Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover, Blue Fire Engine, Newborn

Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover, Blue Fire Engine, Newborn

The Bumkins Newborn Diaper Cover provides superior protection with leg gussets and front and back interior pockets that secure absorbent diapers in place. Quick drying and versatile, these covers can be combined with any absorbent diaper and reused without washing for multiple changes as long as they are not soiled. Adjustable fit for newborns between 5-14 pounds. Diaper care: Hand or machine wash and hang dry.

Main features

  • Newborn diaper features a unique dip in the front to accommodate the umbilical cord, providing extra comfort for this delicate stage
  • One size adjustable fit: Three snap-downs on the front of the diaper allow you to easily adjust the size of the diaper as your baby grows
  • Waterproof outer shell; Soft, waterproof outer PUL fabric with TPU is stain and odor resistant, machine washable, durable and comfortable; Prints remain bright and colorful wash after wash
  • Interior pockets: Front and back interior pockets that help secure absorbent diapers in place
  • Internal elastic: Gentle elastic sewn internally around leg and back creates superior leak protection

Verified reviews


Just okay. Not very waterproof.

My nine week old son wore this diaper tonight and while it is cute (which is the main reason I bought it) and will grow with him, I have to repeat what others have said in previous reviews: it isn’t very “waterproof.” My son did wear it for a few hours because he fell asleep and I didn’t want to wake him up just to change him, but he’s done the same thing in his Thirsties diaper covers and we haven’t had a problem with those. When I picked him up, his outfit (bodysuit, pants, so that’s sort of like two layers in the diaper area) felt slightly damp, and sure enough, so was the diaper cover. At least it didn’t technically leak, but I think this will be our backup diaper.. the one we use if all the others are dirty.

Tracy West Columbia, WV

cute, but not leak proof

These are very cute. They are also LARGE! My son is large, and these will probably fit to toddler-hood. These are not for a baby under 15lbs…and may not fit a skinny baby till its even bigger. Biggest problem is that if baby even moderatly wets a diaper, moisture seeps through and you are left w damp feeling clothes. NOT an overnight cover!!

Felicia East Middlebury, VT

Holds odors and wetness leaks through

At first I really likes this cover because the fabric is super soft and the print was cute. I was not a huge fan of ALL the snaps – it gets a little hard to snap them all when you have a squiggling baby on your hands. I had read other reviews that said they thought the fabric was not waterproof but initially I thought the diaper just ‘felt’ damp but was not actually wet. Then I had my LO wear this overnight and she woke up with the bottom of her PJs soaked – it didn’t leak out the leg or up the back you could tell it was straight through the fabric. The fabric also seamed to hold odors more than my other covers. I would not get another ones of these, I much prefer the Thirsties covers.

Kristie Gordonville, PA

Awesome material

I am new to cloth diapering and I have recently purchased many brands to try out. This diaper cove seems to be a softer material than most and is very stretchy. This cover did not leave any read marks on my baby as did many other diaper covers.

Ola Onaga, KS


These are amazing. Great print, fit and easy to use. I have others like these and love them. Would definitely recommend to others.

Kathie Saint Bethlehem, TN

New to cloth

Cloth didn’t really work out for me but this cover is super cute and sizeable for however big your baby is.

James Levittown, NY

good for small babies, dries quickly

My baby was small at birth and this was the only diaper cover that fit well. Other pluses are that the print is very cute and that these wash well and air dry fairly quickly – no stains, shrinkage, etc. These are the lightest weight of all the covers on the market and don’t add a ton of volume which is great. On the cons side it is not entirely clear that these are waterproof and all the snaps are overwhelming at first. Ours came with no instructions but I hunted down a YouTube video that helped clarify what all the snaps are for.

Rita Waka, TX

It isn’t really waterproof

This cover leaks through the fabric. I have a bunch of Thirsties duo wrap and duo snap and they do not leak at all. I will not buy another and only use this one in a pinch.

Bobby Saint Joseph, TN

My favorite cover

This is BY FAR by favorite cover because of its exceptional trim fit. It NEVER EVER LEAKS and it has such a great fit. There are a million snaps which ensure the perfect fit. I just love this diaper cover. I love it as much as my one-size Kissa’s cover.

Rachelle Pineland, FL

My sin’s fluffy butt looks so cute in this!

I really enjoy the fit and feel of this cover. The gussets help to hold in his runny poo!Also this cover works well with all my cloth: flat diapers, contoured, triple folded, all of them.

Elisa Sweet Briar, VA

It’s okay. Cute looking but for better functioning products, look elsewhere.

I love this thing. It fits better than any other cover that we have. I have a variety of cloth options since our baby is a newborn and I wanted to experiment with different ones to see what works best for our family before going all out and getting a bunch of any one thing. This works out well with all the different types–prefolds, flats, QSFW, modified QSFW, sewn origami folds, etc. (Note–our newborn was almost 12 pounds at birth–this fits perfect with out munchkin–your normal newborn might need a bit more time.)I wish I had bought more than one and probably will soon buy a couple more.Edited to add (baby is now 3 1/2 months old)I bought a second one of these and then another brand’s product. I have changed the rating down to 3 stars. The elastic looks ratty (after one month of usage–washing 2-3 times a week, we don’t use these any more) and, like others, the legs gape open and allow the contents to be “shared”. We have these in the diaper changing area and are ready to use, but automatically use something else first. We haven’t actually used these at all in several weeks.I would straight up recommend to save your money and get a better product.

Frankie Clarksville, OH

Pretty, size fits great but some weird moisture builds up

It is really pretty diaper cover. I ordered 3 other brand diaper covers with this one. Only this one builds up some weird moisture out of the cover. So, once my baby pees, I can feel the moisture on her butt. It feels like her pee leaked, but it’s not. Weird!!!I don’t recommend this diaper cover.

Kate Karnak, IL

Mediocre cover

Bumkins has missed the boat on the choice for their covers, IMO. They get wet REAL quick. And I’m also just wondering… could you put maybe a few more snaps on this cover?? Damn, REALLY!? It’s a little absurd to think I need this many options. Thirsties covers do it better with HALF the snaps. Also the ‘pocket’ does nothing to hold an insert.

Angelina North Java, NY

Its ok.

So I got these for the mean while as my other covers did not fit my baby. It worked well for the 2 1/2 weeks it fitted my baby.

Leona Orient, WA

Really nice diaper cover

Love the colors and the texture. Seems to work really well as a cover with my existing inserts. the only thing I wonder is how long it will last. It fits fine now one my 16lb baby, but that with all the rows expanded. So I’m wondering what will happened and my baby gets bigger and whether it will continue to fit properly. But it is a really nice cover.

Gabrielle Marshall, CA

Would work for Newborn

This was the only cover I purchased that was a "one size fits all" that actually worked when my son was a new born (6 lbs 6 oz). I like the material, the gussets fit well, and it washes well.

Molly Crestview, FL

Great Print

I really like the "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" print. Plenty of snaps for adjusting size, wipes out easily and dries fast. Can’t say much on leaking, as it’s getting its first test run right now, but so good so far!

Gloria East Otto, NY

cute…runs smaller than other one sizes

Bought because of the cute bird pattern. It fits well but is a bit smaller than her other similar diapers. But should fit most babies.

Lola Butler, IL

Effective at first, but wears out quick

We used cloth diapers solely for the first six months of our baby’s life. This little shell was great for that time period, but after six months the elastic around the leg holes began to give out. In six months we did get a good amount of use out of it, but we would have preferred more given their price. -Joy Johnson http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00935YTUK

Hallie New Albany, MS