly Waynesboro, VA

Love it!

I originally bought the Bjorne plastic bibs, but found then too hard. Love that the Bumpkin bibs move like cotton bibs but are wipeable. I also own the sleeved version, which may be more useful when my LO feeds himself, but are kind of a hassle to put on. These are perfect for when I am feeding him, and the set of three is the perfect amount!

Beverley Converse, LA

Great until it was smelly…

We had originally bought a single Bumkins bib, and I think they changed the way that they made the bibs because this pack felt different than the original one we had purchased. While this set seemed thicker, we have had some odor issues with this set. After using it for a month or so, it started to smell sour. No matter what I did to wash it and keep it dry, I couldn’t seem to get rid of the smell. I’ve thrown it in the washer, tried to bleach it, but I couldn’t get rid of the smell so I ended up throwing it away. I liked the set while we used it since it was light, could be folded easily, and caught the crumbs.

Earlene Lagro, IN

I really wanted to love these, but they didn’t stay on

I really wanted to love these, b/c they were expensive and had good reviews. They are soft, and easy to clean though. However, one of them left a stain that would not come off. I like the whole idea and concept of it, but my 5-month old kept trying to yank it off, and I felt like it was making meal time messier. Instead, I bought the Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs and I love these. They go all around the baby and you never have to yank it down from their hands. Overall, they’re just OK, but better than your average cloth bibs.Pros: Soft, great idea, easy to clean offCons: Stained, easy to yank off,

Alisa Daleville, IN

Durable bibs, strong velcro, good coverage… LOVE!!

I had purchased a Bumkins brand bib prior to this set, and I (unintentionally) compared it to the other brand bib we had. The Bumkins won, hands down! These bibs are high quality and practical! What won my heart with the Bumkins brand bib: 1) The velcro – it’s very strong, and it’s large/long so that the neckline size can be adjusted. 2) The material – durable, stays true to shape, waterproof. 3) The size and shape – good front coverage, doesn’t sag at the neck. 4) Large pocket – does what it’s supposed to! Catches falling foods! 5) Design – adorable prints and colors. Those are the top five reasons I love these bibs over other bibs. I highly recommend them. They are super easy to wash in the sink with the dishes, lay out to dry, and reuse when it’s meal time! And they work wonderfully!!

Brandie Richford, NY

great bibs!

I purchesed these bibs because the reviews were great. I totally agree. This bibs are really nice. At first I thought these bibs were thin and were not going to catch anything. But they do a great job and wash up nicely. The Dr Seuss theme is really cute. Everyone comments on them.

Kayla Cherry Valley, NY

Five Stars

Serves the purpose and easy to wash and dry after each feed.

Josefa Sutton, AK

Really like these

These have been great durable bibs. My only complaint is they are a little to big. I am still able to use it but sometimes food goes through my son’s neckline.

Wilma North Greece, NY

Best food-catchers.

These are great mealtime bibs. They’re comfortable (I asked), adjustable, and easy to clean either in the washer or with a damp cloth. We get 2 meals out of each one, minimum. They’re also big enough to cover serious acreage of the clothing and high chair. The patterns are cute, too.

Evangelina Singer, LA

Best Bibs!

These are the best. So easy to clean. If they get wet it wont transfer to your baby’s clothes. The pocket is good. Overall these are the best bibs!

Jodi Belleville, KS

I like these!

Pros:1. I bought the prints labeled “girl”. The colors in the photo look the same way they look in person, and they’re very pretty.2. My daughter is ten months old, and these are still a very good size for her. They hang down long enough and cover enough of her body to keep food off of her.3. These bibs have a pouch at the bottom, meant for catching dropped food. The pouches are good at catching food, and, one time, my daughter vomited while eating and the pouch caught every drop of vomit.4. Liquid doesn’t seep through these bibs. Speaking about the aforementioned vomit, the vomit did not even soak through the pouch.5. These can be washed easily. You can wipe them off with a cloth, rinse them at the sink, or even put them through the laundry. I wash them quite often with my daughter’s clothes and they look just as good as new. They don’t even get wrinkly. I’ve also accidentally dried them in the dryer without messing them up.6. The velcro holds well, so my daughter has never pulled these off of herself.7. I’ve tried five different types of bibs, and these are the best. I tried another wipeable bib before this one, which was covered in a plastic layer, and it was terrible. I was afraid these were the same, but they’re not. This entire bib is one material (not plastic)and it’s terrific.8. So far, nothing has stained them.Cons:1. None 😀

Cathryn Ballwin, MO

Not for my 7 month old but a neat bib

Baby chews on it while baby food (stage 2) and water just slide off and get on clothes and high chair. Maybe it’s better for older babies/children.Otherwise, a great bib. Soft and shiny, dries and cleans easily.

Lucy Chama, NM

Great bibs, my 4 month old loves them!

I’ve been using these bibs for about 3 weeks and really like them. When I first went to put one on my 4 month old, he tried to grab it out of my hands and play with it. The patterns are really bright which appeals to him (we got the Boy pack with the cars/swirls/fish).The bib covers the neck and shoulders really well. The pocket catches any errant food, drool and spit up that would ordinarily hit his stomach and legs. The Velcro attaches at the side of the neck which is nice so I don’t have to reach behind his neck. We have plenty of cloth bibs but the food remnants were staining them and these plastic ones are much easier to clean.I clean the bibs with a little dish soap and hang them to dry from the handles on my cabInet doors. We go through 3 a day so I’m tempted to get some more so I always have extras and one for the diaper bag. I have not yet laundered them but I read that they are machine washable. Overall these are quality bibs that I would recommend to anyone.

Tammie Taylorsville, IN


Sweet Caroline I love these bibs! The pocket at the bottom is a must or else baby ends up with food all over her. You can rinse these off in the sink or throw them in the washing machine (I hang them dry, though) and they keep their shape and don’t start unraveling. Well made, sturdy, and awesome! Yay bibs!

Kim Calmar, IA