Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liner, Neutral, 100 Count,

Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liner, Neutral, 100 Count,

“Biodegradable and flushable*, Bumkins soft Flushable Diaper Liners are the easiest clean-up solution for soiled diapers. Compatible with any cloth diapering system, these liners provide added convenience and stain protection to any cloth diapering routine. How to use: Simply place liner on the inside of a clean diaper before placing the diaper on the baby. During diaper changes, lift the liner containing the waste out of the diaper and dispose of it in the toilet* or trash receptacle. *Not recommended for septic tanks. Know your toilet!”

Main features

  • Average user will go through 4 – 6, 100 packs per month
  • 100% biodegradable and flushable
  • Easiest clean up solution
  • Cloth like but flushable

Verified reviews


Great liners

I’m new to cloth diapering and my baby is new to solids – I was terrified of how to handle the change and feared I would resort to disposables.. Luckily, I decided to give these liners a try. They are brilliant! I actually tear them in half and only put them on the back half of the diaper, so these will last me forever… The first use, I didn’t get it quite right and had a little clean up to do, but since then, every mess has been totally contained!! I was also scared to flush them down the toilet at first, since there is a warning on there to “know your toilet”. I figured since I was only flushing half the liner at a time, it would be ok, and it has been – no problems at all. I am thrilled to be able to continue cloth diapering without stressing about clean-up, stained diapers, and messing up my washer. (Note that even with the liner, there is an occassional stain, but these come out easily in the wash and/or a bit of sun..) The reason for 4 stars is because they do bunch up a little overnight, but my baby very rarely dirties his diaper overnight, so it hasn’t been an issue yet.UPDATE – I’ve since ordered Bummis liners to try and much prefer these – Bumkins are softer, much larger (I get 200 uses from the 100 pack) and the same price as the Bummis.

Lillie Coldwater, OH


I usually use the Kushies liners, but because these were so highly rated, I thought I’d give them a try. These are terrible!! They are too thin and wispy, so they are difficult to deal with. They are difficult to put in place and keep in place, especially when dealing with a squirmy child! Also, they stick to your baby’s butt and make an easy change quite impossibly during a dirty diaper.The worst part about them is what happens if you accidentally end up having one in the wash. I don’t purposely wash them, but it inevitably happens from time to time that one gets by. They completely wreak havoc on the load of laundry. They get shredded up to a point, with all of the particles everywhere, and always manage to get into any velcro that might in the load. Kushies don’t have a problem in the wash like that at all.

Therese Celina, TX


So, my first impression was very bad with these liners, they kept bunching and making a baby thong and not catching anything but that was only when using a pre-fold and cover. When we switched to pocket diapers these started working amazingly. I lay it all the way out and let the edges lay over the out side of the legs and that holds it tight across the diaper and catches everything. So I love them now. I have never tried any others, so I don’t have anything to compare them to. My son is also in the largest size of his one size Kawaii diapers and this cover almost the whole way from front to back of diaper.

Sara Del Rio, TX

Not so great

I first bought the Bumkins flushable liners because of the great reviews but was disappointed. I thought the tissue style pop-up box would make it easier to remove one sheet at a time but they don’t even pop up. They are so soft and thin, that they stick to each other so it’s a real hassle trying to separate them. And once you manage to get just one and place it on the cloth diaper, it’s so soft that it constantly shifts and folds, making the diaper changing process long and tedious. Buy Real Nappies (roll) instead. Each sheet is easily torn off along the perforation and it’s just slight stiffer but still soft and smooth against baby’s skin so it actually lays flat on the cloth diaper and stays there.Real Nappies Bioliner Twin Pack, Flushable Diaper Liners, 2 Rolls of 100

Willa La Mesa, NM

diaper liners

I’m new to the whole diapering world… especially clothe diapers. These seem like they will work well though and have great reviews!

