Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover, Blue Cat

Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover, Blue Cat

Use Bumkins Diaper Covers over a prefold or fitted diaper for comfortable, lightweight waterproof protection. Our diaper covers provides superior protection with leg gussets and front and back interior pockets that secure absorbent diapers in place. Quick drying and versatile, these covers can be combined with any absorbent diaper and reused without washing for multiple changes as long as they are not soiled. One size fits most with snaps that let the diaper grow with baby. Hand or machine wash hot and hang dry.

Main features

  • One size adjustable fit: Three snap-downs on the front of the diaper allow you to easily adjust the size of the diaper as your baby grows
  • Waterproof outer shell: Soft, waterproof outer PUL fabric with TPU is stain and odor resistant, machine washable, durable and comfortable
  • Interior pockets: Front and back interior pockets that help secure absorbent diapers in place
  • Internal elastic: Gentle elastic sewn internally around leg and back creates superior leak protection
  • Prints remain bright and colorful wash after wash

Verified reviews


Too many snaps and wicks

There are a ridiculous number of snaps to fasten these covers, I only use 2 of them. They also wick moisture to the outside when the diaper is full. The prints are very cute, but I prefer thirsties covers. The velcro is easier, they fit a bit better and they don’t wick.

Amanda Grand Valley, PA

It’s deceptive.

For some reason it feels as if the whole thing leaks really badly. I’ve even considered working some wax into the outside because of this. But I finally gave in and tested it out with a paper towel underneath and put water into it and there was no actual leakage. I’m pretty sure it’s the same kind of deception you get when you sit on a cold toilet seat and it feels wet but isn’t. Either way, I feel like he can only wear this home alone with me because if anyone felt it they’d think he WAS leaking. Also they aren’t for chunk legged little guys like mine. He’s only four months and he already has this so loose its only gonna fit another month or so.

Aimee Evansville, MN

looks really cute, but kind of small

I bought this because I like the prints, so it’s good to start with something you like. the material is polyester, so it’s not so breathable, however that’s the part is waterproof, I guess you can’t have something breathable and waterproof at same time.it says up to 35lbs, my baby is regular size, 33lbs. I measured with my old cloth diaper which is up to 28lb, it’s the same size, and shorter, which he already outgrow it. It’s a shame that I had to return it, i wish they can make bigger size.

Sherri Saxton, PA

Diaper Cover

I love these. They are able to fit my new newborn granddaughter with just a few snaps. They are going to fit her for some time. I love the Dr Seuss print.

Helga Dedham, IA

Love the fabric and the design, but soaks through

I love this fabric so much but the cover itself isn’t as good as others I’ve tried. i wish I could combine this pattern and all the snaps with a thicker cover, like Best Bottom brand. However, for daytime use when I know my son isn’t going to poop, I still like this cover. The snaps are my favorite part–you can make it as tight as you want and no part of the cover can slip.

Reva Heidelberg, MS

not waterproof

I agree with other reviews. Print is cute. There are a ton of snaps though. I had preemie and first used this on her at 5 pounds. So it can get pretty small. Buy was gapping at legs. It does get damp once wet. The material is slick feeling on inside and out. Not a huge fan. Thirsties are better as waterproofing and leg gussets go.

Elvira Crawford, TN

Leaks and too many snaps

I am current’y trying different brands and styles and I don’t like this one what so ever. Leaks and too many snaps to deal with. The fabric is really soft but does not hold moisture in at all.

Janna Raymond, IL

fits funny..

I really love the turtle print and the price, but unfortunately the fit is just a little funny compared to my other diaper covers… no blow outs but the legs are either too tight or too loose on my little guy, and even with all the snaps (soo many snaps!) I can’t seem to find a position where he doesn’t end up with terrible indented lines all over his waist and thighs…

Lesley Judson, IN

Not what I was expecting

This cover does the job, but it has like 6 or 7 snaps per wing, and it is really small even though it says one size. I have a hard time fitting a regular size diaper insert into it. My son is only 22 pounds, and it seems like it will be too small for him within a couple months. It is pretty cute though, and has a low profile beneath clothing.

Christie Preston, MN