Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Chrome

Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Chrome

“The simple way to rinse cloth diapers before washing. The adjustable high-pressure spray is perfect for rinsing messy cloth diapers in the toilet. No more dunk and soak! A diaper sprayer is the perfect partner to your cloth diapering routine – less mess means less stress! Package includes: Spray wand holder with clip 47.25” stainless steel spray hose with EPDM braided inner hose Solid brass T-connector Brass ceramic shut-off valve, allows for adjustable water flow Spray wand with adjustable lever *Toilet must have a flexible supply line. Fits most standard American style toilets. The Bumkins Diaper Sprayer also works great for potty bowl clean-up or personal hygiene. No matter the use, always remember to turn off the diaper sprayer valve after each use!”

Main features

  • Includes sprayer, fixtures, metal hose and mounting clips
  • Simple installation, not tools or plumber required
  • Fits most standard American style toilets

Verified reviews


Highly recommend!

I bought this after making my own diaper sprayer from parts bought at a hardware store. I am so impressed with this sprayer I will never use another brand. The head does leak a tad bit but I just make sure I turn it off after each use, which is recommended to prevent leaks. It sprays hard enough to clean the diapers, just make sure your face isn’t too close or you may get some dirty water on it. My husband installed it in less than 5 minutes and I have no doubt I would have been able to do it myself with no problem.

Neva White Mountain, AK

“Chrome” handle is cheap plastic

Sprayer seems sturdy enough to do the job of poopy diaper spraying though I worry how long it will last. The sprayer nozzle itself is made of cheap plastic painted silver to look like chrome. Only time will tell if it will leak and I’m sure the paint will chip and peel over time. But for now it works well and is just worth the $50 I paid.

Alexandra Boxholm, IA

Easier to clean poo than getting hubby to put the diapers in the pail…

We switched to cloth a few weeks ago, after dealing with a MISERABLE rash when a popular, expensive brand (p to the amp e-r-s) changed their formula.For the past 2 weeks, I have been using a spray bottle and a bucket to rinse off the poo. Honestly, I had been waiting for someone to buy this off my baby registry (we were going to CD with "baby brother" due in February anyway). Well, 2 weeks of poopy water messes from rinsing toddler turds in the toilet were enough to break me down, and I opted to just spend the $$ and buy it myself.Guess what? This thing takes away the biggest challenge of cloth diapering. Besides getting hubby to put the diapers in the pail (he leaves them on the changing table?!?!?!)….The water pressure is awesome, and when you clip the diaper into the Spray Pal – Cloth Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield, it makes quick, clean work of cleaning up the poo.

Amparo Lovell, ME

must have!

love this product! we purchased it before our baby started with solids, and i am happy we did. great pressure, easy to install, and works for even those not quite solid poops. I have used it on clothing, and to rinse out diaper pail as well.

Adeline Richland, OR

A little tricky to install, but works great!

I am not a plumber, which is why this one appealed to me with it’s easy-install claims. Ok, ok, it wasn’t *difficult*, but I couldn’t get it tightened enough to not leak, so I set a tupperware under the pipe to catch the steady drip and dumped it every night. After a week of this my husband was not impressed and told me I needed to fix it all the way or take it off. Fair enough. I turned of the water, detached the T-shaped pipey thing (told I wasn’t a plumber), and wrapped some Teflon around the threads. After a few tries of continually wrapping it the wrong way so it just unwrapped as I screwed it back on, I finally got it to stop leaking and it has been working just fine every since.I haven’t had any issues with leaking, even when I occasionally leave the divider thing opened, letting the water build up pressure behind the sprayer. My only problem is that the screw keeping the holder uprighted gets loose a LOT and I am constantly re-tightening it so I can hang the sprayer up.

Evangeline Hayti, SD

Messy job, but this makes it easier

I’m still not certain what the little thing stick out on the very top is for on it–I thought that was supposed to adjust the flow, but I can’t move it. It seems just like a fancy kitchen sprayer, but it works well. I think the adjustable flow might be that you just press it more or press it less. it works well though, no leaks. It was easy to install, easy to use.

Jenifer Bartlett, OH

Not as good as other brand

We replaced a Bum Genius brand diaper sprayer because the plastic button broke after a year of use and installing on three different toilets (we moved twice). This Bumkins brand is functioning, but is not designed as well, even taking the broken button into consideration.The lever to press on Bumkins makes it difficult to hold without spraying. It also leaks when you release the lever, no matter which way you tilt it. The water pressure is not as good as Bum Genius using the exact same toilet with no adjustments to the pressure. The flow is less focused.If this were the only option out there, I’d say it’s fine. Hopefully this one will last through potty training. But when and if we have to buy another one, we’ll go back to the Bum Genius brand.

Tiffany Santa Anna, TX

So much easier!