Alyce Archibald, LA

I use them as wipes

I actually started using them as wipes (I kind of gave up on cloth diapers for now, and did not want to waste the two boxes of this that I purchased) and was immediately surprized. I simply took a thick stack of them, ran them under water (without bunching them up), and stuck them in my wipes warmer (they fit perfectly).The only complaint is that they separate not as easy as regular wipes (they are thin, and being wet stick more to each other), but not too bad. As wipes, they are awesome. Fragrance free, REALLY soft, pickup yuky’s really good, don’t really seep through (just watch out how you fold it when wiping), and they are so pliable that they get into the all those little “books and crannies” of the baby business very well. My baby boy seems to like them, I love them.I know they are not meant to be used as wipes, but I really like them that way. And for 100 of truly fragrance and sting free diapers for the price – its not actually bad at all. I might switch to this as wipes permanently. Still trying to decide if cost-wise it would make sense.

Camille Lake Hill, NY

Very thin liners

I am not a cloth diaper user just wanted to test it out to see how thick and absorbent these liners were. They were very thin and didn’t seem absorbent to me at all but these are the first ones I ever used so my opinion may not be too valuable but I can’t see these helping much

Jayne Surry, VA

Yay! No More Scraping!

We originally bought these liners along withWeleda Calendula Diaper Care, 2.8-Ounceto take care of a rash our daughter developed thanks to another cream, as the cream isn’t completely cloth-friendly (leaves a slight residue that then needs to be stripped), and I really, really wasn’t looking forward to spending all day twice a week stripping diapers. We fell in love with these liners so much that we’ve continued using them even after the diaper rash is a distant memory. These liners make poopy diapers so much easier. We’d originally been scraping poops into the toilet with a rubber spatula ($2 cheapie, stored in the toilet cleaner holder worked wonders, with the added bonus of no spraying, which grosses me out on principal), and while it wasn’t a total nightmare, there were some diapers that could be kindly described as… Tedious.These liners have eliminated about 90% of the scraping; we still get the occasional poo that needs a little scraping (usually off the shell, as the liner covers the insert perfectly), generally when she’s getting ready to pop another tooth, but other than that, it’s a simple matter of dropping the liner into the toilet and moving on with life. I’ll admit to being a bit hesitant with these liners due to the mixed reviews, but for us they’ve been a dream come true and the price can’t be beaten from what I’ve seen. We use the Best Bottom system, with snaps not hook and loop, so the liner just wraps around the insert perfectly. Occasionally we’ll get some shifting from the liner since it isn’t really attached to the insert (hence the 4 stars), but it’s never been horrendous, and the poo just stays nicely on the liner.If you’re looking for an inexpensive addition to your cloth-diapering system that makes the diaper cleaning far less of a chore, I’d highly suggest giving these babies a whirl. For the record, we’ve never used other liners, so we’ve really got nothing to compare them to in terms of how they stack up, but we also have really no desire to, these babies suit our needs incredibly well. They’re also unscented, which is nice, considering both my daughter and I are extremely reactive to scent (think hives everywhere). 🙂

Tammi Galata, MT

Way to thin

I tried doing the cloth diapering but couldn’t hack it but l loved the covers I had so i thought this would help well I was Wong there to thin to do anything within even tried using 5+ as a liner and still didn’t work, I resorted to wetting them and using as wipes but they were still to thin,Waste of money 100% better off using paper towels as inserts

Melody Spencer, WI

Great for sensitive skin

We really enjoy using these liners for our son who has eczema. He has skin issues with most other liners and never has the problem with these. They are very soft and pliable which is a plus, but also the thing that leads to knocking off a star. As others have said, these sometimes bunch up in the diaper. I think it happens more now because he is trying to walk all over the place now, and being more mobile in this way may cause this issue. The positives still much outweigh this sporadic issue.We only cloth diaper, so if you are new to liners in general, I absolutely recommend them. They make clean-up 1000x easier. These could also be used for disposable diapers since technically you are supposed to flush waste before you throw the diaper away (even though nobody does). If you use liners and are looking for something new that is not so stiff and harsh on your child’s skin, this is my recommended liner. These also will degrade quickly once disposed of if you are environmentally conscious and concerned about that.

