Bumkins Disney Baby Waterproof Super Bib, Princess, 6-24 Months, 2 Count

Bumkins Disney Baby Waterproof Super Bib, Princess, 6-24 Months, 2 Count

Bumkins super bib is the bib parents and kids ask for by name. Made from Bumkins lightweight, easy wipe, machine washable waterproof fabric, making it both comfortable and durable. Sized to fit ages 6 months to 2 years, this bib features a large, back shoulder Velcro closure for a quick, adjustable and tug proof fit. With a generously sized, catch all pocket, this hard working bib is great at containing spills and reducing loads of laundry. PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead free.

Main features

  • Made of Bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric; Stain and odor resistant
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Machine washable, hang dry (flip pocket)
  • Features catch all pocket
  • Lead free, PVC free, BPA free, phthalates free, and vinyl free

Verified reviews


Adorable and easy to clean

I got the Bumpkins Disney Baby Waterproof Super Bib in Mickey Mouse design. I think these bibs would be great for either a girl or boy, They are very easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth, and it’s clean. The designs are adorable, too. I am all around very happy with them.

Freda Littleton, CO

Big improvement over plastic pocket bibs!

I love these soft cloth bibs. They are big improvement over the plastic pocket bibs I used with my older kids, which were stiff and crinkly. These bibs are a perfect size for my 13 month old, unless we’re eating spaghetti. But nothing is large enough for spaghetti messes. The velcro closure is strong. He’s not able to yank the bibs off when he thinks he’s done with the meal.Most of the time I am able to rinse these Bumkins bibs off in the sink and hang them up to dry. I usually wash them in the sink with dish soap and water, but they’re also machine-washable after a really messy meal, just close the velcro first. The fabric stays soft after being washed, unlike plastic bibs.I need to get another set of these so I can keep one in the diaper bag (with a plastic baggie to store it in after it’s used and messy) and still have several at home.

Connie Yutan, NE

Baby’s Preference

Feeding time can be messy, and it can become even messier when baby doesn’t want to keep the bib on. This bib is lightweight with a fun design and comfortable fabric which makes baby either forget she has it on, or finds it comfortable. When given her choice between two bibs, she will choose these Mickey Mouse ones every time. It has a pocket on the bottom of the bib to catch stray food from falling on her lap, making clean up easier and faster. These are machine washable, but I wash mine by hand while doing dishes and dries quickly. Fantastic addition to any young toddler’s feeding routine!

Annabelle Huttig, AR

A well built Disney branded bib.

I have a bunch of baby bibs and this stands up there with the best of them. If the graphics on one of them had been a little better I would have given this five stars.PROS:+++ EASY TO WIPE/WASH CLEAN. As this bib is made of polyester, it shouldn’t stain, and it washes very easily. A few swipes of a soapy brush under a running faucet and you are done. Just shake and air dry afterwards.++ THE SCRATCHY VELCRO IS ON THE CORRECT SIDE. This is important. Your baby will be scratched from the Velcro, but not nearly as much as if they had reversed the very scratchy side and the slightly scratchy side.++ VERY LIGHT. It is extremely light. It won’t pull at your baby’s neck. It is also very easy to pack -it can just be wadded up in a ball if needed.+ NICE DESIGN. It has Disney pictures of Mickey, which, presumably, you are buying this for.CONS:-TAG IS VISIBLE. Though the tag isn’t (thankfully) at the neck, where it can rub the baby’s neck raw, it is stuck very visibly on the front of the bib. This is slightly annoying, but I snipped it off with scissors, so it isn’t a big deal.-ONE BIB’S GRAPHICS ARE WEAK. Though one bib has a very identifiable Mickey Mouse, the other one just shows abstract mouse ears. I didn’t like this one as it is too vague, and means nothing to a child. It would have been better, in my opinion, to show a different Disney character, or at least a different view of Mickey.Overall it is a good bib. Recommended for Disney fans.

Corine Silvis, IL

Strong Velcro and Decent Coverage

I really like these bibs! The Velcro is strong and thick enough to prevent the baby from tugging it straight off. The coverage is also excellent. It covers my 19 month old’s entire chest to prevent her from getting food on any part of her upper body minus her arms of course. The print is cute. I believe the pattern with the mickey silhouette could safely be used for a girl or boy but the actual mickey mouse bib cries boy. Overall, I really like this product and would recommend.

