Bumkins All-In-One Cloth Diaper, Purple Dandelion

Bumkins All-In-One Cloth Diaper, Purple Dandelion

As easy as a disposable to put on baby; no stuffing; folding or adding layers. Easy to machine wash; fold-out panel accelerates dry time. Machine wash hot and tumble dry low.

Main features

  • One size adjustable fit: Three snap-downs on the front of the diaper allow you to easily adjust the size of the diaper as your baby grows
  • Sewn-in absorbency: Inside fold-out panel features 2 layers of blended cotton and bamboo rayon, for absorbency, breathability and comfort
  • Combo fabric interior: Stay-dry fleece surrounds the blended cotton and bamboo rayon panel, offering baby complete comfort, wicking moisture and keeping breathable fabric next to baby’s sensitive areas; Interior is easy to clean and fast drying
  • Waterproof outer shell: Soft; waterproof outer PUL fabric with TPU is stain and odor resistant; machine washable; durable and comfortable; Prints remain bright and colorful wash after wash
  • Fold-out panel designed for fast drying; Opening allows for inserts to be added under the fold-out panel

Verified reviews


flipping adorable!

I absolutely love this diaper. I’m a huge fan of AIOS. I have a very squirmy baby who.hates changes so I need a one step diaper. Usually I use Grovia AIOs but they are pricey. This is my adorable affordable alternative. It wasn’t great on large poo but it’s quite absorbant. I now have 4. Prep is non existing and it can be stuffed.

Elisabeth London, TX

Not Waterproof!

I’ve cloth diapered two babies, and these diapers are just Okay.The pros:CostAdorable printsThe cons:The diaper is not waterproof. It doesn’t leak out the legs, but rather soaks through the cover. It’s not a huge mess, but is very inconvenient.We will never use these outside of the house, even with two inserts. But they are quite cute to wear around the house when being changed *very* often.

Darcy Westview, KY

Leaking through PUL after 6 months

These are my least favorite cloth diapers and pretty much just ‘back ups’ in the rare case where laundry got put in too late and nothing else is left.I was excited to find another AIO diaper that seemed to be designed similar to swaddlebees (our favorites) and reasonably priced, so I bought 4. I bought two cat in the hat, a turtle, and a bloom flower design (we have b/g twins). My husband immediately HATED them because of the ridiculous number of snaps, but I didn’t mind as much. However what I did notice immediately, was that the absorbent material on the inside of the diaper was very thin.All it takes is one pee, and this diaper is soaked through. I haven’t had any major blow outs, but because they hold so little, I’ve tended to only put them on when I know chances of a poo are low.I’ve had these for six months now and recently noticed that as soon as they are peed in, they feel wet. EVERYWHERE. On the OUTSIDE of the diaper. Not just leaking at the leg holes or the top wet, but through the PUL, front, back everywhere. I’ve stopped using them altogether and keep them as a last resort in case I forget to do laundry. I won’t be buying anymore of these for sure! Sided note- the turtle diaper is made of a different, less shiny PUL and hasn’t started leaking through the PUL … But I still rarely use it because it doesn’t hold enough liquid, especially now that they are getting older and pee more!

Darla Montoursville, PA


I started using cloth diapers because my son kept getting a rash with disposable diapers. The cloth on the inside of this diaper is soft and keeps baby dry. The insert makes it easy to change baby while we are out so I don’t have to carry all the extra stuff. I would definitely use cloth diapers with next baby. So simple and cheap. 🙂

Melba Altura, MN

good initially, but not for my long waisted baby

i loved these at first because the bamboo was so soft and absorbent, and you could stuff the pocket to add absorbency if you needed it. These will fit a chunky baby for a long time because there are a ton of waist snaps and room to grow there, however we are at 7 months and all the rise snaps are unsnapped and it barely fits like its supposed to. These have been retired in favor of other diapers more fitted to my long waisted baby.

Eileen Comstock, TX

Very cute, too many snaps

I like the Bumpkins All in One, they are cute and fit well, the only drawback for me is the positioning and quantity of the snaps, it is a bit challenging to get it snapped on my very active 8 month old.

Laverne Glenrock, WY

love dr seuss

cute diaper, love the design, doesn’t offer the best protection against wetness but with a hemp insert it does the job

Caroline Hugo, CO

My least favorite.

I really wanted to like these due to the cute prints. As others mentioned, you can feel the dampness after one pee. The numerous buttons drive me and my hubby nuts- just way too many and pretty hard to snap with wiggly baby. AND this diaper leaks- pee leaks and poop blow out to the back. My other AIO cloth diapers never leaks or has blow outs ( GroVia and BumGenius AIO one size). I’m really disappointed.

Lynda Moriches, NY

waste of money- funny fit

The material is elastic like and the snaps are cheap/ hard. The diaper was a cheap fit. I prefer my softbums and rumparooz to this cheap Chinese diaper. I got rid of it in the third try.I have almost all the other diaper brands and this one was a waste!

Sheila Waterloo, IN

Good for Skinny Thighed Baby

My son is not a skinny thighed baby so these don’t really work for him in that department. I do however really like how trim it is on the rump area. The bamboo does take quite some time to dry and I don’t quite get the point of the inner snaps on the soaker section. I think it would be a really good CD to use on a newborn or infant, not so much for my toddler.

Alana Cadwell, GA