Bumkins Cotton Premium Prefold Diaper, 6 Pack

Bumkins Cotton Premium Prefold Diaper, 6 Pack

Absorbent and versatile, these rectangular diapers are long lasting, mutli use and super affordable. Made from premium unbleached cotton, Bumkins Prefolds provide a simple and natural way to cloth diaper. Also great for use as a burp cloth. Each diaper measure 14.5″ x 22″ and features 8 layers of uncleached cotton in the middle and 4 layers of unbleached cotton on the sides. Fits infants and toddlers weighing between 15 30 pounds. Must be paired with waterproof diaper cover.

Main features

  • Babies weighing between 15 30 pounds
  • Premium unbleached cotton
  • Makes a great burp cloth
  • Multiple hot cycle pre washes will ensure your prefolds are soft, absorbent and ready for baby
  • Tumble or hang dry

Verified reviews


great prefolds

Soft- absorbent….love em….use em as inserts in pocket diapers and with gdiapers and love the quality….much better than babies r us ones!!!

Tammy Coats, KS

Excellent Quality and Value

These are wonderful!!! They will hold up through countless washes and usages. For the price, you won’t be able to find better quality prefolds. I use these every day, several times a day, and they are incredibly absorbent and soft.

Peggy Calvin, PA

Finally–solution to no leaks!

I must have a heavy wetter baby or something because he leaks through all diapers when he sleeps–disposable and non. But with these prefolds, we don’t have any leaks during his 12 hours of sleep at night or during his naps..

Charmaine Bryan, OH


These are really large and bulky on a baby at the lower end of the weight range. I prefer the smaller inserts that you don’t have to fold, but if you want prefolds, these are fine.

Priscilla Byron, IL

Great cotton but a TAG?

I have been using cloth prefolds on my babies for the last 7 years. Using the softest cotton prefolds at a reasonable price is hard to find so I was very excited to find Premium sized Indian cotton prefolds at under three bucks a piece. Only when I received them, they had a very very major flaw – they have a tag. Not just any tag but the big itchy thick kind. (I’ll attach a photo) . I’m not sure why Bumkins thought this was the best way to brand their diapers as most of the clothing that babies wear these days are tagless. Tags and delicate baby skin don’t mix (Are you getting the message Bumkins?). This tag is annoying not just because it is there, but also because it flips up making it difficult to work with. That said, it only took 6 washes to get these diapers to usable and the cotton is soft and soaks up pee quickly.

Lynda Conway, NH

Not as wide as I thought it would be

Not as wide as I thought it would be. Maybe I just got a really wide baby, but I can barely snappi them around my 22 pound 5 month old. They are real good for tri-folding though. If you have a really wide baby, I would go for GMD. They aren’t much wider than mediums.

Stacie Mount Vernon, TX

Love them!

I use these with the fan fold and snappi’s inside the flips covers. They’re super soft and work really well. It took a while to figure out what fold type works best for our skinny girl – 4th% for weight and now 6 months old. Now we only have poopy diaper leaks, and only if we don’t change her for a long time. They even hold well for overnight, despite our hungry girl eating up to 4 times a night.

Stacey Cavendish, VT

Big, but nice quality

These diapers run a little larger than I anticipated, which means I can’t use them right now (I have a 17 week old/15 lbs), but I’ll be able to use them well after my son turns one. They washed up really nice and are soft and fluffy and feel nice and thick. I really like the infant size osocozy prefolds and these are really comparable.I use the newspaper fold with a Thirsties Duo wrap, so depending on your fold, and desired trimness you could probably rock these prefolds sooner than I’d be able to, but I’d say either way they are worth the price for a nice soft, good quality diaper.

Dixie Freedom, NY

A must-have for all new parents!

Even if you aren’t cloth diapering, or you’re using a different system (we’re using gDiapers), a good stash of prefolds is an absolute must. We use them as burp cloths, bibs, napkins, makeshift changing pads, pillows, blankets, emergency diapers for the occasional “oops” on the changing table — you name it. It’s our all-purpose, go-to rag for baby goo of all kinds.These Bumkins premium prefolds quilted up nicely in the wash and are super soft and absorbent. This is the size you want for a multi-purpose burp cloth, as I find the infant size too small to be effective. We have two dozen, and that’s a good stash if you don’t plan to use them as diapers. Double that if you do!UPDATE: The dimensions of these are 14.5″ x 22″ before washing. After several washes, they shrink to about 12″ x 18″, with a bit of variation depending on how much they quilt up. We bought another dozen, and are using them to stuff our gDiapers for overnight. Still love these!

Cassandra Alto, GA

Prep Time

I have a few different brands of unbleached/unbleached organic prefolds, but these took WAY longer to prep than my other brands I have. I washed (in crunchy clean cloth diaper detergent)and dried them 5 times, plus I did a 20 minute boil (after about the 4th wash and dry) with a couple drops of dawn and these still repelled water! I just boiled them again for another 20 minutes and I am doing a final wash and dry on hot, we will see. I wouldn’t buy this brand again, I am sticking to GMD.

Hattie Troy, MI

super absorbant prefold

These prefolds are a bit bulky, however they are extremely absorbant which is exactly what I need. I use them for changing pads, burp cloths, in the crib under my baby’s head to catch spit up….I rarely ever wash crib sheets b/c it is all absorbed into the prefold. This prefold is awesome under a wool pull on diaper cover…it is not trim but in jammies or under a loose clothes it is great my baby stays dry much longer than in other diapers. She is 17 lbs now and I use the largest size, which creates a large rise on her. They do quilt up a lot and require a lot of prepping but it is worth it.

Terra Pavilion, NY

These are the BEST burp rags EVER!

These are the BEST Burp rags EVER! First off, they are super soft and wash up nicely. They are extra think in the middle so it does take a little longer in the dryer to dry completely. I have been using them since my son was a newborn. Used them on my shoulder so he would have a nice soft place to lie his head. As he got older, I used them for burp cloths as they hold A LOT! He didn’t spit up much but when he did, they did the job! Now, 11 months later, these are his "rag". He likes one to go to bed with and uses it as a security blanket. I have 2 dozen and he loves them all the same! Great product! Great purchase!

Lola Isle Of Springs, ME

Good burp cloths

These work really well for burp cloths and I highly recommend them for that purpose. I have no clue about how they function as actual diapers.

Gretchen Franklinville, NC

Great value on good quality cloth prefolds

Compared to the GMD prefolds I’ve used, these are a bit thinner and slightly less absorbent but they are much cheaper! They are still very absorbent and quilt up nicely after a few washings. They are more absorbent than the prefolds that come with econobum diapers. They wash well and their slightly creamy off white color is good for hiding faint stains!

Lorna Swansboro, NC