Jaime High Bridge, NJ

just fine

I like these bibs fine, but they aren’t anything special. I actually prefer bibs that are cloth, but the waterproof feature is nice on these. A couple of selling points is that the bibs are a good size, so there is good coverage. The neck closure is varied so you can definitely use these for beginning eaters and up. Finally, there is the "food catcher" pocket at the bottom, so that aids in keeping food time less messy. Overall a fine bib, especially if you are looking for something thin, veey flexible, and waterproof.

Jana Bruno, NE

Useful Bib

This bib has a nice lightweight material. The velcro is made long so that you can adjust the size of the neck to fit your baby. The bib features a nice pocket for catching food and is machine washable. Great product by Bumkins!

Barbra Louise, MS

Very good bib

I have four kids. We’ve done som pretty serious bib testing. My favorite were the canvas bibs made by Ore/Sugarbooger, but they only make them in infant sizes now. Which in my experience, is not actually a useful size for anything other than catching drool from teething or a little mess from a bottle feeding. Anyhow, since I can’t get those in useful size, I’ve tried just about every kind of bib. So far, these are the best bibs I’ve found and the price is reasonable.There are other bibs that look similiar (such as the big-box store brands) but once you wash them in the laundry they turn into a wrinkly mess. These bibs have survived many washings and still look good. They do a decent job of catching food and they are nicely water proof. My only complaint is that the velco tears off easy, so if your kid doesn’t want to wear a bib, you are probably out of luck. This is pretty much true of every bib out there these days, so unless get something handmade, it’s just something you will have to work through. Bumkins has a large enough selection that I’ve been generally been able to find designs that my kids like enough to tolerate. Based on my experience this is the best bib for your money.

Lorena Santa Anna, TX

Lightweight and waterproof! Perfect for travel

We love these bibs to keep tucked in diaper bag, they can roll up pretty small and don’t take much room for when we are on the go. They are really thin and lightweight, but still waterproof. They are pretty generously sized too, so it does a good job of keeping my son’s shirt clean and dry.

Morgan Dillon Beach, CA


I absolutely love these bibs. I’m a big fan of the side velcro option and it seems as if they are more difficult to find lately. They are also very light weight which is going to be wonderful for summer picnics! The bibs have washed up beautifully. I am very, very happy with these!

Maryanne Callahan, FL

I didn’t expect to love these as much as I do!

These are my favorite on-the-go bibs for when we plan to eat out with the kiddo. They fold up to the tiniest size taking up little-to-no space in my diaper bag or in the bottle bag. I’d say they are more water resistant than waterproof, but I’ve never had a spill leak through from the front side of the bib onto my baby’s clothes or skin. These keep him clean and I can very easily toss them in the washing machine after a messy meal. We use these all the time and I’m about to order some more now!

Flossie Willisville, IL

Great bibs!

These are great bibs for little ones learning to eat. The velcro makes for an easy fit and the super pliant material means that they fit easily on baby covering their chest and not causing trouble with the high chair or tray. They are very easy to wash (just wash in the sink with dish soap) and dry very quickly. Food does not stick if washed in a timely manner and they pack up easily if you’re traveling. The only downside is that while this does a decent job of catching food in the pouch, the pouch doesn’t always gape open. We used these from early feeding on,but obviously they work differently from the firmer silicon bibs with the wide open trough. The Disney patterns are bright and cute, but it’s the functionality that makes these bibs a winner!

Antoinette Estancia, NM


I especially like the design of the strap that goes around the neck which makes attached and detaching easy.Sturdy fabric and yes, waterproof. And spit-proof, drool-proof. Easy to wash and stands up very well to the abuse. Good price for a five-star product.

Karla Hamilton Dome, WY

Good for a clean feeding

This bib does nothing about drool, and instead is a fantastic bib for containing mess during early food feeds. The bib is light weight and waterproof. It is not absorbent, but does have a pouch at the bottom to catch blobs of food that slide down the bib. My almost 7 month old eats more and more mushy foods every day. The bib is very big – it covers baby’s entire torso, so any food blobs that don’t get in his mouth or face are going to fall on the bib or the floor. I can put it on at meal time and keep the mess off the baby.The bib is fast drying. If the feeding is tidier, then I can wipe the bib, give it a quick wash in the sink by squishing it with soapy water, and it will dry in a few hours. If the feeding is messier, then I throw it in the wash, because there’s a chance that a quick hand wash will leave it sticky. Most feedings, I can rinse the bib just fine and leave it for the next feeding.Even though these are pricey, they may be worth trying in your bib rotation. With terry cloth bibs, I had to wash after one or two feedings. With these waterproof bibs, I can get by on two bibs and doing laundry on the weekend, because the bibs don’t get messy and dry quickly after a quick hand wash. They also cover most of my baby and keep food off his clothes, so he is that much easier to clean up after a meal.