My husband installed this on our toilet. It makes cleaning out the diapers so much easier! It has great water pressure from our line which gets a lot of residue off, but can also cause some overspray while rinsing, you just have to be careful. And it does "leak" a little, meaning that there is residual water in the head after you’re done spraying that can drip out if its at a certain angle. We just keep a little cloth on the floor. But we haven’t had any leaking from where it connects to the line.

Mayra South Amana, IA

Works perfectly

This was incredibly easy to install. I like the fact that you can adjust the water pressure of the sprayer. I keep mine right in the middle. Also like that there is a hook to hang the sprayer from. If you need a diaper sprayer, go with this one!

Ashleigh Farmington, MI

Dont leave it on

Does the job just fine, but beware: if you forget to turn it off just once the coupling will start to leak. Now i get a few drops of water on the floor every time I spray the diapers. I’m thinking about taking it apart and trying to replace parts, but my plumbing skills are not the best so I might wait until I replace the toilet and get a new one.

Doris Covesville, VA

New to cloth diapers, buy this!

Hooked this up in five minutes. No tools required. Some people complained about water pressure but I just adjusted the flow on the intake until it sprayed just as hard as I needed but not so much that it splatters everywhere. So happy with this purchase after a month!

Latasha Ferguson, NC

Would recommend

No issues, we’ve had it for 6 months. Would recommend

Lucia Castleton, VT

Easy to install, works great.

Totally worth the money, it took my hubby all of 10 minutes to have it installed and running. Very happy.

Carolyn Bottineau, ND

Great product. No leaks

I love this sprayer. It was super easy to install, has a ton of pressure (if you need it), and hasn’t leaked at all. Highly recommend it.

Jimmie Red Level, AL

Make sure you turn it off or it leaks

My husband installed this, and it seems to be fine. Unfortunately, though, you have to shut off the valve VERY tightly when not using it, otherwise it leaks.

Eve Upland, IN

Pricey but worth it.

Clear and easy directions for install. Took me about 15 minutes with pliers and a Phillips screwdriver.Tips:1. Thought the shower holder didn’t fit the toilet, but realized that the shower head should be facing toward you if you are facing the toilet.2. You can adjust the water pressure by adjusting the valve.3. Make sure you use the shutoff switch when not in use!

Jeanie Spencerville, OH


bought for cloth diapers but used many more times for my toddler who it not quite potty trained yet with his bowels.!!! my husband thought I was nuts for wanting him to install this item but he is the one that uses it the most!!!

Francesca Randolph, TX

Cheaper than BumGenius, but more expensive than a do-it-yourself.

This sprayer does the job it is intended for, and is cheaper than the Bum Genius sprayer. However, I still think it is ridiculously priced. With a little more effort this could be accomplished for lower cost. There are some how-to’s on the internet that describe using a more basic sprayer attachment from the hardware store. A downside to this specific sprayer is that it continues to drip water after you’ve stopped spraying.

Aimee Sutton, NE


This is a really good sprayer, it does the job. However, if you’re going to get this for cloth diapering you really should consider getting a Spray Pal because the water pressure out of this is pretty strong and it does get water pretty much everywhere. That’s a good quality in a sprayer though, but it just means more clean up unless you use the Spray Pal to direct the splatter into the toilet.I gave four stars because the handle doesn’t fit nicely in the little holder. You need to kind of jiggle it a bit in order to get it "seated" correctly.Otherwise we are really happy with this sprayer and it was a bit cheaper than the other major brand.

Bettie Winslow, IL

Works like they say! Great water pressure

This thing was easy to install! No leaks! Even on our very old toilet. The nozzle is like a garden hose and the harder you squeeze the more water pressure comes out. Perfect pressure to get the poo off! I notice though that it depends on the cloth diaper fabric to getting the poo off. It works great on Bum Genius but I noticed on Fuzzibunz it takes longer to get it off. It also causes some back spray on the floor but thats not a fault of the product.

Darcy Janesville, MN

Messy and Leaked

We got this because we had friends tell us how easy it makes clean up. To the contrary, it was messy when you tried to spray the diaper and little splatters got everywhere…which caused more cleaning. And then the hose leaked all over the floor when we flushed the toilet. Decided to just scrub the diapers in our laundry sink instead. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Pamela Catonsville, MD

Works Great

Works great! Its the only one I’ve used so I can’t compare it to anything else but it does the trick and has great pressure.

Nikki Hillsville, PA

Love it!

It was an easy install and I think its a good quality. It uses the toilets water pressure so it can be low after flushing or if running the bath. I would definitely buy it again.

Marjorie Ponca City, OK

Leaky with no tape included.

Leaks.This product leaks and the necessary tape (thread seal tape) is NOT included.We purchased tape and sprayer hose does not leak so FYI – purchase tape along with this product.

Vicki Haviland, KS

Recommended for cloth diaper users

The material does seem a little bit cheap but it definitely does its job.It took about 5 minutes to install and sits nicely alongside the toilet.

Lakeisha Port Carbon, PA