Isabella Delevan, NY



Bertie Paradox, NY

Good idea

These seem like a good idea, but they normally ended up bunched up in my daughter’s diaper. I used them for about a day before I got annoyed and stopped using them. I never actually got to see how it worked with a poopie diaper but I’ll just stick with washing them before putting them in the diaper pail.

Shawna West Brooklyn, IL

Too thin

I decided to order these disposable diaper liners instead of the Kushies liners I used before because these were cheaper. The Bumkins liners are too thin and end up bunching up in the diaper and not holding any of the poo. I am going back to ordering the Kushies disposable liners because they are thicker and hold everything.

Laurel Roxbury, NY

No good!

We used the grovia liners at first, but decided to try these when we ran out because they were cheaper and had pretty good reviews. We hate them! They are so thin and soft that they basically fall apart when anything wet touches them, and we change diapers frequently. Solid material has actually broken through the middle of the liner because of the weight of it and the thinness of the material. Changing dirty diapers has become a messy ordeal, when these are supposed to simplify it. I reordered the grovia liners and will not be finishing this box.

Elisha Lasara, TX

Not quite as good as the other brand

We used the Imsevimse (sp?) liners since we started having real solids in our cloth diapers. We ran out and so bought these on Amazon. Unfortunately they arent as good. We were always able to wash, dry and reuse the other brand liners when they werent soiled with solids. These do not wash well. They are also really big, so they dont fit the diapers of our 30lb baby very well. Further, they may claim to be flushable, but these did clog in our drainpipe… So while Id probably never flush any variant from any manufacturer again, these should have extra caution.I will note that these are softer than the other brand, which is really nice, but Ive never noted an issue with the other ones.

Angelia La Follette, TN

Probably a good idea.

We bought these but switched out of cloth diapers before the baby got to solid food. Still it seemed like a good idea.

Frankie Fruitland, WA

I now no longer dread Number 2’s…

My husband and I bought a cloth diaper system and were all excited to save the environment, one diaper at a time. Until our son was born and reality set in. Poop is gross. Especially newborn poop. You can’t shake that stuff off a diaper. These liners saved the day. The nastiness stays on the liner, the pee goes through to the diaper. 9 times out of ten, no drama with poopy diapers (sometimes the liner shifts and it’s a 5-wipe alarm). I will definitely buy these again.

Callie Lake City, FL

A must-have when baby starts solids

I have only just started using liners now that my baby has started solid foods and her stools are becoming more formed. (Breast-fed baby poo is the consistency of yogurt and simply washes out in a cold pre-wash). My main concern when choosing a liner was “flushability” in regards to a septic system, especially since my house was built in 1978. Logic dictates that if you can wash and re-use a liner, it probably is not going to break up sufficiently for an older septic system to handle properly (as evidenced by the many reviews of other liners stating problems with clogs). Hence the reason I decided to try these liners – because of the complaints that they were thin and flimsy! So far, I have only flushed the poopy liners and have not had any problems with clogs.PLEASE NOTE: These liners CANNOT be washed and re-used, they will stretch out like cheesecloth and become unusable if put through the wash.These liners are very soft and thin, nice and wide, and are very stretchy. I have not had a problem with them bunching up or disintegrating in the diaper at all as some reviewers have. They are large and I do have to fold them over about an inch fit inside the AIOs, but that’s just fine with me. The poop tends to stick more to the liner than baby’s bottom, which makes cleanup easy. The liners do tend to stick to baby’s skin, especially on hot days when sweaty or if the diaper is not changed in a timely fashion and gets completely soaked. They can stick together when trying to pull them out of the box, but this is a minor inconvenience to me. I like that I can grab a bunch together and keep them in the diaper bag for on-the-go.

Jerri Waverly, KY

BIG and work well, great with Best Bottoms or 2n1s

After reading tons of reviews on liners I chose these because another reviewer stated these were the the biggest ones available. I use best bottom diapers either with an insert or a trifold. With the inserts the liners tuck in nicely under the edges of the insert an stay in place. With the tri-folds they didn’t tuck in as well but I was still able to tuck them in and they kind of “stuck” to the prefold fabric pretty well. They are really soft like toilet paper but they are strong enough to get catch any solids. They saved me a lot of hassle on our 6 day trip.