Erika Traer, IA

Darling but Practical.

Loving Disney as I do, I picked these up for my grandson. My daughter enjoys how easy the are to attach from behind, the fact that they are easily cleaned by a quick dousing in the sink(if that is needed; otherwise a wash cloth will do the trick) They fold nicely into a diaper bag for carrying and encompass a great amount of the child so food cannot leak onto their clothes. The pockets at the bottom act as a catch for all also insuring clean clothes below.Would be darling as a baby gift if not just ordered for their practicality.

Annabelle Syracuse, UT

Best bib available

These Bumpkins bibs are the best! I love how the fabric is very soft but is also waterproof. These bibs fold up into almost nothing and can easily be stuffed into a diaper bag or even a pocket, but they also unfold to be a large size that provides plenty of coverage (unlike those cute cloth bibs that come as part of coordinated baby outfits). The pocket at the bottom catches dropped food, and that’s very handy. After use, I toss these bibs into the washing machine, and they can be washed over and over. A few tips on washing: Turn the pocket inside out so the inside gets cleaned of all the food, and attach the velcro on the neck strap so the velcro doesn’t snag over clothes in the washing machine. Also, it is better to hang dry these bibs rather than throwing them into the dryer, but they dry really fast, so that’s not too inconvenient. These disney patterns are cute, but I’ve been happy with all kinds of bumpkins bibs, whatever the pattern.

Gabrielle Malone, TX

Love these!

Lightweight, cheerful, easy on/easy off (velcro closure)Great coverage and waterproof!"spill catcher" pouch at bottom.Saves Mama time keeping baby dry and clean!Happy Mickey Mouse pattern!Super easy to wipe or rinse clean (hang dry).Happy Mama – Happy Baby!

Mary Westminster, MD

New parents loved them!

Lots of good things here like a side access, catch all pocket and easy clean fabric! Dinner does not leak through to stain clothes and clean up is a snap. Nice graphics round out a very solid product.

Nancy Mc Sherrystown, PA

Fantastic bib for when your baby starts solids!

Wow, we are first time parents and I did not realize how messy starting our baby on solids would be! These bibs are great because they are easy to wipe down and have a catch pocket for when food dribbles down. The bib connects to the baby via a velcro strap. The Disney pattern is a huge hit already with our baby, sometimes, I think he’s more interested in the bib than eating! The bib is also machine washable which is nice. I would highly recommend these bibs!

Ingrid Valier, IL

Bumkins simply makes the very best bibs

After using several other brands and types of bibs that are far inferior to these bibs. These bibs easily wipe clean and look brand new after coming out of the washer and dryer. They are soft around my son’s neck and generously cover his clothing. Also, you just can’t beat Mickey for cuteness.

Jeanie Witt, IL

Same Quality Cute Pattern!

I love Bumkins bibs, they are the only bibs that we use in our house. Although I love them to death I have never been a fan of the patterns on them until now. I am absolutely loving the Monsters Inc bibs!

Margot Worthville, KY

Its a Bib With a Pocket

Its a bib with a pocket. It is nicely sized. Pockets are especially nice for catching food droppings during feedings. The material is waterproof and can be wiped, as feedings can get messy. I prefer velcro instead of button snaps because they are easier to remove in one-handed situations. With fun colors and Disney designs, I’m not sure what else you could ask for in a bib.

Jeanine Preble, IN

Great bibs

These are light weight and wash well. When I first got them I thought they felt kind of flimsy. But, after weeks of usage and tons of washing – they have held up very well. The velcro has maintained it’s "stickiness" quite well. I would order these again in a heart beat!

Martina Shelbina, MO

Best Bib We Have Used

These are the best bibs we have used so far. These Bumkins bibs are extremely soft and lightweight. My 8-month old daughter barely even notices the bib is there. With the other bibs we have gotten, she frequently pulls on them or puts them in her mouth. The softness of the bibs should also reduce the amount of irritation she gets on her chin. The roughness of some other easy to clean bibs causes redness of the skin. Easy to clean and soft and skin friendly. The coverage area of the bibs is also great. Its wider at the top so it covers her shoulders well when she turns her head while eating. Great product.

