Bumkins Cotton Infant Prefold Diaper, 6 Pack

Bumkins Cotton Infant Prefold Diaper, 6 Pack

Absorbent and versatile, these rectangular diapers are long lasting, mutli use and super affordable. Made from premium unbleached cotton, Bumkins Prefolds provide a simple and natural way to cloth diaper. Also great for use as a burp cloth. Each diaper masures 12′ x 16′ and features 8 layers of unbleached cotton in the middle and 4 layers of unbleached cotton on the sides. Fits infants weighing between 7 15 pounds. Prefolds must be paired with waterproof diaper cover.

Main features

  • Babies weighing between 7 15 pounds
  • Premium unbleached cotton
  • Makes a great burp cloth
  • Multiple hot cycle pre washes will ensure your prefolds are soft, absorbent and ready for baby
  • Tumble or hang dry

Verified reviews


life saver!

These have turned out to be a MUST HAVE for us! I ordered one package of them to use a s burp cloths before my son was born. He is 6 months old now & I still use them on a daily basis. In fact I ordered a 2nd package so I don’t have to wash them as often. They are so absorbent and soft! We use them for burp cloths, to wipe up spit up, to wipe up spills, they even soak up most of a bottle if baby throws up – speaking from experience here! It’s happened many times! We wash them constantly and after 6 months, they have shown no signs of wear. Buy these!

Camilla Fountain, FL

Excellent quality prefolds

I love these Bumkins classic pre fold diapers. They wash up beautifully with just the right amount of quilting. These are unbleached so be sure to do your first few washings separate from your white already bleached diapers so the oils will not contaminate the white ones. Once you “prep” them they can be washed with the other laundry. These are better quality than cheaper brands, worth the money.

Marci Slagle, LA

Easy to wash, well worth the price!

I use them with Thirsties covers and they work well(recently got another package). Just make sure to wash them a couple of times(at least twice) to maximize the absorbency.I also recommend using Bumkins liners with them.

Erica Bonaire, GA

My favorite prefolds!

We have been CDing full time for 2 months. I own several different types and brands of prefolds, but these are by far my favorites! They are soft (and just keep getting softer), very absorbent and a great fit! We usually use them with Flips and had never had any leaks! Would definitely recommend it!

Chelsea Rosalie, NE

Soft, absorbent, and durable

We use these for burp cloths and for inserts in medium gdiapers. They fit well and aren’t too bulky. They are soft, absorbent, and durable and were a good price.

Jewell Hackensack, NJ

Use these for burp cloths

I use half a dozen of these as burp cloths and they are fantastic! A little bit longer would have been good (I might not have the largest size; not sure). My son was a real spitter and the little thin flimsy burp cloths were basically only good for decoration. Pre-folds are the way to go. These wash very well and I stick them in the dryer too.

Roxanne Gerlach, NV

amazing burp cloths (go a size bigger though)

Much thicker than most prefold diapers.We are using these as burp cloths, and they’re in the rotation with about 5 other kinds of burp cloths (some pre-fold diapers, some intended as burp cloths). These are hands down my favorite, though I’d like them even better if they were a bit bigger (and it’s my own fault I bought the littlest ones).

Leticia Toa Alta, PR

thick and absorbent

I bought these for my second child, for my first I used the white Gerber ones and I quit cloth diapering at 6 months because they wouldn’t absorb much but these Bumkins ones are thicker and more absorbent. I hope they will allow me to continue cloth diapering longer this time around.

Manuela Peapack, NJ

If using for burp cloths maybe look elsewhere

I am using these for burp cloths. I found the prefold gerber or prefold dundee are much more absorbent. These Bumkins cloths are much more nicely made than my other burp cloths (nicer seams and finished all the way versus strings hanging everwhere). But they just aren’t as absorbent and when washed shrunk more than my gerber or dundee ones.

Celeste Kreamer, PA

rarely have leaks

I actually use these for cloth diapering my newborn son. I use the angel wing fold with Snappis and a Flip cover, and I rarely have leaks. I bought these elsewhere, but I wanted to write a review for other new mothers looking to try cloth diapering. They fluffed up nicely for me after a few washes, and, for me, the poop stains disappear in the wash. This is not true for the Flip inserts and the birdseye flatfolds I tried out. These are the only brand I’ve tried, so I’d like to try others and update my review.*** UPDATE 10/26/2012I have downgraded my 4-star rating to a 3-star now that I’ve tried other brands of prefolds. I highly recommend the prefolds from Nicki’s diapers. I never have leaks and the cotton just feels of higher quality. I can actually use a trifold in a Flip cover and not have leaks. Gasp! I could not do this with the Bumkins. I honestly don’t know what it is. The quality of fiber?The Bumkins are now burp cloths.

Patti East Charleston, VT

Great, but got them almost too late

I bought the infant size when baby girl was 8 weeks old. I wish I’d bought them earlier, because I feel like they only lasted a couple months before we moved onto the regular size. Assuming we have a second kid, we’ll use them much earlier next time!Super soft and absorbant. Quality is great.

Deena Sinclair, ME

Best for burp cloths!

We use these for burp cloths, and the absorbancy is great! We have used them occassionally for diapers when our son had a bad rash, and I liked How soft and thick they are. Because they are natural in color, they also hide the stains our other white ones show.

Judith Hoonah, AK