Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners, 100 liners, 2 Pack, Neutral

Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners, 100 liners, 2 Pack, Neutral

Bumkins soft Flushable Diaper Liners are the easiest clean-up solution for soiled diapers. Compatible with any cloth diapering system these liners provide added convenience and stain protection to any cloth diapering routine.How to use Simply place liner on the inside of a clean diaper before placing the diaper on the baby. During diaper changes lift the liner containing the waste out of the diaper and dispose of it in the toilet or trash receptacle.Measures 8.5″ by 11″Not recommended for septic tanks. Know your toilet!

Main features

  • Superbib: yellow fish
  • 200 liners total
  • 100% biodegradable

Verified reviews


Best liners I’ve found for Bum Genius

I’ve tried a few liners (Imse Vimse – really scratchy, and Biosoft, OK) for use with Bum Genius diapers and like these the best. We fold them long ways, not quite in half so that they cover the most area possible. They not only protect the diapers when we are using butt paste or other diaper cremes for a rash, they also make it so much easier to deal with poopy diapers! We just drop the liner, and all the poop, into the toilet and flush it away. Now that my son is making more grown-up poop, it’s nice to keep it out of the washing machine.

Bernice South Webster, OH

Great buy.

Ok so here is the deal. They are must have when cloth diapering so that you dont have to deal with tons of fecal mater on the diaper. But do not be fooled you will still have some poo on the diaper, but just not as much. I use them on all my diapers and is great. I hate it when I forget to place them and she poos. 🙁 Sad even, cause you have to clean the diaper before placing it on the pale. I have in some cases not cleaned it when I place it on the pale and then just add vinegar and bicarb to the wash to ensure that there is no smell afterwards, and had no issues with that.

Elise Farmington, IL

Liners work well, but…

I wish the packaging were a little more sturdy. It comes in biodegradable wrapping, which while great for the earth, does NOT stand the test of an active, curious baby on the changing table :). I also wish they stacked these in a way that you could actually get one at a time out. Both my husband and I noticed that we pretty much always end up with 2 or 3.

Leann La France, SC

Good, a little inconvenient

The product does work as a diaper liner. I wouldn’t recommend flushing them, but I would say that about all these liners. My primary complaint about these is the packaging. Just a little too hard to pull a sheet out, unfold it, and put it in the diaper when a little person it trying to do a high dive off the changing table, and you have one hand. I went with the ones on the roll and never looked back.

Tonia Capitan, NM

Super soft and just the right size

These diaper liners are great. They’re easy to use in the tissue dispenser style box. They’re also way softer than other liners on the market for babes with sensitive bums. They’re also the perfect size and require very little scrunching to fit well. At home I usually just dunk and swirl, but these are great for when we go out or I leave my little one with his grandparents or aunt. The only con – unlike other disposable liners, you can’t wash a wet one and re-use. They just fall apart in the washer.

Latisha Shady Point, OK

Work great

These have been great. The only thing that would be better would be if the little one could warn us a #2 was coming. When they are mostly just wetting, it feels like a bit of a waste. But they definitely keep the smell and mess down since most solids get pulled away. I cut them in half when she was in the NB diapers but wrapped them around when she got into smalls.

Georgina Mansfield Center, CT