Rachelle West Jefferson, OH

Love the Pocket bibs

I am a avid supporter of all types of pocket bibs, they really help contain the mess a bit with messy babies & toddlers. Not all pocket bibs are created equal. These Disney Mickey bibs are really cute, the print is fun yet modern. The pockets do work well and the bib is quite thin, easy for clean up, rinse and dry. The velcro is strong and did not irritate my toddler. We will use these when traveling to other houses or out to eat. At home I still prefer my Babybjorn bib because the more formed pocket does a better job of catching more food and I just toss it in the dishwasher.

Sophia Hoskinston, KY

Haven’t fully tested, but like so far

My baby isn’t on solids yet, so I can’t attest to how well the pockets catch food. However, they are easily washed, easily attached, and easy to just wipe off if needed. They will certainly be my go-to bibs once he starts eating food.

Nadia Saint Mary Of The Woods, IN

Love the Bumkins bibs

I can’t do the cloth bibs–too much work involved. The Bumkins bibs can be wiped down and easily cleaned. They can also be washed occasionally as needed. I’ve always gotten a lot of use out of the Bumkins bibs. As for Disney, if you’re a fan, enjoy. If not, spare your child the consumerism while they are young!

Cherry Templeton, IA

Great bibs made even better with cute Mickey designs

Two years ago I was looking for good feeding bibs for my baby who was just starting to eat baby food. I didn’t care for the stiff plastic and vinyl bibs that typically don’t last more than a few months. When I came across Bumkins super bibs I was intrigued but skeptical. The bibs are really thin and I didn’t believe that they would keep my baby’s clothes protected and dry. So I bought just one and tried it out fully expecting it to be another worthless bib. Imagine my complete shock when this bib that was covered in runny rice cereal was completely dry on the reverse side. My daughter’s clothes were clean and dry. I was impressed. Even the little pocket at the bottom of this bib which catches food did it’s job. Other feeding bibs will leak from the pocket seam but not these!I honestly didn’t expect these bibs to last very long. I figured after going through the wash a few times what ever magical quality the fabric had that kept it waterproof would disappear. After several washes I started to think that perhaps maybe I was wrong. Now that I’ve had several Bumkins bibs for two years and have seen them go through the wash hundreds of times I can tell you that these bibs are awesome. They still look new after years of use and repeated washings. They are every bit as waterproof today as they were when I got them. Because I have a dryer that likes to melt synthetic fibers (Thanks, Electrolux!) I have always hung these bibs to dry. They dry in under an hour, so you could get away with only having a few of these bibs and just wash them off after baby eats and they’ll be ready in time for the next meal.I’m loving all of the great Disney Bbaby designs for the Bumkins bibs. They make an already great product even better. These Mickey icon bibs are prefect for a little boy. We now have a little boy on the way and I was initally disappointed that the Bumkins bibs didn’t have the nicest designs for boys’ bibs, but now that there are several Mickey, Monsters Inc and Winnie the Pooh designs I’m very pleased with the offerings for boys.If you buy these feeding bibs you won’t be disappointed. I’m convinced that they’re the best feeding bibs on the market.

Stacie North Hudson, NY

Love Disney! Need bibs! Match made in heaven!

My sweet little granddaughter just turned six months old and started eating solid food. She’s a huge fan of cereal, bananas, and apples, but of course hasn’t mastered the method. That’s where these cute Mickey Mouse bibs come in! You only need to feed a baby once to realize how handy a velcro fastener and a catch pocket are! These are a nice, covering size for her (17 pounds, not chubby but tall) but I can’t anticipate them covering her very well after about one year of age. They wipe quite easily and stay relatively clean, and wash excellently. I’d recommend these as high quality bibs for all babies!

Janette Tarboro, NC

BEST bibs for toddlers!

These bibs are so great! I have purchased and reviewed Bumkins bibs before but once I saw the Disney Princesses I needed to get them!I have used Bumkins bibs for about a year now. I wash them with towels and hang them to dry. The velcro can get strings and stuff stuck in it so you do have to clean it but that is the only issue we’ve had.They are so easy to wash, they keep her clean, and they are super cute! I have tried a lot of bibs in my parenting career and these are by far the BEST!

Liliana Lock Springs, MO