Lillie Worth, WV

Soft on baby’s bum, useful for runny infant poop

It’s very soft but it is definitely NOT washable. They come out in a big clump from the washer. But compared to another brand that survives a wash, it is much softer. now I can understand why this one doesn’t last through a wash and the other one does. and I like that these are big so it catches all/most of the runny infant poo. I have to fold them to fit nicely in the diaper and usually reuse them if it hasn’t been pooped on and it’s not wet. But I honestly don’t think this is a must have for when your baby’s poo start to clump together. I stopped using these after the peanut butter poop.

Monique Russellville, AR

These are alright. Not sure I’d buy again

these are ok. I’m not really enthused with them but they serve their purpose. It’s nice that they’re flushable, but I’m just not impressed I guess.

Susanna Huntington, VT

Work for us

These work great! I gave them a 4 because they are a bit expensive and because unlike some of the other brands you cannot wash and reuse them. They are softer than other brands and they can stretch. I like them but I am still looking for a less expensive quality replacement because of the cost.

Latisha Saratoga, AR

Poor packaging

I hate the box this came in, it is impossible to grab just one liner, also does not hold up to washing for reuse when it has not been pooped on.

Geraldine Continental Divide, NM

Does the job, but can stick to baby’s skin

These liners definitely do their job when it comes to keeping the solid/semi-solid waste off the diaper. It makes diaper clean up easy, and I know my husband (who is a clean freak) absolutely loves this product with our AMP cloth diapers. My only concern with them is that they tend to ‘stick’ to the baby. I occassionally have to peel them off baby’s skin. I feel that the liner takes away from the softness and wicking of the fleece diaper liner when it does this – and I’m undecided about if that’s best for baby’s skin. This product definitely does what it says it will, and they are well worth the try for those with cloth diapers.

Alfreda Carlton, GA

soft and big

Love these liners. My 6 month old is in that middle stage of just starting solids so we need something in the diapers to catch his not quite solid not quite liquid poopy! I have tried a couple others and they have been either very scratchy or too small and defeat the purpose. These work great. They are large enough to completely cover his diapers (I use BG and Thirsties AIO size M&L) they are soft against his skin and catch everything solid just letting some liquid thru that washes right out. Saves a ton of cleanup on those sticky poopy diapers! Only down side is they stick to him when wet but small price to pay and doesn’t seem to bother him. 🙂 just bought 2 more boxes!

Andrea Fairbanks, AK

My favorite so far

I’ve tried 3 different liners and these are the best for the following reasons: 1) Large. Never had poo leak to the sides. 2) Soft. No redness or rash. I haven’t tried washing them but I think if it’s just pee you could, though they seem to shrink a bit.

Rosanna Vicksburg, MS

The softest liners out there!

I’ve tried several other major brands of diaper liners (Bummis, Imse Vimse, Grovia, and Gerber). These are seriously as soft as silk! The other brands feel like a dryer sheet in comparison– no way I’d want them on my own bottom, let alone a baby’s sensitive skin. But these are soft, and the perfect size to line a diaper, even for larger babies. They do tend to bunch up a little in the diaper because they’re so soft flexible. But I can live with that.

Lara Sheridan Lake, CO

Not sure about these

Hmm, the liners are thin. I’m not sure how they are helpful. I have just been using them to wipe spit up and to clean my baby’s bottom.

Tonia Holstein, IA


I hated these. They were the third brand I tried. While they are extremely soft, they turn to mesh on the baby’s bottom. Little pieces get stuck to my little guy after less than an hour. No thank you!

Evangeline Salix, PA

The Softest Liners

These liners are so soft and they feel great. I actually feel good about using them. So many of the flushable liners feel like plastic; these ones feel like soft, breathable cotton. They catch what they need to and don’t bunch up and leave a mess like other liners. And, even in my old pipes, they flush with ease. These are, by far, the best of the 10 or so brands of flushable liners I’ve tried. I also love that they come in a recyclable cardboard box and aren’t packaged in plastic like other liners.

Hollie Trinidad, CA